The Sunday Topic #4 Healthy Eating.

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

Healthy Eating:
I don't mean you have to go on a juice detox for a million years no no no!! I mean that you should make sure you have your five a day because they're important if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. People think that if you want a healthy body all you have to do exercise however abs are actually made in the kitchen. The food you eat has a massive impact on your body as studies have recently shown we're actually consuming more sugar than we think. This is worrying as we don't actually have a accurate measurement on how much calories/sugar etc..we consume each day. 

Do I eat healthily? 
I try so hard to not going to lie I actually eat so much rubbish too and I eat more than I should. I try to eat healthy during the week by consuming lots of fruit, vegetables or salad then on the weekend I like to treat myself with a take-away or some sweets. I'm not strict about my diet but I like to watch what I eat because I don't want to have any health problems in the future due to my diet. I'm actually quite relaxed about my eating if someone offers me something unhealthy to eat I defiantly won't say no!

The Good:
There's so many positive things that come with eating healthy first of all it helps your body and will reduce the risk of health problems later on in the future. It can also make your mindset positive because if you're eating healthy and know that it's going to help your body you will be constantly happy. Eating healthy helps many aspects in your life for example it makes you less sleepy so that you can do more things during the day and get more done. It also helps your sleep as it's easier for your body to digest therefore if you're eating late it won't take long for your body to digest and you won't have that bloated feeling when you go to bed. 

The Bad: 
For some people healthy eating becomes an obsession which is a bad thing because you could be lacking the nutrition that you need by banning certain foods. This can also cause you health problems even though you might not realise it like low iron for example. In my opinion if you want to become a healthy eater but don't know how to go about it then ask someone who is knowledgeable about this topic.

Keeping it up:
Keeping the healthy eating up can be really hard because nowadays you've got so many distractions there's so many different unhealthy foods that you can choose from. However I find that if you have a goal it's really easy to keep up with. Also if you have someone to do it with then that's even better because when you've had a bad day you can talk about it with them. The more motivation the better I say!!

The Future: 
I defiantly think that I will try and keep this healthy lifestyle up as I've seen a massive improvement in my hair and skin. My hair has become less oily and my skin has become more clearer and less oily as well. I think for me the healthy eating during the week and treating myself during the weekend is the best because I know eating healthy 24/7 won't work for me because I love cakes, sweets etc..way too much. 


New Look Wishlist

So recently I've been loving New Look I think that everybody goes through stages about what clothes store or make-up brand their loving at the moment etc..As you can see from my recent New Look Mini Haul I've defiantly been having a New Look crush for a while now haha...I'm usually in two minds when it comes to New Look I love their clothes sometimes and hate them other times. 

But overall I think that New Looks products are reasonably priced and good quality for the price of them. I have to admit when it comes to New Look I prefer to shop online because I find that when I go into my local store I can never find what I need. So this time around I want to share with you guys a few products that I've seen on their website and now really want to get....



Review | Mark Hill Love Big Hair!

So today's post is going to be a review on Mark Hill's Big Is Better shampoo and conditioner that I got for Christmas. First of all I love this duo they're truly amazing and I'm so glad I got them for Christmas because I wouldn't usually purchase shampoo or conditioner which is this pricey. I know that there's shampoos which are more expensive however I usually only spend around £2 to £3 on my shampoo or conditioner. 

Secondly both of these products are of a good quality!! These specific products helps to "start building strength, thickness and volume from the minute it lathers up". I love them because "your hair is left looking and feeling thicker, stronger and with lots of body and bounce" and I believe that those words which are printed on the back of these products are true. I've seen a massive improvement in the quality of my hair since I've been using these. My hair looks much more healthier and even friends and family have been commenting on how healthy it looks!! 

I love the packaging of these because they're so simple but so eye capturing. I think that a good sign of a good product is partly to do with the packaging. However you can also find a good product with lower quality packaging so I guess it could be either haha. 

The scent of both of these products is pretty subtle but also powerful at the same time (if that makes sense). It's subtle because it's not an overwhelming scent but it's a powerful scent because it's different to any of the other shampoos or conditions that I've used before. I like how it leaves a subtle scent on your hair and doesn't make your hair smell like a perfume shop. Personally I don't like it when a shampoo or conditioner leaves your hair with a strong scent I like it when it leaves a subtle scent. 

