Halloween 2013 | My Top 5 Movies

Top 5 halloween movies 2013
Yaaaay Halloweens here and I haven't even carved a pumpkin this year something's not right!! So today I'm going to be sharing with you my top five Halloween movies most of my favourite scary movies are old ones. I personally think they're better than the new scary movies that come out. I'm not going to say what they're about because it might ruin it however if you love scary movies then go and check them out.

1) A Nightmare On Elm Street (Any Of Them) 
2) Saw (Any of the movies)  
3) Case 39
4) Mama 
5) House Of Wax

So those are my top 5 Halloween movies yes I know that they might not be as scary as movies that other people watch. However I'm not a great lover of horror/scary movies because I just don't like them it's as simple as that haha. 


Halloween 2013 | Last Min Make-Up

Last minute halloween make-up must haves 2013

Today's Halloween blog post is aiming to help you pick up any last min make up products that you need before Halloween tomorrow. Sorry today's post isn't a very long one I've been busy all day and I was pretty tired this evening. So I thought that a little post would be better than no post. I hope this helps you guys please leave a comment if it did :)



Halloween 2013 | Food Must Haves

Halloween food must haves 2013

So everyone needs some sort of snacks on Halloween night as we're often at a friends or friends are at ours. I thought I'd write a blog post on the type of snacks that I like to have on Halloween just in case you need some last minute ideas. 

1) Mr Kipling Halloween Fiendish Fancies
I've only recently discovered Fiendish Fancies and they're actually amazing. They defiantly a great treat to have on Halloween as they are only available at Halloween. They're small cakes with vanilla cream inside underneath orange icing they're actually delicious and so cheap!!

2) Pringles Paprika
Everybody has to have some sort of Pringles on Halloween they're essential to any sleepover, party or just when you're on your own. Pringles are one of my favourite crisps because they're light but filling at the same time. They also have a huge range of different flavours which is great because they have a different flavour for different occasions. 

3) Butterkist Toffee Popcorn
So everyone needs popcorn when they're watching a scary movie on Halloween right?? Well this is my favourtie popcorn because it's so delicious but really fattening so I wouldn't recommend eating it everyday. However if you're going to get popcorn then get this one Butterkist make the best popcorn around!!

4) Fanta Orange
We all need some sort of drink so why not go for Fanta Orange as it's Halloween and the drink's orange it ties in with the whole night. I love Fanta Orange because it's a great source of energy when you're feeling lazy.It's a great drink to have on Halloween especially if you're throwing a party for little kids.   

5) Haribo Tangfastics
Haribo always have some sort of Halloween special bags however I always like to eat Tangfastics on Hallowen because they're sour and tasty. I think that Tangfastics are my favourite Haribo's I love taking them to school and eating them during class because they're great for when you're hungry but don't want to eat a full meal. Although they're not very healthy which is why I don't eat them all the time only sometimes. 

6) Mr Kipling Toffee Terror Whirls
I love these Mr Kipling special Halloween treats because I love shortbread and buttercream. So the both of them put together makes me love these Toffee Terror Whirls even more!! These treats are great for Halloween as they have no artificial colours which means that they're made out of 100% natural ingredients. If you love buttercream like me then these should defiantly be on your shopping list for Halloween. 


Halloween 2013 | Lush Must Haves

Halloween Lush Must Haves

So as it's Halloween on Thursday I thought that I would do a mini Halloween series that will run over the next few days until Halloween!! Today I'm going to be sharing with you some of Lush's Halloween based products. As I'm a big fan of Lush I thought I would share with you my excitement over these specific products!!

How cute is this bubble bar in the shape of a pumpkin. I absolutely love this and I think it's so cute because it's not a scary pumpkin it's such a sweet little thing. If you don't know what a bubble bar is you basically crumble it under warm water in your bath and it creates lots of bubbles.This specific bubble bar will leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed from a long day. 

Something about this bath bomb is mysterious is it the strange but magnificent scent of it or is it what lies beneath the surface it? This bath bomb is great for Halloween as it's full of surprises. It looks great and smells of vanilla.

Again this is the same as the Pumpkin bubble bar all you have to do is crumble it under warm water to create bubbles in your bath. It has a bewitching feel to it with all the herbs and spices that are mixed into it. The herbs and spices help to clear the mind so this is a great bubble bar for anyone who likes to think in the bath.

Last but not least is this shower gel which helps you transit from day to night in a relaxing lavender smelling gel. This specific shower gel is great for helping you sleep at night. So if you're looking for a good nights sleep then check out Twilight!!


October Favorites 2013

October favourites 2013
Today's post is going to be my monthly favourites. If you don't know what monthly favourites is  it's basically where I share with you the things that I've been loving each month. It could be a whole load of products and other bits and bobs or it could be a few like today. I'll always try to include beauty products but also lifestyle ones too along with my favourite songs of the month. 

Casting Shadows is the third installment in the Flynn Series. I'm loving this whole series because it's so romantic yet gripping. I love many of Sophie Mckenzies series to name a few Girl, Missing Series and Luke and Eve Series. I'm not going to say what the series is about in detail because that will just ruin it but it's basically a boy and a girl who fall in love deep love. I recommend all three of these series because they're truly amazing. Each series has a different story line but they all make you not want to put the book down they're that amazing!!

