Five Things Friday 30.10.15

Five things friday 30.10.15
Hey everyone happy Friday I hope you have all had a lovely week and continue to have a great weekend!! I've been super busy this week which will all be explained in this blog post. Which is why I haven't been active much on here, my social media platforms or my YouTube channel.

So I thought that I would start this series called Five things Friday now it's not like I just made it up myself I've seen many bloggers do exactly the same post but on their blog. If you haven't already guessed what it is then I'll let the cat out of the bag every Friday I'm going to be looking back on my week and sharing with you guys five good things that happened that week. I think that it's such a lovely way to keep a mini record of my life as you often forget those little things that happen on a daily basis.

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind in terms of jobs as most of you know I'm currently working at a part time job however I am looking for a permanent job. I am looking for a higher apprenticeship preferably based upon digital marketing. An amazing job came my way and I applied straight away which then lead to an interview all in the same week. I have to admit I was rather nervous for the interview as I haven't had one in a while and it's quiet a big deal. 

However it went really well and I received some feedback almost straight away unfortunately that job has been filled. In many ways it's almost a good thing as I think it wasn't 100% suited for me however they have suggested another role. I'm still waiting to hear back from this one but I'm hoping that it all goes well and I should be one step closer to achieving my goals both short term and long term. This is why I haven't been very active on anything this week as I've been preparing for my interview. 

The second thing this week is all about driving as some of you may or may not know my driving test is fast approaching. Therefore at the moment my lessons are pretty important. As I'm only able to practice driving within these lessons I am trying to get as much out of them as I can. I have to admit I am pretty excited but also nervous for the test as I just want to get it over and done with. Learning to drive is quiet expensive however it will definitely all be worth it when I pass (fingers crossed). 

I am in love with Goggle Box and First Dates which are both shown on Channel 4. Goggle Box is a program where people are filmed watching TV shows. They commentate how they feel and think about each show as they watch it. I have to admit at first I thought what a stupid program but as I'm watching it more and more I'm slightly falling in love with it. It makes me laugh as some of the sentences said are hilarious as obviously everyone has different opinions about everything. 

Another TV show I've been loving is First Dates which is based in a restaurant in London where people go on their first date. It's pretty self explanatory really some people come to the restaurant once and find love where as others come a few times. I think it's such a lovely program as you see people from all walks of life. I have to admit I have a soft spot for programs like this I just love seeing two people having the same feelings for each other. 

I have learnt that this week many people will walk into your life. Some may stay for a while whereas others may stay for only a minute. However all of them are there to teach, show or give you something. Whether or not we know what a persons intentions are I have learnt that you should take everything as it comes. There's no point in living in the past or the future because the past is gone and the future hasn't even arrived. You should live in the here and now because these decisions, actions, thoughts or feelings will affect you most at the moment in time. 

By doing this you can actually live without worrying about what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future. Many things have happened this week which have helped me to realise this. Sometimes we just need to remember what is happening right now and not in an hour. 

I have to admit I don't have a fifth thing for this week so I will have to leave it at four.....


Things To Do At Home This Halloween

Things to do on Halloween 2015

Hello everyone happy Monday I'm here to cheer you up with a blog post if you are like me and you are going to be at home on Halloween then here is a list of things you could do. I thought that I would do this blog post as although lots of people do go out quiet a lot of people still choose to stay at home whether it's by themselves or with a group of friends.

