An Overview of Asia Jade in 2014 ♥

So this year's almost come to an end and what an incredible year it has been for myself but also Asia Jade. I have achieved so much this year in terms of my blog & YouTube channel. Goals which I dreamt of but also never thought that I could reach have been achieved. This has now enabled me to achieve many more goals which you shall find out in tomorrow's post. I'd like to say a massive thank you to all my readers/views/subscribers old or new as you have helped me achieve these goals.

Goals achieved in 2014:
- Reached over 25,000 views on my blog
- Have over 150 subs on my YouTube channel
- Uploaded regular videos on my channel from June
- Have over 200 followers on bloglovin
- Written posts which are more thoughtful & in depth
- Went to my first Blogger gathering
- Made lots of connections with beautiful bloggers/youtubers

For the last post of 2014 I thought that I would pick my favourite blog post from each month throughout 2014. This gives all you new readers a chance to see some of my older posts if you haven't had a chance to go back and read some and everyone else a sort of throw back blog post. I hope that you like this sort of blog post as it was an idea I've had for ages but never put it into action so I thought that now would be a good time to as the last day of the year is usually spent looking back.










Teen Bloggers Meet-Up | Hosted by Chloe

That's the end of the last post of 2014 which is crazy to type out as it doesn't quite feel real that it's the end of the year yet. This year has truly gone by so quickly as I remember writing up last years last post as if it were yesterday. I hope that you guys are going to have an exciting New Year's Eve spent with loved ones maybe you'll even get a kiss at midnight. Thank you all so much for your support this year I appreciate each and everyone of you. I can't wait to see what 2015 is like for myself & my blog.


Winter Wonderblog Round-up 2014

Good evening all you beauties today I am here with the round up of this years winter wonderblog. First of all it hasn't been as promising as I had made it out to be in the "coming soon" blog post. However it has been a lot better than last year's one which was the first year that I had done this series therefore things were still being figured out. 

I have really enjoyed this year's one considering I had massive internet problems towards the beginning of it. I still managed to upload ten blog posts in this years series which is two more than last year!! I tried to balance the amount of lifestyle, beauty and fashion posts that I uploaded however most of them were lifestyle which is fine as my blog is mostly a lifestyle themed anyways.

I'm not 100% sure whether I will be doing this series next year as I'm going to New York so won't be able to upload constantly. I will defiantly make up my decision before next November and of course you guys will find out as soon as my mind is made up. I really hoped that you enjoyed this year's winter wonderblog as I really tried to make it a little different from last years but also including some of the traditional posts such as the "Christmas playlist" & "The Christmas Tag".


WWB 2014 #9 - Christmas Day Festivities

Hey guys so I wanted to upload a post today to share with you guys what I did today but I also wanted to use it as a chance to say Merry Christmas to you guys!! So first of all this year I spent Christmas day at my dads which I usually spend every other year as my parents are split up.

I woke up around 9am which gave me a chance to have a cup of tea and get dressed before we had bacon sandwiches. We then usually wait until around 10am for my sister, her fiancee and two children to come round before we all open our presents together. When my sister turned up we all made our way into the living room where Santa had left lots of presents for my two nephews. We were then allowed to open our presents I usually go for the ones which are closest and then make my way through the rest. 

This year I received lots of body products, make-up,driving lessons, money and clothes along with other items such as the new Taylor Swift & Olly Murs albums & The Fault In Our Stars DVD. I shall be reviewing some of these items in the future (so keep an eye out). I am so thankful for everything that I have received as I didn't really have a main present in mind for myself this year. After we opened all of our presents and cleared up the piles of wrapping paper scattered around the living room we all started to do our own thing for a little bit. 

After a few hours of playing with my nephews, watching TV and generally just lazing around I was beginning to get quite hungry. We then had our first course which was a choice of prawn cocktail, paté or a choice of two soups. I went for the paté which was  delicious I had about 10,000 rolls with it too (No joke...). Fast forward a few more hours later we all sat down to a turkey dinner to die for with all of the trimmings I was so full by the end of it I didn't even eat any pudding (which is unlike me). Once we had all finished our dinner my sister and her fiancée got ready to leave as it was near the kid's bedtimes. I helped clean up and then had a nice relaxing bath which was followed by more chocolate consuming, TFIOS dvd & writing up this blog post. 

