A Few Of My Favourite Outfits | Part One

Hey guys if you follow me on Instagram then you will know recently I decided to start a whole new theme and start my Instagram from scratch. I did this because I wanted to incorporate a lot more fashion photos as I really do love styling different outfits. For today's blog post I thought that I would share some of these outfits with you and explain when I would wear them and where the items come from. 

Day out with the girls
If I'm going out with my girl friends maybe to a cute cafe or restaurant even just to shop I always like to make some sort of an effort just in case we take photos. I have always been a huge fan of skater dresses mainly because they suit me a lot. I find them so flattering as they complement you in all the right places also they are super comfy to wear to!! Obviously you can wear this outfit in any season if you just add a long sleeve top underneath your dress and maybe some tights to keep your legs warm. 

Hat - H&M
Dress - H&M
Boots - Kurt Geiger

A dinner date/birthday meal
I have always been the type of girl who will choose an outfit that is comfy even if it is on a night out!! This particular dress is one of those dresses that is comfy as well as appropriate for an occasion like this. I love the length of it as you know you won't embarrass yourself if you fall over for example. The shoes for me provide just the right amount of height as they aren't too small or too high that I can't even walk in them. You can really have any hairstyle with this outfit as the majority of them will complement it well. I chose a bun as I thought that it looked quite elegant and I don't usually have my hair up when I go out. 

Dress - H&M
Shoes - New Look

A family day/trip to the beach
The playsuit itself can be dressed up or down however I decided to dress it down for this particular day. I loved pairing it with converse which turns the outfit from dressed up to down immediately and a simple plain tee-shirt. It would definitely be a great outfit to wear to the beach as it is fun and cute in my opinion. I can't wait to wear this in the summer possibly with a plait or beachy waves. 

Playsuit - Miss Guided
Top - Hollister
Shoes - Converse

A Day Date
This outfit would be perfect for a day date whether it's just a walk in the park, a trip to the zoo or a casual lunch date. It's casual but it certainly looks like you made an effort which is always a good look on a date. You can pair the dress up with a belt if you would like I usually have a small black one as it draws attention to your waist. 

Floppy hat - H&M 
Dress - New Look
Boots - New Look

That is part one of this outfit series part two will be up later on during the week I hope you liked it as I loved talking about something different. I really want to focus more on fashion this year both on my blog, YouTube channel and Instagram profile. 


5 Thing's You Could Do This Weekend

Hey guys sorry I haven't  written a blog post in a while I've been super busy this week. But I am posting today on a Saturday instead of a Friday I thought that I would give you some ideas as to what you could do on a weekend. 

Start a blog
People always ask me how to start a blog and before I actually started my first ever one I did a lot of research. I always think the weekend is a good time to start a blog as you more time on your hands to conduct research, plan and then create one. People think that blogging is a simple thing but it actually isn't a lot of things go into it. The best way to start a blog is by deciding what type of blog you want write. If you are thinking of writing a blog here are a few examples of the best ones that I follow:

Watch a new TV series
As I'm more of a home person anyways I like to watch TV shows as do many people. A great thing to do on the weekend is to scroll through Netflix, Sky Go, Amazon Prime etc...in search of a new show to watch. I always think it's fun to start a new series of with a friend or family members as you always have something to talk about. Some of my favourite TV shows are:

Greys Anatomy
First Dates
Prison Break
Silent Witness

Go for a walk
I have probably mentioned this many times on my blog as it is something I like to do a lot especially when I need some thinking time. It may seem like the easiest thing to do but I hardly get the chance as I'm rushing to and from work to different places. I really love to go for a walk just listening to music and thinking. I don't need to talk to anyone or pay any attention really unless I'm crossing the road. Apart from that I can just think about things that are on my mind and try to clear it in a sense. 

This is something that was extremely popular last year and I think will be this year to! I have at least two different colouring books and I find it so relaxing just to sit down with a cup of tea with some calming music and just colour. I have to admit I am definitely one of those people who has to colour within the lines. Have you got any colouring books? If so which ones as I'd love to pick up more I did see a Harry Potter themed one which I may pick up....