- Watch a movie (Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper, The Adams Family, Monster House & of course any horror movie.)
- Carve a pumpkin 
- Bake some sort of Halloween cake/cupcake/bread
- Hand out candy to kids
- Host a Halloween party
- Play games (Apple bobbing, Donut eating or Mummy wrap)
- Make your own treats (Candy apples etc...)
- Have some friends over, order pizza, play video games, watch movies
- Have a girls night in where you create Halloween based make up looks
- Make some arts and crafts with younger siblings or family members


Asia Jade's 2nd Birthday

How can I forget my blogs birthday I mean AHHHH that is not okay!! Weirdly I looked at the date and then I realised it was my blog's birthday. I know in the blog post I posted earlier I said that I wouldn't be uploading until next week. However it is my blog's birthday so I cannot upload something now can I. I've achieved so many things over these past two years here are some of the things I've done:

- Hit over 40,000 views
- Connected with bloggers around the world
- Made life long blogging friends
- Interacted with some amazing companies which are listed here
- Written about a variety of things
- Inspired people to start their own blog 
- I'm almost at 100 followers on blogger

I cannot thank you all enough for the support and love you have given me both on my blog and channel. It's your support which keeps me blogging and making videos for you guys. I absolutely love writing down my thoughts here on my blog which is like an online diary for me. Although sometimes it does take a lot of effort I do enjoy every minute of it and I love to look back at what I've written in the past. A giveaway will be following in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that!!


Video | Room Tour 2015

In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing you with you my latest video which is a long awaited room tour. I finally did it and filmed a tour of my room for you guys so I hope you enjoy watching it. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.


The Sunday Topic No.11 Disney Films

The Sunday Topic - Disney Films

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be.

Disney Films
The first full Disney film was Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs which took a full three years to complete. This was released in 1937 which took in a lot of sales enabling Walt to purchase some land in California to build the Walt Disney Studios. From this Walt got a taste of what he could create in terms of films.

As we know some of the old movies include Beauty and The Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, The Lion King, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Aladdin, Tarzan, Dumbo and Mulan to name a few. Whereas some of the newest Disney films include Frozen, Big Hero 6, Cinderella, Maleficent, Wreck-It-Ralph, Tangled and Meet The Robinsons.

The Good
Disney films allow us to take our minds off our own lives for a while and be thrown into a completely different life. I always find that Disney films make me happy and cheer me up if I'm having a bad day. I love the array of different characters throughout the movies as you can see different aspects of yourself in each character.

My love for Disney 
As you guys know I am a big Disney fan especially when it comes to the movies. I'm always watching them and I usually watch each one at least ten times (no joke). I'm the type of person who can watch a film over and over again and not get bored of it. Some of the films that I have recorded and that I watch at least once a week are Tangled, Frozen, Wreck-It-Ralph and Beauty and The Beast. I absolutely love those movies and I always put one on if I'm having a bad day. 

Where I see Disney films in the future
I can see the films getting better and better as time goes on however I still love all of the classic movies. If you compare Frozen to Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs you can see the difference clearly. However each and every Disney film is filled with magic they are all enjoyable to watch and I never find them boring unless their directed more towards boys. 

How long will I watch Disney films for?
I honestly see myself watching them for a pretty long time at the moment I'm 19 and I still don't get bored of them. Then when I have my own kids I'll be watching them with them. So I think I will be watching Disney films for a long time as new ones are being released each year. 

A few of my favorite films
- Tangled
- Frozen
- Finding Nemo
- Bedknobs and Broomsticks
- Beauty and The Beast
- Eight Below
- The Emperor's New Groove
- Lilo and Stitch
- Mulan


October Playlist

Hey everyone happy Saturday today I'm back with my monthly playlist where I share with you the songs I've been loving this past month. I love doing this as it allows me in a way to keep a track record of all the songs I've been loving each month therefore I can look back and be like oh yeah I used to love that song. 

Human - Christina Perri
Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne
My Everything - Ariana Grande
Why Try - Ariana Grande
One Call Away - Charlie Puth
Oh My Love - The Score
Levels - Nick Jonas
Where Do You Run - The Score
What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber
Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift 
Better With The Lights Off - New Boyz ft. Chris Brown
Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Bublé
Home To Mama - Justin Bieber ft. Cody Simpson
Easy Love - Sigala
Kiss Me - Olly Murs


Five Things Friday 15.10.15

So I thought that I would start this series called Five things Friday now it's not like I just made it up myself I've seen many bloggers do exactly the same post but on their blog. If you haven't already guessed what it is then I'll let the cat out of the bag every Friday I'm going to be looking back on my week and sharing with you guys five good things that happened that week. I think that it's such a lovely way to keep a mini record of my life as you often forget those little things that happen on a daily basis.