Overall I'd defiantly re-purchase these because I'm so happy with the outcome!! My hair feels much thicker and looks a lot healthier than before. I'd choose to spend around £5 on shampoo or conditioner if I was buying these ones again. These particular products have also persuaded me to maybe try out some more high-end products because the majority of the time you get great results. Although at heart I'm still a high-street/drugstore kinda girl I love all the bargains that you can find when browsing in these stores.

January 2014 Giveaway (CLOSED)

So as you guys know I've been having a giveaway this January I wanted to do one to embrace the New Year with a bang. But also because I wanted to thank you guys in some sort of way for making my blog a success this time round. I've defiantly put so much more effort and time into it than before and I hope you guys all enjoy reading it. So included in this particular giveaway is £25 worth of beauty products this included a lush set, a sleek set and a lipstick from Rimmel!! 

And the winner is Melanie J who doesn't actually have a blog but follows lots of blogs. I'm so happy for her as she's receiving such a lovely present from me. I know it's not an amazing present but I thought that it's a great one to start off with. So because Melanie doesn't have a blog I won't be doing a blog post about her blog which is self explanatory. 

My next giveaway will be when I hit 50 followers, 10,000 views or 50 subscribers!! 


Beauty Wishlist

Today's post is going to be a beauty wishlist that includes some of the products that I would like to buy during the near future. I hope you like this post as I love reading them on other peoples blogs...

First of all I'd love to purchase this hair spray because I've see it on so many of Zoella's videos and I have to say I mostly want to get it because the packaging is pretty but also because I want a nice smelling hair spray instead of a hair spray that smells like hair spray (if that makes any sense?). 

The reason why I want to purchase this is because I've seen some really good reviews about it and I'd love to try it out for myself. I also want to purchase it because it's so reasonable compared to Smashbox's primer or Benefits primer. 

I'd love to purchase Katy Perry's perfume because I absolutely love her and I think that she's beautiful inside and out. Second of all the design of the bottle is unique and different to other perfume bottles. I think that the scent of the perfume is different than other perfumes because it has a deep textured floral scent. 

So my desire to purchase this product is because of Claudia from BeyondBeautyStar & BeyondBeautyStarTV Claudia always talks about how good clean and clear are and she's even an ambassador for them. Claudia always uses Clean and Clear in her skincare routine which makes me want to try them even more because her skin is amazing!!

So every blogger has at least one lipstick from the Rimmel collection and it's most likely from the Kate Moss collection. Why? Because they're great lipsticks which have high pigmentation and last ages. I would really like to purchase this lipstick because this is such a lovely colour for the spring time. It's a simple baby soft pink which is great for spring because it represents simplicity but also natural beauty. 
Again I would love to purchase this product because of the great reviews that I've heard from Claudia from BeyondBeautyStar & BeyondBeautyStarTV. In particular I'd love to purchase this product because I'm in need of a gentle foaming wash to use in the morning and this looks like a great one to try out it's also really reasonably priced!! 
I'd love to re-purchase this because my one is almost run out ad I absolutely love it!! This is because it gives so much volume and thickness to your eyelashes and I have small eyelashes which is why I love it lots in particular. I'm also in love with the Rimmel mascara's in general which is why I'd love to re-purchase this again. 


The Sunday Topic #3 Travelling

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

I think that travelling is a huge part of anyone's life especially nowadays as there's so many different places across the world to travel to. With the 20th century comes lots of different opportunities to travel whether it be for business, for a holiday or to explore there's always a chance to travel. If you wanted to you could even rock up to any airport and just pick a random place to go because we nowadays we actually have that possibility how amazing is that!! 

Travelling gives you a great chance to meet new people, get a tan and maybe even find love but exploring is a whole other world!! Exploring the world is such a different way to go travelling going to places that tourists never usually go to are normally the places that you see on Tumblr (if you have Tumblr you will understand). Also exploring the world in a different light really gives you the chance to meet some remarkable people with such beautiful stories of their lives which will stick with you forever. 

How I feel 
I really I mean really want to go travelling in a couple of years preferably to Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam or maybe even all 3 of them!! I'd defiantly love to go to some exotic places around the world and not just the usual places people go to like Spain or Italy don't get me wrong they're beautiful places. However I want adventure and to explore new cultures and meet new people too. I also love food which I'm sure most people do travelling helps me to widen my taste palette this means that I get the chance to try some amazing food from different parts of the world.  

