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Hey I'm back after 10 days I'm truly worn out!! I came home yesterday and slept from 12pam to 12pm it was much needed. I had such a lovely holiday and met some amazing people who I know I'll keep in touch with for ages. I love meeting people on holiday as you normally meet people who you know you will keep in touch with for a very long time. I also love hearing people's stories as you usually get a mixture of people who all come together as one big group. 

Bad News: So I DIDN'T manage to VLOG because my Nan was suppose to come on holiday and she ended up tripping on the day of our flight and breaking her hip. She ended up in hospital this meant that she didn't come on holiday with us and I really wasn't in the right frame of mind to VLOG the holiday as I was always worried about how she was doing in hospital. I'm really sorry and I will make this up to you!! 

Good News: Now I'm back you're defiantly going to be seeing me upping my game with my blog and my youtube so keep a look out. I'd love to get a new template to my blog so if you know someone who creates templates then please let me know!!

Massive Thank You:  I'd like to say a massive thank you to all of you who read my blog and watch my videos. As you guys know life's not perfect and sometimes things get in the way which means that I can't carry out some of the things that I promised to do. I really appreciate the feedback I get from people when I explain why I was unable to carry it out. It's normally good which I love seeing but it's sometimes bad which is also good because it helps me to improve my blog and youtube. 

I'm not a perfect blogger or youtuber I'm just going along this journey at my own pace and figuring out how I want my blog and youtube to come accross to you guys. Sometimes things may not turn out how I wanted them to turn out but I know that you guys will always understand where I'm coming from which is most important to me. 


Winter Wonderblog 2013 Roundup

First of all I'd like to apologize for not completing this years Winter Wonderblog fully I know I said I would blog every other day and didn't. There should of been 16 posts in total for the series and I only ended up doing 9 which is a shame. 

Part of this is because I was ill last week and couldn't face looking at a computer and also part of this is because I go away tomorrow and I only found out at short notice after I planned out Winter Wonderblog. However I've loved writing 9 posts to do with Winter/Christmas over these past few weeks and you guys have seemed to love it too which is always great!!

Here's a list of all the blog posts that I did:

Second of all I go away tomorrow so I won't be uploading any blog posts for the next 10 days!! I will also most likely not have internet therefore won't be uploading my VLOGS on a daily basis. 

*Review | Henri Castro

So about a month a go I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline when I saw a tweet from a company that caught my eye. They had tweeted to ask if any bloggers would like free clothing basically. So obviously I replied because one it's promoting your blog but also it's helping the company to promote their company too so everybody wins!!

The company that sent me these two lovely tops is Henri Castro.The company is still in it's early stage of growth however it's doing fantastic at the moment with lots of amazing feed back both on their Twitter and Facebook pages. They also now have an Instagram page which is great because it will help them to promote their company even more!! 

I emailed Chloe saying that I'd love to get involved she replied with a few pictures of clothing that she had in stock. I was then able to choose the ones that I liked so that it gave Chloe an idea of the type of clothing that I liked. We then exchanged further emails where I discovered how lovely Chloe was her customer service was truly amazing and professional. The first email I received from Chloe was very informative and actually quite lovely to read I love discovering new companies and learning about how they started up. 

Henri Castro is the brain child (this basically the creator) of Chloe who graduated from the Cotswolds. Chloe is the brain of the company and the one who sees that everything runs smoothly. Henri Castro is basically like any other online clothes shop they feature clothes from highstreet stores and designers. However there is a twist all the clothing that is produced by Henri Castro itself is handmade and unique. 

 * This is one of the tops that I received it's a long black top with bits that are cut out down the side. It's from Jennifer Hope Clothing and Jesy from Little Mix has been spotted wearing it. I absolutely love it because it's meaningful and unique looking when I saw it I was 100% sure that I was defiantly going to be taking it on holiday with me. 

* This is the second top that I received it's a sample of the new range of handmade women's tees that Chloe is currently trialing. I personally really like it the fabric that is used is really soft and I know that my skin won't become irritated compared to some of the other tees that I own. I'm also in LOVE with the cute floral pocket because I love floral things. I think that Henri Castro should defiantly continue making these handmade women's tees because they're unique but also modern at the same time. 

I'd just like to say a HUGE Thank You to Chloe for sending me these tops for free and for an excellent customer service. I'd love to purchase some more items at a later date and I'd defiantly reccomend Henri Castro to my friends. Overall Henri Castro is a very reliable, professional and friendly company. If you would like to purchase anything from Henri Castro then check out all of there social links and their website which only went live a few days ago!!



