Current Playlist April 2015

Hello everyone and happy Monday I hope you have all had a lovely day!! Today I am going to be sharing with you a few of the songs I have been listening to this past month. I love reading through these type of blog posts as they help me discover new artists and songs as well as reminding me of old ones. 

Nothin' Like You - Dan + Shay
I Got A Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas
Want To Want Me - Jason Derulo
XO - Beyonce
You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift 
Why Don't We Go There - One Direction
Where Are U Now - Skrillex and Diplo with Justin Bieber
Wake Me Up - Avicii 
Honeymoon Avenue - Ariana Grande
Why Try - Ariana Grande
Marvin Gaye - Charlie Puth ft.Meghan Trainor
See You Again - Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth
Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding
I Could Be The One -  Avicii vs Nicky Romero
I Got You - Duke Dumont ft.Jax Jones
I Want Crazy - Hunter Hayes
Tattoo - Hunter Hayes
I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith
Pretty Brown Eyes - Cody Simpson
It's A Beautiful Day - Michael Buble


Review | Get Noticed Course - Dana Fox

Hey everyone today I am going to be sharing with you a blogging course which you can do online. I have been following Dana Fox's blog Wonder Forest for quite a while now I guess in many ways it's like Narnia you click on her blog and you never know what you're going to find. I guess you could say over the last month I have become a big fan of Dana. Her main blog Wonder Forest is a blog based upon DIY, beauty, blog help, tech stuff, fashion, advice and life stuff. 

I also love searching through her other blog Icanbuildablog which is all about the in's and out's of running a blog from SEO (search engine optimisation) to HTML. As well as running two blogs Dana also has two youtube channels one called Wonder Forest and the other called The Blog Beautician, apps, an online shop where you can buy blog templates, another store where you can buy cases for electrical things such as an iPad or iPhone. If that wasn't enough Dana also has two books out which are called 365 Blog Ideas that I actually own you can see my review here.  

Get Noticed
Now I have spoken about the lovely Dana who is indeed so lovely and down to earth let's speak about the online blogging course. First of all it's called "Get Noticed" it costs $149 which is around £99 so I completely understand if you think it's expensive. However it's actually not when you think about it so hear me out here are a few reasons why:

- It's an investment into your blog therefore you're bound to get more out of it than what you put in. E.g. if you spend £99 on it but end up getting a career or a bigger audience then it's worth it right?

- It will last a long time this course isn't designed to make your blog popular over night it's designed to build upon what you already have and make it last longer. For example, in the course you will learn how to gain more followers that will last longer instead of those who just look at your blog once and never again. 

- There are around 12 units which cover everything from creating content to SEO and RSS and feeds. I really like the range of topics as they cover the basics as well as information you'll need to know throughout your blogging life. 

- Each lesson has been planned out so you can work at your own pace. There are forums where you can chat with other people who are also taking the course. In addition to this you are able to see how much of each topic you have completed as it is shown in a percentage next to the specific topic. 

- You are able to go back and fourth with the course even if you have finished it you are still able to access it and go through it again if you would like.

My Experience
I started the course a few weeks ago ahead of everyone else as I got early enrollment. Ever since then I have been working my way through the course at my own pace as I have been extremely busy these past few weeks. A lot of people may say that you're crazy for spending that much on a course. However for me it was an early birthday present as my birthday's next month as well as an investment in my blog. 

I'm so glad that I have done it although I have a few more units to complete the whole experience has been fun and interesting. I have learnt a lot whilst working my way through this course. I can't wait to see the other courses that come out and I'm sure I'll do them as well as I have enjoyed this experience a lot so far. I have really loved working at my own pace as it allows me to do it when I want but also when I have the time too. 

I highly recommend this course to anyone of all blogging skills as it has taught me a lot of things that I'll use throughout the rest of my blogging life. I know that it can seem a lot so maybe ask for it for a birthday present or on a special occasion. It's one of those thing's that you spend a lot on but you'll definitely get a lot out of it so it's worth it. 

Definitely go and check out the website here where you can read more about the course and then make up your own mind. If you want to her more about my experience then you can always talk with me on twitter my username is @asiajade4. I would love to hear whether some of you do the course as it would be nice to hear what you think about it too. 


7 Days of Disney | Day 7 - 3 Reasons why I love Disney

Hey guys so for today's post which is actually the last day of this series which I have really enjoyed doing I thought that I would end it with more of an insight as to why I love Disney so much. Today I am going to be sharing with you 3 reasons why I like Disney so much sometimes I get asked this so I thought now would be the right time to explain to you guys why. 