This week seeing as my one and only candle died out I thought I would go and pick some up from H&M homeware. I managed to pick up two candles which are currently burning at this moment in time while I write this blog post. I cannot tell you how homely my room feels right now especially as it's quite chilly outside. Candles just make everything more cosy in my opinion especially during these cold months. I can't wait to start my own candle cupboard and have loads as a back up for when they all finish. 

As some of you will know I am currently taking driving lessons which may soon be over as I have booked my test although I'm keeping a tight lip on the exact date. I've been having good driving lessons recently which always put me in a good mood. I had an especially good driving lesson this week which was two hours long. Two hours driving can seem nothing to a lot of people but a lot to some. 

For me it's a perfect amount although at the moment I am doing one week of a two hour lesson then the next only an hour. I am definitely looking forward to my next one as I'm now just waiting to take my test really all these lessons in the next few weeks are just practice runs for the real thing.

I did a really big clean out of my room this week and I ended up giving loads of clothes away to charity which always makes me feel good. I always feel so much more organised and clear headed once I've had a good clean out I like to do this at least twice a year. I always find things I haven't found in ages as well as things which make me think why did I buy this in the first place. 

Don't you feel much better once you've tied up that pile of clothes in your corner or sorted out the clutter in your bathroom? I do!! I always find it helps me to think a lot better about other things I need to do. However I have to admit I am the type to always leave picking up a pile of clothes or sorting out things to a later date.

This week I've really been trying to get the most out of each day. Whether it's by ticking off things that I've been meaning to do for a while or by pre-writing blog posts for the week. I'm starting to realise that you can get a lot done in your day if you use it correctly. For example, by getting up earlier you can get more things done or by staying up later you can do the same. 

Now that I have more time on my hands as I don't have homework, coursework or revision taking up my time I needed to find other ways to use up that time effectively. Yes writing a blog and running a YouTube channel does take up most of this time. However I also want to find other things to do such as photography which I love. Maybe I could even learn to cook some new dishes which I also love cooking is one of my all time favourite pass times.

The last thing this week would have to be music I know this plays a massive part in everyone's life. But it's played a big part in mine this week I have just loved listening to all types of different songs this week with the help of Spotify. I have discovered so many new songs that I am in love with one being Human by Christina Perri it's such an amazing song. I find it so relaxing finding a great playlist to put on whilst I'm editing a video or writing a blog post. 


Wishlist | YouTube Christmas Gifts

Hey everyone happy Wednesday today I am going to be sharing with you a very early Christmas wishlist which is YouTube based. When I mean YouTube based I mean all of the products in this wishlist have been brought out by YouTubers. I cannot wait to pick some of these out and review them for you guys but it's so hard to pick out the ones I want the most as i want them all!!



A Book Series You Definitely Need To Read

Hello everyone happy Monday I know this will be going up quite late as I've only just sat down to type it up and it's already 10.20 pm oops....How are we all today has been one of those days where each hour has felt like a day. I suppose the fact that I didn't sleep well last night didn't help one bit. In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you a book series that I have loved reading.I've yet to finish the last book Isla and the happily ever after however the first two were amazing and the third is amazing so far!! 

I love to read books although I have to be in the mood to read one. I find now that I have more time on my hands I actually don't read as much as I could. Isn't it funny when I was studying and had lots of homework/coursework/revision to do I'd rather have read a book and now I don't feel up to it at all. I'm going to try and summarize the books without actually giving the story line away. I thought then I'd tell you my opinion on each book seeing as this is sort of a review in a way.

