If I went to Disney World TAG... | created by Asia Jade ♡

Hey guys so today I thought that I would create a TAG specifically for all you Disney World  lovers out there. I really love all things Disney the movies, songs, merchandise and resorts sadly I haven't been able to go back to Disney World since I went when I was around 7. 

As some of you might know if you follow me on my twitter I absolutely love watching Disney World Vlogs on YouTube and I could honestly spend the whole day watching them. I thought that I would create this TAG so that you guys can dream about going there like I do (Hey a girl can dream can't she?!) I think that's a really exciting TAG to do and I hope that you guys love it as much as I have creating it. 


1.What time of year would you go & how long for?
2.Who would you go with and why?
3.Where would you stay and why?
4. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios?
5. Fast rides or gentle rides?
6.One attraction that you HAVE to go on
7. Five things that you would lie to purchase whilst you're out there
8. Three Disney characters that you'd like to meet?
9. Would you vlog, take photos of your trip or both?
10. One place you would like to visit whilst in Orlando apart from Disney World?

My answers:
1. For my first time there I would love to go when it's the low season which is January-March. As it would give me a chance to really take in the whole magical experience without it being too crowded. I think two weeks would be a perfect amount as it gives you enough days to go to each park with days in between to chill out, shop and go to other attractions such as Universal.

2. I would probably be travelling with my mum or either just some friends depending on who's available at that time. But if my friends couldn't come then I wouldn't mind going there with my mum she's a great laugh and is fun to hang around with. It would also be great if I went with my friends as it would be a holiday away from home but I know if I went with friends I'd spend 10x more money than if I went with my mum because she would make sure I spread my money out. 

3. Disney's Old Key West Resort looks perfect for a first time visit especially if I was travelling with my mum as it's not too child themed. This particular resort is one of Disney's Deluxe villa resorts which means that each individual family get their own studio or villa. A studio would be just right for me and my mum as it has two single beds, a kitchenette and a bathroom they also come with a balcony which is always nice to have. All of the resorts have themed rooms but I really like the rooms at Old Key West as they're not overly themed.

4. I personally prefer Magic Kingdom out of all of them as they have some of my favourite rides. When I go to Disney Land Paris Magic Kingdom never fails to disappoint it's just so magical and filled with amazing people who are kind and polite. Don't get me wrong I love all of the other parks too but Magic Kingdom is more me if I had to pick a park that described me. 

5. Defiantly gentle rides like "the little mermaid" & "Dumbo the Flying Elephant" I don't mind fast rides but I'm not a big fan of heights. I have been on "Big Thunder Mountain" before and it was really fun however I'm not sure if I have the guts to go on it again.

6. I would have to go on Test Track in Epcot although I just said I don't really like fast rides this is a must especially if you haven't been on it before. I always see people going on it in their Disney World Vlogs and it makes me want to have a go so badly.

7. Naming 5 things is quite hard as I just want to purchase all of thehm!! But here goes I'd have to purchase a mug of some sort as I love a good old cup of tea, defiantly something food related, a jumper of some sort, a photo taken by one of the park members and some Minnie Mouse ears. 

8. I'd love to meet all of them however if I'm honest things like that freak me out a bit I really dislike wax figures and won't really go near them I don't mind characters as such but I'm still a bit weary of them. However I'd love to meet Winnie The Pooh (he's my fave), Minnie mouse & Lilo. 

9. I'm hoping that I would have enough courage to Vlog but if not I'd defiantly take hundreds of photos as I'd like to remember the holiday for ever. If I did vlog then I'd have to remind my self to (like by writing on my hand | it always works) because if I didn't then I'd have like one clip per day which would be boring and useless haha.

10. I would have to visit Universal Studios as they have a Harry Potter part that I'd really love to see. Here in the UK we have the Warner Brothers Studios for Harry Potter but they have a train and rides which look fun. I'm a great fan of HP and it would be nice to visit there too and take lots of photos. I'd also love to go to the studios & islands of adventure in general as they have many attractions such as the Simpsons land & Dr.Seuss land. 

So there you go there are my answers to the If I went to Disney World TAG that I decided to come up with. I hope you enjoyed answering these questions as much as I have and I hope that your wish to go to Disney World comes true in the near future or next couple of years. I'd love to see your answers so please leave a comment down below. 


My Dream Wishlist For Blogging

Hey guys happy Saturday today I'm going to be sharing with you a few items that I would really like to purchase during the future to enhance my photography/video skills. I thought that I would do this because it may give you guys some ideas as to what you could purchase yourself if you wanted to. 

I realise that the pricing of these products are quite high unless you save up which is why it's a "dream" wishlist. At the moment I am saving up for my car insurance however once that has been saved up I am going to start saving up to purchase some of these products myself.

