Glamping Packing List Part 3

This was supposed to go up on Monday but I forgot so sorry about that! As some of you will know I went away for a week to Cornwall on a glamping trip. I thought that I would come up with a packing list so that it could help any of you if you ever go glamping. I'm going to be splitting this up into three different posts based on lifestyle (travel essentials etc..), beauty & fashion.

In part three I'm going to be giving you a clothing packing list similar to the one gone with so that you know what to pack if you ever go away on a similar trip. 

5x Black or white stringy tops
1x Blue jeans
1x Black jeans
2x Tracksuit/jogging bottoms
Enough underwear for your time there (pants, bras etc...)
2x Casual nighttime dresses
2x Day dresses
Flip flops
Pumps (optional)
Converse  (optional)
1x PJS 
Layers (tops, leggings, thick tights etc...)
Various tops
2x Jumper/hoodies

If you have to bring your own
Blanket/sleeping bag
Extra fluffy blanket

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