I've only just discovered Yankee Candles well I mean I've only just got round to buying one. I decided to go with Black Cherry because I love cherries and the smell of Black Cherry is amazing it's also kind of an Autumn scent. I would of gone with one of the specific Autumn scent's but some of them made me feel sick they were too rich. I'd defiantly love to purchase more of these in the future because they fill the room with the scent it's pretty amazing. Most candles just fill a corner of the room then the scent dies out.

Sea Salt is great for adding texture to your hair when it's dry. It creates that raw beach look that you get once your hair has dried after being in the sea. I love this sea salt because it smells great and lasts a long time. I prefer adding the spray once my hair is upside down then scrunching it to create that beach look. Because it adds more volume and texture to your hair. I would say that sometimes you need to spray quite a lot depending on the look you're going for. 

I got this perfume during the summer from my dad. I absolutely love it although it does have quite a strong smell to it at first but it wears out during the day to give it a lovely long lasting smell. I love the design of it as it's suppose to be an apple and I love apples because they're delicious which is probably why it's called Be Delicious. 

This mascara is great because it adds volume to your lashes. I recommend this mascara because it's cheap but it also lasts a long time. It has an amazing large thick brush with a small round globe brush at the top to apply mascara to all those tricky places. 

October favourites 2013
6) Yours Truly Ariana Grande
How beautiful is Ariana Grande? Let alone her first album it's truly amazing. I just can't stop listening to it. My favourite songs are Honeymoon Avenue, Right There (feat. Big Sean), Piano, Popular Song, Daydreamin' and Almost Is Never Enough. Ariana's voice is one of a kind and I was soo happy when her album came out I had to buy it straight away. 

7) Can We Dance The Vamps 
The Vamps are a British Band who have recently released their first single "Can We Dance". It's got a rock 'N' role feel to it but it's also very catchy. I can't wait to see what they're going to come out with in the future. I love the boys because they're all very cheeky and they make me laugh when I watch their youtube videos. 


Beginners Make-Up under £20

Under £20 make up look

So today I thought that I would share with you my idea of a make-up set for beginners for under £20!! I've decided to go for the natural look because it's the best type of look for beginners it's simple but a beautiful look because it enhances the beauty that you already have. 

I decided to go with a lipstick rather than a lip gloss because personally I prefer lipsticks however you can chose to pick a lip gloss if you want. This colour is a rosy pink however it's also a natural colour because it's not too bright or dark so it would go perfectly with this look. 

Face powder is a must for beginners because it stops all your make-up from running down your face on those hot days. But most of all it helps to keep all your foundation in place throughout the day/night. I picked the translucent shade because it suits everyone it adjusts to your specific skin tone. 

Mascara is a must because it helps your lashes look longer and fuller than they actually are. I love Collection 2000 because they're very reasonable and their products are great especially for beginners. I know a lot of bloggers/youtubers who are in love with Collection 2000 because of the wide range of products that they have on offer but also the quality of the products. 

Eye shadow is great for beginners because it just adds that little bit more colour to your face and it helps to enhance your eyes. I chose this specific palette because all of the colours are neutral which is always a safe option for beginners.  

I recommend getting a concealer of some sort because it helps to reduce the darkness underneath your eyes if you have any. It also helps to highlight specific areas on your face by making them brighter.

I chose this foundation because it's perfect coverage for a beginner. It's not to heavy or too light on the face it's also very easy to apply using any brush or sponges. I love this foundation because it's cheap compared to other foundation products. It lasts quite a long time if you don't wear make-up everyday but on special occasions. 

MUA is known for being a cheap make-up brand however they're also known for the high pigmentation within their products. These two combined together makes a great make-up brand!! I love MUA's blushers because the pigmentation is amazing and they last a long time. 

NYC is also a reasonably price brand that has come over from the USA. It's quite popular over here and you can find it in most drug/high street stores. I chose this bronzer because it's a 2 in 1 bronzer it highlights and also gives you that summer glow. It also helps to make the skin look healthy and provides that natural look.


Welcome ♥

Introduction to Asia Jade

So I couldn't keep myself away from the world of blogging which made me decide to start up a new blog again. I kind of wish that I kept my old blog because it was becoming better and better each time that I spent on it. However I'm glad that I am starting a new blog because it means that I can change some of the things that I've wanted to and begin with a fresh start. 

Say Hello to Asia Jade (Jade coming from my middle name) I've decided to base this blog on Beauty and Lifestyle because they're the things that I like to talk about most. I'd love to add Fashion into the mix later on in the year when I hopefully get my new camera. However I'm not too sure on that because I see my sense of fashion being quite normal...let me know what you think guys

If you're interested in Beauty and Lifestyle then follow me for upcoming posts!! I'll be posting every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday that's FIVE times a week however this may change depending on how busy my schedule becomes. 

In the future I'd also love to start filming Youtube videos again once I get a new camera and make a dedicated place within my room to film. I'd also like to purchase a video editing software package as it would help me more to create the type of videos that I see myself creating. I've done Youtube videos in the past and they've gone down very well however I've always filmed them on my iPhone which isn't of a very good quality so I hope to use a proper camera in the future.