Five Things Friday 30.01.15

So I thought that I would start this series called Five things Friday now it's not like I just made it up myself I've seen many bloggers do exactly the same post but on their blog. If you haven't already guessed what it is then I'll let the cat out of the bag every Friday I'm going to be looking back on my week and sharing with you guys five good things that happened that week. I think that it's such a lovely way to keep a mini record of my life as you often forget those little things that happen on a daily basis.

I forgot to mention I didn't upload a Five Thing's Friday last week as my week was pretty boring so I didn't feel like it was necessary to upload one I hope that you don't mind :)

First of all this week has been a week of discovering for me in the whole YouTube world. There have been a few new vloggers that I have found this week whom I have never watched before however I'm so glad that I have found them now. I can't wait to start watching them everyday and to see them all grow and develop.

I got paid today which is a nice thing as you get rewarded for working hard but I was mostly happy about putting money back into my savings account. As I'm currently saving up for my car insurance so having money put back into the account was good. I took a lot out over Christmas to buy peoples presents so I'm finally nearly back at the same amount I had before Christmas presents took over haha. 

I'd say three out of the five days this week have been sunny which is always nice and puts everyone in a good mood. It's always nice when it's sunny in London as that's very rare during the winter months. I really love crisp days when it's sunny but still chilly those are great days to take a long walk. I've been walking loads this week which has also been nice for me as it's a great way to exercise but also to listen to music and just think. 

I've been busy organising my room throughout this week which is always another way to clear your mind. I find that this is always more efficient when you do it late at night (I know I'm weird okay?). I love it when my room is organised as I personally think it looks better. I don't mind it when there's areas in my room where I've just chucked everything but after a while it'll get on my nerves and start to annoy me so I have to sort it out. 

This week has just been a really productive week as I've gotten so much done, planned lots of stuff and generally been super busy. Productivity always makes a person happy as it makes them feel like they've achieved something. I have done lots of school work this week which is always good as you don't really want to leave anything until last minute (I always do...). I only have a few things left to do this weekend which is less than normal. 


Wishlist | The If I Were To Spend Money #1

So as some of you guys may already know I am definitely trying to save up on money this year so I thought that I would still do wishlists. However I thought that I would do ones if I were to spend money instead of a normal wishlist. I hope you like this idea I'm hoping that by saying "if I were to spend" it will help me to spend less? I don't know it's just something I came up with in my mind.....

I have yet to purchase any of Zoe's beauty bags however this one is definitely my favourite now out of all three designs. I really love the colours and the motivational saying on the front. I think that they're a great size from what I've seen whilst taking a look at them in store. I have also seen many great reviews of these beauty bags so I really want to pick myself up one. I'm hoping to get one for my birthday in May as it would be a nice gift to recieve.

I put my hands up because I mostly want this perfume because of the design of it but also because I've never actually purchased a Taylor Swift perfume. I also think that it's a really reasonable price and would fit perfectly in your handbag so you can refresh yourself when you're out and about. Maybe this will be another thing that I'll ask for my birthday too as perfume is usually one of the things I get.

I already own some of the Real Techniques original brushes which are pretty good. I've heard amazing things about these ones they look good and I've been watching tutorials online which show how good they really are. However the price of them is a little high so I don't think I'll be buying some any time soon. The gold & rose gold ones are the ones I'd probably pick up as I don't really apply anything to my eyes. I think if they were on offer I'd pick them up but I'm quite happy with the brushes that I own already at the moment.

As some of you may know I am a big fan of anything Disney whether it be their movies, music, merchandise or their parks I love it all!! So when I saw this mug recently in the Disney store I slightly fell in love first of all it's a rather large mug which takes my fancy. As I love having cups of tea and I cannot have them in a small mug because it's gone in about 5 minutes. Also it's just a super cute cup so it would be nice to add it to my mug collection.

Fleur is probably one of my favourite blogger/youtubers out there I love how down to earth she is. You can tell how much work she puts into her blog posts & videos as they never fail to disappoint. Fleur is a country girl which I also like as I grew up in the country so I love watching her vlogs. I was super happy when I found out that she was coming out with a book too. Fleurs book reminds me of Lauren Conrad's books a little and I love them. 

