The Sunday Topic No.10 Autumn/Fall

So we all know how bad I am at writing The Sunday Topic each week I mean I go through phases. I sometimes write it every week for a good few weeks then something comes up and I fall off the train track and I don't write one for ages. In this case I haven't written one for over a month oops..So I'm not going to promise that I will write one each week now I will just see how it goes if I do then great if not then sorry!!

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be.

I've decided to write about this topic in particular this weekend because Autumn is creeping in quickly. We are now approaching the end of September which I'm quite happy about as I'm so excited for Autumn/Winter this year. I can't wait to sip endless cups of tea, have a warm blanket whilst getting lost in a good book, wear big scarfs etc... 

The Good
I always think Autumn is a great time to work on yourself we always have more time inside as the weather can be a bit temperamental. Therefore we can work on our minds more whether this is by reading a new book every week, writing a story or doing meditation. However it's also a good time to love yourself I always like to go on walks alone with a calming playlist and just think things through. I like to do this in the rain which may sound weird but it helps me think more. 

Autumn is also a sign that Winter is near and that we don't have to worry about our diets over the Christmas period (my favourite part!!) I also think Autumn is a perfect time for an adventure well I mean adventures are good all year round but something about Autumn makes them more appealing. Maybe it's discovering a new part of your town/city/country or simply going out with no plans. 

The Bad
I guess the bad thing would be the weather I mean it does stop us from doing lots of things but it also means we get to do others that we wouldn't necessarily do during the Summer months. As well as this more people become grumpier easier I mean if it's raining and it's a Monday I'm always like UHH hurry up end end already I want the weekend aha.

My Autumn Plans
So far this Autumn I plan to see as many of my friends as possible and I have told myself I must try and do something every weekend instead of staying at home. I think that this will be successful as I have planned things for the next few weeks but we shall see how that goes. I also want to focus on my blog/channel again and just make sure everything is the way I want it to be. People don't realise writing a blog or running a channel is a 24/7 thing. I also want to take more photos like landscape ones as I love love re-blogging these on Tumblr.

My Autumn Advice
Try and do something every weekend instead of spending your whole weekend revising or doing homework (That's if you're in school, college or uni!). Whether it's a friends birthday or just popping to the corner shop get out of the house and enjoy the Autumn weather. Don't forget tomorrow could be the best day of your life you don't know....


Life Always Comes First

I guess you are probably wondering where I have been over these past few days. Well this last week has just been a bad one if I'm honest. It started off with a bad driving lesson which doesn't sound too bad however it made me feel like every time I take 3 steps forward I then take 560 back!! It was that bad I felt like I was going to cry I don't know if anyone else is like me but I feel so pressured sometimes when it comes to driving. 

Then something that happened at work which put me under pressure. I was also constantly battling with my anxiety this week which is the worst when everything happens at once. Therefore I put my blog/channel on the back burner because it is a hobby for me and my life always comes first. 

It's important to take time off from blogging or making videos whether this is planned or unplanned both are fine!! I often take breaks from them both otherwise I lose inspiration or I feel like I'm forcing myself to blog or make a video. I have no problem with this as I have a mutual understanding with you guys my readers/viewers. I also try to inform you guys whenever I can't upload or something goes wrong. I do this because I want to be an interactive blogger/youtuber who doesn't leave you guys in the dark. 

I am getting myself back on track so that next week I can come back and upload content for you guys both on here and on my channel. When things go wrong in life you have to take a step back, breath and then deal with whatever's happened. There's no point in stressing out otherwise more things will go wrong (I need to tell myself this more!). 

I will definitely be uploading a blog post tomorrow however I won't be uploading a video as my lighting was pants this week and I'd rather wait until both studio lights are working. I will hopefully be uploading a video on Tuesday & Wednesday!! 


Video/Review | #FleurDeForceBeauty First Impressions

Hello everyone happy Sunday today's blog post/video is quite special as I am going to be giving my first impressions on Fleur De Force's new beauty range. As most of you will know I am a huge fan of her and I have been for a long time earlier on this year I did a review on her book which you can read or re-read here. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

If you don't know who Fleur is then she is a British based beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogger/youtuber. Her blog is always being updated with all of the latest must have beauty or fashion trends. I love watching her videos as they never fail to make me smile. I don't know why but something about Fleur always relaxes me so whenever I feel anxious I watch her videos. 