The Good 
There's so many different positive things about travelling one being that you get to meet new people from the other side of the world. They all have different stories and experiences which you will probably find helps you to become a better person. Also while you'tr travelling you never know you might meet the love of your life.Travelling has endless possibilities to it. Travelling also opens up your eyes to the world around you as well which is always a good thing. 

The Bad
So apart from the money side of travelling I can't really think of many bad things about travelling?? Maybe all the bugs and animals but that's life there are many animals that you've probably never even seen before but if you want to travel you'll have to put up with them. As for the cost side I say if you want to travel as much as I do then start saving up because if you desire to travel is as strong as mine then you won't spend it on silly things like sweets or clothes and make-up that you don't need. As everyone says every little helps even those £1 coins laying around your room!!

Future travel plans
My future travel plans consist of saving up money and going on as many adventures as I can before I'm no longer able to fly!! I'd love to go to all the touristy places like Paris, Rome etc..but I'd also love to go to the places people don't really go to like Vietnam, Cambodia etc. I really love travelling and I'd love to do as much of it as I can in years to come so keep a look out because I'm sure you guys will be coming along with me...


The Liebster Award

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by Stacey and Charlotte I've been nominated for this award before and I'm always very thankful as I've only had my blog since October which is not very long. I've worked really hard this time as I've had many blogs before but I had to end them for some sort of reason. But now this one's official and it's going to be around for a while!!

So what is the Liebster Award? 
It's a great way to get blogs with under 200 followers more recognition. 

What do you have to do?
- You must thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog in your post
- You must answer the 11 questions that they gave you
- You must give 11 random facts about yourself
- You must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers that you feel deserve it
- You must give 11 questions for them to answer
So here goes...

First of all I'd like to say a massive thank you to Stacey and Charlotte for nominating me!! You should all go and check out their blogs because they're such lovely ones to read. Both of their blogs are beauty blogs and you can tell they really take a lot of time and effort into making their blog special.

Stacey's 11 Questions:
1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
First of all my name's Asia and my middle name's Jade so I just thought Asia Jade sounded nice and it was different to other blogs.

2. What blogs do you love reading?
There's so many amazing, unique and beautiful blogs that I read on a daily basis. However if you look on my Favorite People page you'll find all of my favorite bloggers and youtubers.  

3. What is your favourite brand, ever?!
Ever?! I don't know about ever but I do love Rimmel for make-up and River Island for clothes.

4. How long have you been blogging for?
I'd say I've been blogging for about 2 years overall but on this blog about 4 months. 

5. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
There's so many places in the world I'd love to travel to but first up on my list is Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

6. What piece of makeup couldn't you live without?
I think mascara because I've got naturally short eyelashes therefore mascara helps them to look that little bit longer. 

7. If you had to pick 3 pieces of makeup to wear each day for the rest of your life which would you choose?
I think that I would choose foundation, mascara and lipstick because they're the 3 most stable things for make-up aren't they?

8. What's your highlight from 2013?
I think it would probably be when I went away at Christmas because it was such a lovely way to end 2013 and I met some truly amazing people. 

9. Who do you look at for Beauty inspiration?
Ermmm I think all bloggers and youtubers give me inspiration to be honest but all in different ways. 

10. If you could bring out your own piece of make-up, what would it be?
I think that I would bring out my own lipstick range because I'd love to create unique lipsticks that no one has created before.

11. What's your worst fashion disaster?
Hmmm I think it would be this dress I brought it looked so lovely in the shop but when I tried it on it was all puffy and horrible. I looked like a blown up beach ball.

Charlotte's 11 Questions:
1. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
I'd defiantly say meeting new people and inspiring people is what keeps me blogging. 

2. Who is your icon?
I'd have to say there's so many different people who inspire me and who I look up to I can't exactly say one now can I...

3.If you could have any superpower what would it be?
It would have to be flying because I have so many friends who live abroad I'd love to go and see them on a daily basis without actually having to fly or pay for a flight.

4. What's your dream holiday destination?
Probably Hawaii because it's so different and beautiful. 

5. If you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?
I would defiantly give some to my mum because it would help her to pay the bills etc..but then I'd put the rest into my bank account because I would want it later on in the future. 

6.If you could only use one make up product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Again it would be mascara I think because I wouldn't want short lashes for the rest of my life.

7. What are your pet hates?
I have so many like most people but I don't like it when people have no manners and don't say thank you when someone does a nice thing for you. 

