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Hello everyone so today's blog post is all about beauty related things. This is because I have been shopping around a lot in drugstores for bits that are going to be in my 1,000 subscribers give-away. A lot of the things that I have picked up for the give-away have made me want to buy everything from Superdrug or Boots. I thought that I would share these items with you as I haven't done a wishlist in quite a while now. 

I've been thinking for a while that I need to up my shaving game as the razors that I use aren't really the best. I really like this one as it's small and it can target tricky areas it's also great because it's from Venus which are a well known brand in terms of shaving etc...

Recently I've been very active on Instagram and I have seen this mascara all over it which makes me want to try it. I don't currently own any Maybelline mascaras so I may as well purchase my first right? I also think the packaging is really pretty and I would like to try it out.

This product is well needed at the moment as Summer approaches my hair gets dryer so I need something that will keep it moisturised and soft. I definitely need to pick this up as I think it will be a great edition to my pamper routine on Sundays. 

I was looking at this foundation in store the other day and I really like the consistency of it. I've also heard a lot of good things about the Bourjois foundations which I have yet to own any of. I think that this one would be especially good to purchase as it's a healthy mix. Therefore the foundation mixture is good for the skin as well as being a good coverage. 

I have picked up this blush palette for my 1,000 give-away which has made me want it even more. I really love the look of it as there are so many different shades I'm really into blush at the moment so buying this would be like buying six different blush shades. It also comes with two contour shades which I think is a great edition to this palette. 

I have yet to pick up one of Zoe's beauty bags however I did pick one up for my up coming give-away so it has made me want to have one of my own even more. I'd love to pick the turquoise one up as I think that it's really pretty in addition to this I would like to pick up the "Just Say Yes" one too.

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