First of all is this Apple MacBook Pro I mainly want to purchase this to be able to use the two main editing programs that are solely available on Apple laptops/computers. These are iMovie & Final Cut Pro at the moment I use iMovie on my iPad mini which is perfect for me at this moment in time as my YouTube journey has only just begun. 

However as time goes on I want to be able to use the full version which will enable me to edit my videos so that they're more exciting and creative for you guys. I'm hoping to purchase this next year when I go to New York over Christmas time as it will be a little bit cheaper than buying it here in the UK. 

This tripod was recommended to me as I wanted one which would fit the Sony A5000 and would be easy to set up and transport. I think that this tripod would be perfect for me because it's lightweight which means I can take it anywhere I want to without breaking my back. I also like it because it extends which means I can either make it smaller or bigger. This means that I can film from far away and take photos of myself without having to have someone there.

I will also be able to take much clearer photos as I can steady the camera by using this tripod and create some exciting videos for you guys such as lookbooks. It would make filming so much easier as at the moment I use a stack of books as a tripod (glamorous I know). 

I've wanted to purchase this specific camera for a long time as it's a great one to buy before you think about buying a camera such as a Canon EOS 60D or Nikon D5200. These are both professional cameras and cost quite a lot of money around £400 and above each. This Sony a5000 is a compact camera which means that it has all of the features of a professional camera but in a smaller version. 

I really like this camera because it has features which are downloadable such as "Timelapse". It also has a flip screen which is pretty useful for any youtuber as it's easier for them to see if they're in the frame or not. This camera also allows you to change the type of lens like you would on any DLSR or Bridge camera. 

Last of all are these two Softbox Studio Lights which as any YouTuber would know would come in very handy as sometimes natural lighting can be a pain. I think that the price of these is pretty reasonable considering that it comes with two lights and not one. These were recommended by Victoria over at InTheFrow she uses them which she shared with her readers/viewers. 

I'm quite lucky as I have brilliant lighting in my room which means I can film day or night without any problems. I would like to purchase these lights in case that I want to film in a different location and have lighting which isn't so bright. 


One Year Anniversary of Asia Jade ♡

Today is the 24th of October 2014 which marks the one year anniversary of my blog. I honestly cannot believe how fast this past year has gone I've enjoyed every minute of it and I can't wait to see what else happens over the next few years. To begin with blogging was a big risk for me as I had never done it before. I'm so proud of myself that I've managed to blog for a whole year. As some of you may already know I have had a few blogs before but I never really put that much effort into them which is why they didn't really work out. 

Over the past year I have managed to write about many different topics from a review of a Kate Moss lipstick to suffering with anxiety and panic attacks. I have enjoyed writing each and every one of them and I will continue to as I discover new topics to write about and share with you guys. I can't wait for you guys to see what I have in store for you over the next year as there are going to be some great posts & videos coming your way.

I'd like to say a massive thank you to all of you who read my blog or watch my videos without your support I would not be where I am today. Each and everyone of  you mean so much to me whether you were my 1st follower or my latest I appreciate you all the same. I thought that I would give something back to you to show you guys how much I really appreciate you so if you haven't already then please go and check out my GIVE-AWAY.

Tips & advice I have picked up along the way:
- If you're thinking about starting a blog or YouTube channel DO IT I love the quote "If you don't try then you have nothing to lose, if you try then you have everything to gain and more"
- Don't get stressed out if you don't have time to post remember quality over quantity!!
- Post about whatever you want it is your blog after all
- Blogging/youtubing is not about who has more views or followers than you it's about having a place where you can express yourself 
- Don't get upset with yourself if you have a low amount of views/followers or subscribers - everyone has to start somewhere right?

If you are a new follower/reader then maybe you should go and check out some of my old posts here are a few of my favourites:


A dream has come true...

So today I wanted to share some really exciting news that I just found out today. If you haven't already pieced it together by the pictures above I'm going to New York next Christmas for 10 days. This will be  a 7 nights cruise from Southampton to New York on the Queen Elizabeth 2 and then 4 nights spent in New York. 

I am beyond excited as this has been a dream of mine for a long time. I've always loved the thought of New York as one of my all time favourite programs CSI NY is filmed there. It's going to be 100x better than if I was to go any other time of the year as I'm also a lover of Christmas which will make it extra magical and special. I can't wait to taste some of New York's finest food, shop in times square and visit some of the iconic places. 

I'm hoping to purchase a new camera before then which will mean I should hopefully be Vlogging the trip and taking lots of photos (Don't hold me to that). I'm also hoping to purchase a new laptop whilst I'm out there but I'm unsure let me know what you guys think. I cannot wait and I'm so glad that I get to spend it with two of my favourite people my mum & my nan. Of course I will be updating you guys over the next year about changes, thing's I'd like to do etc...