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Hopefully with a nice flat, car and a job that helps me to live comfortably maybe even a boyfriend?!

9. What's your favourite childhood memory?
I remember when I was a child me and my cousins used to play in my garden which had a woody bit and we would build forts and houses down there with sheets it was great. 

10. Who is your celeb crush?
Errrr can I really just pick one? No! So how about Zac Efron, Wentworth Miller, Andy Brown, Joe Sugg, Jack and Finn, Jordan from Magaluf Weekender, Gaz from Geordie Shore, Mark Wright, Channing Tatum....don't worry the list goes on and on

11. If you could go back in time would you do anything differently?
I think I would of tried so much harder last year when I was doing A-Levels then maybe I wouldn't be re-sitting this year.

11 Facts about me:
1. I make Youtube videos
2. I'm 17
3. I can't drive yet..
4. I'm addicted to watching Youtube videos
5. I'm quite good at saving up money
6. I love Prison Break and CSI NY
7. I can cook quite a few different dishes
8. I love to travel
9. I love flying because it's so exciting and fun
10. I'm a good packer
11. I still play the sims 3

My 11 Nominees: 

My 11 Questions for you:
1. Do you have a youtube channel or are you planning on having one?
2. What's your favorite movie?
3. Do you plan on going to University or have you been?
4. What's your most stable clothing item?
5. How long have you been blogging for?
6. What do you most like about blogging?
7. What's your favorite takeaway?
8. Do you have any plans for your blog in the future?
9. Why did you start blogging?
10. How long have you been blogging for?
11. Do any of your friends blog?


#2014BloggerChallenge No.2

For the second post of the #2014bloggerchallenge we have been asked to write about our skincare whether it be describing your actual skin care routine or something different but to do with skincare. I decided to share with you 5 of my favorite Youtube Morning and Nightime skincare routines. As you guys all know Youtube is a big part of my life because I actually make youtube videos myself. (Links to videos are in the right hand sidebar if you scroll down)

For the #2014bloggerchallenge you have to write a blog post twice a month which will be about different topics. all the posts will go live during the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month. The topics are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn't normally write about. 

Morning Routine:

Nighttime Routine:



Review | Bourjois Paris VS Superdrug

So for today's post I thought that I would do another comparison post but this time it's between Bourjois Paris and Superdrug's own brand. You guys seem to love these type of posts so I'm defiantly going to be doing more of them!! 

I personally love doing them because I love reading reviews about product myself but when you're comparing products it's even better. This is because you don't have to waste your money buying both of them instead you can just read these type of posts and purchase only one of them. 
The first nail product is from Bourjois Paris this one of their newest products and brings a whole new meaning to nail polish remover. When I first opened this at Christmas because it was in my Christmas Stocking I kept looking at it for about a million times. 

I also kept reading it because it said that it only takes 1 second to remove your nail polish. I thought to myself surly that's not true because whenever I remove my nail polish it takes a while. Mainly because the fumes give me a headache so I end up removing some of it then leaving the rest until later. 

I was actually really excited to use this because it looked so interesting and different than all the other nail polish removers that I'd seen. When I opened the lid I saw that there was a small hole in the middle which I've marked with a white ring. This is where you put your finger in and then like move it around until all the nail polish comes off. 

Okay so in reality it didn't take 1 second more like 30 seconds but it was still a lot quicker than when I normally take. Overall I was really impressed with this product and I'd defiantly purchase it again!!
Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Pads 
These nail polish remover pads are a prime example as to why cheap products aren't the best sometimes!! I personally don't like them at all because for one they smell disgusting and the smell makes me physically sick. The second reason is when you use them they make your fingers the colour of the nail varnish you're trying to remove therefore not really removing it. 

The last reason is because once you've removed all your nail varnish which takes a while they leave your hands very greasy and disgusting. Each time I used them I had to wash my hands every time I'd finish a finger. Overall I really didn't like these nail polish remover pads and I defiantly won't be re-purchasing them. This is because they're a really low quality and I know you can find the same product but better quality for around the same price. 

If you haven't already realised I preferred the Bourjois Paris Magic Nail Polish Remover a million times more than Superdrug's own brand nail polish remover pads. For me this comparison post was easy because one is a great product and reasonably priced for the quality of it and the other product was horrible and the quality was low.


