Thing's I'm looking forward to this Fall/Autumn...

Hey guys so I thought today I would share with you things that I'm looking forward to this Fall/Autumn as yesterday it was the first day of Fall!!! As I'm from the UK we call Fall "Autumn" now I have no idea why but I actually prefer calling it Fall I think it just sounds more festive. I am super excited for Fall/Winter this year and some days I can't contain my excitement I just love this time of the year.

- Those day's when it's sunny but chilly

- Carving a pumpkin
- Adding fairy lights to my room
- Buying new candles
- Walking in leaves
- Movie days
- Walking around the house in blankets
- The smell of bonfires
- Big sweaters
- Buying new check shirts
- Making crumbles (Desserts)
- Sunday roasts
- The whole jeans & boots combo
- Dark coloured make-up

So these are just some of the things that I'm looking forward to there's obviously many more but I thought that I would share my excitement with you...

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