1. First of all I guess in some sort of way it's a comfort blanket for me. I always turn to Disney when I'm having a bad day it makes me feel safe. I have a few movies that I will always go to before I watch anything else. I always find that Disney relaxes me and brings me back down to earth in a sense. If I've been having a really weird or crazy day I like to watch a Disney film to unwind and relax then I can concentrate on something else after or whilst I'm watching one. (I am aware that may not make any sense to you but it does to me)

2. I love how people of all ages are treated the same at Disney whether it's a Disneyland Paris or Disney World Florida. The characters all speak to the people the same no matter what age they are. I know they are in character but I just like the fact that everyone is treated the same no matter their height, weight, ethnicity, disability, age etc..even if it's just for a day, week or month.

3. It's just so magical whether it's the storyline of a new movie, a song or being at the parks there's magic everywhere. I just love that feeling of actually believing in something that's actually there. For me the whole feeling I get when I'm listening to Disney music, watching a movie or watching any of the Disney vlogs is happiness. I think when I eventually go to Disney World in a few years I'll be in my twenties but I'll still get that magical feeling which J'adore. 


7 Days of Disney | Day 6 Youtubers

Hey everyone we are nearing the end of this Disney series which is a bitter sweet experience for me. Bitter because obviously I want to keep producing posts that are solely Disney related but sweet because it means I can post different posts for you guys. So for today's blog post I am going to be sharing with you various youtubers who either solely upload videos relating to Disney or have done in the past. 

If you are like me and are obsessed with anything Disney related then I am sure you would have probably watched a number of Disney related Vlogs or videos. I really love the concept of a vlog as it makes you feel like you are actually there. I have discovered some amazing Disney vloggers who I will continue to watch and re-watch all the time. 

The first youtuber I'm going to be sharing with you is Adam Ruck who is a youtuber that posts videos mostly related to Disney. I especially like his Disney vlogs however I do enjoy his other videos too. He has great enthusiasm and I'd say I find the vlogs like a show as he really makes each and everyone entertaining. I definitely think he should be recognised more and should have way more subscribers. He's also from Texas which means he has a pretty cool accent make sure to go & check Adam out!!

The second youtuber I'm going to introduce you two is the lovely Em. First of all Em is a really pretty girl who loves Disney just as much as me if not even more. I really liked Em's Disney vlogs as they were so jammed pack I love how she included her family in them and she just seemed like a really down to earth girl. What I also like is that she's herself on the vlogs she's not trying to be something she's not which some youtubers do. So after watching a few of her vlogs I just had to subscribe to her and you should too!

Faith only started her Youtube about a month ago however she's already doing really well on it. I can't quite remember how I discovered her vlogs but I'm so happy that I did. They're quite long ones which are great for a Sunday afternoon or while you're cooking. I also really liked seeing the relationship that Faith has with her family especially with her dad it was just such a lovely thing to see. Faith's also from New York so she has a cool accent which I'd love to master (no really).

This particular youtube channel is run by the lovely Jen who also has many other youtube channels as well as a blog. However recently Jen has decided to combine all of her channels and post just on her main one which will include aspects from these other channels which you can find here. Although Jen won't be uploading any videos to this channel any more you can still go back and watch all of the videos that she has posted. I really like her Disney vlogs in particular because it shows that people who are older can have fun and enjoy the Disney parks too. Jen's vlogs provide a different perspective of going to Disney world which I like as it makes them more interesting.

The second to last vloggers that I am going to introduce you two are this lovely family who consist of Phil, Emma and Ben. They have many vlogs which are taken in Disney World each time they go they usually stay in a different hotel which I like as it gives you the opportunity as the viewer to see what each one is like. I also like that they go at different times of the year such as Christmas and New Years. Their vlogs are always full of everything Disney whether it's the food, the rides or the music which is included in the vlogs. I really like watching their vlogs as they seem like such a down to earth family so I'm happy that I discovered them.

The final Disney youtubers that I am going to sharing with you today are these two lovely ladies Megan and Rhiannon who are sisters from New Zealand. As you can probably tell by the name of their youtube channel they are pretty big fan's of Disney. Although they don't go to Disney that much I really like their vlogs when they do as they usually consist of staying on site within Disney world as well as going on one of the Disney cruises which I've always wanted to go on as well. 