Learn a new recipe
Something else I love doing in my spare time is cooking although I don't do it nearly as much as I'd like to. I am more of a meal person when it comes to cooking instead of baking cakes, cookies or cupcakes. I really love delving into different cook books and discovering new starters and mains to try and test out. 

As I have a pretty busy lifestyle I always like finding recipe's that are quick and easy to prepare as well as tasty to eat. I bought one of my brothers Donal Skehan's cookery books for Christmas and I wish that I had picked one up for myself to because it looks like a pretty good cookery book. I already have many books from Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay which I go back and forth.


Wishlist | Pretty Little Thing

Hello everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you a shop that I have recently discovered which is Pretty Little Thing it has some pretty amazing clothes all at reasonable prices!! I really cannot wait to pick up some of these as they would suit my style and I know I would wear them a lot. By following loads of fashion based Instagram profiles I have discovered so many new places to buy clothes so I recommend doing this!



Video | Morning Routine 2016

Hey everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you my latest video which is my morning routine for 2016. I hope you liked it as it took me ages to film and edit but I'm pretty impressed with the outcome!! If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.


Primark Candles

Hey guys in today's blog post I thought that I would share with you my love for Primark candles. Yes I know they cannot compare to a Yankee candle however they are just as good in my opinion. Ever since I discovered the beauty of Primark's candles I haven't bought a single Yankee candle.

Personally I think that Yankee candles are over priced for what they are which initially a candle! The candles from Primark range from £1-£7 roughly and I have loved every single one that I have owned. I often go in there to top up my candle collection and this time I came out with three of their new ones. As you can see they are all of a reasonable price and size for what you are given. 

The scent that they give of is equally as strong as any Yankee candle of course Yankee candles are stronger slightly but these do the job that they are supposed to do. I love the designs of them as each one has carefully been thought out. As the seasons change so to does Primark's candle range if you have yet to buy your first candle from there then I highly recommend that you do. 

Reasons why you should pick up a Primark candle:
- Cheap and reasonable 
- Cute pots to keep afterwards 
- You can pick up more than one at a time as it won't break your bank account!
- They last a really good amount of time


Wishlist | New Look

Hello everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you a New Look wishlist. Recently I've been really into fashion especially fashion based Instagram accounts which I shall be sharing with you in a few days time!! Pay day isn't that far away so I'd love to pick up at least two of these items!



Video | Primark Homeware Haul

Hey everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you my latest video which is a Primark homeware haul. I went into Primark to pick up something else and I actually came out with all of this....ooops!! If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

Christmas Holiday 2015 Round Up

Hey everyone happy Monday I hope that you are having a lovely day!! Today is the final day of any blog post in relation to my Christmas holiday 2015. I thought that I would put all of my videos & blog posts from the holiday into one blog post because it may be a lot easier for some of you.


Blog posts:

I'm so pleased with the response I've had from all of you both with my blog posts and videos of my holiday. I'm so happy that I actually kept a record of what happened this time as I can look back on it and remember what really happened. I can't wait for you all to see what else I have planned for this year and I hope you stick with me throughout this journey as it's been amazing so far!!


Christmas Holiday Part 8 (New York City)

Me on Christmas Day 2015
911 Memorial
Hey guys happy Sunday today is the last blog post in my holiday series which is a bittersweet thing. I say bitter because obviously it means the end of these blog posts however it's a sweet thing because it means I can blog about other things for you guys. Today's blog post is going to be my last two days in New York which consist of Christmas day and then Boxing day which is the day I flew home.

So Christmas day itself wasn't very eventful as I wasn't feeling well all day I had a really bad cold and I found it really hard to breath. Mum, Nan and I went on a bus tour around the city we saw many places. We got off at the 911 memorial where we spent a bit of time reflecting on what had happened. It was something I have never experienced before as it was both beautiful and sad. I say beautiful because the design of the whole thing is breathtaking and sad because of what had happened in the first place. 
7th Avenue
Central Park/W59 Street near The Plaza Hotel
After the bus tour ride we went to a restaurant to have a meal together as a family we all had different things. I had a burger which isn't your typical Christmas day dinner but it was still yummy at the same time. It's not the first Christmas day I haven't had a traditional roast dinner so I was quite happy with my meal. We then went back to the hotel my Mum and Nan had a rest before they went to go and see Lord Of The Dance on Broadway. 