Winter Wonderblog 2013 #8 | The Christmas TAG

For today's post I'm going to be doing The Christmas TAG 2013 I've done lots of TAGS in the past but I've never done the Christmas one. So I'm very excited to do it as I love Christmas it's just such a magical and happy time of the year. Although I don't particularly like Christmas shopping!! 

1. Real or synthetic Christmas Tree?
I actually prefer synthetic trees because they last longer and they don't create a big mess like real Christmas trees do. However I do love the smell of real Christmas trees. 

2. You're  in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick?
I normally order the traditional Hot Chocolate or if it's a sunny day then something cold like a fruited water. Yes I drink cold drinks in Winter I know I'm weird.

3. What's your favorite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
Honestly I don't usually have a colour scheme for my tree it's normally full of different colours I love a tree that is bright and colourful it makes me feel like the trees happy.

4. Giving or receiving?
Every one love receiving presents but I love giving them especially if it's a special present that I know the person who is receiving it will love it. Sometimes I get over excited and tell the person hints about their present but I make sure that they never realise what there actual present is. 

5. To mince pie or to not?
I guess mince pies are like marmite you either love them or loathe them. I really like mince pies especially with hot custard they taste amazing. I'd love to make my own mince pies one day you never know maybe next year you'll see a post about baking mince pies!!

6. What's your traditional Sunday lunch? or what do we eat for Christmas?
A traditional Sunday lunch for me consists of some sort of meat like chicken or beef then we usually have a selection of vegetables. Roast potatoes are a must along with a Yorkshire pudding. So a traditional Christmas dinner for me is usually a larger version of a Sunday lunch with a starter which is usually prawn cocktail and then a selection of puddings usually around 5 different puddings. I absolutely love roast potatoes which is why I always leave them to eat last. 

7. Christmas Day Fashion
My Christmas Day fashion depends on where I am if I'm at home I'd usually wear tracksuit bottoms and a baggy top or leggings and a long top. Whereas if I'm going out or on holiday I'll wear a nice dress not an expensive dress just a cute pretty dress. 

8. What's your favorite Christmas song?
Well this is a hard question because I love so many Mistletoe - JB, Christmas Baby Please Come Home - Michael Bublé and All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey. If you want to find out the other Christmas songs that I love then take a look at my Christmas Playlist 2013.

9. What's your favorite Christmas film?
Again I can't actually pick a specific Christmas film that I love there's just too many!! I love Arthur Christmas, Elf, The Grinch, Miracle on 34th Street 2004, The Muppets Christmas Carol, Home Alone, The Polar Express. I love watching Christmas movies I don't care what time of the year it is I'll sit at home and watch one but watching them around Christmas time is extra magical. 

10. Open presents before or after lunch?
In my family we open our presents before lunch I can't imagine not opening them before I'd be so impatient and I'd keep asking my mum or dad to open them. Yes I'm impatient when it comes to opening Christmas presents and I'm 17 I know. 


Winter Wonderblog 2013 #7 | Gift Guide For Her/Him

Here are some lovely ideas for gifts for your loved one which any girl/women would appreciate getting. All these gifts are in the £5 - £20 mark which means that they're also great for stocking fillers.

Here is a mixture of things that you can get your boyfriend, brother, dad or husband. There's a mixture of presents to chose from for older people and younger people. 

Now I know that these gifts are quite expensive but they could be for that special someone's main present or something who knows but here's some ideas!!

Again these particular gifts are rather expensive however I thought I would give you some ideas about what you could buy him if you want to splash out on him.



Winter Wonderblog 2013 #6 | Favorite Youtube Videos

First of all I'd just like to say SORRY for not posting these past couple of days I've been really ill and looking at a computer screen just makes me feel worse. I've had tonsillitis which is horrible and means that I can't eat normal solid food so I'm stuck with eating soups for the last/next couple of days. 

I wanted to post something so I decided to do my favorite Youtube videos of 2013 relating to Christmas. This is because I know that I love to know who people love watching on Youtube as I often discover new people to watch. So I'm sorry this is not a post with lots of writing in it I'm just not up to writing loads at the moment. 