The Sunday Topic #2 Feeling LOST

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

Feeling Lost:
Do you ever feel like even though you have a great life, amazing friends and a beautiful family there's still this sense of being lost. Lost like you don't know whether you're coming or going? You feel like you're on the train of life and if you looked at the past few weeks you've being doing pretty much the same each week. Whether it be going to work or school then coming home and doing homework or watching TV and then not really doing much on the weekend. 

How I feel: 
Even though my life's great at the moment I'm finding Sixth form life much easier than last year, I'm closer than ever with my best friends, my family are great and I'm enjoying my everyday life. I feel rather lost I know roughly what I want to do in the future and how to get there. 

It's like I've got this empty part inside of me I see how great people's lives are on TV an in Movies although I know they're made up and might not be as great as they seem. I always find that I want that type of life where I have more freedom a big group of friends, a nice car, I'm stable when it comes to finances and maybe even a boyfriend?? 

I know for a fact that that's unrealistic at the moment because I'm 17, I have no job and I can't drive which pretty much limits me to quite a lot especially when it comes to the real world. However I just feel like I could do so much more with my life yet I don't know how. It's great spending time with your friends etc.. but I want a real adventure one where the unknown is exciting. 

The Good:
I guess the good thing about feeling lost is that your mind is open to almost any opportunity that comes to you. This is great because so many people limit themselves to what they can achieve or try. I know for a fact I've said No to so many great opportunities simply because I felt out of my comfort zone or I was just being really lazy. 

Books are a great way for you to not feel that lost feeling for a little while. I love finding a really good book to read because it would probably only take me about 4 hours to complete it. I love feeling like I'm actually in the book because when I read a book I imagine how it would actually be like in real life. 

The Bad:
Feeling lost can also cause you to feel depressed or sad. I sometimes feel like this especially when I'm having a bad day I often say to myself "what if". But don't let this get you down if you need someone to talk to I'm here I absolutely love interacting with you guys. Feeling lost can also mean that you want to spend a lot of time to yourself which is what I've been doing for the last few months. This is kind of bad because you will just knock yourself down and feel lonely, sad and lost most of the time. 

The Future: 
So this year I'm defiantly going to push myself to do more things because I can't sit at home all the time which I do quite a lot. Even though I enjoy it it's not a good thing to do because you become unsociable and very lazy!! I would love to try new things this year and I'd also love to bake some more because I love baking. I think that in time this whole lost feeling that I have will disappear as new doors open for me and I get more freedom.  


Review | Baylis and Harding

This was another present that I got for Christmas it was actually from my auntie, uncle and their children. I've always loved Baylis and Harding because they're brand is reasonable but at the same time they have that high end feeling to it which I love. This is a great set for me because it's aimed at people who shower and I shower a lot instead of having baths. Even though I love a good bath I also love showers especially when I'm in a rush they're great!!

The first product that came in this set is this Rich Intensive Body Cream which smells like the body creams that you get when you go to a spa. I really like this body cream because it drys super quick and it's easy to massage into your skin. I also like the packaging because it's medium sized which means that it's easy to carry around with you. 

This body cream is a great way to hydrate your skin and keep it soft throughout these winter months. I think that I'll defiantly use this body cream up because I'm already in love with it and I've only been using it for a couple of days. Normally I hate putting body cream on because it takes forever to dry and irritates me but I'm defiantly going to be using this one!!

The second product is this Steam Shower Body Cleanser which equally smells as great as the body cream. I love using body cleansers because they're so easy to use all you have to do is lather the cleanser into your skin whilst you're in the shower and then rinse it off. The packaging of both of these products is really pretty I love how the design is simple but cute and captures your attention. I've found that with this particular body cleanser my skin has become a lot smoother. 

Again like the body cream the size of the bottle is great I'd defiantly take these away with me if I couldn't find the travel sizes in time because they still a reasonable size. Overall I've loved these Baylis and Harding products and I'd defiantly re-purchase these again as they're so useful and smell amazing too. I love how reasonably priced they are and they're a great idea for a birthday present or just a present to show how much someone means to you!! 


The Sunday Topic #1 | Holiday Romance

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

Holiday Romance:
I decided to choose Holiday Romance for this weeks topic seeing as we've just finished our Winter break and I've just come off holiday where I did indeed experience a holiday romance. So I thought it would be quite relevant to talk about. First of all holiday romances are always a bittersweet topic they're bitter because you know they're going to end once your holiday has finished and you'll probably never see the person ever again. But they're sweet because you come away with some amazing memories and you find that it makes your whole holiday so much better.