It was definitely not my thing so I was quite happy to stay in the hotel room as I was feeling rotten anyways. I sat and watched lots of films and rested a lot as I hadn't been sleeping much since we got to New York. My Mum and Nan brought me back some ice cream which was delicious and something I needed at the point.  
View of Times Square from our hotel terrace
View of NYC on the flight back home
The next day was Boxing day which was our final day in New York City our flight was around 6pm so we didn't actually leave the city until around 4pm. We spent a lot of the day hanging around in the hotel lobby just relaxing really and having a good old chat. I said good bye to Natasha and co which was quite sad as I had really bonded with them and their families who are all lovely as well. 

We landed back in London at around 6am and the next few days I got really bad jet lag which lasted for well over a week!! Eventually I was back to my old routine but I had big holiday blues and looking back on the holiday now I had an amazing time. So that's it that is my holiday it was a pretty darn good one if I must say. I'm going to share a few tips I picked up on this trip as it might help you out.

- Pack sea sickness tablets even if you are a good traveler the sea can be rough at times!
- Structure your day otherwise you can spend it doing nothing
- Bring things to do i.e books, ipad, music etc...
- Balance out your eating because otherwise you'll eat every single minute of the day
- If you want to make friends then do there is no harm in going up to someone and saying "Hi" everyone is thinking the same thing.

New York City:
- Be prepared to pay lots of tips when you are at restaurants
- The price that is on the label isn't the final price as tax is always added on
- Take lots of cash as you will be charged to use your card in another country 
- They do a lot of things differently to us like the way you pay with your card which confused me at first

Those are just a few things I picked up over the 10 days I was away I am so thankful to have gone on this trip as I know it was quite an expensive one to go on. I shall always remember the things that happened because there was a lot of fun and laughter involved in it. 


Christmas Holiday Part 7 (New York City)

The Rockefeller Center
Hey guys I'm sorry that this blog post is going up on Saturday instead of Friday. I was rather busy yesterday and pretty tired so I skipped blogging for the day as I just wanted to rest really. In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you my second full day in the big apple. 

This day is was actually Christmas Eve which I had already planned to do things with the group of friends that I had made on the cruise. Before I met up with them I had breakfast with my Nan and Mum then I helped my mum with booking our seats on our flight home which turned out to be a long process. 

The boys then met Natasha and co (Including me) at our hotel as they were staying just around the corner in a different hotel. We had decided through a group chat that we were going to go ice skating at The Rockefeller Center which was literally a five minute walk from our hotel. However when we got there it was like $42 to ice skate and the rink was quite small so we then decided to head on over to Central Park which again wasn't that far away.

Ice Skating in Central Park
Luckily the ice skating at Central Park wasn't that expensive and it had no time limit on it which was pretty cool. Unfortunately Natasha and co had to go and see The Lion King in the afternoon which is exciting obviously but it meant that we could only skate for a little while. 

I can't quite remember the last time I skated but I wasn't as bad as I thought that I would be. I had a really great time and I'd love to go again with my friends here in London as there are quite a few ice rinks around. I have to admit when I see people fall right in front of me it really puts me off but luckily I didn't fall once which I was pretty impressed with. 

Group photo on the hotel terrace
I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas Eve and that was just the beginning. After an hour or so on the ice we headed back to the hotel as the others needed to go to their show. On the way back we made a pit stop at Subway which I have to admit isn't my thing but everyone else loved it. I had decided to hang out with the boys for the day as my Mum and Nan had gone to do something else in the city. 

We had decided to hit the shops as I still needed to pick up something for my Mum and Nan to open on Christmas day and they needed to pick up some presents as well. Fifth Avenue was our chosen destination as the boys both wanted to pop into Hollister as well. I managed to pick up my mum a five year diary which was pretty cool as well as a face mask for her and my Nan. We also managed to look in some of the more luxurious shops such as Armarni, Tiffany's and Valentino. 