7 Days of Disney | Day 5 Disney Pins

So recently I've been really into Pinterest I've been pinning a lot of pins on my own boards which you can see here. I guess in many ways Pinterest is like Tumblr someone posts something and then many people can re-post it. The difference is that you can split up these different posts by creating various boards instead of having to have more than one Tumblr page for the different categories.

I hoped you liked some of the pins that I shared with or even found out something new about Disney I certainly did I just love how you can find such interesting things on Pinterest. Make sure to follow me on there at @asiajwalker04


7 Days Of Disney | Day 4 - My Favourite Disney Movies

My Favourite Disney Movies
Beauty and The Beast
The Lion King
Toy Story series
Sleeping Beauty
Finding Nemo
The Princess and The Frog
Mulan series
Tinkerbell series
Monsters Inc. Series
Lilo and Stitch Series
The Incredibles
Wreck It Ralph


7 Days Of Disney | Day 3 - The Disney TAG

Hey there everyone I'm sorry for the gap in these blog posts I've been so busy this weekend with work. However I am back now with this tag which I am so excited to do as I love all thing's Disney as you know!! I hope you enjoy it and find out a little more about my Disney likes and dislikes. Although the original Disney TAG was a lot longer which I took from here I have cut it down so that there are less questions.

Who is/are your favourite Disney Princess(es)?
Personally I love Rapunzel, Merida and Tiana from the newest Disney princess movies. On the other hand I'd say my favourite princesses from the old movies would be Mulan and Belle. I really like them all but I watch the movies with these princesses in the most. If Tinkerbell was a princess I'd say she was my favourtie because I love to watch all of the Tinkerbell movies. 

Can you remember which prince is which?
Who is/are your favourite Disney Prince(s)?
I'd have to say the princes's from The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Cinderella they are the best looking personally. I'd also say Kristoff from Frozen however he's not a prince but if he was he would be included too.

What is/are your favourite Disney movie(s)?
Oh gosh there are so many to choose from here are a few Lilo and Stitch, Frozen, Tangled, Tinkerbell movies and Wreck-It Ralph. However I shall be doing a blog post on this tomorrow so keep an eye out for that.

(Saddest scene in the movie)
What is the first Disney movie you remember seeing?
I actually can't remember as it was so long ago. However it was probably one of the really old Disney movies like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. I remember watching it when I was younger I was scared of the queen.

What is/are your favourite Disney song(s)?
I just did a blog post on it which you can see here however here are some of the song's that I love I See The Light - Tangled, Under The Sea - The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast - Beauty and The Beast, Circle Of Life - The Lion King, Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - Lio & Stitch and I Just Can't Wait To Be King - The Lion King.

Can you remember who is who?
Who is/are your favourite Disney sidekick(s)?
I love sidekicks sometimes they're even better than the main character I'd probably say a few of my favourite Disney ones would have to be Gus and Jaq (Cinderella), Zazu (The Lion King), Flounder (The Little Mermaid) and Pascal (Tangled).

What is/are your favourite Disney Pixar movie(s)?
There are so many Pixar movies that I love however here are my top ones the Toy Story series, Finding Nemo, the Monsters Inc. series, Wall-e, The Incredibles, Brave, Ratatouille and UP. All of these movies are such great movies which are perfect for a Sunday relaxation day.

What is/are your favourite Disney Pixar character(s)?
I'd say a few of my favourite characters would be Boo (Monsters Inc), Wall-e, Edna (The incredibles), Merida and Russell (UP). I really love these characters as they make me laugh I can relate to each one in a different way.

What was/were your favourite Disney movie(s) as a child?
I'd have to say hands down my favourite ones were the High School Musical ones. I remember getting of the school bus and rushing into the living room to watch number one. Luckily I was just in time the opening scene was just coming on. I'd still watch it now however the HSM series is one that everyone likes even if it's just a little bit but will never admit it haha.

If you could meet any Disney character, who would you choose to meet?
I would love to meet some of the Disney princesses as well as the classic characters such as Mickey and Minnie mouse. Also I'd love to meet Mary Poppins as I adore that movie it's so relatable for me as it's set in London which is where I live. 

What is/are your favourite Disney/Pixar movie sequel(s)?
I love a good sequel however sometimes the second movie isn't always as good as the first. Here are a few of the Disney sequels which have been just as good as the first the Toy Story series, Monsters Inc series, Lilo and Stitch series, Tinkerbell series, Peter Pan series and Mulan.