Her beauty range includes an eye shadow quad, a make-up bag and six lip glosses. The lip glosses all have such lovely names such as Little Star, Written In The Stars, Starry Starry Night, Starlight, Lucky Star and Seeing Stars. Of course if you know Fleur then you will know how obsessed she is with stars which you can see from the branding of the products, her blog and YouTube channel. 

I managed to pick up the make-up bag, three of the lip glosses (Starry Starry Night, Written In The Stars and Lucky Star) and a the mirror which came free. I am absolutely in love with all of the things that I got. As you can see from the video the lip glosses are extremely pigmented and they are true to the colour of the packaging which makes me love them even more. 

Lip Glosses
- Stay true to their colour
- Easy to apply
- Good range of colours
- Highly pigmented
- Cute names
- Simple but striking packaging
- Easy to pop in your handbag!!

Make-Up Bag
- Great size
- Easy to collapse 
- Fake leather effect 
- Easy to clean as the inside is easy to wipe

I would recommend these products to anyone who is looking to treat themselves or someone else. They are perfect for stocking fillers YES I know it's early to be thinking about Christmas but before we know it will be here!! The prices are pretty reasonable considering that some lip glosses are way more expensive and pretty rubbish in my opinion. 

What do you think of Fleur's beauty range?



Things I'm Looking Forward To This Autumn

Hey everyone I thought that I would do this blog post again as I did the same one last year which you all seemed to love. You can re-read that blog post here if you would like. If you have been reading my blog or watching my videos for a long time then you will know that Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year. I thought that I would share with you some of the things that I'm most looking forward to this year in particular. 

- Re-reading Girl Online so that I'm ready to read the second book in the series which comes out pretty soon
- Hot chocolates with marshmallows
- Sitting on the sofa with a blanket, snacks and a cup of tea ready for a movie marathon
- Buying new candles
- Wearing red lipstick
- Blankets and books
- Hot bubble baths
- Hot chai tea
- Apple or berry pie
- Walking in the rain (It clears my head)
- The refreshing breeze
- Eating a crisp red apple
- Wearing big scarfs
- Endless amounts of TEA
- The sound of leaves crunching

Of course Autumn is so much more but these are just a few things this year that I am looking forward too. I absolutely love London in Autumn but at Christmas it's something special. 


Video | Chatty Autumn/Winter Inspired Make-Up Tutorial

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing you with you a Autumn/Winter inspired make-up look where I also chatted along the way. This was the first time I've done a chatty make-up tutorial but I enjoyed it quite a bit actually. I think I may even do more of them in the future. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

Wishlist | Mid-Week #15 Books

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you some books that I would like to pick up this Autumn/Winter. I always find reading a book more enjoyable during these months. If it's a rainy day I like to find myself a cosy spot in my home with a cup of tea and maybe some background music and just get lost in a book. I have to admit I prefer holding a book physically and reading it rather than using a kindle, iPhone or my iPad. 



Current Playlist

Hey everyone happy Monday today in London it's raining which is no surprise as it rains all the time here. In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you my current playlist as I forgot to upload one of these blog posts for August and it's already September. 

Dirty Work - Austin Mahone
What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber
Glitterball - Sigma ft.Ella Henderson
Don't Be So Hard On Yourself - Jess Glynne
21 - Hunter Hayes
Can't feel my face - The Weekend
How Deep Is Your Love - Calvin Harris ft.Disciples
Fight Song - Rachel Platten
Let It Go - James Bay
Hold Back The River - James Bay
Wild - Troye Sivan 
Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan
The Night Is Still Young - Nicki Minaj
Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield 
Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift
Bad Girls - MKTO


5 questions I have about Girl Online: On Tour

Hello everyone in today's blog post I thought that I would share with you guys some questions that I've been having about the second book Zoe (aka Zoella) will be bringing out this October. I really enjoyed the first book which was called "Girl Online" however the second one is called "Girl Online: On Tour". 

