July Playlist

Hello everyone and happy Monday only four more days until the weekend!! Today I am going to be sharing with you a few of the songs I have been listening to this July. I love these type of blog posts as they help me discover new artists and songs as well as reminding me of old ones. 

Black Magic - Little Mix
Five More Hours - Deorro & Chris Brown
Not Letting Go - Tinie Tempah ft.Jess Glynne
Thank You - MKTO
Picture Perfect - Charity Vance
Icing - Charity Vance
This Is Home - Bryan Lanning
Glitterball - Sigma ft. Ella Henderson
Shine - Years and Years
Want To Want Me - Jason Derulo
Let It Go - James Bay
Ready For Anything - Landon Austin
I'm Not The Only One - Sam Smith
Demons - Imagine Dragons
Why Try - Ariana Grande
Why Don't We Go There - One Direction
Timber - Pitbull ft.Ke$ha
XO - Beyonce
Honey I'm Good - Andy Grammar

Video | Summer Lookbook 2015

Today's video was the fourteenth video in my July series it was all about fashion!! I decided to upload a Summer Lookbook for 2015 which I hope gives you some ideas for outfits. For this series I'm going to be uploading a video every other day for the whole of July. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.


Desk Inspiration From Pinterest

As a person who watches YouTube a lot or reads blogs constantly I'm often seeing these amazing desktops/backgrounds that people have created. Whether it's for their background in their videos or their photos some of them are so creative. Pinterest has really helped me in my inspiration for desks as I have been able to create my own board which has lots of different desk inspirations in it. 

The images above are all from that board created on my Pinterest account. I would love love love to have a desk area like this one day as I think it will really help motivate me to film and create blog posts. At the moment I use my bed, table and chest of draws as various desks which is a bit boring at times. 

I'm hoping to work on a desk area soon as I am in need of it and it would be a fun project to do as I love styling my Kalax shelves. I think it would have to be like something in the pictures above as they look aesthetically pleasing. I'm sure I will vlog about the process as that would be a fun thing to do as well. It will also probably be my new video background as I'm getting kind of bored of my one at the moment.


5 Video Ideas For Starting A YouTube channel

Hey guys so I thought that I would do this blog post today as I often get asked by many of my followers on Instagram "What video can I film when I start a channel?" or "What was your first video?". Hopefully this blog post will give you a few ideas if you have decided to start a channel. Also before I get into this post these ideas aren't in order of videos that will get most views these are just suggestions it doesn't mean you will get 10,000 subs or 34,000 views over night. 

1. Collections
I've always found that collections attract attention whether it's to do with make-up, beauty products, shoes, bags or even clothes. They always seem to be a favourite they're also a great thing to film for your first video. I say this because sometimes you don't actually need to show your face in the video which can be scary for some at the beginning. I know many YouTubers who haven't shown their face in any of their videos and this has its positive and negative aspects like many things. 

2. Storage Ideas
This idea is a great video as people love to discover new ways to make their lives easier. Whether it's storage to do with bathroom, school or kitchen stuff storage ideas are always a good video to put together. Maybe you could even do a high-street VS high-end one where you find storage solutions from Ikea or Tesco and then places like furniture boutiques. I'm constantly re-arranging and decorating my room so I love watching these videos as they give me so much inspiration. 

3. Routines
Routines are probably one of the best videos to start off with as they give people an insight into your life. Everybody knows that people love to be nosy even if they say they don't they do! I know that routines can sometimes seem a little scary as it's like letting someone follow you around. But they're actually so fun to watch and I know people love watching them especially if they're seasonal. Some other routines you could do are weekend, fitness or getting the kids ready (if you have kids obviously). 

4. Haul's
Hauls are another popular video in my opinion as people love to see all the latest things that people have brought. Hauls are also beneficial as they allow a person to really see what a product is like instead of just seeing what it looks like on the website. 

5. First Impressions
The last video is first impressions these always go down well as people like to see your impressions on things especially those that have just been released. My advice on this one would be to pick products that have just been released. Therefore not many people would have tired them making them want to watch your video before they buy them.


Sometimes Less Is More

Although I don't go out much when I do I obviously like to make an effort. However I always stick to outfits that are simple but still make a statement. I really love this outfit as it's so simple both in colour and look the top is from Primark, the skirt is from H&M and the shoes are from New Look. So this outfit is really affordable as all of the items are from high street stores. 

What I also love about this outfit is that it's versatile so it means that it can be dressed both up and down. You can wear it during the day without the heels by replacing them with flat shoes. As well you could add a jacket such as a denim one which would look really cute. I really love this skirt as it's so flattering it emphasizes your curves as well as being long enough well for me anyways. I'm no a fan of short skirts as they make me really cautious and I'm constantly worrying about if you can see anything.

