Dear Christmas

Dear Christmas, 
I know you are so far but yet so close to us I wish you were here tomorrow. Please be good to me this year as I haven't had an easy year. I'm going to New York City this year I have wanted to go there ever since I was a little girl. Christmas is my favourite time of year I just love it and always will. I can't wait to experience all of the sights, smells and people in NYC as I need a break from my every day life. 

As I get older I care less and less about presents more about who I have around me to support and look out for me. Sometimes life can throw you massive obstacles that you would never think you could overcome. I have to admit this year was probably one of the worst years yet I have battled constantly with my anxiety and each day I think it's getting better it proves me wrong. 

I am writing this imaginary letter because somewhere somehow I believe that this could be heard. I just want to have a good Christmas like I have had for the past 19 years. You may think this is silly me writing a letter like this because it's for little kids right? Christmas is for everyone both old and young and I think I will always love it.

I hope you bring me a breath of life so that I can come back from New York refreshed and ready for 2016. This year has tested me in many ways and I have often broken down I could have done so much more with this year. Yet with all of the obstacles I have had put in place I think I have done pretty well for myself. 

There are many things I wouldn't change about this year yet there are so many I would. From the beauty products I wasted money on and have never used to the friends I have let go. I am a different person to who I was last time this year yet I am still me in many ways. I hope that you bring me happiness, joy, laughter and maybe even love. Although that's not my top priority finding myself again would be top. 

This year has taught me a lot and I believe I have found myself in many ways but also lost myself at the same time. I need to fix this anxiety problem because it will only cause me more problems in the future. How do you go about addressing a thing that many people think is "not a real problem". I've tried many things to try and solve it and they each work for a short period of time until something happens where I'm pushed to my limits. 

All I want is a Christmas where I can enjoy the now and not the past or future. I want a Christmas where it snows so I can feel like a little girl once again. I want a Christmas where I don't have to worry about other things I can just enjoy that wonderful feeling you get. I want to listen to Christmas songs on repeat all day every day until I get sick of them. 

So please Christmas be good to me as I really need it this year more than ever. I am now old enough to understand how thing's work and having an amazing Christmas would really mean a lot to me. Even if it's full of small gestures and not big ones I'd be grateful. 

Asia xo


Video | My Adoption Story Part 3 Overall Decision & Q&A

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing you with you my latest video which went up on Wednesday which is all about my adoption series part 3. As you will already know this topic is very personal but I am happy to talk about it. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

Previous adoption blogposts/videos:


Wishlist | Mid-week #12 Autumn Beauty

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you some beauty products that I would love to pick up this Autumn. Hopefully I'll pick a few of these items up here and there on various pay days. I'm sure you will find out if I do as I'll update you guys whether it's in a blog post or a video. What are your must have Autumn products this year?



Video | How I Edit My Thumbnails 2015

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing you with you my latest video which is all about how I edit my thumbnails for my videos with the use of Picmonkey. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

7 Things You Need This Autumn/Winter

Hey everyone and happy Monday in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you seven things that you definitely need this Autumn. I thought I would do this as we are very close to Autumn/Fall and I have to say I am so excited for it this year. I can't wait for crunchy leaves on the floor, the smell just after it's rained & a new playlist.

First of all you need this particular body lotion because it's so moisturising and so reasonable. I have it myself and I have to say it's probably one of the best moisturisers I've ever used and I'm not just saying that because it's Zoe's. It drys in a relatively quick amount of time depending on how much you use. However your skin is smooth for such a long time afterwards and smells amazing.

As I'm sure most of you know during the Winter we tend to go from BB creams to foundations as they have more coverage and are a bit more heavier. Don't ask me why but it's just the way it goes in the world of make-up. This particular foundation is great for coverage as well as leaving you with a dewy look which I know some of us love. It's also quite light on your skin which is a bonus in my opinion as I'm not a big fan of heavy foundations I quite like ones that are medium or nothing at all.

Our lips always get cracked, sore and red during the Winter so why not treat them to a beauty treatment in a way every day and night. I always use the Nivea lip butters during the colder months as they are so soothing and moisturising. I especially use loads before I go to sleep at night as I often wake up with dry lips. However when I use this my lips are smooth and soft when I wake up. Therefore already placing a barrier for the day ahead.

