How I'm Going To Make 2019 My Year

2018 was a year of changes. A lot happened over those 365 days. I changed a lot as a person too but mostly for the better. I would say that a lot of things that happened in 2018 were my choice but I was also tested at times to see how I would handle certain situations. 2019 has already been a whirlwind of a year and we are only 17 days in. I have decided that I'm going to make 2019 my year and this is how.......

- By drinking more water (Cliché I know but it really helps your body all round) 

- By planning something fun every month whether it's a trip to the theatre, going to the cinema, a weekend away or going out with friends or family for a meal

- By finding the right balance between spending and saving. I want to save up money but I also want to experience new things 

- By stepping out of my comfort zone and saying YES more 

- By making sure that I see my friends and family but also making new friends along the way 

- By finding the balance between going out and staying in 

- By working hard on my blog and YouTube channel 

- By setting goals that will help me in the future

- By being me because at the end of the day that is one of the hardest things to do in the world we live in 

- By spending less time on my phone when I am work and being more present when I am there instead 

- By reading more daily whether it's the morning newspaper or a chapter of my book 

I hope that by doing at least some of these that my 2019 will be a good year because I chose to make it a good year. I know that it won't be a year full of all good things as no year ever is. But I also know that I am ready for whatever 2019 has in store for me. 


New Zealand 2018 | Part 4 - Queenstown Part 2 & Going Home

Hey everyone, I'm back with the last blog post of my New Zealand trip.  The next morning I woke up at around 6am so that I could take a look around Queenstown before we headed off on a road trip to Invercargill at around 8am. Queenstown is one of those places that is always buzzing so when you see it early in the morning it's quite weird. 

As there was nothing open in the morning I had a walk around the waterfront which was lovely as you could really take in the surroundings of Queenstown. It was nice for it all to stop and for there only to be a few people around. There were a few tourists but mainly local people who were going for a run or for an early morning walk. 

I was then joined by my colleague at Starbucks where we grabbed some breakfast before we walked further out towards the lake. It was such a peaceful walk as even though this was about half an hour later there was still hardly anyone around at 7am. It was also a great time to get some good photos as you could get some without lots of people in the background. 

At around 8am we then headed towards Invercargill which is south of Queenstown. I'm not really a car person at all as I tend to get quite sick if I am going on a long journey however, I was okay this time as there was so much wonderful scenery to look at it took my mind off the motion of the car. I don't mind driving as it keeps my attention focused on the driving so I don't usually feel sick.

On the way down to Invercargill, we stopped at a few of the farms where our lambs, deer and cattle are raised. The farms were really interesting to visit as most of the owners had these farms in their families for hundreds of years. They were all lovely hosts and really made us feel welcome and made us tea and snacks which was a nice treat. 

We then spent a day in Invercargill where I did some work things in the office down there and took a look around the town which is quite old fashioned but also really interesting at the same time. It reminded me of an American town as it had a real American feel to it. 

My colleagues and I spent the night in Invercargill before we flew back to Christchurch the following day. It was my last night in Christchurch and I was staying at the same hotel I stayed at before which I liked, as I knew that I was going to get a full nights sleep before I flew home the next day. 

I then decided to grab some dinner at a local hotel before I headed back to the hotel where I repacked my bags as I had a ton of extra stuff to take home (Mainly New Zealand snacks). I then had a bath, watched some YouTube in bed before crashing out as the past week had been non-stop and it was finally winding down which was a bit surreal as I was so used to being on the go. 

After, my last evening in Christchurch, New Zealand it was time to go home. The following day I spent in the office just getting some work done as I hadn't had much access to wi-fi or my emails. However, as usual, something didn't go quite right and my work laptop wouldn't connect to their work wi-fi so, in the end, I headed back to the hotel as I knew that my laptop would connect to the wi-fi there. 

I then spent a few hours at the hotel doing some work but also just relaxing before my long journey home again. I was taking the same route that I took coming out which was from Christchurch to Sydney, Sydney to Dubai and then Dubai to London. The flights were still the same length of time however, they felt even longer this time as I was just ready to get home. 

The worst bit was waiting around in the airport as I was exhausted from the travel but also the past week as I hadn't had time to take it all in and relax which I was finally doing. I was very lucky again to fly business class which was such a wonderful experience and one I will never forget. I ate a lot on the flights back as that's all you seem to do eat & watch loads of films or TV shows. 