Last of all is this CD by Meghan I've been listening to her music a lot recently. Her songs "Lips Are Movin" & "Dear Future Husband" are really good so I cannot wait to see what else her album holds. I think that Meghan is truly talented despite what some people think. I'm definitely going to download this soon when I feel like it's okay to treat myself as it's not much as I've purchased a few of her songs on iTunes already.


Jack Wills - Weekend Essentials Overview

Jack Wills Fabulous Weekend Essentials £19.50 was £65

Hey guys so first of all Happy Sunday today I am going to be sharing with you my thoughts on the Jack Wills Essentials. 
Gym bag
Hope Cove Body Mist
Hope Cove Body Butter
Hope Cove Body Wash
Hope Cove Body Lotion
Hope Cove Hand Cream
Hope Cove Body Scrub
Water Bottle
Body Polisher

I got this as a Christmas present from some family members and I was quite pleased when I saw it as it had so much inside of it. It's definitely a great essential bag to take away with you on a weekend away or a holiday as it has all of the things you need. I'm also a fan of the packaging as it's simple but catches your eye at the same time. 

Also you get a free bag too which is a great size to take for a night at a friends house or if you're a light packer then a weekend away. I don't think I would have brought this myself as it's quite expensive at £65 at it's highest however I'm thankful that I was given it as a present as I can now try them all out.

What do you think of it? Would you buy it yourself?


Video | Go-To Night Out Make-Up Look ♥

Hey guys so today's video is my go-to night out make-up look I decided to go for a more bold and out going look which is something I definitely don't do that often. I really liked the outcome of the look so if you did then please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos soon.


*Money Saving Tips 2015*

Hey guys so in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you my ways to save money this year. I thought that this would be a good post to upload as I know January & February are always a struggle when it comes to money. Also feel free to leave your tips and tricks in the comments down below as I know people will appreciate this.

- Re-discover your DVD collection instead of buying new ones or paying for Netflix for example.
- Use up beauty/make-up products before buying new ones (only when necessary though!!)
- Dig out that old LBD that you loved from the back of your closet instead of buying new clothes
- Make more home cooked meals to take to work instead of going to Starbucks for example.
- Do more DIY projects instead of purchasing a new picture or object for your bedroom
- Open up a savings account for (emergencies only!!) that way you always know you have money if you get into trouble of some sort
- Try and limit your splurge days to one day a month this could be payday for example but try not to spend loads!!
- Only buy a few clothes each season to add to your wardrobe and not to completely re-do it
- Make use of all the presents you received for Christmas or Birthdays which you have left untouched (you never know one of them may become your fave!!) 
- Resist the urge to go out and buy that new lipstick or perfume (okay so sometimes we cannot help it but try this for every 10 new beauty products released try and only purchase one?)

So they are just a few ways that you can save money I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope that it helps you save some money even if it's a few extra pounds!!


The Sunday Topic No.3 - Hunter Hayes ♡

There's meant to be a *3 not 4 on the photo
The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

Hunter Hayes
Hunter is a 23 year old singer-songwriter who mostly produces country music. I can't quite remember when I first discovered him and his music but I'm glad I did. I've been listening to his album Encore recently on repeat I just love it. There's something about country music especially Hunter Hayes's music that relaxes me which is why I listen to it when I'm walking or doing homework. He's so talented and pretty good looking too I can't resist a guy who is able to play the guitar and I'm sure many girls are like me too. 

My Favourite Songs of His
- Tattoo
- Invisible
- Storm Warning
- Wanted
- Everybody's Got Somebody But Me ft.Jason Mraz
- If You Told Me To
- Love Makes Me
- Faith To Fall Back On
- Somebody's Heartbreak
- Cry With You
- More Than I Should
- All You Ever
- I Want Crazy
- Still Fallin'
- A Thing About You

Country Music
I guess from stereotypes if you saw me in the street or looked at my tweets, photos on instagram or my tumblr you would never really picture me loving country music. However I've really gotten into it over these past few months it just makes me feel so amazing. I love to just listen to country music when I'm reading a book and it's great music to be silly and dance around your bedroom with. 

My Own Hunter Hayes?
I'd love my own Hunter Hayes obviously wishing for him is a little too unrealistic. However if I can find a guy who can play guitar and sing, can be funny and all round genuine then that would suit me. I also like the way he dresses it's so casual but smart at the same time I actually really like it when guys wear plain tee-shirts. 