Although this highlighter is quite expensive it's the best one that I've ever used. I only have a travel size at the moment however I will probably use it again as I really love it. You only have to use a small amount which means that it will last ages. It's definitely worth the money as I've been using it ages and there's still loads left. You can definitely wear it during the day or night as it adds that sparkle to your look.

This perfume is great for the Autumn/Winter as it's a strong scent which we usually go for during these months instead of a floral light scent. I have probably had this perfume for a few months now but I use it all the time as it's so convenient to carry around with me. I can definitely see myself wearing it a lot during this year as It's such a great smell. It sort of smells like a guys scent which I quite like don't ask me why but I do ahaha.

Wearing a red lip during the winter months is like wearing clothes outside, brushing your teeth every day or checking your social media in the morning it's natural. So I can't not write this blog post and not include a red lipstick this one in particular is a red/plum colour which I adore. I also love the Kate Moss Rimmel 01 lipstick however that has a more orange tone to it in my opinion but it's still a great lipstick. I have made a promise to myself to wear more lipstick this year as I usually stick to lip glosses or lip crayons so wish me luck on that. 

The last thing you will need this Winter/Autumn is this waterproof mascara as it's both useful during the Summer when you go in the pool or sea as well as during these months when it rains a lot. I can't rave about this enough as it's my favourite mascara at the moment. It gives you so much volume and you can build it up to increase the length of your lashes. 

So those are my top 7 things that you need this Autumn/Winter let me know if you try any of them out and any of your thoughts. I cannot wait for Autumn to come I wish it was tomorrow that's how excited I am!!


The Sunday Topic No.9 Rookie Blue

First of all I should probably apologise for not writing "The Sunday Topic" post last week. As you all know I was away camping so I wasn't able to prepare a TST before I went away. These blog posts actually take me a long time to write as I like to include a lot of information. However I will be able to write this series over the next few weeks as I'm not going away anywhere. 

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be.

Rookie Blue
This TV series is an American based cop program that follows the lives of five new rookies as in new cops. It's based in Toronto, Canada where they face day to day tasks and life and death situations. There are currently 6 seasons which follow the lives of the rookies both at work as well as at home. Each episode is brilliant and there's often a shock or two. We see new faces in each season and grow to love or hate them all they all have an important part in division 15. 

The Good
Rookie Blue is one of the most exciting cop programs for me as I'm in love with any cop program. However because this is fictional the story lines are often exciting to watch. Not to say that these scenarios haven't happened or won't happen in real life the program itself isn't based on true life events. There's so much love and friendship in the program that you genuinely grow to love the characters as if they were real people. 

The Bad
I guess the only bad things are that I have to wait ages between seasons as it's often aired in the USA/Canada first and then the UK. Also it's hard to see your favourite characters leave the series but you kind of grow a thick skin as people you love leave most things so you kind of just have to get over it. 

How long have I been watching for?
I have watched it ever since it started however I think I was late on the bandwagon and I ended up watching seasons 1-4 all in one go on Sky Go (Life saver!) I can't quite remember how I stumbled across it but I'm so glad that I did because it's such a good program. I always sequel when my favourite people get together as a couple or I get upset when one of them gets hurt. Not like crying upset but more like oh no why did this happen to them!

Where I see Rookie Blue in 5 years time
I could honestly see Rookie Blue going on for another four series which would make it ten series in total. It definitely has the legs to go that far it's just whether the writers/producers take it that far. Much like Greys Anatomy, CSI NY or Desperate Housewives they were/are great TV shows that lasted ages and I could see Rookie Blue being exactly the same as it has a strong fan base which continues to grow. 



Glamping 2015 | My Experience

So as many of you will know I went to Cornwall last week I was supposed to go Saturday to Thursday or Friday but I actually went from Saturday to Wednesday. We went to the north of Cornwall to a place called Welcombe near Bude. I have been to Cornwall before except I went to the south last time near Plymouth. 