I did manage to sleep quite a lot as I was quite exhausted but I still managed to stay up for ages which made the journey seem twice as long. I finally landed at Gatwick which was one of the worst landings I have ever had as it was so bumpy from the wind. I remember getting into the taxi to go home feeling sick which didn't help my car sickness. 

The following few days I spent getting over my jetlag I managed to go in to work the day after I landed to try and regulate my jet lag, however, I didn't help myself over the weekend after as I napped quite a lot. It took me about a week overall before I was fully back to normal as I've always struggled with jet lag apart from when I flew back from Hong Kong as I managed to stay awake all day and slept at a reasonable time. 

That's all for my New Zealand trip which was short but sweet. As I've mentioned before I could only blog and vlog bits which weren't necessarily related to work directly as it was a work trip. But I did try to capture as much of it as I can and I am proud of what I have captured as I feel like I caught a good amount of the trip. It was honestly a once in a lifetime trip and I am so lucky to have gone but I would definitely like to go back to New Zealand in the future to explore the north island as I only visited the south one when I was there. 


New Zealand 2018 | Part 3 - Queenstown, New Zealand

Hey everyone, today's blog post is part three of my New Zealand trip. We had decided to fly down to Queenstown early in the morning which is south of Christchurch and was about an hours plane ride. This is because we had meetings the next day close by and we had a free day on the Sunday so we thought that we would spend the day and night in Queenstown. 

Like any other country, there are certain parts where you will find a lot of tourists and this is certainly one of them. As soon as you fly into Queenstown you can immediately see why it's a tourist destination as it is absolutely breathtaking. The airport is about a 20-minute car ride from Queenstown which means that you fly right over it. Some of the planes that were arriving were flying really low to the ground. 

We had decided to get a hire car as it was a lot easier to get around instead of paying for taxi's all of the time and we would be taking a road trip the next day further south as well. We then headed from the airport to our hotel which was called Heartland Hotel and was based right in the middle of Queenstown. Once we were all checked in we headed to Jack's Point which is about a half an hours drive outside of Queenstown. 

At Jack's point, we went to a golf club resort where we ate some of the lamb that my company sells as well as well as many other dishes. The food was incredible and I think we all felt really full afterwards as we couldn't even eat all of it. The view when we were having lunch was just amazing and very peaceful which is always nice. 

After lunch, we headed back to Queenstown where we dropped the car off back at the hotel and headed into town to take a look around. I would say that the whole feel of Queenstown is very alpine as when there is snow you can go skiing very close to the town centre. As well as that the exterior of the buildings reminds me of an alpine town. I really loved walking around as it was so peaceful and breathtaking. 

We then headed to the skyline which is a cable car that takes you up the mountain to the top where you can see the whole of Queenstown. It's one of those places that just takes your breath away because you can see for miles. When we went it was a bit dull and dark, however, I can imagine that it looks amazing in the sunshine or when a fresh set of snow has just fallen. 

At the top of the cable car was also a restaurant and a few adventure options. One of them was a bungee jump which goes down the side of the mountain. The other option is a cart and race track called The Luge. These carts were like go-karts but without the motors, you just used a leaver to make it go fast or stop. We paid for six goes on the race tracks as well as the cable car up as it was the cheaper option. 

There were two tracks as you had to go on the slow one first to learn how to use it and to turn around the corners. Whereas, the other track is the one that everyone else goes on. It is such a fun thing to do with friends or family as you can race each other. The faster you go the easier it is to catch some air when you go over the jumps. 

After heading up the mountain, we then headed to a small town about 20 minutes away from Queenstown called Arrow Town. As soon as you approach the town it honestly feels like you have just stepped onto a movie set. The whole town itself is very small but it had a real buzz as lots of tourists go there.

However, we visited on a Sunday so most of the shops were closed apart from a cute old-fashioned sweet shop which sold a lot of English and American sweets. I picked up some for the road trip that we would be going on tomorrow as well as some to bring home. Most of the people who were around Arrow town were at the local restaurants or pubs that were still open by the time that we got there. 

We then headed back to Queenstown but we decided to drive a different way to see the tallest bungee jump which is called Nevis bungee. I managed to capture the photo above of the light hitting all the right spots. The photo does not do the view any justice as it was unbelievable as the light just appeared at the right time because the rest of the photo is quite dark and gloomy. 

When we got back to Queenstown we drove back to the centre to pick up some food for dinner. All of us were still quite full up to have a full sit down meal so we decided just to pick up some fast food which wasn't bad at all. I then just ran a bath, packed my bags as we had to leave early the next day and then watched some YouTube in bed before falling asleep.