If anyone knows anyone who has these traits then hook me up please? (I'm joking) but if you saw how he acts in his music videos then your heart would ache a bit (that's if you're single anyway). It sounds so soppy but it's kind of true when I watch his music videos they just make me smile even though I know they're staged I can't quite help but think that he would be a genuinely good boyfriend/husband.

Down to earth?
He's also very active on his twitter and YouTube regularly updating his fans which I really admire. Some "celebrities" don't even bother to interact with their fans which is kind of disappointing. He never fails to upload some sort of video on his channel which I like as they're usually like the behind the scenes of something. I think people that are more down to earth go so much further in life and I know he will defiantly achieve so much more in his life.

The future for Hunter Hayes
I know he will produce more amazing music which will at the top of my iTunes wishlist. I also know that he will become an amazing husband/father to whoever he marries as he just seems like that perfect guy. Okay so he may not be but these are just my assumptions I'd love to meet him one day which is totally out of the question but a girl can dream can't she? I also know he's going to go on and win many awards because he is truly talented and such an amazing singer-songwriter.

Check him out?
If you have never heard of Hunter Hayes then definitely go and check him out as he's such an amazing artist. I recommend starting with Tattoo, Still Fallin' and Invisible as those are truly some heart-warming songs. I also recommend going and watching his music videos as they will make you feel all warm inside. If you're having a bad day he's your cure trust me whenever I'm having a bad day I just listen to his music and after around 20 mins I feel so much better.


Five Things Friday 16.01.15

Hey guys so first of all I know that this blog post was supposed to go up yesterday but I was super busy yesterday. Anyway today's blog post is going to be the start of a new series here on Asia Jade. So I thought that I would start this series called Five things Friday now it's not like I just made it up myself I've seen many bloggers do exactly the same post but on their blog. 

If you haven't already guessed what it is then I'll let the cat out of the bag every Friday I'm going to be looking back on my week and sharing with you guys five good things that happened that week. I think that it's such a lovely way to keep a mini record of my life as you often forget those little things that happen on a daily basis.

This week I've chosen to walk to places instead of taking public transport. This meant that I walked when it was raining and sunny which made me remember how much I loved it. Just being able to take a walk by myself listening to good music and reflecting on the weeks events is a blessing in itself. Walking is a great way to clear your head and I've always enjoyed my own company. I must remind myself to choose to walk somewhere instead of getting on the bus or tube more often.

It's been especially sunny here in London this week which has meant that taking a walk was much more appealing. However I do like taking walks in the rain as I feel you can think more (I know that probably doesn't make very much sense) and collect your thoughts together better.

I've been eating and drinking much healthier this week which I had planned on doing as I started the #28dayjumpstart on Monday. However I have now stopped doing it as I have found I just don't have the time. I know that it doesn't exactly take ages to prep everything but I'm just super super busy at the moment. I'm defiantly going to try it again at a later date just when I can focus on it completely. I really recommend it though as it's a great way to have a set meal & workout plan all ready at your fingertips. 

I've been listening to my favourite singer songwriter all week which is Hunter Hayes. He is truly talented and he has also made me realise how much I love country music. I tweeted yesterday saying how "There's something about country music that makes me feel amazing when I listen to it". 

I have really been enjoying listening to his album "Encore" without skipping to the next song that's how good of a singer he is. His songs are always filled with emotion and truth one of his songs called "Invisible" is just amazing it's even a little emotional at times as you can sense his feelings towards the themes of the song.

This week also marked the 19th birthday of one of my close friends which we celebrated the next day as I wasn't in on that day. Some of her teachers allowed us to join them in celebrating it with some cake and cola which I thought was so thoughtful and sweet. It was a memory that I want to cherish as we all sang Happy Birthday and had a lovely time. Considering it was half way through a lesson my teacher allowed me and my other friend to leave the lessons for ten minutes to go and join the others which was pretty nice of him.

The last lovely thing that happened this week was having a relaxed Wednesday. I don't have lessons on a Wednesday which means that I can stay at home and focus on schoolwork/blog/youtube/book stuff which I like. I love a good day at home where you can get things done so having one in the middle of the week is like having a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. 