Glamping (glamorous camping) is a slightly more comfy than normal camping however you do still have the same experience if you were going normal camping. The only difference is that the bathrooms are slightly nicer, you have beds or mattresses to sleep on and you have a proper kitchen with fridges and ovens to cook with. You also have electricity which you probably wouldn't normally have if you went camping.

We stayed at a camp called Koa Tree Camp which was based on a working farm. As you can see from the photos above we stayed in what looks like a tent it's actually called a Bell Tent. There were other forms of accommodation such as log cabins and yurts. There were various animals roaming around such as goats and chickens. I could also see numerous cows from my tent in the fields next door.

Food/communal areas As you can see from the pictures above there were various communal areas such as the kitchen, dining/living room and bathrooms. Lets start with the kitchen everyone who went there had their own fridge and cupboard to put their food in. The cupboards and fridges were named after your tent, log cabin or yurt name. For example, one of them was called "Mumbles" as well as this the kitchen was fully equipped with cutlery, bowels, cups, plates, pots, pans, kitchen utensils etc...There were also various kitchen appliances such as a coffee machine and toasters. 

The cooking part was down to you obviously you only cooked for your family unless you invited others to join. We often had American pancakes for breakfast which were delicious!! The kitchen/dining/living room bit was always busy as people came and went as they pleased. The only rule that was there really was clean up after yourself if  you made a cup of tea make sure to wash the cup out after you were finished. We had a lot of BBQ's one night we had a paella then another night we went out to the pub which was nice but the food was okay. 

During the day we did various things such as going to the beach and to an amusements park called The Milky Way. Which was amazing for my brothers and his friends who are all around 12. There was only a one fee entry and then everything inside was free there were lots of different things to do such as roller coasters, live shows, live shows, rides and then they had like wear'em outs too. We also spent some days just chilling out, reading books and chatted to other people there.

Overall Thoughts
I really enjoyed Glamping and I'd definitely go again it was something different. It was really peaceful especially in the mornings and it was just what I needed. I would probably stay in a different accommodation such as a yurt as they're much warmer and more comfortable when you have lots of people staying in the same tent. 

I actually thought that I wouldn't like camping as it's totally not my thing but I actually enjoyed it a lot. I would love it if someone my age would be there next time as there wasn't this time but I still enjoyed it. I would try to go when the weather will be good as it's 10x better then instead of in the rain. 


Five Things Friday 21.08.15

Sorry I didn't upload a Five Things Friday last week I was away as you guys know and I didn't have time to prepare one before I went away. I am back now though and I haven't got any travel plans in the near future at the moment. 

So I thought that I would start this series called Five things Friday now it's not like I just made it up myself I've seen many bloggers do exactly the same post but on their blog. If you haven't already guessed what it is then I'll let the cat out of the bag every Friday I'm going to be looking back on my week and sharing with you guys five good things that happened that week. I think that it's such a lovely way to keep a mini record of my life as you often forget those little things that happen on a daily basis.


The first thing is long car journeys as you would have known from my social media, videos or blog I have been in Cornwall over the past few days. It took us over seven hours on the way there and just over four on the way back. So I guess I've picked up a few tips for when I go on long car journeys in the future. Here are some of my tips make sure you have lots of snacks, have at least two drinks with you, create a good playlist, have a blanket, wear comfy clothes & take travel sickness tablets if you are prone to travel sickness. 

As you will all know I suffer with anxiety especially travel anxiety so I decided to take two travel sickness tablets both on the way there and the way back. These helped me a  lot and I managed to complete both journeys feeling fine which was a bonus. I also advice that you have at least one stop if you are travelling for a long period of time to go to the toilet and eat. 


Last night and the night before I have been watching cop programs like there's no tomorrow. I absolutely love them especially the ones based around motorways or cars. I don't know but I've always loved cop programs ever since I was around 13/14 I especially love the program Police Interceptors. I also like watching them to increase my knowledge on driving therefore I hope I never get into a horrible crash like the ones I see on the program. 

I will happily sit and watch cop programs continuously every night as I like them that much although I have to say I have watched many repeats. I get excited when I see adverts for new series and I have to remind myself when it starts so I don't miss it haha. 