If you are reading this blog post then you have probably read the first book so I won't go into too much detail about it however I thought I'd pop the blurb in so that we can all refresh our minds:

"Penny has a secret.

Under the alias Girl Online, Penny blogs her hidden feelings about friendship, boys, high school drama, her crazy family, and the panic attacks that have begun to take over her life. When things go from bad to worse, her family whisks her away to New York, where she meets Noah, a gorgeous, guitar-strumming American. Suddenly Penny is falling in love - and capturing every moment of it on her blog.

But Noah has a secret, too, one that threatens to ruin Penny's cover - and her closest friendship - forever."

And here's the blurb from the second book which has me asking all these questions:

"Penny's bags are packed. 

When Noah invites Penny on his European music tour, she can't wait to spend time with her rock-god-tastic boyfriend.

But, between Noah's jam-packed schedule, less-than-welcoming bandmates and threatening messages from jealous fans, Penny wonders whether she's really cut out for life on tour. She can't help but miss her family, her best friend Elliot . . . and her blog, Girl Online.

Can Penny learn to balance life and love on the road, or will she lose everything in pursuit of the perfect summer?"

1. Will Elliot stick by her side?
We all know how supportive and close Penny and Elliot are but some parts of the book I swear Elliot is on his period. I mean it's no secret boys definitely go through the period motions one minute their fine and then the next their all angry for no reason. I have experienced this many times and although boys physically do not have periods they certainly have them mentally. I would love to say that Elliot and Penny remain close friends however I have my doubts as he does seem a bit temperamental especially when he's not physically near Penny. 

Do you remember when  he flipped out because Penny wrote about something on her blog before she told him? Well us girls sometimes find it easier to express our feelings to people we don't know than to someone we are so close to. I mean it's the same for guys in a way they would rather not express their feelings than sit in a room full of girls talking about their problems. 

So why did he get so pissed I mean if he was her friend he would have just been like okay I understand. This is why I think we haven't seen the end of Elliot's tantrums which I have to admit I'm excited to see what happens next it always makes a book interesting to read. 

2. Does Noah have any more secrets to hide?
So the major secret Noah kept from Penny in the first book was that he was this major rock star. I mean that is a pretty big secret so little secrets are easy to hide right? It just makes me think that we haven't seen the end of Noah's past. I believe that there may be a few more secrets that might pop up in the next book that could test their relationship. 

We all know that rock stars are known for having a few girlfriends in the past so I wonder whether an old flame will pop up. Although Penny is gorgeous there will always be someone who is better so this could put their relationship to the test. 

3. What's going to happen to Penny's mum & dad's wedding-planning business? 
As we discovered in the first book Pennys mum and dad run a wedding-planning business called "To Have and to Hold". We also found out that they got a big break when they had to cater a wedding in New York City during the Christmas period. This is also how Penny met Noah and the rest is history really. So my questions are now that they have successfully pulled off a big wedding what will come next for them? 

Will they cater more for weddings in England or America? Does this mean that they will eventually move to America? If they move to America because there are better people to cater for over there will Penny move with them? Will Penny plan to take over the business or will she become a big blogger? 

4. Will Penny start a YouTube channel?
Okay so we all know Zoe first started out writing a written blog before she moved onto having a YouTube channel so I want to know if she will portray Penny to do this as well. By the middle of the book Penny's blog is pretty big by then having over 300 comments on her "Fear" blog post so by the end of the book it must be pretty big. Especially after all of the publicity she got for writing about Brooklyn Boy aka Noah.

I do have my doubts about this one as it's very easy to portray a blogger in a book like Zoe has done you can just write as if you are writing a blog post. However describing you filming a video may be a little harder so I'm unsure whether Zoe has decided that Penny will take upon running a YouTube channel too. 

5. Will Penny change because of her new found fame?
Either way Penny is no longer the average teenage girl from Brighton, England I mean she's dating a famous rock star and now her blog has blown up from all the publicity. So I wonder whether she will remain the same Penny or whether a little fame may get to her head? We all know at some point in someone's career fame gets to their head a bit and I'm just wondering whether Penny will remain down to earth or not. 

