7 Things You Need This Autumn/Winter

Hey everyone and happy Monday in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you seven things that you definitely need this Autumn. I thought I would do this as we are very close to Autumn/Fall and I have to say I am so excited for it this year. I can't wait for crunchy leaves on the floor, the smell just after it's rained & a new playlist.

First of all you need this particular body lotion because it's so moisturising and so reasonable. I have it myself and I have to say it's probably one of the best moisturisers I've ever used and I'm not just saying that because it's Zoe's. It drys in a relatively quick amount of time depending on how much you use. However your skin is smooth for such a long time afterwards and smells amazing.

As I'm sure most of you know during the Winter we tend to go from BB creams to foundations as they have more coverage and are a bit more heavier. Don't ask me why but it's just the way it goes in the world of make-up. This particular foundation is great for coverage as well as leaving you with a dewy look which I know some of us love. It's also quite light on your skin which is a bonus in my opinion as I'm not a big fan of heavy foundations I quite like ones that are medium or nothing at all.

Our lips always get cracked, sore and red during the Winter so why not treat them to a beauty treatment in a way every day and night. I always use the Nivea lip butters during the colder months as they are so soothing and moisturising. I especially use loads before I go to sleep at night as I often wake up with dry lips. However when I use this my lips are smooth and soft when I wake up. Therefore already placing a barrier for the day ahead.

Although this highlighter is quite expensive it's the best one that I've ever used. I only have a travel size at the moment however I will probably use it again as I really love it. You only have to use a small amount which means that it will last ages. It's definitely worth the money as I've been using it ages and there's still loads left. You can definitely wear it during the day or night as it adds that sparkle to your look.

This perfume is great for the Autumn/Winter as it's a strong scent which we usually go for during these months instead of a floral light scent. I have probably had this perfume for a few months now but I use it all the time as it's so convenient to carry around with me. I can definitely see myself wearing it a lot during this year as It's such a great smell. It sort of smells like a guys scent which I quite like don't ask me why but I do ahaha.

Wearing a red lip during the winter months is like wearing clothes outside, brushing your teeth every day or checking your social media in the morning it's natural. So I can't not write this blog post and not include a red lipstick this one in particular is a red/plum colour which I adore. I also love the Kate Moss Rimmel 01 lipstick however that has a more orange tone to it in my opinion but it's still a great lipstick. I have made a promise to myself to wear more lipstick this year as I usually stick to lip glosses or lip crayons so wish me luck on that. 

The last thing you will need this Winter/Autumn is this waterproof mascara as it's both useful during the Summer when you go in the pool or sea as well as during these months when it rains a lot. I can't rave about this enough as it's my favourite mascara at the moment. It gives you so much volume and you can build it up to increase the length of your lashes. 

So those are my top 7 things that you need this Autumn/Winter let me know if you try any of them out and any of your thoughts. I cannot wait for Autumn to come I wish it was tomorrow that's how excited I am!!

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