Review | Zoella Beauty Soak Opera

Hey guys so today I thought that it's time to go back to basics meaning a good old review. I'm sure almost everyone knows who Zoe Sugg or "Zoella" is if not then here's a bit of background. Zoe is a blogger/youtuber who started her blog "Zoella" back in 2009 along with her youtube channel. Since then she has achieved many amazing things such as reaching over 6 million subscribers on her channel and over 64 thousand followers on her blog, being on Loose women & This Morning  (UK TV programs), releasing her own beauty range, writing a book and having her own advert which has been featured on billboards & TV. 

I recently went into good old Superdrug where I finally saw some of Zoe's beauty products as I had been hunting for them for quite a while. I was immediately surprised and pleased with the size of them as I had imagined them to be much smaller. After looking around Superdrug for the things that I had come in to get I decided to purchase two of her products the "Bath Soak & Shower Cream" & "Zoella Fizz Bar". 

First of all the price of this product is pretty amazing considering the size of it. I also like the fact that even though Zoe is one of the most famous blogger's/youtubers she hasn't forgotten that the majority of her views/readers wouldn't be able to afford expensive products. I think that she really thought through the price of them as she is known for shopping in high-street stores and hardly in high-end stores. 

I really love the packaging as they're all really pretty and would make any bathroom look like a luxury spa. It's nice to see that as well as the packaging, product and price Zoe's also put her little touch on the information at the back with lines such as "Beauty in a bottle" & "Say hello to your new bubbly bestie". Throughout Zoe's beauty range the theme is a floral scent which "calms the senses". This scent is neither overpowering nor unrecognisable which is great as it suits everyone. 

Overall I'm defiantly going to be purchasing more of Zoe's beauty range as they are right up my street. I'd really like to purchase the body lotion, candle, and the Zoella eyes beauty bag. I think that Zoe has done a fantastic job at designing, creating and producing these products as she's really thought of her target audience. I love how she's kept them simple but with a luxury twist along with the incredible prices you can purchase everything for only £36 excluding both beauty bags. If you haven't already defiantly go and purchase some of Zoe's products or even just take a look at them.


Autumn Playlist 2014

Hey guys so today I thought that I would share with you some of the songs that are on my Autumn playlist this year. I love seeing these posts as you often discover new songs and it gives you a chance to see what everyone else is loving in the music world.

Tattoo - Hunter Hayes
Wanted - Hunter Hayes
Somebody's Heartbreak - Hunter Hayes
Steal My Girl - One Direction 
Once In A Lifetime - Landon Austin
Ready For Anything - Landon Austin
On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons
Best Day Of My Life - American Authors 
All Too Well - Taylor Swift
I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith
Superheroes - The Script
Ghost - Ella Henderson 
Maps - Maroon 5
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble
Crazy Love - Michael Buble
Let It Ride - The New Velvet ft. Caroline Glaser
Lightning - Alex Goot
My Everything - Ariana Grande 
Everything I Didn't Say - 5SOS (5 Seconds Of Summer)

So as you can see these are just a few of the songs that I will be listening to this Autumn. If you want to see what my top faves were this month be sure to check out my October & November favourites video when they come out.


Fall/Autumn Haul

So seeing as Fall was just around the corner I popped into the shops on my way home from work one day to see what they had. I wasn't planning to buy anything however I came home with these four beauty products from Boots and a cute make-up/beauty bag from Primark. 

First of all I picked up this adorable Polar bear make-up/beauty bag from Primark for only £3 I just couldn't resist it's a great size to stick in my sixth form bag/every day bag. I also love it because it gets me in the spirit for Christmas I know that Christmas is still a couple of months away but this was just too cute to leave on the shelf!!

I then picked up this nail paint from Barry M in the shade Berry Cosmo I've always been a fan of the Barry M nail varnishes. They're so reasonable in price and there are such a wide range of colours. I need to branch out from the nail paints though and try some of the gelly's or the matte nail paints. I've only got a few dark colours which is why I wanted to purchase some more to add to my fall/autumn collection.

Last of all I picked up these colour rush balms I really love these colours as they're perfect for Fall two of them are darker shades where as one is a nude colour. After having loved my Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick I thought that these Rush Balm's would be perfect for me. They're also from my all time favourite brand RIMMEL for me they can never go wrong with their products and I think I have around a million of them (no joke). I will defiantly be posting a review of these in the next few weeks. 

Cute Polar bear Make-up/beauty bag - Primark £3
Barry M Nail Paint Cosmo Berry 356 £2.99
Rimmel Colour Rush Balm Rita Ora Viva Violet £5.99
Rimmel Colour Rush Balm Touch Of Mauve £5.99
Rimmel Colour Rush Balm Nudest £5.99