#MyCosmoStyle: Lunch & Dinner at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

I was recently approached to take part in the #MyCosmoStyle challenge. The challenge is to come up with outfits that you would wear to either the Cosmopolitans restaurants or nightclubs. You are allowed to create as many outfits as you like for example you could create an outfit for each different restaurant. The Cosmopolitan is a hotel in Las Vegas which has a wide variety of activities such as going to the salon, playing games in the casino or going to one of the fourteen restaurants.

If I were to go for lunch at Blue Ribbon Sushi this would be my go to outfit. Although we're in Las Vegas this outfit screams simple but classy which is great for during the day. This outfit is also perfect to wear to The Blue Ribbon Sushi as the atmosphere and look of the restaurant is relaxed but still upbeat. 

The combination of the cream V neck, dark wash jeans and leather biker jacket creates a dressed down look. However the additional fedora and sandals makes the outfit look like you've made a bit of an effort. I love pairing sandals with jeans and a pretty top as it looks like you dressed up a bit. It's a great look for a lunchtime date or just going out with friends in the evening. 

For dinner I've chosen to go for this beautiful white and black bodycon dress which is from Michelle Keegan's line at London Lipsy. I think I might actually have to purchase this dress myself as I'm in love with it so much. I've paired this with these these gorgeous pairs of shoes from River Island which I love as these type of shoes go really well with bodycon dresses. 

The Chanel bag brings the look together as it adds sophistication and class. Finally I've chosen a lipstick which isn't too bright but not too subtle one which will complete the look and not take the attention away from the dress. I've then chosen this beautifully smelling Eau My Gold by Paco Rabanne. The whole outfit is suitable for the restaurant STK as it has a contemporary & modern feel.

If you're booking a holiday to Las Vegas I'd defiantly check out The Cosmopolitan as it offers so much. The rooms are modern and decorated in such detail when I'm old enough to go to Las Vegas I'll defiantly be booking a room at The Cosmopolitan. 

It offers so much under one roof and almost makes you forget that there's more to offer outside the hotel walls. Here is a great website that has lots of information on The Cosmopolitan hotel such as the various hotel rooms available you can also book your trip on this website too.

If you guys want to check out more My Cosmo Style blog posts then make sure to check out #MyCosmoStyle on Twitter. I've loved writing this post as it's made me want to go to Vegas so badly unfortunately I still have another three years before I'm allowed to. 


Blogging Whilst Working

As some of you may already know I've recently started a new job which I've been at for around 2 weeks now. Sometimes juggling a job and blogging can be major stressful and can result in you losing your blogging spark. I'm also going to be starting sixth form again in a few weeks which means that I'll be rather busy with sixth form life, work life and my own life. 

I find that by taking a relaxed approach to blogging means that I'm less stressed and can focus on other things which are more important. For example, if I don't feel like blogging on that particular day then I wont. I don't force myself to blog or upload youtube videos otherwise I feel that it will feel more like a job rather than a hobby. 

Normally when I'm working I have around 3 days off a week so I try to blog/upload on these days but it's not an important thing for me to do. I often like to relax, watch films, catch up on TV, play computer games, catch up on youtube videos and see my friends on these days too.

If you're like me and have a job or are starting school/college or university soon my advice to you is not to stress about not uploading lots. Take your time because if you do force yourself to upload on a regular basis when you already have a busy life then you'll find you will run out of things to blog about. You'll also feel like it's not fun anymore and that you're only doing it to make your viewers happy. 

Remember blogging is for YOU and not your viewers it's a way to express your thoughts & feelings kind of like an online diary. For me I blog because it's a great hobby I don't blog because I want to become super famous that's not my goal. My goal is to have something to look back on when I'm older something to be proud of. 

I'd be lying if I didn't say that I would enjoy it if my blog or youtube became big but for now I'm so happy with how everything is and how much support I'm getting. I think sometimes it is important to remind yourself that it is a hobby and not a job (well for most people). Otherwise some people can get caught up in the world of blogging and stress themselves out because they haven't uploaded a post that day.


Room Storage Ideas

Hey guys so I thought that today I would share with you some storage ideas that I have found. As some of you may already know I'm currently doing up my room as I want to make it more organised and easier to keep clean & tidy!! I also want to add more personal touches to it as it's quite plain at the moment.

First of all are these felt boxes which come in a set of 3 from Dwell I was unable to find the pink set however I managed to find a grey set here. As you can see I have used them to place my beauty products in I have split them up according to function such as hair, face or body. 

Before I had these I kept all of my beauty products in one big box which was very messy and sometimes took me ages to find the product I wanted. They are really handy as I keep all of my beauty products & make-up products in one draw. This means that it's easy to keep that draw tidy and organised without having to spend loads of time tidying it up.

