WWB 2014 #3 - ❄ Room Decoration Ideas ❄

Hey guys so for today's winter wonderblog post I thought that I would show you guys some great Christmas room decoration ideas. All of these are of a reasonable price apart from some but the majority of them are under £20. I hope you like this post as I know that most of us girls love to change our room around according to the season or holiday. 

So that's day three of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe it gave you some ideas for holiday room decorations this year I'm defiantly going to be purchasing some of these decorations as they're too cute not to pick up!!


WWB 2014 #2 - Party Outfit Ideas

Today's post is going to be all about party outfits I have chosen three brands and decided to create three outfits which all include clothing items and accessories from that one brand. However I have included some make-up products that I thought would go with each outfit which are from Superdrug. 

The first outfit that I have chosen is called "Ice Queen" now I cannot create party outfits and not include something in relation to Frozen. As you can probably see this beautiful dress is actually called the Elsa dress it's such an elegant dress which is why I chose accessories that would keep all of the focus on it. I also decided to keep the make-up minimal such as a lightly coloured lipstick instead of a bright overpowering one. 

In addition to this I chose to add a golden nude colour nail polish which ties in with the colours of the dress. In addition to this I've chosen simple jewellery which matches the dresses elegance. I think that this dress would look perfect with a gorgeous up-do and additional minimal make-up such as maybe a BB cream instead of a foundation. 

The second outfit that I have chosen is this fuchsia pink bodycon dress which is ideal for a night out on the town. I paired it up with this amazing trench jacket as you never know girls it might be freezing by the time you leave. I particularly loved this one as it's long which is great because it covers your bum so that you feel a little more secure going to and from wherever you have your night out. 

In relation to make-up I've chosen to go with neutral colours like the nudist lipstick and the dark grey nail polish as I think that bright colours would be a bit too much. I've gone for wedges instead of heels or boots as I think that they would suit this dress more in particular. Last of all the accessories that I have chosen add a bit of an edgy feel to the outfit as they both have spikes.

The last outfit that I have chosen is this striking metallic skater dress which Lucy Mecklenburgh herself has worn!! I really love it as it's such a unique dress and I'm a huge fan of skater dresses I just think that they are so flattering. I've decided to add these pair of sandal type heels as I think that they go well with skater dresses in particular. I own a pair myself from H&M and I really love them as they add a little bit of height but make your legs look amazing.

As well as this I think that this outfit overall goes particularly well with a set of lashes as it just adds to the whole look making you stand out more. The accessories and make-up that I have chosen to pair up with this outfit are all to enhance the outfit but not to take the attention away from the dress. 

Jacquard Metallic Kick Out Skater Dress £40
Suede Gold Detail Strap Heels £27.99
Over Sized Shiny Clutch Bag £23
Silver Big Cuff £6
Stone Flower Necklace £15
Barry M Nail Paint Diamond Glitter £2.99
Eylure Exaggerate 149 Lashes £4.84 was £6.99
Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick YoursForever 158 £6.49

So that's day two of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe it gave you some ideas as what to wear to a work Christmas party, New Years Eve party or just a night out in general!!


WWB 2014 #1 - Superdrug Gift Guides Him, Her & Kids

Hey guys welcome to this years Winter Wonderblog 2014 I hope you enjoy it there's going to be lots of different posts/videos relating to beauty, lifestyle and fashion over the next month. I will be uploading a new post every other day so keep an eye out. 

Today's post is going to be a gift guide from Superdrug for him, her and the kids. I thought that I would do this kind of post first as it's that time of year when we begin to pick up presents here and there. I love Superdrug around this time as they don't just have beauty stuff but also some lifestyle and fashion items too at such an affordable price. Obviously these aren't all of the Christmas gifts that are available at Superdrug these are just my top picks for each person!

So that's day one of Asia Jade's WWB 2014 I hope you enjoyed this post. Maybe it gave you some ideas as what to buy someone whether it be your mum, dad, brother, sister or a friend.


Songs I'm Obsessed with this week!

Hey guys so today I thought I would share with you a few songs that I have been obsessed with this week. I thought that it would be a nice opportunity for you guys to see what kind of music I'm into and maybe for you guys to listen to a song you've never heard before you never know it may become you're favourite song!! 


Asia Jade's Winter Wonderblog 2014!

Hey guys so today's announcement is also pretty exciting I have decided to bring back my Winter Wonderblog series!! If you don't already know what this is then it's where I upload either a post or video every other day for a whole month relating to Christmas or winter. I have decided to run this series from 25th November - 25th December. 

I also know that last years one was not the best if I'm honest and the reasons for this were because I was still new at blogging and I also went on holiday before so I couldn't upload anymore (I had not discovered scheduling at that point). I can promise you now that this years one is going to be miles better. I am going to be uploading a mixture of topics such as lifestyle, beauty and fashion so I hope you enjoy them. If you have any suggestions for post or video ideas then please let me know all ideas are welcome as sometimes I can run out of ideas myself.


Dailylook | LBD from Day to Night challenge!

Hey guys first of all I'm so sorry that I haven't uploaded a blog post in a week I've been super busy with coursework, school work and work in general. Anyways I'm back now with a super exciting blog post I was recently contacted by the lovely Korrie who is the outreach coordinator for Dailylook. If you don't already know what Dailylook is then it's a website that provides all of the latest fashion trends in addition to this you'll all be pleased to know that they do ship to the UK which is always a bonus as many American online shops don't. 

The reason that Korrie got in touch with me is because she would like me to take part in Dailylooks "LBD from Day to Night challenge!". I obviously agreed to take part straight away as I've always heard about Dailylook and to be offered the chance to work with them is pretty cool. So I guess now you're all wondering what does this challenge consist of the whole point is to create an outfit which involves a little black dress from their collection which you can find here. You must then transition this outfit from day to night using the same black dress I think that this challenge is particularly fun to do at this time of the year as the party season is upon us and nothing beats a LBD. 