I hope all of you have had a lovely Christmas spent with loved ones and filled with joy and laughter!! I now cannot wait to spend new years eve/day with my best friend & her family. I'm hoping to get an earlyish night as me, my dad & brothers are going to a football match tomorrow which is always boxing day tradition for us. Now that this year's Christmas day has almost passed I am super excited for the next as I'll be in New York City next year until the 26th.

So that's day nine of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. I had a really relaxed, fun and enjoyable day today as it was spent just with family which gave us all a chance to catch up with each other and just enjoy each others company.


Asia Jade's WWB 2014 #8 - Christmas Playlist

Hey guys today's Winter Wonderblog blog post is an updated version of my Christmas Playlist which you guys seemed to love last year. I hope that the songs that I share with you bring back some lovely memories of past Christmases or give you guys a chance to create new ones!!

Santa Tell Me - Ariana Grande
Baby It's Cold Outside - Idina Menzel ft.Michael Buble
Shake Up Christmas - Train
Santa Baby - Ariana Grande
Holly Jolly Christmas - Michael Buble
Snow In California - Ariana Grande
Cold December Night - Michael Buble (Currently listening to - I'm in love with this song!!)
Rockin'Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
Do The Know It's Christmas? - Band Aid 30
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday - Roy Wood & Wizzard
Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin' Stevens
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Sam Smith
Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year - Andy Williams

So that's day eight of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm defiantly going to be listening to these songs on repeat over the next 24 hours. I'm way to excited for Christmas this year even though I'm 18 they say that as you get older Christmas gets less exciting I don't think it will for me this is my favourite time of year and probably always will be!!


WWB 2014 #7 - Last Minute Stocking Fillers

Hey guys today's Winter Wonderblog blog post is a post on last minute stocking fillers which I thought would be a good one to do seeing as Christmas day is on Thursday!! I thought that this would be useful for some of you beautiful people who might be running around like headless chickens finding last minute presents/stocking fillers.

So that's day seven of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe it gave you some ideas as what to buy someone last minute or maybe it helped you and now you're less stressed (hopefully).


WWB 2014 #6 - Top 5 Christmas Make-Up Looks

Hey guys today's Winter Wonderblog blog post is a Christmassy make-up look themed post. I thought that I would do this blog post as some of you may still not know what make-up to wear on Christmas day for example. I really love watching these types of videos as they give me plenty of ideas when it comes to my own make-up looks. I often tend to take different aspects from different looks and combine them to make my own look.

Kim Kardashian Christmas Party Makeup Tutorial! - Tanya Burr

So that's day six of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it possibly gave you guys some ideas as what make-up to wear on Christmas day or an upcoming festive party!!


*Teen Bloggers Meet-Up | hosted by Chloe from Yours Chloe

Hey guys so today's blog post is going to be about the teen bloggers meet-up that my friend Merraf & I attended on Saturday 13th. So a little while back I was scrolling through my twitter when I saw a photo which was promoting an up-coming bloggers meet-up which was going to be hosted by Chloe from Yours Chloe. At this point I had never been to one before and thought why not seeing as it sounded fun and different. I decided to ask my close friend Merraf to join me as she had only just started blogging and I thought it would be exciting for her too. 

Saturday 13th - I was suppose to meet Merraf at 11am at a bus stop in West London which we had decided the night before. However I "thought" that we were suppose to meet at 11.30 this meant that I was rushing to go and meet her (totally unlike me as I'm usually one to be early). After we met up we made our way to Embankment station as we had arranged to meet one of the bloggers called Tori at Charring Cross station as she didn't know her way around London. After we met up with Tori we began to make our way to Covent Garden where the meet-up was going to take place.

When we arrived at Covent Garden we made our way to one of the Starbucks there where we were suppose to meet up with Chloe and all of the other bloggers. As soon as we met Chloe you could see how dedicated she was to hosting the meet-up as she had a massive bag full of gift bags, information leaflets and Christmas cards. Once everyone had met up for the meet-up we then headed towards the shops which included Mac make-up, the Body Shop, Boots, the Disney Store and many more. 

After a few hours of shopping we went for lunch at Zizzi's which is an Italian restaurant. First of all I decided to go with the Rustica Pescatore which is a pizza that is split into two (left photo) One half - king prawns, courgette, mozzarella, roquito chillies & crème fraîche. The other half – crab, baby plum tomatoes, parsley, capers & rocket. The second item that I went for is Tuscan potatoes (right photo). 