I'm usually super busy mon-tues as I'm at sixth form then from thurs-sat I'm busy because I'm either at sixth form again or I'm working. Therefore my weekends are kind of split up between Wednesday & Sunday which makes having a day off mid-week more lucky and one to use as a get things done day.


The Sunday Topic 2015 No.2 - Books

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

This week's Sunday topic is Books I chose to do this topic this week as I've really been into books recently so I thought that it was an appropriate topic to do. In this instance I mean books that you can hold don't get me wrong books in general are amazing but I prefer physical ones instead of audible books or reading a book on a tablet for example. 

The good
The majority of people either love reading books or hate reading them I guess there is a middle ground where people will read a book if they have to but that's not the same thing as wanting to read one. I understand why people don't see reading as a pastime as most people find it quite boring. I think that they're such as great way to expand your vocabulary and actually find yourself. 

Okay so books don't exactly give you as much hope as a religion would but they give me hope because books are often based on thoughts, feelings and real life experiences. Therefore I have hope that if I was ever to encounter some of the problems that are discussed in books I know I'll somehow be okay because the people who wrote the books always are.

Books generally make me so content as they take me into this imaginary world where I don't feel like Asia but a person in the story who sits and watches it all unfold. I love how books can instantly make a person feel better as it helps them to forget their life problems for a while. I generally feel so positive and happy after I've read a book or finished one and I feel super excited when I start a new book it's like discovering a new place.

Helps with anxiety 
I really like reading books on public transports especially the tube as I have anxiety which makes especially the tubes heighten my anxiety. However I find that if I have a book not a magazine, paper or a book on a phone but an actual book that I like I'm less likely to have an anxiety attack. This is because all of my focus is on the book which takes me away from my situation of being stuck on a crowded, hot and horrible train.

Some book recommendation 
The Fault In Our Stars - John Green
The Kissing Booth - Beth Reekles
Out of Tune - Beth Reekles
Flynn Series - Sophie McKenzie
Girl Missing Series - Sophie McKenzie
All About Eve Series - Sophie McKenzie
Girl Online - Zoe Sugg
Chinese Cinderella - Adeline Yen Mah
Let It Snow - John Green, Maureen Johnson & Lauren Miracle 
Boys Don't Cry - Malorie Blackman
And Baby Makes Two - Dyan Sheldon

What type of books do you enjoy?


Haul | WhSmiths, Primark & New Look

Hey guys so today's blog post is going to be a mini haul. Yesterday I decided that I would hit the local shops because I had to run a few errands such as go to the bank and post-office. I thought that it would be a nice chance to take a look around the shops as it was only 9am which meant that it was quiet. 

When I looked in WhSmiths and saw this I just had to get it I've read all of the Flynn & River series which was amazing and this is the last book in the series. I think I've already read it as I loved the series so much however I can't quite remember and it wouldn't hurt to re-read it because it's such a whirlwind of a series. If you haven't read this series and love romance, friendship, family all things teenage then you'll adore these books. 

As I'm really into books at the moment when I saw this book I just had to get it. It looks like a fantastic book as it's about a women who discovers that her real mum isn't actually her mum after she dies. I haven't read it yet but it includes mystery which I quite like in books so I'm excited to read this book & I shall let you guys know how it is going on twitter. 

Black Quilted Panel Tote Bag £24.99
I got this bag with gift cards that I got from family over Christmas I thought that it was time for a change as the bag I had to take to Sixth Form is massive. I really liked this bag because it's not too big but not too small which means that it fits all of my books & folders into it as well as all of the other things I need. I have to admit when I first saw it online I didn't really like it however when it arrived I loved it it's such a simple but defined bag which I like.

Super Cosy Black Tights £3.50 - Primark
I first saw these tights in one of Zoella's videos and I thought I must try them as I easily get cold during the winter months. Ever since I first tried them I'm never going to go back to normal tights they are fantastic. When I wear them I feel super cosy and warm I just think they're such a great invention. They mean that you don't have to stop wearing your lovely dresses or skirts during winter as you won't get cold any more!! 

The only downside would be that for me they're quite big even though they're S/M and they kind of bunch up around my ankles which means they look like leggings. Apart from that I will continue to love them until they get discontinued (what do I do with my life if that happens? Joke..)