After that we walked on over to Central Park again and had a little rest as we had been walking for a long time. We then headed back to the hotel where we bumped into the others again. The hotel Natasha, Jack, Luke, Emily and I were staying in had this amazing terrace which gave you an amazing view of Times Square. 

Pizza Pizza!
We had planned to play one last game of Irish Snap accompanied by some pizza which was bought for us by one of the parents I thought that was such a lovely gesture as we as a group got on so well. As the boy's flight wasn't until later on in the evening we had a couple of hours to just hang out like we would on the cruise before we all went our separate ways. 

The boy's kept calculating how long they had left before they needed to take  a taxi to the airport which all made us laugh. In the end they left around 7ish as their flight was at around 10pm. We were all a bit deflated once they had left as we didn't know when we would all be together again. After that we headed on up to one of the other's hotel rooms where we sat and watched Elf a classic Christmas movie.

We managed to take a lot of photos on our last night which was nice as we didn't take any on the cruise. I honestly couldn't have met a better bunch of people I've been on many holidays and met many people along the way. I have to admit I have hardly kept in contact with a lot of the people I have met on those holidays there are a few who I am very close with but others I haven't spoken to since. 

One last game of Irish snap
Many people have told me that I am a good judge of character which is a good trait to have. So as soon as I got to know each and every one of them I knew that I would be keeping in contact with them for a long time. All of us were on the same level no one was trying to be the leader of the group which was really nice for a change. They are some of the most down to earth people I ever met they just want to have a laugh, make good memories and be successful in life. 

Each and every one of them works so hard at school, sixth form and university. I honestly wish them all the best in life because they are really good people and deserve good things to happen to them. I know that they will be reading this so here's something you guys should know you all have amazing traits that have already defined you as an individual. 

I know you will all be successful in life as you each have that drive to do what you need to do to get to where you want to be. I am so thankful to have met you as I had such a wonderful time and I know in years to come I can come back and re-read these blog posts and remember all the fun we had. 


Video | What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hey everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you all of the things I got for Christmas. I thought that I would do this video as I'm a nosy person and I love to see what everyone else got. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.

Christmas Holiday Part 6 (New York City)

Stardust Diner, Times Square
In today's blog post I am going to be sharing with you what happened on our first whole day in New York. We woke up around 7am as we were used to getting up at that time on the ship. We decided to go to this diner that my mum was recommended as it was also one of the things on her list that she wanted to do. Luckily it was right outside our hotel so it was easy for us to find rather than navigating ourselves  around NYC. 

This particular diner was well known because all the waiters and waitresses wanted to work on Broadway. This was a stepping stone for them in a way as the tips that are put in a specific bucket go towards singing & acting lessons. The way that it works is you go into the restaurant and sit down like normal, order food and then eat your food. 

However there is never a silent moment in the diner as all of the waiters/waitresses take turns singing a song. This can be anything from Frozen to Grease I really loved it as it was a lot different than a normal restaurant. The only thing I would say is that it is very loud and not for those who want a quiet meal!! 

Outside Macy's
After breakfast we headed on down to Times Square to do a bit of shopping where I picked up my friends requested beauty products from Sephora. We then started to walk towards Macy's as that is one of the things my Nan wanted to do. We made a pit stop at Pret A Manger on the way where I had a well deserved hot chocolate. 

Macy's is very similar to John Lewis or Debenhams however there is this whole hype about Macy's especially the one in New York City. I have to admit it wasn't as amazing as I had expected the bottom floor was filled with a lot of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren etc...But I figured out as you explore each floor of the store the further up you go the more run down it looked. 

It was also very crowded when we went as it was only a few days before Christmas. Another downside would be that there wasn't many places to sit down which isn't a problem for me but for my Nan and Mum they like to have a rest for a few minutes sometimes.

Victoria Secret
We then headed on over to Victoria Secret where I bought a few things for my cousins as Christmas/Birthday presents. My Nan also bought me a perfume set as a Christmas gift which was nice as it meant that I would have something to open on Christmas day itself. 

After that we caught a taxi back to our hotel where we picked up some snacks and had a relaxing afternoon in our room. I think that evening we didn't do much as we were all tired. My Nan and I went to go and pick up KFC for us to eat which was yummy but the portions were massive. I stayed in bed and watched some films as I wasn't feeling very well that evening whilst my Nan and Mum went for a walk. 