This look would go really well with no make up or a natural make up look with a bold lip colour. I also think a rose gold/gold eye look would suit this outfit as it would complement it but it would also make a statement in itself. If you think about this the outfit is so easy to put together as I'm sure most of you already have most of these items in your closet. If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure you will know I always go for the more simple looks whether it's during the day or the night I guess I'm just more comfortable and that is key for me.

What's your go-to night out look?


How Long Does A Blog Last?

The answer is how ever long you want it to. I've seen many blogs come and go in my time and I am constantly going through my blog list and following those that are no longer active. In my opinion a life of a blog is up to you whether you can no longer run it because of life issues or you just don't feel it anymore that's your choice. 

One thing I've learnt when it comes to my blog is don't do anything you don't want to do. If you get to a stage within your blog life where you feel that blogging isn't for you anymore then stop. There's nothing worse than pursuing something you have no passion for anymore trust me I know. You become almost like a robot just producing or doing the thing because you feel like you have to not because you want to. 

I'm sure I will get to a point in my life where I feel like blogging isn't for me anymore. Although I'm not at that point yet I do know when I get to it I will just end the chapter as such and begin a new one. For me there's no point in me continuing to blog when I just don't have the passion for it anymore. 

However I'm not trying to scare you at the moment as I still have tons of passion for blogging so I'm sure I'll be doing it for a while. I definitely think as time goes on my blog will develop and change therefore I will post different posts. Who knows if I become pregnant (In like 5 years +) I may even blog about that. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you think your time is up for blogging then just let your readers know with a blog post. Once that is done just close that chapter or keep it open if you are just taking a break. Then it's time for you to start a new chapter I know starting something new can be fun but also daunting. However these new chapters can bring many happy times full of memories and amazing things. 

How long do you think a blog lasts for?


Review | Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter

So as a lot of you may already know if you follow me on my Instagram or watch my videos that I recently picked up this beauty from Whsmiths. I'm sure the majority of you know who this lovely lady is if not I shall briefly introduce you to her. Louise or Sprinkle Of Glitter which most people know her by is a blogger and a YouTuber. She first started off writing a written blog which you can take a look at here and then went on to starting a channel which can be viewed here.

I don't quite know where to start so I'll start with this first of all the images I have chosen I mostly picked at random. This is because if you already own the book then you will know that each page is like a different piece of artwork. If you don't own the book yet then I will tell you why each page or every few pages has a set theme or topic. The design of the pages therefore matches the theme or topic for example the page about "Uploading content" is based upon an image of a computer screen. 

I am in love with the design of the book as I think it really makes the book fun to read. Nowadays many people don't really read books and I think it helps ten times more if the book is appealing itself which this one is. The front of the book has different textures on it which is a really nice touch. The book itself is quite small and what I'd call perfect handbag size. I shall definitely be reading this on the way to work or when I'm travelling. I also really like the additional bookmark string thing that's included because I usually fold the corners of my book over. I won't be doing that to this book so don't worry it's too lovely to ruin!!

I like the fact that each page isn't full of text because that can sometimes become overwhelming. The amount of text is just right and the balance between text and images is perfect. It makes it easy to read all in one go or a little bit at a time. There are six main categories which are all split up into smaller categories. These categories are Inside, Glitz, Create, Need To Knows, All About Love & Ending. Therefore this book is great for almost anyone as there is something for everyone. I myself will be reading the Glitz, Need To Knows and All About Love mostly whilst skimming the others as these categories most appeal to me. 

The age range for this book would probably be 10 years above in my opinion I say above because even my mum enjoyed flicking through it and she's almost 60!! It's definitely a great gift for someone if you know they love Louise and doesn't already own it. I have only skimmed it really so I can't wait to sit down and read a few bits with a cup of tea. 

I'm the type of person who could read a story book over a period of a few days but I have to read these types of books from time to time. For example I was able to read Zoe's Girl Online book in just a few days. Whereas this book and Fleur's The Glam Guide I'd probably read throughout my life coming back to re-read the useful tips for that period of my life. 

Overall I am very pleased with this book as it's injected that litte bit more glitter into my life. I can't wait to fully read it and use the tips, tricks and advice given in the book to improve my own life. I know I will use this book to death whether it's by using the DIY's inside it to improve my room or try some of the anti-baking recipes. I'm especially looking forward to reading the travelling section as you all know how much I love to travel although I don't do it as much as I would like to!!

Do you own the book? What do you think if you do?