What do you think is/are the saddest Disney character death(s)?
The most saddest for me would be when Simba's dad died I think it actually made me cry a few times when I watched when I was older. It's such a sad part of the film as the relationship between Simba and his dad was so strong. I also think the death of Tarzan's mum and dad was quite sad the song You'll Be In My Heart - Tarzan makes me tear up when I listen to it because it reminds me of their death. 


Video | Beauty Haul

Hey guys so today's video is Beauty Haul I went into my local shopping centre yesterday and spent quite a lot on beauty products. I hope you like it and if you do don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and give the video a THUMBS UP if you did in fact like it.


7 Days Of Disney | Day 2 - My Disney Playlist

My Disney Playlist
A Whole New World - Aladdin 
I Won't Say I'm In Love - Hercules
Belle - Beauty and The Beast
Kiss The Girl - The Little Mermaid
I See The Light - Tangled
Under The Sea - The Little Mermaid
Beauty and The Beast - Beauty and The Beast
Circle Of Life - The Lion King
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - Lio & Stitch
I Just Can't Wait To Be King - The Lion King
 Chim Chim Cher-Ee - Mary Poppins
Hakuna Matata - The Lion King
Dancin' (A Catchy Rhythm) - The Best Of Disneyland Resort Paris
Do You Want To Build A Snowman? - Frozen
The Great Divide - Tinkerbell Secret Of The Wings
For The First Time In Forever - Frozen
The Gift Of A Friend - Tinkerbell And The Secret Of The Lost Treasure
Love Is An Open Door - Frozen
You'll Be In My Heart - Tarzan


7 Days Of Disney | Day 1 - Disney Store Wishlist

Hey there beautiful and happy Wednesday I hope you've had a good week so far today I bring you the first instalment of my "7 Days Of Disney". I thought that I would do this as I am a huge fan of anything Disney I love the music, characters, movies and merchandise. I hope you like this series and definitely share some of your Disney favourites in the comments.

The first thing was this jumper which I thought that this jumper was really cute and I know that if I ever got it I would wear it loads. I love wearing these kinds of jumpers at home as they're always comfortable just to chill out in. I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of this new Tsum Tsum merchandise I don't think I would pick up any of their soft toys however I really like this jumper. I also think it's quite a reasonable price for a Disney merchandise jumper. 

If you have been with me on this blogging journey for a long time then you will definitely know my love for tea. I especially love a good old English breakfast tea with milk. I'm also a big fan of collecting mugs so I would like to pick these up as they're just adorable. I've seen these in store a few times but I've never managed to pick any of them up. I love how big they are as I prefer larger cups of tea I tend to have one by my side when I'm filming or writing up a blog post.  

Everyone who is a Disney lover probably owns some sort of ears or Disney hat. I however don't own any which makes me sad because I would love to have some I just haven't been to any of the parks in ages to purchase some. I really like these ones as they are simple but cute too and I know I would probably wear them a lot even just at home. I would really like to visit the Disneyland Paris resort even just for a day so that I could pick one up however it's quiet expensive just for a day trip.

The last thing that I would like to buy is this canvas of Rapunzel. I love canvases and I have around three with different thing son them at the moment. I really love this one and I think that it's so unique as it's not only a drawn picture but also one with little colour. I would love to put this in my room I think I'd either hang it up or place it upon one of my shelves if it fitted so that it could be in the background of my videos. I'd never seen these before I looked on the Disney store today they do a few others such as Elsa and Anna. 


5 Things I've Learnt In The Past Year

Hey guys so for today's blog post I thought that I would share with you some of the things that I have learnt over this past year. Every day we learn something new about life, ourselves and other people so the past year has taught me a lot. I hope you like this kind of post as I really love writing them and I'm glad that I will have them to look back on in the future.

1. Sometimes we argue with people over small things whether they are family members, friends or random people. Over the past year I've learnt that these little things really don't matter. I used to get annoyed very easily over smaller things which I would argue with someone about. As time passed I guess I just grew up because now those thing's don't annoy me as much I normally just let it go instead of arguing over something so silly. 

2. Time alone is important in taking care of yourself. Whether this is just a simple as reading a book, watching a film, walking down a street or grabbing a coffee. Over these past 12 months I have been spending a lot of time by myself which I actually really like. It makes me cherish the time I spend with other people a lot more. 

3. Eat what you want. Food is a massive part of everyone's life I mean we eat it every day. Everyone has their own perceptions of what should be eaten and what shouldn't. If you fancy something then you should eat it no matter what anyone says or thinks. A while ago I was hooked upon eating "healthy" I would only have healthy foods in my fridge and cupboards. 