That is pretty much all we did on the first day which doesn't sound like much but we were all tired from the walk to Macy's which was quite a lot considering my Nan can't walk that fast. Stay tuned for Part 7 which is Chrismas Eve when we did things a lot more exciting in this part. 



Christmas Holiday Part 5 (New York City)

Times Square

Hey guys for today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you day one in New York City which carries on from when we left the ship in the last blog post. We had to go through customs from the boat before we were allowed to grab a taxi and head off into NYC. That was a nightmare but I don't really want to go into that however after we had finished in customs we headed out to find a taxi and head to our hotel. 

In the taxi on the way to the hotel I remember not knowing what to say as I was in awe of my surroundings. New York was a lot bigger in size compared to London whether it was the cars, sidewalks, supermarkets or landscape. It all looked so familiar as I had seen it in many movies/TV shows and YouTube videos. However it was all new at the same time I remember seeing a police car smiling because it was the first time I had seen one. I know it sounds sad but it was so cool to actually be there when I have dreamed about it for so long. 

American School Bus
The Hard Rock Cafe, Times Square

We were staying at the Novotel in Times Square which was a really modern hotel. I loved it as you could see Times Square from the hotel roof terrace as well as from our room. We had quite a big room which had a sofa bed and a double bed as there was three of us. Once we got into our room we sat down for a bit and relaxed as we had all been up for quite a long time. 

Later on in the afternoon we took a walk down to Times Square so that we could see the area we were staying in. Times Square is pretty cool a lot of people compare it to our Piccadilly Circus in London which is near where I work. I have to say I prefer Piccadilly because I've worked around there for over a year now. The two places are very similar they both have massive advertising screens although Times Square has more and they both have lots of shops. 

New York Yellow Taxi
After we looked around we popped into a few shops although we didn't buy anything. We then headed back to the hotel where we also had dinner as we were all so tired we didn't want to go far for food. I had a really nice pizza which I had been craving for a few days and my Mum and Nan had a caesar salad with chicken. 

We didn't do much after that except unpack a bit and then watch a movie. We had all decided to get an early night so that we could get up early the next day and spend it exploring NYC. Part 6 of my Christmas holiday series will be uploaded on Wednesday so make sure to keep and eye out for that.


Christmas Holiday 2015 Part 4 (Cruise)

Hey guys for today's blog post I am going to be sharing with you days 7-8 which are the last days on the cruise. I'm sad to have finished this part as it was fun to write about. However I can't wait for you guys to see all of my New York City blog posts. I'm also glad that I could look back on this in a few years time and really remember how it went. 

The bell on the QM2
The next day was very similar however I had made a decision to wake the boys up at a reasonable time as it was our last full day on the cruise!! I had been to their room a few times before this and I bumped into their made once or twice we both said our Hi's and carried on with our day. However today when I approached their door I asked her if they were awake as she would know of course and she said "No their not but wake them up get them out of bed!". 

Which I did of course I think she liked me for many reasons one being that I got them out of bed because otherwise they would have slept all day (No joke). Once they were fully awake we all headed up to grab some food which would be their first meal of the day and my second meal of the day (I told you I eat a lot). 

One of the food displays in the buffet restaurant
For the rest of the day we just spent time doing what we usually did before we decided to go and get ready for the evening. That evening Natasha and co all went to see the performance as it was going ahead that night. Jim went to see some of his friends whilst Jack and I decided to go and watch a film. We had decided to all meet up again after the performance as Jack, Natasha, the other Jack and I went to the casino whilst the others went to play board games. 

We had all decided to meet up again in New York City on Christmas Eve. As we wouldn't get a proper chance to say bye the next day which was the day everyone left the ship. For the rest of the evening I went back to the cabin and made sure that I had packed everything as your suitcases had to be outside of your room before midnight. 

The main theatre
I didn't sleep very well the last night because I was too excited to reach New York. I think I woke up at 5am and took a look outside our balcony which looked out onto the port. We got up around 7am and got ready to have breakfast and then leave the ship. We decided to have breakfast in the Britannia for one last time. I went for a bowl of fruit and a nice cup of tea which is one of my favourite things to drink.

