How I Currently Deal With My Anxiety

Hey everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be updating you on my current anxiety situation and explaining to you how I am dealing with it on the days when it's above five out of ten. 

First of all I'm going to explain what I mean by this when I had therapy for my anxiety around two years ago my therapist always made me say how anxious I was feeling that day on a scale from one to ten. One would be feeling completely normal and yourself whereas ten would mean you staying at home or having a panic attack because your anxiety was really bad that day. 

Ever since finishing my therapy I always say to myself "On a scale of 1-10 how anxious are you feeling today?" If I'm feeling seriously anxious I usually cancel whatever I have going on and stay at home instead. This may be the worst thing to do but I would rather prevent a panic attack happening than having one in a public place where I feel helpless. I have found this really calming maybe it's just a mental thing but I find that by realising how anxious I actually am I can act upon it and try to bring it back down to a 3 or 4. 

I chose this particular quote because happiness is something we all know about. However when you have anxiety there are two types of happiness one where you can feel what it's really like to be happy and one where it's sort of a blur because you're feeling anxious at the same time. Most days I wake up and say to myself today I am not going to be anxious I am going to have a day where I can feel, smell, hear, see and touch everything as if it's in HD. 

I often forget that anxiety is a mental thing and that I can reduce it by telling myself that everything will be okay, you are not in any danger or there is no need to be anxious for instance. My anxiety currently is a steady pace of being controllable which is good as I have a lot going on. 

Obviously because I have a lot going on it will peak at points but I've been using the same techniques that I know work for me to try and reduce the amount of panic attacks I have (So far in 2016 I have had 0!). The techniques that I use which I did speak about in my latest video on my anxiety (listed down below) are:
- Having a cold bottle of water with me
- Carrying chewing gum or mints
- Having some sort of reading material with me
- Watching my favourite movie or TV show when I'm having an anxious day
- Tidying up, blogging, watching YT videos (It focuses my mind on something else)

Anxiety is something I will probably always have I'm just hoping that as the years go on it will reduce and I will be able to really live my life to the fullest. Sometimes even the simplest things are incredibly hard for me such as going up to collect an award in an awards ceremony or carrying my tray of food from the counter to the table.

For the moment I'm taking my anxiety as it comes day by day I often know when I am more likely to feel more anxious (When I haven't slept well mostly). Days when I have tossed and turned the night before are often the hardest as it's a lot easier for my mind to become anxious. These days I have to concentrate a lot harder on telling my mind that everything is fine I often observe what's happening around me. 

This is because if I see something that I know could trigger my anxiety I will try to avoid it. For example, yesterday on the tube a women looked like she was about to be sick which is something I cannot deal with. I am one of those people who will be sick to if I see someone being sick. Anyways as I was already feeling a little anxious because I was travelling on the tube I got off at the next stop and got on another train just in case she was sick. 

I know it isn't her fault entirely but for me by taking myself out of that situation I know that my anxiety levels went down from a 8 to a 4 which is a big difference for me. After that I rode the rest of my train journey in a happy mindset without feeling really anxious. 

If you wanted to check out some of the other blog posts/videos that I have uploaded in relation to my anxiety I will list them down below....

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