Both the pizza and the potatoes were amazing although the potatoes just look like "normal" potatoes they were so crispy on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside. As for the pizza well what can I say first of all it looked super yummy and it was huge!! As we ate and drank we all chatted away about typical bloggers topics such as popular bloggers & youtubers, things we love and dislike about blogging, why we started blogging etc...

Once we finished our lunch we decided to open the beautifully packaged gift boxes that Chloe had put together. One can only imagine how much effort and time Chloe put into putting together these boxes. I really really liked the boxes which were from Hobbycraft and I shall defiantly be re-using them for something in the future. Inside the boxes were five different products from five different brands we all got to choose which products we wanted more than one of as Chloe had a few boxes left over. 

 Anti-blemish super toner - Skinetica 

The first product that was in the box was this toner from Skinetica which you use at night "to clean and purify your skin". I've only been using this over a couple of days now. However I can already see that my skin is beginning to clear up I've always suffered with bad skin and I used to have really awful acne. Since I've used medication which got ride of my acne I've always been keen to keep my skin perfect. At this stage in using it I'm not 100% sure if I would re-purchase it as I'd have to test it over a longer period of time.

Dream dots for spots
This second product are these clear dots that you put over spots in order to "clear and heal spots overnight". I really love these as they're specifically for night time which means that you don't have to go outside looking scary with a dot on your face. I have yet to try these as I don't currently have any horrible looking spots. However when I do I shall update you guys on twitter with my opinion of them. They're also perfect to put into your handbag if you're staying somewhere overnight instead of having to take lots of heavy products.

Papier Poudre - Lehcaresor

Papier poudre has been around for over 100 years it is used to get rid of oil on your face. It's a great way of freshening up during the day or night as you can easily carry one of these in your bag. As you can see the gift came with three different types of powdered paper this is because there are three different shades available for different skin types. Rachel (recommended for dark/medium skin), Rose (recommended for light skin) & White (recommended for very light skin). 

I've already tried the Rachel one as I have medium skin I tend to use it in my T-zone area the most as that's where my face is most oily. I really enjoy using them as you can see straight away the results as the colour of the paper turns a different colour to indicate the amount of oil that has been wiped off your face. I'm defiantly going to be using these a lot especially when I do decide to wear make-up my face tends become a lot oiler. 

Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm - Bee Good

The next product that was in gift box was this lip balm which is perfect as during the winter months our lips get considerably dryer. This particular flavour of lip balm is vanilla & honey however Bee Good have many other products such as:
Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser
Honey & Wild Water Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water
Honey & Wild Flax Daily Moisturiser
Honey & Crambe Daily Hand Cream 
Honey, Borage & Echium Intensive Hand Repair

Bee Good originates from Hampshire in England as you can probably see all of their products include their main ingredient "Honey". Honey is "suitable for all skin types" making it enjoyable by a wide range of people it's great for "cleansing and protecting the skin". I've been using this lip balm on a daily basis now and I have to say it's one of the best ones that I've ever tried. 

I love how it's not sticky unlike some other lip balms. It's soothing and soft on your lips leaving your lips a lot softer and in a better condition than before. As I've loved this product so much and will continue to use it until it finishes I'm going to consider taking a look at some of their other products during the future.

Derma Dew Body Cream - Dermashack
The last product in the gift box that we received is this body cream now as some of you probably know if you have been reading my blog for a long time I'm not one to use cream on a daily basis. So instead of wasting it and putting it to the back of my shelf I gave it to my mum who uses body cream morning and night. My mum said that first of all the smell is gorgeous and could easily match one of her high-end body creams like Estee Lauder any day!! 

She then went on to say that she loved the idea of having a plastic container as it can be easily transported to and from places without getting smashed. Last of all my mum said that she the size of it was good as it can be used up instead of taking a lifetime to use up which can often lead to other moisturisers never ever being opened.

A few weeks before the meet-up was suppose to happen Chloe emailed us with an idea the idea was to pick some items and put a gift bag together ourselves which we then swapped with another blogger at the meet-up. I received this lovely gift bag from Bea over at Beatricenotyetlost inside was a gift box from Lush which was the "Golden Wonder" & a Maybelline Babylips in the shade hydrate. 