After this we had to go and wait in a certain place before we could leave the ship. Our location was in the Queens room where we waited for ages until we were allowed to go through customs and into NYC. Before we left luckily the boys were in the same room as us so I joined them whilst they played a few games of ping pong one more time. At around 11.30am we were told we could leave the ship and then the second part of our adventure began.

The view of NYC from our balcony
Overall I really enjoyed the cruise it was definitely different from the last one I went on. I loved making new friends whom I know I will keep in touch with for a long time. It was very formal at times but all of the staff were incredibly attentive, kind and welcoming. I would happily go on a cruise again as I really enjoy them however I think that I would pick another cruise line. 

If you loved the cruise part of my holiday series you will really love the New York City part because I have so much to tell you all. The NYC blog posts will be going up over the next week I'm unsure about how many will be going up but I will be splitting them into days much like I did for this part of the holiday. 


Christmas Holiday 2015 Part 3 (Cruise)

Hey today is Friday which mean it is the start of the weekend. This weekend I'm going to see family which will be nice as I haven't seen them since before Christmas. In today's blog post I am going to be sharing with you days 5-6 on the cruise and then Sunday's blog post will be the last day.

The swimming pool area
Much like any other day the fifth day began with me having breakfast with my Nan which was lovely as always. I then went back to the cabin to pick some things up such as my phone, headphones and book. I decided to head on up to the pool and read my book whilst listening to some music. This is when I made some new friends like I said before I have no problem with going up to someone I have never spoken to before and speaking to them. 

Then as if by chance a girl around my age and her brother (I presumed so) went and sat down a few rows in front of me. So what did I do well of course I went up and said Hi. I knew even before I had spoken that they would be very welcoming as you could just tell. Natasha was the same age as me which was really nice as I had finally found a girl around my age. Don't get me wrong I was fine hanging out with the boys but having a girl around is good when you want to talk about girly things. 

We spoke about the usual things such as where are you from etc...And then Natasha started to tell me about her family of whom there were a lot of. I found out that two of her cousins who were on holiday with her were around the same age too. I hung around with them for a bit while they went into the hot tub I left any sort of swimwear at home because I never thought of bringing one. I spoke to other members of her family who are all really lovely. 

Left-Right Natasha, Me, Luke, Emily, Jack, Jim, Jack
Natasha's brother is called Luke and although he was the youngest in our group he always made us laugh and acted older than his actual age. Her two cousins who are also brother and sister are 16 and 19 the sixteen year old is called Emily and the nineteen year old is called Jack (Yes another Jack!). It's only fair that I introduce each of them to you as I did the same with the boys. 

Natasha as I said is my age she is such a fun loving girl who loves to sing Christmas songs. If a Christmas song came on or she had one in her head she would sing it for all to hear which we all loved. Luke much like his sister is a lot of fun he has a way of being funny without even trying to. 

Emily although she is younger acted as if she was around 19 or so I knew straight away we would get on well as I'm often told I'm mature for my age. Emily's brother Jack is an animation student at university which I found interesting. I was told by him that his dream job would be to work for someone like Pixar! 

The Queens room
After having spent a while with Natasha and co I decided to leave them and go and find the boys who I hadn't seen since the night before. I went to knock on their door and to my surprise they were dressed and were just about to leave. I remember saying as soon as I walked in "I've made new friends" which pleased them both as we had all come up with a strategic plan. They would be the ones to point out potential friends and I would be the ones to go up and say hi because I was more confident in that sense. 

I then talked through how it all happened and I could see both boys were putting things together much like a puzzle. Unknown to me beforehand they had actually met with Natasha and co before now but they hadn't actually spoken to them properly only a brief "Hi". I had told them that we were to meet the others later on in the evening in the Winter Garden to play cards. 

For the rest of the afternoon before dinner we just played ping pong, darts, cards and we ate. Anyone would think that because I am a girl I wouldn't eat as much however I ate a lot more than the boys I was always hungry which Jack was curious about. He would always say to me "But you only ate an hour or two ago" which would make me laugh. I don't know why but I am generally just a big eater. 