Anna and the French Kiss £5.99 was £6.99
In the first book we are introduced to Anna who has been sent off to boarding school in Paris. Leaving a guy behind she really liked she finds it quiet tough being in Paris without knowing what he's getting up to. However she soon realises what boarding in Paris really means. She discovers herself in a whole new light with the help of a few friends. In the end she meets this really lovely guy who has some problems of his own.

Overall I really liked reading this book and although it was quiet a while ago I remember reading it super fast. What I liked most about the book was the amount of detail for the story line and each character. I really felt like I was a spectator watching the story line unfold from the sidelines. If you love teen romance books then this is definitely one to read although I think it's aimed towards older teens. 

In the second book we meet Lola who works at the movie theater that Anna works at. In a way all of the books overlap each other but they also have their own story lines. Lola is a typical teenage girl in many ways apart from having two fathers which are actually quite funny and made me laugh a few times. She's been dating this older guy for a few months now which her fathers don't agree of. However she's always liked the boy next door who has recently returned. Lets just say it's a pretty darn cute book full of romance, friendship and fun. 

Like the first book I read this one pretty quick too as once I'm in enjoying a book I can't put it down. This one is set in San Francisco which was pretty cool to learn about as throughout the book the city is also portrayed. I've never been to San Fran but it sounds like my type of place!! 

The last book of the series as I have previously mentioned above I have yet to finish. So far I am really enjoying it it's based in three cities New York City, Paris and Barcelona as the main character Isla goes to the same French boarding school that Anna went to. Like the other two books this one features just as much romance which I love to read. It really portrays the ups and downs of young love which again I love to read as I haven't really experienced that yet. 

I am looking forward to getting around and finishing the book when I feel like I'm in the mood. I have picked up the book several times to finish it off but then something else happens and I get distracted. I'm sure the book is equally as good as the others and I will be lost with what to read next as I've been living in a Stephanie Perkins bubble these past few months reading this series. 

Have you read any of Stephanie Perkin's books?


The Sunday Topic No.11 | Investing in YouTubers

The Sunday Topic:
I wanted to start a series that I'm going to be running for the whole year one that's going to inspire people, make people happy and make them realise how beautiful life actually is!! So each Sunday I'm going to be posting a lifestyle post about something. This could be anything from good topics to dark topics that no one ever really talks about. By doing this I hope to open peoples eyes about how beautiful the world is but also how dark and lonely it can be.

Investing In YouTubers
So what do I mean by this well the majority of the big YouTubers these days have brought something of their own out. Whether this is a book, beauty products, homeware or music for instance. I'm sure everyone who watches YouTube and supports someone has brought something from at least one YouTuber. It could be a poster from Jim Chapman, body spray from Zoella or a song from Troye Sivan. 

The Good
Obviously investing in YouTubers benefits them as they get money but most of all it supports them and shows them how much you love them. As well as this it enables you as a person to connect with others as you realise they love and watch the same people you do. Whether you can see this from their instagram profile or they just tweeted they brought the latest product from Zoella. 

I think that this is great in today's society as we can then build friendships upon it. Many people build friendships upon books, films, TV shows and now the YouTubers that they watch. I think that this is pretty cool as once you build a friendship upon something like this you are likely to remain friends for a long time. I've made many friends through our common interest in a YouTuber and I've remained friends with them over the few years I've been on this whole internet world.

The Bad
I guess the only bad thing would be spending too much at once or buying something you would never use just because your favourite YouTuber brought it out. I always try to buy things within reason so for instance I'll pick one or two of the products that I really want then purchase the others at a later date. My advice would be not to buy all of them if you really cannot afford them because you may struggle with finances later in the month. I've done this many times and then I think to myself did I really need that I could have spent that on something more practical like a school book or something.

My Thoughts
I think it's great that they are able to create their own products or things as it shows how far we have come in the world. I love that various YouTubers have created different things so that there's a variety for everyone. I love to see all of the new things that are coming out and I especially love to make wishlists on them. I think wishlists are a great thing to make as they encourage you for example if you make a wishlist and say every time I do all my homework before it's due in I get to pick one thing off of it to buy. 

