Wishlist | H&M ♥'s Coachella

Hey guys happy hump day I haven't done a wishlist in a while but I really wanted to do one today especially for H&M's latest range. I actually bought a few other items from their range which you can see here. 

I definitely want to pick up some more before it ends so hopefully I get there in time otherwise I'll be quite sad. I just love the whole feel of the range and I cannot wait to wear it all throughout the Summer months.



Videos | H&M Coachella Range Haul & Channel Trailer 2016

Hey everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you my latest videos the first one is a try-on haul from H&M it's their latest range. The second video is my channel trailer for 2016 I really love the way it turned out. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.


Review | Balans, High Street Kensington London

Hey everyone it has been a long time since I have sat down and written up a blog post I must say. So sorry for that. I have been super busy with my new job which I am entering my fourth week in tomorrow.  I guess it's hard to really know what it is going to be like when you start a new job. 

I never thought that I would be this tired all the time all I want to do when I come home is sleep! Don't get me wrong I love blogging but I want  to put some effort into it so I don't want to blog when I'm sleepy which is why I usually leave it to the weekend. I am going to try and get at least two blog posts up during the week but I'm not going to promise anything.

Today's blog post is going to be another food related one (Sorry in advance if this makes you hungry!) yesterday I went to Balans, with my mum so I decided to review my experience. If you don't know who Blanas are they are a restaurant chain based in London. I guess they're similar to Bills in a way but they are also very different I can't quite put my finger on why. 

Yesterday I spent the day with my Mum which was lovely we looked around the shops and then we came to Balans to eat. I have been to Balans once before but I didn't do a review on it so I thought that I would do one this time. I think going out to eat iis one of my favourite things although restaurants can make me feel extremely anxious sometimes (We'll talk about that another time). 

Let's talk about the interior of the place if my home could be decorated anything like this then I would be inspired every day. I love how everywhere you looked inside there was something to admire. I am a person who loves to look around whether it's people watching or just seeing whats in my surroundings. 

I feel like the interior is quirky and unique but also quite modern. Both my mine and Mum's favourite thing was the tree which had keys hanging from it. Although I'm not quite sure if it was real or not the feeling of having a piece of the outdoors inside was something I can't quite describe. I guess in a way it felt enchanting sort of like something you would see in a fairy tale movie. 

Okay onto the most important thing FOOD as you can see I started off with a traditional English breakfast tea. I tend to have at least three cups of this at home. Tea is my thing. I really loved how they served the tea in an old fashioned way I much prefer this to it be served all in one cup. I then opted for the "Soho Full English" which was only £10 for all of that can you believe it? Neither can I! 

When I saw the size of it I was pretty happy as it was extremely reasonable for the price of it. Secondly I also had a pancake with fruit (Yes I am a fatty) I just felt like having both so I did. What is life if you can't have two food dishes that you want at the same time. Food is everything. I literally spend 90% of my money on food. The quality of the food was delicious and really filled me up. 

We both loved it so much that we have decided to go there on my birthday which lands on a Saturday. I didn't really know what to do for my birthday as I'm only turning 20 which isn't that big of a number. However I knew I wanted to include food in the day at least three times.......Yes I'm going to be basing my birthday around food. I'm so excited to be going back there as the food was of such a high quality. 

The staff were really lovely and even though it was pretty busy they kept asking us if we needed anything. I highly recommend you try Balans if you have never been before as it's a lovely experience. I'm going to sit down and write up another blog post so there should be one up during the week as well as on the weekend.


My New Job: Things I Have Learnt So Far

Hey everyone so I have been at my new job for two weeks now and I thought it was time to document a few things. I just love the beauty of being able to sit down and write down my thoughts for me to look back on in a few years but also for you all to read.

Although I have only been at this job for a small amount of time I have learnt many things which I want to share with you of course. In case you don't know what I do I am a digital marketing apprentice which means I run a businesses social media accounts, manage campaigns and prepare materials. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time now and my journey of being a blogger/youtuber actually help me find my passion in this sort of industry. 

Originally I wanted to go down the business route I thought of being a business manager or head of a team. However over time I realised that this wasn't for me and that I could still do that with this job but also do something I loved at the same time. This is my first real job within an office based company whereas my old job was in a cafe. 

Trial & error is something you get used to
As my job carries a lot of content creating whether it's for Facebook, Twitter or the companies blog trial and error has become something I'm used to now. You will always find that not everyone will like your ideas luckily my manager is kind and I never feel offended when he doesn't like it. You will never know if something will work if you don't try it in the first place. My tip would be to try as many ideas as you can at work because even if one works out of ten ideas then it's better than nothing.