I have to say I was pretty happy with these gifts as I'm a great lover of Lush products and I'd never tried these particular products before. Secondly I've always wanted to try the babylips however I have never gotten around to purchasing one. I'd like to say thank you to the lovely Bea for these gifts which will be enjoyed thoroughly!! 

I'd also like to say a massive thank you to Chloe for organising the event as it was a huge success and everyone got on (which is always a bonus). It has defiantly made me want to go to another one as I had so much fun finding out information from different bloggers I also picked up a lot of tips and tricks which I will incorporate into my own blog & youtube channel.

The beautiful ladies that attended the meet-up:


WWB 2014 #4 - The Christmas TAG 2014 ☃

Hey guys today's Winter Wonderblog post is the Christmas Tag 2014 edition before anyone says anything yes I have done this tag before in fact I did it last year!! However this one has different questions and I thought it would be a nice edition to this years WWB. Also I think that sometimes it's okay to do TAG's more than once especially seasonal ones to see how your answers differ over the years. The questions that I'm using are from the lovely Beth over at Birds Words as soon as I saw her blog post on this tag I thought I've defiantly got to do this one it looks like so much fun to do as I love all things Christmas.

What's your favourite Christmas movie's?
Although I'm 18 I am a big sucker for kids Christmas movies like Arthur Christmas, The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Polar Express & Frozen. However I also love all of the classic movies like Elf, The Grinch, Miracle On 34th Street and Home Alone 1 & 2. I can already tell that my nights in December are going to consist of a Christmas movie, cup of tea and lots of treats like cake & chocolate.

Do you open presents on Christmas morning or Christmas evening? 
When I was younger I was allowed to open a couple of presents on Christmas eve as my mum felt like it was appropriate considering what the next day is. However now I'm older I usually just open them on Christmas morning although I still get to open a few a couple of days after Christmas day as various family & friends usually pop round with gifts. 

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I think one of my best memories is each year me and my two cousins who are both girls will get this massive sack of presents from my Nan & Granddad. I remember my nan would buy us all the same presents but in three different colours so that each grandchild will have a different colour. My nan still buys us the same things to this very day in different colours which I adore as it reminds us of our childhood. 

My other favourite Christmas memory would be when my mum surprised me when she told me that I was going to Lapland (Where Santa lives). I was about 7/8 years old I think and my nan & granddad always took us out for lunch so when my mum woke me up at 4am she said "Guess where nanny & granddad are taking us?". So I said "huuuh" obviously still asleep. Then my mum goes "it begins with an L". 

I immediately said "lunch" not even thinking what time it was. I think she just laughed because if you think about it's kind of funny anyways she said "LAPLAND". I don't think I was that impressed until we actually arrived in Finland because I was still pretty tired. Anyways I had an amazing time I got to do some pretty exciting things like ride on a husky sleigh, go on a reindeer ride and play in snow all hours of the day.

What's your favourite festive food?
I'm such a piggy when it comes to Christmas time as I just eat everything but I think my favourite would have to be roast potatoes especially if they're nice and crispy with thick gravy. 

What's been your favourite Christmas gift?
I cannot pick one because I've had so many amazing gifts in the past however I can tell my favourite one after next year will be my trip to New York City over Christmas now that's going to be a m a z i n g.

What's your favourite Christmas scent?
I really love the smell of muled wine although I really dislike the taste of it haha I also like the smell of Christmas dinner when it's all ready laid out on the table ready to be eaten. 

Do you have a Christmas Eve tradition?
Obviously when I was younger the standard traditions on Christmas Eve were too put out a mince pie & milk for Santa and then carrots for the reindeer's. As well as opening a few presents and then maybe reading a Christmas book before I go to sleep with my mum. However as I've become older I tend to just relax watch a couple of movies, eat lots of teats and just enjoy the moment.

What tops your tree?
Our trees have always had the standard star or angel on top of them which I like as I'm a bit of a traditional person. I like to do the same things around this time of year such as having an advent calendar (Yes I still have one & I'm 18 but who can't resist a small piece of chocolate each day?!), putting up a tree, eating lots of food etc...

As a child, what was the one (crazy, extravagant) gift you wanted but never got?
I think it would probably have to be a pony which I remember always wanting when I was younger. I was always told if I ever got one how much work it would be so I think in the end I eventually went off the idea...