The Britannia restaurant
Later on that evening after we had all had dinner we all played cards, laughed, got to know each other and generally had a great time. There was one game we played called "Irish Snap" I am going to try and explain this in a simple way. Everyone has a bunch of cards and we all take turns to place one down. I must mention you aren't allowed to see your cards until you place them down. 

If two of the same cards are placed on top of each other everyone has to put their hand in the middle. The last one to place their hand in the pile gets the bunch of cards. It was a very tense game at times but a lot of fun it could also do a lot of damage if people were wearing rings or watches. Luckily we all decided not to wear ours so it wasn't so bad. 

The sixth day was scheduled around a football match that was going on in the afternoon that both boys wanted to watch. We headed on up to the pool where we were planning on playing more ping pong of course. I must mention all this talk of ping pong is 100% you can ask any of them the boys love for ping pong was just crazy. 

Winter Garden bar
We then bumped into Natasha and co around the pool which is when I re-introduced the boys to Natasha and co. They all decided to go in the Jacuzzi later on which I couldn't do of course but I sat and chatted with them. After that they headed on into the pool whilst I chatted to other members of Natasha's family which was lovely as they are all so kind. 

Once they had all gotten out of the pool I joined Natasha's family for afternoon tea in the Queens room. This particular afternoon tea was very formal much like you would have in England. The boys had decided to leave us beforehand to go and watch the football match which I had opted out of this time. We all caught up again after dinner because some of the group wanted to go and see the performance that was being put on. 

Unfortunately the weather was bad which meant that the performance was cancelled and pushed back until the last night (Day 7). So instead we decided to go and watch the movie that was being screened I think we got through a quarter of the movie before we all decided to leave. We then decided to go and play some board games as we thought it would be a nice change from cards. 

Jack one of the boys wasn't feeling so well so he went back to his cabin while the others played board games. I decided to go and keep him company as it's not nice feeling unwell when you're alone especially if your parents aren't there either. I also had spare seasickness tablets which I gave to him in the hope that it would help. We just watched a movie and then I headed off to bed because I was sleepy from the day and needed a good nights sleep. 


New Year's Worldwide Giveaway 2016

Hello everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you two important notices. First of all I have just uploaded my first GIVEAWAY of the year which is a New Year's Give-away. All of the rules are listed down below they are all fairly simple. I hope you like the things that I have picked out as I put a lot of thought into what to put into it. I have to mention also this give-away is also WORLDWIDE so anyone can enter!!

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Christmas Holiday 2015 Part 2 (Cruise)

Christmas decorations in the lobby
Hey everyone happy Wednesday I hope that you are having a lovely day. I'm back with a holiday post today's one is part two which I will be sharing day 3-4 with you. Day one being the day we boarded the ship and set sail and day two being the day I was sick. I'm so glad that you guys enjoyed part one because I really enjoyed writing it up as it helped me to re-live the whole holiday again!! 

If you have yet to read part one you can find it here where I talk about the very beginning of my holiday. Day three begins on a Thursday it was the morning after I took the very strong sea sickness tablets so I was feeling much better. Every morning I would have breakfast with my Nan which we both really enjoyed as we don't see each other at home as much as we would like. 

My Mum on the other hand preferred to have her breakfast in bed as like I mentioned in my previous blog post the room service was free apart from the drinks. On this particular day I think I had a relatively healthy breakfast of fruit, yogurt and pancakes with maple syrup. After breakfast we went back to the cabin where we caught up with mum and discussed anything new that had happened. 

The casino on board 
Mum and Nan then decided to go and do some of the things that were being held as each day there were numerous activities available to do. For example, bingo, Olympic games, ball room dancing, line dancing, lectures on fruit calving, solo travelers meetings and many more. As they had decided to do that I didn't really want to so I went and explored the parts of the ship that we hadn't seen by myself. 

This is when things get interesting as I discovered the upstairs pool which was a pool/bar/table tennis area. The pool itself was quite small however there were two jacuzzi's too along with many seating areas, sun loungers and a bar area. I really liked the pool area the most as it was so bright and airy which kept my anxiety at bay. I had brought one book on holiday with me "All The Bright Places" which I have yet to finish. I was planning on reading it throughout the holiday but I sort of forgot/got to busy doing things. 