Pack lunches are the way to go
When it comes to lunches usually people want to buy something new each day. This comes at a price as it can cost quite a lot to purchase food each day. I highly recommend making pack lunches because you can purchase a few things and make them go a long way. Some meals you could make are wraps, salad, pasta, pizza and stir fry for example. I usually make them the night before as I don't have time to in the morning unless it's a salad for instance.

Perfect your routine
This probably is the most useful one the more you perfect your routine the better you feel in yourself. If you can practice getting ready in 10 minutes you could fit in an extra 10 minutes in bed. I know that it only takes me so long to get ready so I manage my time as best as I can. I have had over a week now to perfect my routine so I know roughly what time I need to leave the house and when I will return home. This then allows me to plan things with my friends around it I never usually stay out later than 10pm because I know I need to be awake by 7.20am the next day. 

Be open to anything
Having a new job whether it's in a new company or the same one can sometimes be daunting. As you a working in a working environment anything can happen as it's fast pace. You will always be asked to do things you like and dislike but always be open to whatever is thrown at you. You never know it could teach you the biggest lesson you will ever learn whilst working there. 

Don't be afraid to ask questions
Lots of the time we as humans hate asking questions as i makes us seem weak or incompetent. Wrong. It's okay to ask questions if you don't understand something. You will more likely look like an idiot if you don't ask a question and then later on don't know what you are doing. I always say it's better asking than not knowing because you can do so much more having the knowledge you need to know.

Listen & observe all the time 
This may seem a little strange if you are the type of person who doesn't like to spy on people. However it could help you go a long way active listening is something I was taught on my two week boot camp which you can read all about here. Active listening is as you may have guessed you listening all the time. 

You should always observe what is going on around you because then you get a better understanding of the business. By listening and observing all the time you are picking up information that you don't realise you are taking in. You never know you may need a piece of information you heard a week later. 

So there are a few things I have picked up in my two weeks at my job. They may seem obvious things but sometimes we often forget how valuable these can be. I definitely know I will pick up more as the weeks go by so I will probably do a few more of these to help those who are struggling at work or are just beginning their working career. 


The End To A Long But Exciting Week

If there was ever such a thing as a blogger hall pass I think I deserve one right now.....So as you guys will know or maybe you don't actually I started my new job on Monday. It's a full on job from 9am - 6pm every day Monday-Friday something I have never done apart from school & sixth form. 

The first week of anything is always the most tiring and I can definitely confirm this as I have been resting well this weekend. I have been sleeping as much as I can but not waking up at like 2pm in the afternoon as I would struggle to wake up at my usual 7.20am. 

That's tip #1 don't change your sleeping patterns a lot on the weekend because you will struggle like a b**** come Monday morning. For example I wake up at 7.20am and seep at around 11pm so on the weekends I'll try to wake up before 10am and sleep at around 1am the latest. I'm not saying don't have a lie in or stay out late I'm just saying it will help you when it comes to the week days. 

Although the days have been pretty long they actually go super quick as I'm always doing something whether it's taking photos or planning future tweets. I still can't quite believe that I have reached my goal of getting a digital marketing apprenticeship it's still doesn't seem real. It's pretty different to my old job where I worked in a bubble tea shop which is more of a physical job. 

A few things I have learnt while travelling on the tube during the morning and evening are to bring something to pass the time whether it's a book or a magazine. Have a drink with you because sometimes the trains get held up and you may end up being really thirsty. 

In contrast to that don't drink too much because most tube stations don't have a toilet which means you'll have to run to find the nearest one. Last of all I would recommend creating a playlist just for the tube or bus depending on what you take. There is tip #2 for you just a few simple things to make your commute better. 

I was so glad that the week had ended on Friday at 6pm because I was pretty exhausted from my new routine. However I am super excited to start it all again tomorrow as each day is different. I have spent the weekend re-watching Game Of Thrones because I want to refresh myself before the new season starts. 

In terms of money this week travel has been my most expensive costing me around £6.60 a day which is a lot I'm waiting upon the arrival of my apprentice oyster which will reduce this thankfully. I have tried to spend as little as possible on food which means I am making more in the evening and eating the leftovers for lunch the next day. 

I have to admit this works pretty well the only day I may pick up something to eat instead of cooking it would probably be Friday as it's a sort of treat for getting through the week. Tip #3 would be to think about ways you could reduce the amount you spend on food and travel as such. You could walk half way reducing the price of your travel if it is a sunny day. 

So that's my hectic but amazing week all in one blog post as I said in the beginning I kind of deserve a hall pass for blogging as I'm still figuring out my work routine as well as blogging one. As many of you will know already I never pressure myself to blog so I'm always able to adapt my blogging schedule depending on how I feel and what I am doing. I'm hoping to get around 2/3 blog posts up a week I'm not sure what kind of blog posts they will be but keep a look out for them on my blog and social medial channels. 