What do you think is the best part of Christmas?
The best part of Christmas for me is spending time with family & friends but also seeing their reactions when they open the present that I brought them. Oh and you can't forget all of the delicious food that you get to eat with no one judging you!!

What's your favourite Christmas memory?

So that's day four of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. I really loved writing it as it brought back some lovely childhood memories if you did this tag leave a comment down below with the link as I'd love to see your answers too!!


WWB 2014 #3 - ❄ Room Decoration Ideas ❄

Hey guys so for today's winter wonderblog post I thought that I would show you guys some great Christmas room decoration ideas. All of these are of a reasonable price apart from some but the majority of them are under £20. I hope you like this post as I know that most of us girls love to change our room around according to the season or holiday. 

So that's day three of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe it gave you some ideas for holiday room decorations this year I'm defiantly going to be purchasing some of these decorations as they're too cute not to pick up!!


WWB 2014 #2 - Party Outfit Ideas

Today's post is going to be all about party outfits I have chosen three brands and decided to create three outfits which all include clothing items and accessories from that one brand. However I have included some make-up products that I thought would go with each outfit which are from Superdrug. 

The first outfit that I have chosen is called "Ice Queen" now I cannot create party outfits and not include something in relation to Frozen. As you can probably see this beautiful dress is actually called the Elsa dress it's such an elegant dress which is why I chose accessories that would keep all of the focus on it. I also decided to keep the make-up minimal such as a lightly coloured lipstick instead of a bright overpowering one. 

In addition to this I chose to add a golden nude colour nail polish which ties in with the colours of the dress. In addition to this I've chosen simple jewellery which matches the dresses elegance. I think that this dress would look perfect with a gorgeous up-do and additional minimal make-up such as maybe a BB cream instead of a foundation. 

The second outfit that I have chosen is this fuchsia pink bodycon dress which is ideal for a night out on the town. I paired it up with this amazing trench jacket as you never know girls it might be freezing by the time you leave. I particularly loved this one as it's long which is great because it covers your bum so that you feel a little more secure going to and from wherever you have your night out. 

In relation to make-up I've chosen to go with neutral colours like the nudist lipstick and the dark grey nail polish as I think that bright colours would be a bit too much. I've gone for wedges instead of heels or boots as I think that they would suit this dress more in particular. Last of all the accessories that I have chosen add a bit of an edgy feel to the outfit as they both have spikes.

The last outfit that I have chosen is this striking metallic skater dress which Lucy Mecklenburgh herself has worn!! I really love it as it's such a unique dress and I'm a huge fan of skater dresses I just think that they are so flattering. I've decided to add these pair of sandal type heels as I think that they go well with skater dresses in particular. I own a pair myself from H&M and I really love them as they add a little bit of height but make your legs look amazing.

As well as this I think that this outfit overall goes particularly well with a set of lashes as it just adds to the whole look making you stand out more. The accessories and make-up that I have chosen to pair up with this outfit are all to enhance the outfit but not to take the attention away from the dress. 

Jacquard Metallic Kick Out Skater Dress £40
Suede Gold Detail Strap Heels £27.99
Over Sized Shiny Clutch Bag £23
Silver Big Cuff £6
Stone Flower Necklace £15
Barry M Nail Paint Diamond Glitter £2.99
Eylure Exaggerate 149 Lashes £4.84 was £6.99
Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick YoursForever 158 £6.49

So that's day two of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe it gave you some ideas as what to wear to a work Christmas party, New Years Eve party or just a night out in general!!


WWB 2014 #1 - Superdrug Gift Guides Him, Her & Kids

Hey guys welcome to this years Winter Wonderblog 2014 I hope you enjoy it there's going to be lots of different posts/videos relating to beauty, lifestyle and fashion over the next month. I will be uploading a new post every other day so keep an eye out. 

Today's post is going to be a gift guide from Superdrug for him, her and the kids. I thought that I would do this kind of post first as it's that time of year when we begin to pick up presents here and there. I love Superdrug around this time as they don't just have beauty stuff but also some lifestyle and fashion items too at such an affordable price. Obviously these aren't all of the Christmas gifts that are available at Superdrug these are just my top picks for each person!

So that's day one of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe it gave you some ideas as what to buy someone whether it be your mum, dad, brother, sister or a friend.