I used their "style sets" in order to create the looks it was such a simple program to use as I just had to add the items that I had chosen onto either a template or background. You can also add additional things such as icons and text which will enhance your creation even more. Once you have finished your design you can either choose to post it just as an image and list the items like I have done or it will list them for you!! 

This is my chosen day time outfit I decided to keep it cosy but fashionable at the same time as It's an outfit that I'd definitely wear myself. I didn't want to put together an outfit which was only fashionable as I know myself I don't usually stick to what's fashionable in the winter being warm is my priority!! I am a sucker for sticking to dark colours during the winter which is why I added a few colourful items such as the ring & watch to brighten up the outfit.

RAGA x DAILYLOOK Lace Fit and Flare Dress $59.99
Finders Keepers Careless Love Tweed Coat $208.99
Circus by Sam Edelman Holt Booties $99.99
Classic Simple Strap Watch $12.95 was $24.99
Sleek Divider Handbag $54.99
Solitaire Crystal Ring $5.95 was $9.99

I have then transitioned this outfit from day to night where I added items such as heels and a bracelet to make the outfit more suitable for the night time. Whenever I go out I love to show off the features that I feel most comfortable with which are my legs. That is why I have chosen these amazing boots to go along with 

RAGA x DAILYLOOK Lace Fit and Flare Dress $59.99
Sleek Divider Handbag $54.99
Heart Soul Patricia Heel $42.95 was $99.99
Solitaire Crystal Ring $5.95 was $9.99
Natalie B Ava Cuff Bracelet $98.99

I'd like to say a massive thank you to Dailylook for considering me for this challenge I've had such fun creating these two looks and I can't wait until party season now. I'd love to purchase some of their items in the future as there is just so much to offer and in many colours too!!

What's your favourite LBD from Dailylook's collection?

Dailylook links:
Website - http://www.dailylook.com
Style sets - http://stylesets.dailylook.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dailylook
Twitter - https://twitter.com/dailylook
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/dailylook
Tumblr - http://dailylook.tumblr.com/
Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/dailylook/
Instagram - http://instagram.com/dailylook


Is It Okay To Do What You Want?

I haven't posted a blog post or uploaded a youtube video in a while and to any other individual this would seem fine but to the people within the blogging world it isnt. We as bloggers/youtubers feel a sense of pressure if we don't upload even if we have reason not to. Why is that shouldn't we be allowed to post when we want and as much as we want? In theory yes however the speed that the blogging world is developing suggests not. 

My concerns come from seeing those that are extremely successful through the support of their readers/viewers getting a lot of hatred. As now that they are successful they have many other things going on such as creating a product line or going on a TV show. Which means that they are unable to upload frequently because they are doing these amazing things. 

It's understandable that the viewers/readers would get annoyed as they helped this person get where they are today for them not to post/upload frequently. As a viewer/reader shouldn't you be proud and supportive of them as they are doing these amazing things and they know themselves they aren't uploading but it's not their fault entirely as they are so busy.  

I know 100% that I'm not a blogger/youtuber that could rival the likes of Zoella or Bethany Mota. However I do feel what they are feeling when they get frustrated because they haven't uploaded in a while. Any blogger/youtuber new or old will understand how I feel and I suppose it's the added presser that you get when you choose to go down this path. 

I've talked about being relaxed about blogging before and I stick to that I never pressure myself to upload or sit down and write a blog post. I just always feel that the pressure is always there sitting on my shoulder telling me to do it. I guess what I'm trying to say in this post is it's okay to do what you want if you don't feel like uploading or posting a blog post that day DON'T. Nobody's going to come to your front door and start shouting at you for not doing it. 

After all it is your blog/channel and it will still be YOURS even if you become extremely successful. Although your viewers/readers got you to where you are you shouldn't feel pressured in yourself to upload/blog just because they ask of you to do this. I guess in a sense if you do then you're losing a bit of your self I know I would be because that's just not who I am. 

I'm not saying everyone would be losing themselves because if you like fast pace and can keep up with the fast changes then go for it. In my case I am a relaxed person when it comes to blogging/youtube and I hope that never changes as my blog/youtube grows and because that's just who I am. 

So let me ask you this is it okay to do what you want?


Thing's To Do On Sick Days

Hey guys so today I am sick which pretty much sucks as I have a long list of things to do (typical it always happens when you least need it). I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you guys some things to do on sick days as sometimes we often become bored or irritated on these days. I'd also like to say there will be no video today as I really don't feel well enough to film and edit.

- Watch your favourite films & TV shows
- Eat anything you want
- Colour or draw (although I'm 18 I still find colouring fun)
- Bake something 
- Phone up an old friend and have a good old chat
- Read a book (this is one of the best ways to relax)
- Clean up your bedroom (having a clean room can give you a clearer mind)
- Drink lots of tea, coffee or hot chocolate
- Light a few candles
- Play an old video game such as The Sims
- Listen to a whole album without changing it  
- Snap up a bunch of blog post photos
- Plan out your upcoming blog posts & videos for the next few months
- Go for a walk around your neighbourhood (you may see things you've never seen before)
- Get some homework done (although I sound like a parent there's nothing worse than having a million things to do before the next day - so try and get some done while you have a free day at home)

Those are just a few things that you could do on a sick day unless you're really ill and can't move form your bed (if you are then get well soon). I hope you liked this post as I love doing these kinds of posts and you guys seem to like them too. These kind of posts make you think about all of the good things in life and forget about the bad things in life for a while.