Wishlist | Spring Beauty Essentials

Hey guys happy Wednesday sorry I haven't posted anything since Sunday it's my first week at my new job so I have been pretty busy as well as tired. Getting used to a new routine where you wake up early and get home later than you used to is a learning curve for me. 

I am having such a blast at my new job as it's something I have been wanting to do for such a long time but I will write about that another time. In today's blog post I'm going to be sharing a few Spring beauty related products that I would love to pick up at the end of the month.



Hawker House, Canada Water London

Hey guys I don't know if you remember but a few weeks ago I uploaded a similar blog post. However this one was about Dinerama in Shoreditch both of these food festivals are with the same company Street Feast London. If you want to see the blog post about Dinerama I will link it here I didn't expect it to be such a popular blog post which has now over 100 views. 

In today's blog post I am going to be talking about Hawker House which is also a street food festival. It runs every Friday & Saturday from 5pm on wards however entry is free before 7pm after that it's a £3 entry fee. This one is based in Canada Water in the business park which is very easy to find as there are people guiding you from the station.

As you can probably see the place was at least twice the size of Dinerama I only remembered to take a photo of one side of the venue there was also another side and an upstairs. The first food that I had of the night were these pork ribs. They were again amazing like the food was at Dinerama. The price of them was £8 which is good for the size, quality and taste of them. 

The drink was an apple grass cocktail which was horrible because it had a ton of ginger in it which I am not a fan of. However I later on had a glass of prosecco which didn't go down well I guess alcohol just does not agree with me. Let there be a lesson learnt to you who read my blog you don't need alcohol to have fun. I hardly ever drink alcohol and I still manage to have a great time. Don't ever feel pressured to drink because your friends are all of my friends understand why I don't drink.

The next thing that I ate were some nachos which were amazing the portion sizes are just perfect for sharing as a friend and I shared these and we didn't even finish it!! These were £6 which again is a great price they were regular nachos with salsa, guacamole and cheese but we also chose ours with chicken strips. 

It was a pretty popular food stand as we had to wait a little bit for ours but we didn't mind one bit as we could actually watch the preparation process. There was fourteen different food stalls at Hawker House and nine different drinks stalls. This was a few more than Dinerama and the theme was an airport which was pretty cool. The menu for the main bar was similar to that of an airport departures board. 

The last place I went to was Chin Chin which is a dessert based food stall. I got the sticky toffee warm sundae which was DELICIOUS and I am not exaggerating one bit. They make their ice cream in a special way by using liquid nitrogen. This was £6.50 and I didn't even finish it all because I was full up so quickly. I was going to get another one because I wanted to try their brownie and ice cream sandwich but I couldn't eat anymore.

Apart from not feeling well towards the end of the night I again highly recommend going as it is always a great night out. Invite all of your friends because I mean who does not like food???! This one got quite busy as a lot more people could fit in the venue so here are a few of my tips:

- Get there early (Before 7pm)
- Make a base by using coats and bags and then you always have a seat
- Bring CASH as I'm not 100% sure if they accept card
- Don't eat loads at once pace yourself

Have you ever been to a Street Feast London festival?


Saying Goodbye

I am not going to stop blogging before you start to get worried!! Wednesday was a bittersweet day for many reasons it was sweet because it was a hump day but it was bitter because it was my last day at my job. However it was sweet because it means that I am starting a new chapter in my life with a new job. 

Most of you will know that for the past year and ten months I have been working in a cafe in the center of London. First of all I cannot believe it has been that long and to hold a job for that amount of time especially when it was my first real job is something I am proud of. The people that I met during my time working there are some of the most amazing people and I know we will remain friends until the end of time.

Of course I had good days and bad days because that is just life however most of the days were good. Three of my best friends I met there I know you're only supposed to have one best friend but I have many (oops....). I know that I will be friends with them for life because we have got such a strong bond now. 

The business I worked in was pretty small which meant that everyone was pretty close we were basically like family. My boss was pretty cool and I'm lucky that he was so nice and really cared for all of us. As I had work on Wednesday we had planned to go for a meal after work I had invited everyone who I work with apart from those who would have to work. 

We decided to go to Jamie's Oliver in Covent Garden which was a lot of fun. We all ate loads and drank loads and genuinely had a good time catching up with each other. After dinner we went to my work where we had cupcakes and danced to the music. I was then handed my amazing gifts from two of my colleagues Karyen and Hanna.

I was not expecting anything but a card so to receive all of these was a massive shock. I have to admit I did cry and so did Karyen who I am closest to out of everyone at my old work. I am so thankful for these gifts especially the picture as I will remember everyone for years to come. I know that I will pop in to my old work from time to time but I also know it won't be a lot as I will be super busy with my new job.

Although I will miss everyone at my old work I am incredibly excited and a little nervous to start my new job. I will be talking more about this in the next blog post so keep an eye out for that.