As you will know I've been Glamping over the past few days in Cornwall and the one thing I loved the most was how peaceful it was. I was able to focus on myself for 10 minutes without the hassle of getting on a bus or going here or there. This is very important as we often forget to take care of ourselves mentally as well as physically. 

Glamping was also great for learning to interact with others again. This may sound stupid but when you go glamping you often meet people you've never met before. Therefore you're testing your social skills once again as in our everyday life we usually just talk to people we've already made that connection with. I met so many lovely new people who were all welcoming and helped out when I had any queries or problems. 

Also TV related I have been loving Life On Marbs although it's rubbish tv in comparison to OITNB or Gossip girl it's a great program. I have been loving Natalie "The Duchess" the most as she isn't afraid to say what she thinks. I really do hope she starts her own blog as her style is so in and she always looks fabulous. 

I have to admit I am addicted to Life on Marbs even though some people would find it awful to watch. It is very like TOWIE (The only way is Essex) as I think it's produced by the same company. However this one is based in Marbella so there's a lot more sun, sea and partying.

Last of all is having relaxing days the days where you do nothing but read books, watch TV, DVDs or YouTube. I love these days as they are important in restoring yourself in order to make sure you have enough energy for your next busy day. Today as in Friday 21st today I am spending the day at home watching movies, catching up on blog related stuff, seeing family and chilling out. 

Believe it or not Glamping or camping is actually quite tiring as you don't get that much sleep. Well I didn't maybe six or seven hours a night and then you wake up early because everyone else does. The days seemed much longer than usual for some reason as I guess some days we just lounged around and bonded with the other people at the camp site. But more on that tomorrow when I upload my Glamping blog post.


Glamping Packing List Part 3

This was supposed to go up on Monday but I forgot so sorry about that! As some of you will know I went away for a week to Cornwall on a glamping trip. I thought that I would come up with a packing list so that it could help any of you if you ever go glamping. I'm going to be splitting this up into three different posts based on lifestyle (travel essentials etc..), beauty & fashion.

In part three I'm going to be giving you a clothing packing list similar to the one gone with so that you know what to pack if you ever go away on a similar trip. 

5x Black or white stringy tops
1x Blue jeans
1x Black jeans
2x Tracksuit/jogging bottoms
Enough underwear for your time there (pants, bras etc...)
2x Casual nighttime dresses
2x Day dresses
Flip flops
Pumps (optional)
Converse  (optional)
1x PJS 
Layers (tops, leggings, thick tights etc...)
Various tops
2x Jumper/hoodies

If you have to bring your own
Blanket/sleeping bag
Extra fluffy blanket


Glamping Packing List Part 2

I know today's blog post is supposed to be a the Sunday Topic post however as I've been super busy preparing for this week away I have had to pre-write all my blog posts for the next week. I just haven't had time to write a TST this week as I've been non-stop. 

As some of you will know I'm going away for a week to Cornwall on a glamping trip. I thought that I would come up with a packing list so that it could help any of you if you ever go glamping. I'm going to be splitting this up into three different posts based on lifestyle (travel essentials etc..), beauty & fashion. 

Part two of my packing list is based around all things beauty from make-up to sun cream. You may need it all so here's a list to help you out. I decided to split it into two make-up then other beauty products.

Sun cream
Body Wash
Body Scrub
Sanitary Towels (just in case)
Hair brush
Perfume or body spray
Toothbrush & toothpaste 

Foundation or bb cream
Setting powder
Nail varnish
Eyelash curlers
Lip stick, lip gloss or lip crayon
Face brush
Blush brush
Powder brush


Glamping Packing List Part 1

As some of you will know I'm going away for a week to Cornwall on a glamping trip. I thought that I would come up with a packing list so that it could help any of you if you ever go glamping. I'm going to be splitting this up into three different posts based on lifestyle (travel essentials etc..), beauty & fashion.

This first blog post is all about lifestyle products that you would take such as a diary or book. I'm just going to be listing these because it's much easier than going into too much detail. Also because I have lots to do before I go away on Saturday. We are travelling down by car so these are the items I'm most likely going to take with me to get me through the four hour long journey.