So for today's post I'm going to be sharing with you my favorite Youtube Videos of 2013 which are related to Christmas!! Youtube is a big part of my life as I'm a Youtuber myself (videos in the right hand bar) I also spend a lot of my time watching them as I find them amusing and they make me feel better in myself. These videos are NOT in order by the way because putting them in order would be too hard for me as I love each and every one of them just as much as the other!!
1. Baby Glitter's Christmas Lookbook

2. Christmas Smoothies with Tanya Burr | Joe Sugg

3. Bake Christmas Cookies With Tanya and Joe!! 

4. The Cutest Elf On The Internet!!

5. Home For The Holidays: The Moms View

6. Candy Cane Nails!

7. Julianna Goes Christmas Shopping!! 

8. DIY Holiday Room Decorations 

9. S'mores Hot Chocolate Recipe!! 

10. Stocking Fillers: The Under £15 Gift Guide!


Review | Righteous Butter VS Fruity-Beauty

First of all I'd just like to say sorry for not really sticking to my Winter Wonderblog schedule these past few days. I've just had such a hectic week and I haven't been to bed before 12am this whole past week so I'm exhausted. Last night I was babysitting so I really couldn't blog as I didn't have proper internet only on my phone. But expect another Winter Wonderblog post tomorrow it will be Christmas Gift Guide for him based on Lifestyle :) 

Righteous Butter VS Fruity-Beauty review

So for today's blog post I'm going to be comparing the Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter with Marks and Spencers Fruity-beauty Orange Crush. Both of these products are body creams however one of them I use more and love more than the other but you'll have to read on to find out which one I love the most.

Righteous Butter VS Fruity-Beauty review

I actually cannot remember when I got this body butter but I have used it about once or twice. As you guys probably know I'm not a fan of putting on body butter but when I do I enjoy it I'm just a lazy person. I don't think I purchased this for myself I was probably given it as I never shop in Marks and Spencer I see it as a shop targeted at older women. 

The packaging is simple and effective
You get given a lot of the product
It moisturises your skin for a long time

The smell of the bodybutter is disgusting it's just too strong!
It just sits there on my shelf I hardly use it...
Takes a while to dry

Righteous Butter VS Fruity-Beauty review

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter £10
As you can see I've used this body butter a lot more than the other one this is because I took it on holiday with me when I went in the summer. I love Soap and Glory products because they're affordable and they last a long time. I usually get a Soap and Glory gift set for Christmas which lasts me a long time if I get one this year I'll defiantly do a review on it!!

Smells amazing
Adds a little shimmer to your skin
Comes in a big tub 

Annoying to carry around 
Takes a while to dry out

Overall I prefer the Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter because it's just a more my type of product. It smells amazing and doesn't just moisturise your skin it also adds a little shimmer to it. I love how affordable Soap and Glory's products are and I love to re-purchase from them time and time again. In my opinion Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter is an all round excellent product.


Winter Wonderblog 2013 #5 | Christmas Jumpers

Winter Wonderblog 2012
So as it's the season of Christmas everyone loves to wear a good old Christmas jumper. Whether it's that old horrible one that your Great Gran knitted or the new cute one that you purchased the other day from New Look. We all like to wear one as it keeps us warm and gets us in the festive spirit so here's some ideas of where you can get some and maybe even an idea for a last min Christmas present?

Winter Wonderblog 2012

Here are some jumpers for girls which are from various places. I especially love the cream jumper with the snowflake, the Ho Ho Homies one and the polar bear one because I think it's soo cute!! I think that all these Christmas jumpers aren't too bad looking in fact they're quite cute and I would defiantly wear one. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite...


Winter Wonderblog 2012
So I decided to pick a few Christmas Jumpers out for guys too because I know if I had a boyfriend I'd love to buy him one because it's a cute gift. I really love the Mickey one and the skiing one because I think they're cute and well fitted. Would you buy your boyfriend, brother or dad a Christmas jumper for a present?? 



Winter Wonderblog 2013 #4 | Christmas Gifts For Her

Winter Wonderblog 2012
Today's post is going to be a gift guide for women/girls this particular one is to do with beauty and there are three main categories that you can chose from these are under £10, under £25 and under £50. I will be doing another one later on in this series which is going to be based around lifestyle products so keep a look out!!
Winter Wonderblog 2012

If you're looking for a gift for your friend or a stocking filler that is small and beauty related and under £10 then these 8 products might give you some ideas. These are a set of great gifts that you could purchase to add those extra few presents for your loved ones. I think that all these 8 gifts are really cute and I'd really appreciate it if one of my friends brought one of these for me!

Winter Wonderblog 2012

These next set of gifts that I chose are in the under £25 bracket which means that their great candidates for main presents. This is because they're not too small, they're not too big and they're also not to expensive!! There's a wide range of different gifts here from make up sets to hair tools which any girl loves to get so I hope this gave you some ideas..

Winter Wonderblog 2012

This last group of gifts are all under £50 so they're quite expensive however they would be perfect for a main present for some special like your mum, sister or best friend!!