I then took a look on Amazon and picked up the next three items that I'm going to be talking about. They're all acrylic which I love as it's a material which can be paired with most patterns and materials. The first thing that I picked up is this Osco Clear Acrylic Letter Holder which was £6.50. This will go on my desk and will be used for dividing up subject homework as I currently study 3 subjects which is perfect as this has 3 letter slots. I was really pleased with the size of it as it will fit on my desk perfectly. 

I then purchased this Acrylic Cosmetic Organiser which was £7.49 this was in the sale and is originally £14.99. I have to admit when I first got it I was surprised by the size of it as it's quite small. However I overcame this as I remembered that if it was any bigger it wouldn't fit on my desk!! As you can see it's a great way to organise your daily make up I currently have my lipsticks and a few face products in it.

Last of all I purchased this Osco Clear Acrylic 3 Drawer Chest which was £13.15. I'm sure most of you have either seen boxes like these from the container store or from Muji here in the UK. I was very pleased with this when it came as it is a perfect size for me at the moment it fits most of my make-up products in it and is small enough to be placed on my desk. 

As you can see I have some of my lip products in the top drawer, mascaras in the middle one and then other eye products in the bottom drawer. I will defiantly be re-purchasing this as it was so reasonably priced considering the size of it. I find that these types of draws from Muji are over priced and not worth it when you can find a perfect replacement for half the price on Amazon!!


Review | Seventeen BB Magic Blemish Balm

Today's post is a good old review I thought that it would be nice to go back to basics for this post as I haven't done one in a while. Most of you who have read my blog or watched my videos for a while would have already know my love for this face product. I'm not one to wear make-up on a daily basis however if  I do this BB balm is usually my go to product because it gives a light/medium coverage. This is great for those days where you want to feel like you're wearing hardly anything but want to look like you made some sort of effort. 

The price of this particular face product is about average here in the UK this means that the quality of the product is pretty good. There are many components to this product which make it one of my faves such as having a SPF of 25, travel size & lasting a long time. First of all not many BB face product have a high SPF they're usually around 15 unless you choose to purchase those which are around 30-50. 

Those that are in the 30-50 SPF mark are usually above £12 and normally have a mixture of sun cream in them. Second of all I love the size of this balm as it's easy to carry around with you anywhere especially when travelling on a plane as the restriction is 100ml this is only 30ml. Last of all I can't quite remember when I first purchased this but it's lasted me ages and it's probably only 1/3 finished. I find that this is best applied with your fingers as the balm can take a few seconds to work well with a brush. 

I'm glad that I picked this up as it's been very handy for me I like to wear it on holiday during the evenings as it doesn't tend to melt or fade as the evening goes on. I'm defiantly going to re-purchase this again as I don't think I could wear a full coverage foundation every time that I do wear make-up. This is a great product for all of you beautiful ladies that are just starting out on make-up or don't have enough time to apply a full face of make-up in the mornings. 


Mid-Week #8 | River Island

For today's Mid-Week wishlist I decided to share with you guys four items that I'd like to purchase from River Island's New Season collection. As a young women I love looking a the new collections of clothing that brands put together as each new season approaches. However sometimes these collections can make me want to purchase all of the items and others only a few. This time I only became drawn to a small amount of items as most of the other items were too bold or not my type of clothing. 

In one of my other mid-week wishlist I had a pair of trousers which were similar to these ones but they were from H&M and a slightly different pattern. I really love trousers like these as they're extremely comfortable and suitable for me to wear to my sixth form as well as on a daily basis. I think that £40 for them is a little pricey however I know that they would be a really good quality so I would be willing to pay for them as they're from River Island.

If I'm honest I am not a fan of jewellery although I have a good amount of it I find that I hardly wear it. I think that I would wear this bracelet on a night out especially if I'm on holiday as It's quite easy to pair with an outfit. I also think that for £5 it's a pretty good price considering it's from River Island and not Primark!! 

I've always wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans & I'm yet to own a pair. I usually stick to either skinny jeans or jeggings as I find them most comfortable. They also fit my figure better which is why I never venture out of these two jeans categories. I've seen many bloggers/youtubers & celebs these days wearing them which has risen my curiosity as to why they're so popular. 

Last of all is this oversized t-shirt which really appealed to me as I'm going through a phase of wearing leggings with long tops. It's so different from the other long tops that I own which are just plain colours. This is a perfect top for all seasons as it can be layered up during the cold months & worn on its own with leggings or shorts during the hot months. 


Tenerife 2014

Hey guys so as some of you may have already known I've been on holiday for the past 10 days in Tenerife. I had such a lovely time out there which was really relaxing and peaceful. As you can see from my photos it was rather sunny and hot in Tenerife I've managed to get a pretty good tan. Although I did keep out of the sun a lot and sat in the shade as it was too hot. I ate so many delicious dishes as you can see above I tried to balance them between healthy and unhealthy. 

As I'm back now I will be uploading more posts & videos on a regular basis now. I have some exciting ideas for you guys and I can't wait for you to see them. I hope you have enjoyed my journey on my blog and youtube so far and are wondering what I have up my sleeve next.