Social Media: Private VS Public

As I'm sure most of you already know most of my social media platforms perform two functions interacting with you guys as well as my friends and family. However some of my social media platforms are solely for anything related to my blog or channel. Yes this does mean I have two profiles for some site such as Instagram and Facebook. 

I have to admit running two profiles is bloody hard!! I used to have two twitter profiles one for my personal tweets/family/friends and one to interact with you guys and other bloggers/youtubers. However it got to a point where I hardly used that one so I decided to merge the two and now I just have one. 

Another site I have two profiles for is Instagram this is because the one which most of you follow me on includes lots of posts relating to beauty products etc..Whereas my personal one has lots of photos of family and friends as well as a few selfies here and there. The reason I have two for Instagram is because I put a lot of photos of my nephews up and I like to keep them private and out of the public eye. When I mean public eye I mean they've never been featured on my blog or in a video for their privacy.

I know most bloggers or youtubers have two profiles for different social media platforms and as time goes on they may continue to keep them both or merge them or just end up having one. I know in time I will probably adjust to having one profile for each platform which makes it a lot easier to update etc...

Here are some of my tips for running two profiles:
- Update both regularly
- Spend time on each profile interacting with people 
- Check which profile you are on before you upload something (mistakes can happen!)
- Set a different theme for each profile (I.e. one may be solely beauty and the other lifestyle) 
- Think carefully before you decide to merge or delete a profile

There are many reasons why a person may decide to make their social media public or private. For instance I have decided to make my Facebook page public as you guys can go over and see all the latest updates from me. Whereas my actual FB profile is private I like to keep things like that for myself, family and friends. I have a few blogger friends on it but I don't have any readers or viewers because some of the things I post are just private. 

I would recommend those who want to keep their blog or youtube channels quiet creating a separate account. However as time goes on and more people know as well as you feeling more comfortable merge the two accounts. This is because it's 10x easier to run one profile than it is two trust me I know. I forget to post on my personal Instagram all the time but I don't want to merge them so at the moment I'm kind of stuck. 

Do you have two profiles for some social media platforms? or one?


Video | Morning Routine Summer 2015

Today's video is the sixth video in my July series. It's my Summer Morning Routine 2015 this was so much fun to film and put together so I hope you enjoy it!! For this series I'm going to be uploading a video every other day for the whole of July. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and give the video a THUMBS UP if you did in fact like it. 


Zoella Tutti Fruity Collection First Impressions

So I was a bit cheeky yesterday and I popped into Superdrug for a "browse" but came out with a few things including these beautiful beauty products from the lovely Zoella. I'm sure the majority of you know who Zoe is so I won't bore you with all the details except that she has brought out a new beauty range for the Summer called Tutti Fruity. 

I was super excited for this as soon as I found out and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of the products. So I ended up buying three of the products which are the shower gel, body mist and the body lotion. I also thought that I would do my first impressions in a blog post as I often do them over on my channel so I thought I would mix it up a bit. 

Much like the first range the packaging of this is very similar except from the colours and design. I really love the colours of it as it screams Summer to me the packaging itself is well made and definitely a great product to take away with you. This is because I'm 100% sure it won't leak into your suitcase as it has a seal on the inside as well as the lid which clicks into place making it hard to open. 

The body lotion itself looks intriguing to me as it's not like any other body lotion I've seen. This one has beads inside it too whereas other body lotions usually just have the lotion. I really like the idea of using these beads as it also slightly exfoliates your skin as well as soothing and moisturising it. I'm very excited to try this as I've never tried any of Zoe's body lotions so it will be interesting trying it out. 

The next product I picked up is the body mist which I just had to get as I love her first one. Like I said in my most recent video talking about my perfume collection which you can watch here the scent of this is much more summery which makes it perfect for this time of year. I love how Zoe has kept the same sort of packaging but changed the colour and design of it. The bottle itself is very easy to transport as it's small enough to fit in most bags. I love the colours chosen for it as this sort of blue is one of my favourite colours. I have a feeling this will be one of my most used sprays this summer as the scent is so fresh and it smells so good!!

Again I'm going to start by talking about the design and packaging I love how they all match one and another but they're unique as well. The bottle itself is tall and slim which makes it a great travelling product as it saves quite a lot of space. The fact that it's a "foaming" gel makes it a product that will last a long time as you will only need to use a little bit. It's also a really lightweight product which means that you could take two away with you if you're going to  be gone a long time and it would hardly affect your allowance. The gel is a pretty pearly pinky purple colour which reminds me of sea shells. I just think this is such a pretty product and brightens any bathroom up instantly.