Winter Wonderblog 2013 #3 | Christmas Playlist

Winter Wonderblog 2012

Winter Wonderblog 2012

So as Christmas is looming I decided I would share with you what's on my Christmas Playlist 2013. I love seeing what people listen to because some of the time it's completely different to me and I love exploring new music. However I'm defiantly one of those people who loves old school songs they're just the best when I'm sitting at home and listening to old songs and doing my homework that is when I'm in a good mood haha 

Last Christmas - Ariana Grande
Mistletoe - Justin Bieber
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Justin Bieber
Have Yourself A MerryLittle Christmas - Frank Sinatra
Christmas Love - Justin Bieber
The Promise - Girls Aloud
Pray - Justin Bieber
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Dean Martin
All I Want Is You - Justin Bieber
Fairytale Of New York - The Pogues
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Superfestive) - Justin Bieber ft Mariah Carey
Frosty The Snowman - Jackson 5
All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
All I Want For Christmas Is You - Michael Bublé


Winter Wonderblog 2013 #2 | Christmas Gifts For Him

Winter Wonderblog 2012
Today's post is going to be a gift guide for men/guys this particular one is to do with beauty and there are three main categories that you can chose from these are under £10, under £25 and under £50. I will be doing another one later on in this series which is going to be based around lifestyle products so keep a look out!!

Winter Wonderblog 2012

If you're looking for a gift for your friend or a stocking filler that is small and beauty related and under £10 then these 8 products might give you some ideas. These are a set of great gifts that you could purchase to add those extra few presents for your loved ones. 

Winter Wonderblog 2012

These next set of gifts that I chose are in the under £25 bracket which means that their great candidates for main presents. This is because they're not too small, they're not too big and they're also not to expensive!! All men/guys love being given a nice smelling clone for Christmas so why not buy them one of these great smelling gifts?!

Winter Wonderblog 2012

Last of all is a set of high end of beauty products that you can purchase. I recommend these for someone who would appreciate it especially as some of them can be quite expensive. However if you can't afford one of these then no worries because it's the thought that counts!!



January 2014 Beauty Giveaway - CLOSED

a Rafflecopter giveaway

January 2014 Giveaway

So as the New Year is looming I wanted to give you guys something to look forward to in the New Year. If you want to be in for a chance of winning £25 worth of beauty products then all you have to do is follow my twitter, my blog twitter, write a blog comment and tweet about the giveaway. This giveaway is only available to UK people only I'm sorry.


Winter Wonderblog 2013 #1 | Christmas Party Outfits

Winter Wonderblog 2013
Welcome to this years Winter Wonderblog 2013 I hope you enjoy it there's going to be lots of different posts relating to beauty, lifestyle and fashion over the next month. I will be uploading a new post every other day so keep an eye out.

So today's post is going to be about party outfits I hope to give you some ideas for what to wear to your office party or just a normal Christmas party I hope you like them......remember these are just ideas!!

Winter Wonderblog 2013

The first outfit that I chose is a different take on your normal princess look. I decided to go for a gorgeous black dress which you could team up with a brightly coloured pair of shoes or just some nude ones. I'd preferably go for a clutch instead of a normal bag as it gives off an elegant look. 

As this is a princess look you'll defiantly need some beautiful jewellery to go with it. I'd suggest simple but elegant jewellery. You don't have to shop at Tiffany's to find that perfect necklace as you can see this whole outfit is from New Look.This look would go well with bright red lips and a up-do!! 

The Look:

1) Chi Chi Black Rose Embroidered Strapless Prom Dress £59.99

Winter Wonderblog 2013
For this look I've gone for a casual but smart look with a rock chick edge. I love these sort of looks as I often see them on Tumblr. They're great for someone who doesn't like to properly dress up but wants to look nice or for someone who's just going out for dinner. The court shoes add a sense of glamour to the look because they're defiantly not too tall and not too small they're just right for this sort of look.

The whole look together looks great well I think so I added little elements to bring the whole outfit together. For example the skull tee-shirt brings a more edgy look than if it was just a normal tee and the triangle earrings and big ring make a statement. I didn't add a necklace because I don't think that you necessary need one however you can if you want. This look would go great with smokey eyes and straight hair!!   

The Look: 

Winter Wonderblog 2013

So for this look I decided to go for a statement look which is why I chose the red jumpsuit!! What I love about jumpsuits is that you can either dress them up or down depending on what you're doing. You can also pair them with either heels or court shoes and you'd still look fantastic!!

Because this jumpsuit is pretty plain with just the belt some statement jewellery is needed. This is why I chose the chain necklace and bracelet because they're chunky pieces which brings the whole outfit together. I chose these particular shoes because the peep toe and cross at the front make them more glamorous and elegant. I think that this look will look great with curly hair and simple make-up!!