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First of all I'd just like to say sorry for not really sticking to my Winter Wonderblog schedule these past few days. I've just had such a hectic week and I haven't been to bed before 12am this whole past week so I'm exhausted. Last night I was babysitting so I really couldn't blog as I didn't have proper internet only on my phone. But expect another Winter Wonderblog post tomorrow it will be Christmas Gift Guide for him based on Lifestyle :) 

Righteous Butter VS Fruity-Beauty review

So for today's blog post I'm going to be comparing the Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter with Marks and Spencers Fruity-beauty Orange Crush. Both of these products are body creams however one of them I use more and love more than the other but you'll have to read on to find out which one I love the most.

Righteous Butter VS Fruity-Beauty review

I actually cannot remember when I got this body butter but I have used it about once or twice. As you guys probably know I'm not a fan of putting on body butter but when I do I enjoy it I'm just a lazy person. I don't think I purchased this for myself I was probably given it as I never shop in Marks and Spencer I see it as a shop targeted at older women. 

The packaging is simple and effective
You get given a lot of the product
It moisturises your skin for a long time

The smell of the bodybutter is disgusting it's just too strong!
It just sits there on my shelf I hardly use it...
Takes a while to dry

Righteous Butter VS Fruity-Beauty review

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter £10
As you can see I've used this body butter a lot more than the other one this is because I took it on holiday with me when I went in the summer. I love Soap and Glory products because they're affordable and they last a long time. I usually get a Soap and Glory gift set for Christmas which lasts me a long time if I get one this year I'll defiantly do a review on it!!

Smells amazing
Adds a little shimmer to your skin
Comes in a big tub 

Annoying to carry around 
Takes a while to dry out

Overall I prefer the Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter because it's just a more my type of product. It smells amazing and doesn't just moisturise your skin it also adds a little shimmer to it. I love how affordable Soap and Glory's products are and I love to re-purchase from them time and time again. In my opinion Soap and Glory's The Righteous Butter is an all round excellent product.

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