After a while I realised that this isn't healthy at all as you should treat yourself sometimes and not stick to a strict food pattern or diet. Now I usually tend to try and eat good during the week and then treat myself during the weekend. I don't go overboard on the weekend but I do like to have a takeaway once in a while and some chocolate cake too. 

4. Reading is a good thing. I know many people think reading a book is a crime however I have learnt that it's such a powerful thing. I used to be dyslexic and I always had extra time in exams not to mention help from various support staff. However since I started this blog and started reading books again it has gone away. 

I never knew that if you are dyslexic you can minimise or erase it in a sense. I have and I was really happy to hear that as I had a test recently to see if I could get extra time for my upcoming exams. Turns out I can't as I show no signs of being dyslexic any more all of my tests came out average which is brilliant. I have to say since I started this whole blogging and reading thing my vocabulary is so much better and I can understand various reading materials a lot easier. 

5. Friends come and go. I always used to hear this saying when I was younger but I never really understood it until last year. Last year was the year when everything changed in terms of my friends. Most of them were in year 13 (the last year before uni/college) whereas I was in year 12. 

This meant that a lot of them left to go onto uni which meant the following school year I would only have two or three people who I was close to with me. This freaked me out a lot and I honestly wasn't ready for the massive change. I got anxious quite a lot as I would be left behind with only one or two of my closest friends. 

However since then I have learnt that it's okay everything turns out fine in the end. I've been going to Sixth Form for eight months now without all of my friends and it's been fine. I have actually done really well this year I have worked hard properly harder than if the rest of my friends were here. I know that they will always be there for me even though I don't see them on a daily basis they're only a bus ride, phone call or text away.


The Sunday Topic No.7 Bullying

First of all sorry for not posting a TST in a while I tend to write these either every week or with huge gaps in between. Recently I've been so busy as exams are fast approaching as well as this I've had lots of coursework deadlines too. As I've said before I'm not promising posting these every week as I usually work on Sunday's now so it depends what I'm doing the day before if I can get one up or not.

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

Bullying Definition
"Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behaviour among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems." (source)

My Experience
I've always been the type of person who mixes with everyone in school no matter what group or person they are. I liked to change from group to group depending on how I was feeling. However this doesn't mean that I was well liked. I got bullied in primary school. When I was in years 3-4 I went to a primary school in the country side where the students were mostly white. There were maybe ten other pupils within the whole school were of a different race including me. 

Therefore I was the perfect target for a bully. These bullies in particular were a group of boys some of them in my year and some of them were in the year above. They thought it would be fun to call me names like "Chinky" along with that they would place their fingers by the corners of their eyes and drag them out to make it seem like they can't see (giving the look of a "Chinese" person in their eyes). It made me really upset and I remember going home to my mum crying. 

My mum was having non of it and went straight up to the school the next day to sort it out. Eventually the boys apologised after the school had told my mum they had a strict no bullying policy. I guess I just shook it off because that's the type of person I am. However I would be lying if I said that it didn't upset me or hurt me. 

I know my story's not as horrible or awful as some others but it still hurt not matter how little or big something is it is still bullying. If someone directs something directly at you and they keep doing it that's bullying whether it's verbally or physically

Are you a bully?
I am in no way suggesting that you are but have you ever thought that you may have crossed the line a little too far? Could you be considered a bully? I mean we all get angry at times and sometimes when we're angry we do things that we don't even know we're doing. Do you have that one person who you call silly names or make fun of but you call it "banter"? Is it really banter or is it bullying? Have your friends ever looked down upon you for calling someone something? If you turned into a bully would your friends ever tell you? 

Am I a bully?
No I can honestly say I am not. I've never been one to shout abusive words or pick on someone. However I do get angry when I'm arguing with someone but that's usually a one off. Sometimes I see myself crossing the line because we do I mean we're only human. However if I do ever see myself ever treating someone badly I either take it upon myself to apologise to that person or take steps in order to make sure that I never do it again. 

My Thoughts On Bullying 
Bullying is not a nice thing full stop however nowadays there are many ways a person can be bullied these can be physically, face to face or online. I have to admit the best part of YouTube is reading the comments on videos however nowadays I'd say about 30% of the comments are rude, aggressive and sometimes even bullying. 