What Kind Of Holiday Romance Am I Talking About?
This whole post is going to be about the old fashioned type of holiday romance the one which is kind of rare these days. Usually when people go on holiday these days they only want one thing I'm not saying everyone wants it but the majority do!! I'm talking about holiday romance where you get to know someone over the period of your holiday on a deeper level. The same kind of level if you were to date your best friend I guess one where you don't necessarily have to be intimate to become close. I don't mean you can't kiss each other etc.. because that kind of romance is cute and any girl would love that because it's the type of romance that you see in the movies. 

The Good:
Holiday romances can be amazing you can come away having an amazing connection with someone who lives far away and ending up being good friends for the rest of your life or you can come away with a life partner. Although this only usually happens to older people who are looking to settle down. I honestly think that if you have a holiday romance it makes the whole holiday so special and you will cherish those memories for the rest of your life. If you do have a holiday romance like the ones in the movies then that's very rare but so special! So keep it as a memory somewhere whether you write it down in a letter to yourself or if you have a good memory just keep it to yourself. 

The Bad:
The horrible thing about holiday romances is that every one knows that they're most likely going to come to an end. I personally think that this is worse when real feelings are involved. Most people just like to have a holiday fling on holiday where they meet someone kiss them and then go home. But if you find someone you really get on well with and you have a proper holiday romance saying bye to them is one of the hardest things you will experience. Also the reality of holiday romances or even making close friends on holiday is that you will probably never see them again unless you live close to them. 

My Recent Holiday Romance:
So as you all know I recently went on holiday and yes I did have a holiday romance. I'd like to say it was like one out of a movie because it was just so unusual but lovely. It wasn't one of those romances where both of you wanted things then you ended it...it was a proper holiday romance we spent time together having a drink together and just talking, getting to know each other and taking the mickey out of each others accent. 

This particular holiday romance was different to other holiday romances because I clicked with him straight away. I was surprised he went for me because there were so many other pretty girls with lovely personalities and then there was me who I see as an average teenage girl really. He's also really good looking and such a gentlemen so I was rather quite lucky. 

If I'm completely honest saying bye was one of the hardest things I've done because I just felt so empty after. I knew I wouldn't probably ever see him again because he doesn't even live in the same country as me!! I really hope I do see him again in the future as we got on so well we've stayed in contact and I hope he's in my life for a while because he's defiantly a keeper and any girl who has him as a boyfriend is very lucky and should look after him as I know he will look after them. 

Is it worth it?
Overall holiday romances are defiantly worth it because it gives you that happiness which will make your holiday 10x better well I think it does anyways. I also think that it's worth it because once your holiday ends you can be left with a really special relationship with someone which could last ages. If you meet up with them later on in the future something may happen which is always a bonus. 

On the other hand if you have a holiday romance and it ends badly then you've come away with a lesson which is always good too. Lessons help you to become a better person and helps you to not make the mistake again therefore you could be much closer to your prince charming than you think.


Review | One Direction - Our Moment

This is one of the presents that I got for Christmas and honestly I'm so happy that I did because I know I'll already be re-purchasing it and I've only had it for a small amount of time!! First of all the smell of the perfume has a juicy feminine smell which is made up of splashes of fresh fruit and seasonal flowers. It leaves a playful and enticing scent on the skin which means that it's great to wear on a date or just when you're carrying out your day to day tasks. 

Second of all the packaging of this particular perfume is gorgeous in my opinion. I love how feminine it looks from the box, the perfume bottle itself to the colour of the perfume it all relates to one and another. The whole feel and look of the perfume bottle makes me feel like I'm using a really expensive perfume when in fact it's reasonably cheap for a 30ml bottle. 

Inside the box was a little note which said "We've loved every step of creating this special fragrance for you, our incredible fans. We are very proud of it and hope you love "Our Moment" as much as we do. Thank you so much for always being right there for us we love you 1D x" how cute is that when I read it made me think how much the boys really do care about their fans. 

Last of all I'm defiantly going to be re-purchasing this perfume even though I've only just got it because I love it that much!! I think that every girl should have it in their perfume collection because it can be used for many occasions. It's also easy to take around with you because the 30ml bottle which I have is only small therefore you can always smell beautiful wherever you go.