Pink Polka Dot PJs £7 - Primark
I am currently sat in these PJs as it's nice to have new ones to wear in a while. These are incredibly comfy and I'd recommend them to anyone who are looking for cheap but good quality PJs. I think they're super cute as you can see from the photo above they're a bit big for me but that's not a bad thing as I like bigger PJs anyways. I can tell you if I don't have anything to do during the day I'll defiantly be in these watching frozen and playing the sims (my life is super exciting). 


The Sunday Topic 2015 No.1 - Sunday's

Hello and welcome to The Sunday Topic 2015 I know that from the feedback that I received from last years series that you guys loved this series. I am defiantly going to try and upload one of these blog posts each week (however I cannot promise it). If you have any topics that you would like me to cover then please either email or tweet me or leave a comment.

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

Definition - The day of the week before Monday and following Saturday, observed by Christians as a day of rest and religious worship and (together with Saturday) forming part of the weekend.

Thing's to do on Sundays
- Read a book
- Have a movie day
- Write up blog posts
- Take lots of photos for your blog
- Youtube film days
- Sort out your room
- Do homework/coursework
- Pamper yourself (paint your nails, wear a face mask etc...)
- Bake cakes or pastries 
- Cook lunch for family or friends
- Listen to a whole album without skipping a song
- Go for a walk

The Good 
Sunday's are such a good day to relax and spend the day doing the things you love whether it's cooking, painting or just sleeping. This day is usually the quietest of the week as we all tend to use it as a "recovering day" before we have to go back to school, college, university or work. I love how Sunday's give us the chance to reflect on the previous week this can then enable us to make the next week a good week by using what we've learnt from the previous week.

The Bad
I guess the only bad things about Sunday's are that if you go to school, college or university you tend to leave all of your homework until the last minute. This can make Sundays stressful as if you have plans during the day with family or friends then you only have the evening to complete all of your work. 

What I do on Sundays
On Sundays I usually spend the day getting last minute homework done as I am one of those people who always leaves it to the last minute. I also like to film & write up blog posts however I'm not one to do them in bulk as I don't have the time too. I also like to cook whether it be a traditional roast dinner or a pudding such as a crumble. Sunday's are also my evening of pampering as I usually spend the evening applying a face mask, watching a movie & doing a full skin care routine for example. 

What do you do on Sundays?


Wishlist | 2015

Hey all you beauties what better way to kick off 2015 than with a wishlist. I decided that I would put together a wishlist that I would like to purchase this year as it's kind of a nice to have things which you can splurge on throughout the year. I hoped you liked this post and it gave you some ideas as to what you could splurge on this year.

You probably know for a long time now I've been using my iPad & iPhone to film my youtube videos & take photos for my blog on. These have both been absolutely fine however I would love to get this camera as it will produce a better quality video/photo which I think would improve the overall quality of my blog & youtube channel. It's also a compact camera which means that it has all of the features of a big canon that youtubers such as Zoella & Fleur De Force use however it's in a smaller version which makes it simpler to use.

As most of you have probably seen from my dream wishlist for blogging blog post originally I wanted to get the Manfrotto BeFree Compact Lightweight Travel Tripod. However I figured why spend over £100 on a tripod when you've never used one why not try a cheaper simpler one first. I saw this one which is only £13 and has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 on it's reviews which sits happy with me. 

I would love to purchase another one of these tote bags as they're so useful to carry stuff around in. I'd also like to purchase more than one colour if possible as I've already got a turquoise one which I've used to death which is actually a fake one (hands up I brought it on holiday once). However it was really good quality and I love using it on a daily basis because they're such light bags but you can also fit loads in them (kind of  like a Mary Poppins bag). 

You also might already know that although I have lots of skin care products I'm kind of lazy about using them and I'm not one to stick to a routine daily. I'll either do it in the morning or evening not both usually at night as I have more time and during the morning I'm normally in a rush to leave the house otherwise I'll be late for sixth form. However I feel that if I got this it would speed up the daily skincare routine which might make me do it day and night!!

I don't necessarily need these speakers because I can play music through my phone, laptop, ipad or TV. However my TV has an iPod docking station but not for an iPhone 5 so I can't use it which is such a pain as I like to listen to music when I'm tidying up my room. I'd like to get these speakers as they look nice & sleek and they're also such a reasonable price.