Overall I really love this range as I loved Zoe's previous range. The pricing is perfect as it's a reasonable price for the quality and amount you get. I can't wait to try all of these out and I will be feeding back to you whether it's through another blog post or a video so keep an eye out for that. 

Have you tired any of these products out?


Wishlist | Zoella Beauty

So as you probably all know by now unless you don't follow Zoe she has recently launched a new collection within her beauty range. I really loved her first collection and I am yet to purchase anything from her second one. I thought I'd put together this wishlist which is  a combination of her new and old products. 

This is because if it's on my blog it will be like a constant reminder for me as I often forget to pick up things when I'm in store. I don't know if it's just me but as a blogger I often re-read past posts or go through my blog on a regular basis. Therefore I'm always seeing things on here that I should have picked up ages ago haha.

New Products

Old Products

Have you tried any of these products?


Video | Summer Make-Up with Elza Rydell

Today's video is the third video in my July series. In today's video I share with you my current Summer Make-Up. This is a collab with Elza Rydell.  For this series I'm going to be uploading a video every other day for the whole of July. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and give the video a THUMBS UP if you did in fact like it. 

Elza's Video
Channel - Eliza Rydell

How to be a motivated blogger

As a blogger I go through phases where I'm really into blogging and then it's like I almost can't be bothered to. I know being motivated to blog can be really hard especially if it's a hobby and you have school or a job as well to contend with. In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you some ways to stay motivated.

If you don't feel like blogging then don't
There's nothing worst than blogging when you don't feel like doing it. I've always said if I don't want to blog that day then I won't pressure myself to. I feel like if I did blog on a day like this the quality wouldn't be as good as it normally is and I would just be rambling on. I also feel that if I pressured myself to blog then I would lose my blogging ethic as it would become something I had to do and not want to do.

Find inspiration
I always find I'm more motivated to blog once I've read other peoples blog posts. I like to find a few new blogs to read each month so that my blog dashboard is always filled with the most recent posts from bloggers. This is important as although there's many new blogs popping up all the time there's also lots not being used anymore. I also like to go through my readers lists every few months and unfollow the blogs which aren't active anymore.

Talk to fellow bloggers
This one is a great way to become motivated as you can motivate each other. Finding other bloggers is easy if you use Twitter or Instagram I usually use the #bblogger #lblogger or #fblogger depending on the type of blogger I want to find. Once I've found them I will reach out to them and build a friendship with them. If I'm having an off day I will message them and just talk about blogging. This motivates me because I see what plans they have for their blog and it makes me want to work on my own plans.

Plan future blog posts
I always find if I plan for something then I become excited about it. For example, if I write down 10 possible future blog posts I'm more likely to write about them. I'm a planner and I like to be organised so by doing this I can see how I can put it together and make it happen. This can be done on your phone or a diary that you carry around with you. I usually write potential blog posts on my phone as I'm on it so much anyways. 


Video | First impressions Maybelline & Collection

Today's video is the second video in my July series I thought that I would try out some new products in today's video.  For this series I'm going to be uploading a video every other day for the whole of July. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and give the video a THUMBS UP if you did in fact like it. 


My Most Popular Blog Post Ever

Yes this blog post which I wrote on the 12th February 2015 is my most popular blog post ever. Well excluding a give-away I held a while back it has over 400 reads I guess that this post ranks first place for many reasons.

- It was current when I wrote the blog post in fact I was one of the first people to write a review on Fleur's book. A trick to blogging especially traffic wise would be to write about something current or that has just happened. More people are likely to engage with it instead of something that happened ten years ago. 

- The book itself has been written by a fellow blogger/YouTuber who has worked very hard in her blogging career. I find that if you talk about things which are relevant to your niche such as youtubers, beauty, lifestyle, or fashion then you are more likely to be seen by others. 

- Social media played a big part in this. I tweeted the link to the blog post as soon as it went live I even mentioned Fleur in the tweet who then replied to the tweet which was a total fan girl moment for me. It's always worth tagging the people who you have written about in your tweets as you can get noticed and your blog can benefit from that. 

- In this case I made sure not to give the game away by telling you all about the book front to back. I just included some details making the book still a mystery to some. This is always important in this kind of post as you don't want to say what the books fully about as each individual needs to find this out by themselves. 

- As well as tweeting it once I had uploaded it I also made sure to continue the promoting of the blog post for a little while. This is because I could see this blog post becoming popular so I put a lot of time and effort into making sure that a lot of people saw it. 


Video | My Flight Essentials

Today's video is the first video in my July series. I thought I'd kick start the series off with My Flight Essentials as loads of people are going away at the moment. For this series I'm going to be uploading a video every other day for the whole of July. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and give the video a THUMBS UP if you did in fact like it.