Small bag
Chewing gum
iPad or iPhone or both
Books or magazines
Coloring pad + colour pencils 
Travel sickness tablets
External charger
Spare glasses or sunglasses
Nail polish (only if you don't get motion sickness)
Notepad + pen


Wishlist | Mid-Week #11 Asda Homewear

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you some homewear items that I'd love to pick up from Asda to add to my room. As you probably already know I'm always looking for ways to update & add to my room. I always like to add new things to my room every other month or so even if it's just one thing. 



The Sunday Topic No.8 YouTube

First of all I should probably apologise for not writing "The Sunday Topic" post in a while. These particular blog posts actually take me a while to write as I often write loads. I've also been super busy with many things hence why I haven't kept up this series every weekend. It just so happens every past Sunday I've been doing something which has meant I haven't had five minutes to myself.

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be. 

I'm sure by now the majority of you know what YouTube is if not then I shall give you a brief insight into it. It is essentially a video platform where people can either post videos through their own channel or watch videos. You can either have an account or not you don't need to have an account to watch anything. However you do need an account if you want to contribute to someone's channel by subscribing to them, commenting on their videos or liking them.

The good
There are many good aspects of YouTube such as being able to capture amazing moments such as a birth of a baby or a baby's first birthday. As well as this YouTube can connect people from around the world a while back I saw a news article which was about a set of twins finding each other through YouTube. It turns out they were both adopted from the same place then they were separated because they went back to different countries. Through YouTube one girl recognised this other girl and began to dig deeper turns out it was her twin sister from the same orphanage. 

YouTube is also great for boosting people's confidence as many people become inspired by those who have uploaded videos. Also the people who upload the videos themselves build confidence as they get great feedback from their videos. 

The bad
As like many things YouTube has bad in it and I have to say the bad is awful sometimes. When I mean bad I mean the comments mostly I've seen so many awful comments which I wouldn't want to repeat. However some of them are just so despicable and it's almost a case of bullying to an extent. What frustrates me the most is that people wouldn't dare say those things to someone's face. 

Just because they're behind the screen they think they can be vile and bully someone and have no consequences for it. I get that YouTube wouldn't be able to control the problem as it's probably massive even for them. However I do believe that YouTube should be a place for happiness not aggression, anger and hateful words.

A few of my favourite YouTubers
So recently I've discovered many new YouTubers who I'd like to share with you. Of course I love the main YouTubers such as Zoella, Sprinkle Of Glitter, Aspyn Ovard etc..However I'm going to be sharing with you some of the underrated YouTubers that I watch.

- Hanxrenee 
- LorenShannon5 
- KatesBeautyStation
- Bitsandclips
- The Michalaks
- Bonnie Hoellein
- If The Stiletto Fits

My YouTube journey
As most of you will know my YouTube channel turned 1 years old on June 16th 2015. Which means my official YouTube journey started on June 16th 2014 however I had made a couple of videos previous to that date. I always count that date as my official starting date as that's when I started taking YouTube seriously. Since then I've made over 98 videos however 98 are shown on my channel as I have deleted quite a few. 

Since then I have made many changes to my channel, videos, editing style, background of my videos & the way I act in videos. I've obviously become a lot more confident in myself which you can see as in the beginning I was so quiet in my videos and now you can't shut me up haha. I have honestly loved every minute of it and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have gone from uploading once a week to twice a week and even trying out uploading every other day for a month.

Where I see my channel in 5 years time
Of course I'd be lying if I said I didn't want my channel to be a lot more popular. However I'd still like it to have some of the roots that it has now. I'm hoping that as I gain more subscribers I don't become horrible and all about the numbers etc...I don't think that I will as I love interacting with you guys and numbers are just a number yes it's exciting but it's not a thing to lose yourself over.

I'd also love to see myself creating the same sort of content that I do now as I enjoy all the videos that I put up. They're a great balance of fun, exciting and serious I'm definitely going to keep going with some of the series that I do already. Such as monthly favourites, Q&A's and Top 5 series I really enjoy doing these and I hope I still make them in 5 years time. 

I would also like to see the quality of my channel is higher such as the camera that I use, the lighting, editing software and the graphic design. This is because as you go through a journey whatever it may be you should always try to be the best that you can even in your YouTube journey.