We all know that Zoe hasn't had it easy at some points in her career having lots of haters and a lot of publicity which isn't always in her favor. I'm wondering whether she will portray some of this in the second book so we as her followers/supporters understand how tough it has been at times. I have to admit I would find this extremely interesting as it just makes you realise at the end of the day Zoe is only human too and she does face a lot of hardship along with a lot more support and love. 

So those are just a few of my theories and thoughts for Girl Online: On Tour of course I have a load more however I'd be here all year telling you guys about them. Let me know some of your theories do you agree with mine or not? I just thought it would be a fun and interesting blog post to write up so I hope you enjoy reading it. 


Wishlist | Mid-Week #14 H&M Homeware

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you some homeware items that would be great for Autumn/Winter this year. I've always loved H&M's homeware items they are always so reasonably priced but also of a high quality.  I'd have to say the wire basket and the chevron duvet set are my favourite. 



Video | Natural Make-Up Look A/W 2015

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing you with you my latest video which went up on Sunday. In this video I show you my latest make-up look which is a natural based look for Autumn/Winter 2015. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

Fashion | Primark & H&M at Selfridges!!

HEY! Happy Monday all you lovely people I'm so sorry I've been a bit mia on my blog over this past week I've just had loads going on. Sometimes it's a lot easier to film a video, edit and upload it instead of sitting down to write a blog post. However in many ways I value blog posts a lot more. 

Today's blog post is all about Selfridges mainly the one in London which has a street fashion section that features Primark & H&M. You are probably thinking what? Well the boutiques for these shops within Selfridges only stock the top items from each clothing store. Therefore you can find the most popular and up to date items without having the hassle of the hustle and bustle of rushing around Primark or queuing up in H&M for ages. 

You may be thinking that because these clothing brands are in Selfridges they cost a bomb well I'm here to tell you NO they don't!! They are normal shop price which is what makes it even more brilliant. I went in there today and I was surprised with the great variety and pricing of the clothing items. I really enjoyed my shopping experience there as it was less busy than the normal shops. 

There are many other stores there such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge, All Saints etc...So I'm sure you will find something you love. If you are ever in London near Oxford Street then definitely go and check it out. The check top I got was from H&M and it was £15 whereas the second top was only £10 from Primark. Of course I wanted to buy it all but I'm trying to be good with spending and I'm trying to save up instead of spend. 


Review | Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

In today's blog post I'm going to be reviewing the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation from Bourjois in the shade beige clair 53. First of all I'm going to be talking about Bourjois themselves. I own a couple of their products such as some of their blushes and this foundation. However I'd love to pick up more of their products especially some of the lip products as they look really good.

This foundation is slightly different to others as it's more of a gel than a liquid which makes it easier to apply in my opinion. The foundation is a light coverage so it's great for natural looks or just day to day wear. The shade itself is quite light on me as you can see from the image above however when it is blended in you can't really tell. 

I actually love the smell of the foundation which is quite a thing way to say but it has a fruity smell which is so much nicer than the normal foundation smell. The foundation says that it does many things such as radiance-boosting & revived complexion. I do actually believe this as I can see my skin looking much healthier since I've been using it. 

The final photos are from my make-up tutorial which is going up tomorrow over on my channel which you can find here. I used this foundation as well as other products which gave me this final look as you can see above. I love how natural it looks but it also looks dewy and glowing which is a great look for Autumn or Winter. 

I would definitely recommend this foundation although it is quite expensive compared to some other brands it's worth it. It's an all round great foundation that you can use either in the day or night. It also lasts a long time so you don't need to keep picking a new one up every week well that's if you don't use it loads.

Have you tried this foundation before? 


Wishlist | Mid-Week #13 New Look A/W 2015

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you some fashion pieces that I would love to pick up this Autumn from New Look. I am loving anything to do with khaki at the moment so picking up the jeans would be great for me. 



Video | Sixth Form Back To School Lookbook 2015

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing you with you my latest video which went up on Sunday. This video is a back to school lookbook for Sixth formers here in the UK. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

It's also a video in collaboration with four beautiful other girls. I have had so much fun collabing with them so make sure to check their videos out & subscribe to them ;)