Will I Continue To Invest In YouTubers?
The answer is yes I will continue to invest in the YouTubers that I love but within reason. Just because they are bringing out new products I won't be purchasing each and every one just a couple each time. Otherwise I will be broke and also I'll have too many products/things I won't know what to do with aha. I definitely still want to support all my favourite YouTubers and I am slowly working my way through the products and things that I already own so that I make sure to use them and not leave them sitting on the shelf. 


Review | £4 Primark candle review

You probably would have seen this candle in the back of my videos if you watch them. It was only £4 from Primark although it looks a lot more expensive. I've almost finished it which is a shame as I actually really liked it. I thought that I would do a review on it as who knew candles from Primark of all places would be as good as this one. 

So where do I start how about with the packaging like I said above this candle looks like it's more expensive than it actually is. I love the whole utility look the lid is great for placing the candle on top of so that it doesn't sit directly on top of any surface. 

It says that it has approximately 30 hour of burn time which to be honest I haven't been keeping track of. However I do remember that it has been used many times over a long period of time maybe over a month and a half.  The scent is white cardamom and sage which I can only describe as the smell of a certain flower although I don't know which one. 

I love this candle because it's quite a safe candle except the glass holder does get quite hot if the candle has been on for a long time. The scent isn't too overwhelming which I like as some candles can give you a headache after a while. I think that for only £4 it's a great candle to have sadly I went into a few Primark's over the last few weeks and I couldn't find it. 


5 Lipsticks You Need This A/W 2015

So I am back well when I mean that I mean I'm sorry that I haven't uploaded a blog post all week I've just been busy really. You all know that last week was a pretty rubbish week for me so I took the following week to get myself back together in a way. I made sure that I looked after myself properly this week by getting enough sleep and eating enough food. 

Hopefully this week I'll be a bit more organised and I will be able to get a few more blog posts up than last week (no promises though). I've kind of lost my mojo when it comes to writing my blog I just find it extremely tiring at times but then again at others I absolutely love it. 

Today's blog post is all about my recommended Autumn/Winter lipsticks for 2015. I have picked out five of my top lipsticks to share with you because these are like my go-to lipsticks during these months. As you can probably tell I love a good Rimmel lipstick I think that they are so reasonably priced as well as being good quality products. 

Ted Baker
I actually got this lipstick in a Christmas gift box one year and I didn't actually start using it until this year. It's probably the richest red out of all of them as the other have hints of different colours in them. I really like the square packaging as it adds a futuristic look it's your typical red lip lipstick so it would be great for that office party. 

Rimmel 077 Asia 
I did not get this lipstick because it has the same name as me I swear. Well I sort of did but who doesn't do that even if the thing is not useful to us or we will never use it again. This lipstick is a perfect nude for these months as it has a hint of purple and pink in it. It goes well with pretty much everything which means that it's a great lipstick to keep in your bag for those emergency situations.

Rimmel 016 Heart breaker
As you can see out of all of the lipsticks this one is the one that has been most used. This is your typical berry colour although there are other shades within the range which are darker this one is a great one to use. I think they must have re-branded their lipstick names as I can't find this one but I love to wear this one on really Autumnal days. 

Rimmel 01 Kate Moss
This 01 by Kate Moss looks like your typical red lipstick and it is however it does have a hint of orange to it if you hold it up in daylight. It's probably the lipstick out of all of these that would make a statement as it is that bold and will catch anyone's eye. 

Collection 01 Prohabition
Last of all is the lipstick from Collection or Collection 2000 if you remember when it was called that. This one much like the lipstick from Ted Baker and the 01 from Rimmel is a red lipstick. However this one is slightly darker than the others and leans towards the berry side slightly. I love the packaging as I think it looks more expensive than it actually is. 

So those are my top 5 lipsticks for the upcoming months all of these are very reasonably priced except from the Ted Baker one which may be more expensive. Like I've said before I got that one in a Christmas gift set so I don't actually know how much it costed.