Video | How I Film & Edit 2015

Today's video is all about how I film and edit my videos. I hope you like it as much as I do as it was fun to film and edit as well. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.


Different Ways To Relax

Hello everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you a few different ways that you can relax. As the school/college & university season is fast approaching us here in the UK I thought that it's a good time to upload something like this. 

Listen to your favourite song
Read a book
Watch your favourite TV show
Talk to a family member or friend
Write a book or a poem
Start a blog
Take a nap
Spend hours on social media
Eat what you want
Put a face mask on
Tidy your room up
Sort through your room 
Watch YouTube
Watch Netflix
Go for a walk or run (in the rain is good as well)
Work out
Plan things for the future

What are your favourite ways to relax?


Five Things Friday 07.08.15

I haven't uploaded one of these posts in a while. As explained in a previous blog post I've been slacking on blog posts recently. But have no fear I am back and bigger than ever hence the return of Five Things Friday!!

So I thought that I would start this series called Five things Friday now it's not like I just made it up myself I've seen many bloggers do exactly the same post but on their blog. If you haven't already guessed what it is then I'll let the cat out of the bag every Friday I'm going to be looking back on my week and sharing with you guys five good things that happened that week. I think that it's such a lovely way to keep a mini record of my life as you often forget those little things that happen on a daily basis.

First of all is driving so since I last mentioned driving I have come a long way. I am almost ready to take my test however there's a few things that are holding me up such as my steering, doing things quickly and controlling the car when I'm on the road. When I mean control the car I mean keeping to the left of the road by the road markings. This is because when you learn to drive you are told to keep to the left nearer the edge of the road line instead the middle of the road line (the one that separates the left and right side of the road).

I actually find it quite hard to do this as I can't seem to keep the wheel of the car straight. Seems silly I know. But the steering wheel is really sensitive and any movements or dragging of the wheel will obviously change where the car is. My driving instructor has told me that if I keep dragging the wheel and the car kind of moves left and right instead of straight I will fail. This slightly scares me as I've also been told many other ways I could fail my test. 

Anyways moving on swiftly I am enjoying my lessons at the moment and I hope to pass by the end of this or next month depending on my progression. I will definitely keep you updated like I have done from the start and I may even do a video on it in the future.

Next is blogging as you may have seen I have changed my blog design and my blog schedule. This as I have mentioned already in this blog post is because I've been struggling to find motivation to blog recently. So by making these changes I feel like I have injected a new lease of life into my blog which I love. I have already had some fantastic feedback from you guys and I'm happy that I did decide to make these changes. 

If you are a blogger you will know that you are constantly spending your time updating and improving the quality of your blog. This is actually really time consuming as you are trying to write blog posts as well as improving your blog at the same time. Seems easy I know but it's actually quite hard as you have to conduct your own market research and then adapt your blog from there. 

On Tuesday which was the 4th of August it was my works 1 year anniversary. I work in a  bubble tea shop in London which is quite different but it's definitely a lot of fun. I was actually working that day so I got to see all of my colleagues who came in and said hello throughout the day. The first 100 customers received a cupcake with their drink which the staff also got to have as well. They were so yummy a bit tiny but delicious so worth that one bite (literally).

So as it was our 1 year anniversary it also meant that I had been working at this place for a year which is quite an achievement. I have loved every minute of it both good and bad and I will be sad to leave whenever I do. I have made friends for life and our team of staff are like one big family. As we say once you're apart of our family you're always a part of our family!!
Last Sunday (I know it's not this week but it almost was so I'll take it) one of my closest friends came over and we ordered some take out and just spend the day catching up and watching movies. I had such a lovely day even though we didn't do much you don't always have to do things with friends outside of your home. A day at home with food, drinks, films and chatting is just as fun even more so. We hadn't seen each other for about a month because we had both been so busy so this whole day was well deserved and one we will remember for a while.