I had decided to listen to some music and then start on my book. Before this I had yet to see anyone around my age they were either old, children or middle aged no one around 17-22 and I have to admit I was losing hope. It's so much harder being on your own sometimes if you don't have a sibling or family with you who are close to you age as you get bored quicker. 

There was this brother and sister who had the cabin next to mine so I said Hi to them when I saw them around as it was the polite thing to do. Anyways getting to the point I saw the brother at the pool bar with like group of people who looked around my age but could they could also be way younger. Turns out they were yet again I was the oldest however one of the guys was 17 and he told me he had a brother who was 19. 

If you know me then you will know I will talk to anyone whether they are a lot older than me, a lot younger, a different ethnicity or disability. I just really like meeting and talking to new people which is something I do at work every day. A lot of people would say I talk a lot which is a good thing in a way but it can also be bad sometimes. 

So I decided to go up to this boy's brother who was called Jack and his brother was called Jim I thought as he was my age why not go up and speak to him. I always have this thought of you have nothing to lose at the end of the day and everything to gain. I started chatting to him asking him all of the basic questions such as Where are you from? What do you do? etc...In the end I decided to stick with the brothers for the day which consisted of a lot of ping pong and cards. 

The Golden Lion pub
I'll give you a quick overview on the boys because it's easy to understand each day then. Both boys are incredibly academic which puts me to shame actually as I didn't put that much effort into sixth form in the end. I could tell from the beginning that they work hard at sixth form and uni which is always nice to see. They are both extremely polite and always made sure to hold doors open for people, waited until everyone was ready, asked if I was okay with doing something things many girls, Mums and Nans love!

The amount of ping pong they played was a joke because it was all day every day. They had numerous ping pong friends that they would play against on a daily basis which was quite nice to see. Sometimes we often forget you can form a good friendship over something like ping pong, a book, a song or even a place. I have to admit watching them play ping pong all the time did get a bit repetitive but I didn't mind as we were always chatting about something or the other. 

Inside the Golden Lion pub
I even gave ping pong a go which I haven't done since my holiday to Portugal in something like 2010. I have to admit I was not bad...for a girl okay I wasn't the best but I wasn't the worst and I quite enjoyed playing it.  I always gave up when the boat started to rock a lot because that was a lot harder but the boys always played no matter what. 

That evening was the first formal night we had on the ship where we all dressed up in our formal attire when we went for dinner and stayed in it throughout the night. I had made plans with the boys to meet them after dinner and I wonder where I found them the ping pong tables of course! They were playing some of the deck stewardesses which looked fun as they were all funny guys. 

The shops on board
The boys themselves were suited and booted in their suits which made them look more grown up than they did during the day. This is where my memory gets a bit hazy I think we went to play cards somewhere and then Jim the younger brother went to the teen club as he had a few friends there. If I'm correct I then think Jack and I went to go and watch a movie because they were always playing good movies on the cabin tvs but I can't quite fully remember. 

I'm pretty sure the fourth day was of a similar routine I went to breakfast with my Nan and then met up with the boys. Of course they didn't get up until at least eleven because they needed their beauty sleep. So we just decided to see each other by the ping pong tables later on in the day. Then we just did the usual play ping pong, chat, eat, drink, play cards and then we went to play darts in the pub.

Cute glass figures in the shop (Panda's are my favourite!)
I think that evening was similar to the night before yet again I can't quite recall what exactly happened but I do remember most nights were the same. I would go to dinner with my Mum and Nan then I would go and find them. I would usually head off to bed around 11pm as I got tired quite easily plus I was taking the sea sickness tablets too which made me even more tired. 

Although I was hanging out with two boys I have to say it wasn't awkward in any way I think we all felt quite relaxed around each other. I'm quite an easy going person as it is so I just go along with the flow and they are pretty similar too. I generally get on better with guys because I find that there is just less drama. You can find out more about them in Friday's blog post I hope you enjoyed today's one I can't wait to tell you more about my holiday.