I've seen many horrible comments such as "You are ugly", "You can't sing why are you on YouTube?!" & "You're fat". I am not making these up when I see articles on Twitter, the Metro or the Daily Mail suggesting that young people are sending various people on twitter or through the mail death threats. 

It gives me chills I mean why on earth would someone do that? I'm sure they definitely weren't brought up like that I don't know whether it's because it's seen as something powerful to do or just because they have nothing else to do. Everyone has the power to be something they're not behind a computer screen.

Cyber Bullying 
If you asked young people who are bullied nowadays where they get bullied I'd probably say around 90% would say online. Many bullies have taken it upon themselves to target these individuals through social media, emails or instant messaging. I have watched documentaries where young people have driven themselves to suicide because it has gotten so bad. 

In many ways I am thankful that I was never targeted like this as the internet wasn't that big then. I think that cyber bullying in many ways is much worse than normal face to face. Individuals nowadays are less confident in person than they are behind a screen. Which is why some of the messages sent are so vicious and hurtful.

What you can do to stop bullying 
There are many ways that you can prevent someone being bullied. 
- If you see someone who isn't in a particular group at school then why not make friends with them (you never know they could become a really good friend of yours). 

- If you see someone being bullied then intervene (Obviously within reason but would you stand and watch someone being verbally or physically abused?) 

- If you know someone may or is being bullied tell someone before it's too late (You may get called a grass or a snitch but it's worth it if you save their life right?)

- Read up on bullying it's never too late to be knowledgeable about a topic such as this 

Bullying in the future
Unfortunately bullying won't stop there will always be a minority of people who can't help it but inflict pain and suffering among others. That's just life there's always good with the bad. However we can make sure that there are people to talk to or places to go which people who have been bullied can use. Also you could always make sure that people know they can come to you just to talk if they are being bullied or know someone who is. Sometimes it's better to talk to someone who you don't know very well as they can just listen.

I hope this topic gave you a little insight to bullying and the effect it has on people. I did  not  mean to offend anyone in anyway possible this blog post was written with a thoughtful mind. I hope that you learnt something new and share it with others.


Review | 365 Blog Topic Ideas by Dana Fox

Good morning everyone it's currently 10.12 am here in London and I am sat here watching Hawaii 5'O as well as writing up this blog post. Today I thought that I would share with you my most recent purchase. Over the past couple of days I have picked up various things such as books, clothes and beauty products. It was pay day on Monday for me and every month I like to treat myself to some things. The rest stays in my account to pay for things such as food, driving lessons and more food. 

This particular book is the 365 Blog Topic Ideas by the lovely Dana Fox. Dana is from Canada she is a blogger as well as a YouTuber. I've been following Dana's blog Wonder Forest for a while now and I love the whole design and feel of the blog. The whole point of this book is to provide some ideas for lifestyle bloggers. Now this can be newbie bloggers or experienced ones because each topic can be taken and then interpreted in any way that you want. 

Although the book costs £10.80 I personally think it's a good investment I got mine from Amazon. I mean it could take your blog from one extreme to the other. £10.80 in the long run isn't that big of a deal if you can't afford it maybe ask someone to buy it for your birthday or another occasion. You could even buy one between two people and share the ideas through instant messaging. 

The book itself has a design which is simple and clean as you can see from the photos above each page is dedicated to one topic. You could open a page at random and use that topic or you could work your way through the book. Another suggestion would be that you could jot down ideas on each page using a pencil and then you could erase it after.

The book is split up into two sections these are Everyday Ideas and Holiday, Seasonal and End of Year Ideas. I really like the way that it has been split up as trying to think of things to blog around Christmas/New Years time can be pretty difficult. You always want to be different to everyone else but original and captivating. I have included some examples of the ideas from the book but only a few as you won't want to buy the book otherwise!!

Some examples of blog posts inside the book:
- Write a response to someone else's blog post 
- Something you should avoid
- 7 Things you found on the web this week
- Write a note to your future self 
- Feature cool shops or products from a different country 
- Share how you've grown as a blogger (and share some tips)

I only received mine yesterday however I'm already thinking of how I can write several topics from the book in my own way. I highly recommend this book as it can definitely help you with writers block. I can't wait to use it as I often struggle with ideas especially when I have a lot going on outside of the blogging/YouTube world. Dana also has another book called Blog Wonderful as well as a new course all about blogging which is called Get Noticed.

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Video | What's On My Kallax Shelving Unit

Hey guys so today's video is my What's on my shelf video I really enjoyed filming this one as I've been wanting to show off my new storage unit to you guys. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.