The last thing is also food because this week I have eaten really badly. I mean 2x take away, crisps, sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks, alcohol (Okay not such a bad thing but I don't usually drink it) & lots of tea (also not a bad thing but it can be bad if u drink loads). So next week I must try to eat better whether I do or not we'll see because I may just be eating the same as this which is bad bad bad. Usually I'm not a bad eater I make sure to eat lots of fruit and vedgetables however I've been kinda stressed lately so my healthy eating has gone out the window.


Wishlist | Mid-Week #10 Milani Cosmetics

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you another mid-week wishlist. Yes it's back if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know I did this series every week earlier this year. However I got really busy with exams etc...so I wasn't able to do it. But have no fear from now on every Wednesday I shall be uploading a wishlist of some sort. 

This week I have chosen to pick Milani cosmetics which I don't own any of. First of all I adore the packaging as I think that it looks high-end when the prices are quite reasonable. Milani cosmetics are a USA brand so that means that you can only really buy them on their website or from Amazon.

What is your favourite product?


Review | Zoella Blissful Mistful VS Let's Spritz

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!! In today's blog post I thought that I would compare Zoe's first and second body mist. I thought that this would be a good post to do as I haven't seen a comparison between these two before. As most of you know who Zoe is I won't go into detail I'll just scrap the edges. Zoe is a blogger and youtuber based in Brighton, UK she mainly features beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts/videos. 

In 2014 Zoe launched her first beauty range which features products such as her fizz bar, creamy madly dreamy, soak opera, blissful mistful and her range of beauty bags. The whole range was a huge success and sold out within ours I can remember not being able to get a hold of any of the products for a good few weeks.

However in July of this year Zoe launched the second edition to her beauty collection. This collection was called Tutti Fruity which was very fitting as it was released during the Summer months. Again much like the first series this one sold out just as quickly. However I was able to get my hands on some of the products quite quickly this time as I had made it my mission to. This collection featured products such as candy cream, scrubbing me softly, kissy missy, foam sweet foam and let's spritz as well as a fizz bar and cosmetic purse. 

First of all is Blissful Mistful which is from Zoe's first beauty range. As you can see I haven't used this a lot because quite frankly I don't need to. What I mean is when you use this spray you don't need to spray loads to get the full effect which is great. I really love this spray as it's a mist so it lasts longer well in my opinion it does. The pricing is great as it's really affordable and great to pop in your handbag. 

The scent is quite strong so I recommend it being used in the evening rather than the day. However it can be used for either one depending on your preference. As you can see from the images above the packaging is quite simple but still capturing at the same time. The design for this one is a rose gold theme which I adore as it's such a pretty colour. 

The second body mist is from Zoe's second beauty range Tutti Fruity. This one is called Lets Spritz and I have to say the packaging is my favourite out of the two. This is because blue and purple are two of my favourite colours. I just love the way that the blue matches the purple so perfectly and of course the lace detail at the back is super pretty.

This body mist smells like Spring/Summer in a bottle that's the only way to describe it for me. It's such a floral, flirty and fresh scent which is perfect for a daytime date!! This particular one would suit the day better however like I said before it can also be worn during the night depending on what you like. 

- They're both amazing quality for the price that you pay
- Blissful Mistful is best during the evening or date night
- Let's Spritz is great during the day or day date
- Both have similar packaging although Let's Spritz is prettier in my opinion
- I use Let's Spritz more however I still love Blissful Mistful just as much
- I'd happily buy another body mist from Zoe if brings more out 
- They would be a great gift for someone
- They fit perfectly in most hand bags as they're not too big or small


A Fresh Start Well Kind Of

First of all NO I am not deleting or abandoning this blog!! However you may have noticed I have changed the design of it. This is because for a few weeks now I've been lets just say less willing to blog than usual. Hence why I haven't been posting that frequently I thought that by getting a new blog design it may encourage me to blog more. Already I can feel the excitement of blogging again as I am so in love with my new design which you can buy here.

So from now on you can definitely expect to see more blog posts from me. I have been updating my blog for ages now just little tweaks here and there and I am still continuing to do this. I am a bit of an obsessive person when it comes to my blog everything has to be perfect for me. 

I'd love to know what kind of blog posts you love most and which ones you want to see more of. Also I'd love to collab with other bloggers more on here so if you would like to collab with me then just pop me a direct message either on twitter or instagram.