I used to have a necklace exactly like this one a few years ago that my friends all brought me for my birthday which was such a thoughtful gift. However since then we moved and I must of lost it in the process of moving because I never found I got quiet upset because it was a special present. That is why I'd like to get a new one also because I love simple elegant necklaces instead of big chunky ones as they can be worn with anything.

This item is one of those things that you really and I mean really don't need as it will probably hang upon a hook somewhere and never be worn but you really really want it. Yes I'd love to purchase one of these Victoria Secret robes as they are gorgeous and it would defiantly make me feel like a VS model (.....joke a girl can dream right?). However I probably won't end up buying it as it's a pretty useless thing I'd love to wear it but not loads so that it got ruined tough decisions have to be made...

Last of all is this laptop which I've been wanting for ages mostly so that I can edit a lot easier as I usually use my ipad which is great and simple but limited. I'd also like to use the mac for editing, youtube/blog stuff & my homework and then use my other laptop the one I have now for computer games such as the sims 3 & 4. This is because the games will run more smoothly as there is less on the computer. Also the macbook will be the biggest splurge of 2015 if I end up getting it myself or if I get it for my birthday or from santa but who knows!!


Goodbye 2014 | Hello 2015 ♡

*Happy New Year Beautiful*

First of all I hope that you all had an amazing New Year's Eve whatever you did whether you spent it watching DVD's in your room or went out with friends. I spent the evening at my best friend's house with her family which was lovely as her family cooked us lots of food and I got to see all of her cousins who are like my second family. 2014 has been such a good year I've met so many inspirational people and I've got to experience new things. It has also been an incredible year for my blog & youtube channel as they have both grown in ways I could never of imagined when I started them both off.

2015 Goals:
- Write "The Sunday Topic" blog post each Sunday come rain or shine!!
- Upload twice a week on my YouTube channel
- Have 100 followers on my blog
- Reach 50,000 views on my blog by 2016
- Have 400 followers on my bloglovin
- Vlog more (Not 100% certain this will happen but oh well...)
- Upload a blog post 4-5 times a week 
- Have 300 Subscribers on my YouTube channel
- Collab with bloggers/youtubers more

In 2015 I would like to cover more interesting topics in my "The Sunday topic" series as I have found that you guys really love to read these blog posts. I would also like to incorporate fashion more into my blog as I hardly do any OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) blog posts. As for beauty I will defiantly be doing more reviews on products that I love but also dislike as it's a good chance for me to share my opinion on things with you. 

The fact that my blog is mainly lifestyle will mean that in 2015 you will be getting to know me in a little more depth I hope to do a I'm adopted video part two as you guys loved the first one which you can read/view here. If you would like to see any specific blog posts then feel free to email me or leave a comment down below I'm always open to suggestions.

In terms of my YouTube channel this year I would first of all love to defiantly try and upload two video's a week instead of one or maybe two. I would also like to add more fashion aspects such as look books however these are fairly hard to film as I need someone else with me in order to film them. I am going to be doing more make-up tutorials, get ready with me and routine style videos as you guys seem to enjoy these in particular the most.

I would also like to do more collabs on my Youtube as I don't really do as many as I do on my blog. Again these are semi-difficult to do as sometimes you need the other person to be physically with you in order to film it. I would also like to up my editing by maybe purchasing a new laptop so that I can use iMovie towards the end of 2015 (we'll see about this). I really like iMovie as I use it on my ipad mini to edit however it has less functions than the program on a computer but it still does the job. I'm defiantly going to buy a new tripod & camera at some point so keep and eye out for that!!

2014 was such a good year for me I achieved so much like getting a job which I have now been at for over 5 months (crazy huh?). I've also met some amazing people who are so inspirational they have made me want to do so much more with my life. In 2015 I would love to build upon the person that I have become last year I think I found who I am for now as each year we change a little bit. I am really comfortable in myself at the moment in regards to the person that I am and the way I look.

I would also like to eat healthier now when I mean healthier I don't mean dieting & juices. I simply mean eating more home cooked food instead of processed food. I love to eat well during the week and then have like a cheat weekend but in proportion. I would also love to bake more as I really like it however I'm not crazy about it haha.