What Happened Yesterday + Birthday VLOG

Hey everyone as you may have already guessed by the title of this video today's blog post is a run down of my birthday. Yes I know another birthday blog post. I'm not done with them also I have one more. I thought that I would talk through my day/evening as I did so much and saw a lot of my friends & family members. 

It began with me waking up at 9am yes 9am. Now I work full time I'm so used to waking up at 7.30am that 9am is the latest I will wake up on the weekends. I decided to then make pancakes as I had pre-planned them for my birthday breakfast. I wanted to make thick pancakes instead of crepes with sugar and lemon juice. My favourite. 

My Nan & two older cousins then came over as we were going out to eat for lunch. We headed to Balans on High Street Kensington which I did a review on a few weeks ago which you can read here. We had such a good time last time that I decided it was the place to go for my birthday. 

Although it was slightly noisy it did quieten up later on which was good. The food was just as yummy and I went for the full English again as I loved it so much last time. Everyone then sang happy birthday as we had been joined by a few family friends as well as one of my friends. I always find it slightly awkward when people sing happy birthday to you and I usually end up going bright red.

After I had said bye to the people who had to leave early Connie (my friend) & I decided to have a look around the shops. A birthday isn't a birthday if you don't at least buy something. So I bought this hat from H&M (£20) which I have fallen in love with. I do have a very similar one but it is slightly bigger.

Once we had finished up browsing the shops we came back to mine where we watched Cinderella the 2015 one. Connie had never seen it before & she loves Disney unfortunately we had to end it just as it was getting good. I had to go and meet my friend for dinner and Connie had to go to work but we will finish it off soon...hopefully anyways. 

After having dropped Connie off to work I picked up my other friend Karyen from work. We then headed to the Forest On The Roof restaurant at the top of Selfridges. I'm not going to go into detail about this as I am going to be doing another blog post on the restaurant itself. The whole thing was amazing and it was so lovely to experience it with one of my closest friends. 

I had such a wonderful day which I will remember for a very long time. I am so lucky to have such an amazing family and bunch of friends. I'd like to say thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday even if I don't know you personally but you tweeted me or commented on my Instagram photo. 

All of my friends & family made such a huge effort to make my day special whether it was by sending me lovely messages on Facebook or giving me gifts I did not expect at all. I am so grateful for the gifts I have received as I know I will make good use of them I'm sure you will see lots of them on my various social media platforms. 

Luckily enough I did vlog the whole thing which I am proud of doing as I haven't vlogged in ages. Vlogging can be pretty scary at the start and equally as scary when you haven't done it for a while. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.


It's My 20th Birthday!!

Hey guys by the title of this post you would have probably guessed that it is my birthday. I am so excited this year like a child waking up on Christmas morning. I have already done a couple of few thing for it which you will see in my vlog that I am uploading tomorrow. 

On Thursday I went to China town in central London where we went for a lovely Chinese meal as I really fancied it. I haven't had Chinese in a while and it was delicious as it was one of the best restaurants around. I went with my mum & a family friend which was lovely! Last night one of our other family friends came over and we just caught up and generally had a good evening. 

Today is pretty jam packed I'm going for lunch with family and family friends at around 1.30. We're going back to Balans where I went a few weeks ago you can see the review here. Later on in the evening I'm going to an amazing restaurant in central London which I will be reviewing so keep an eye out for that. 

I'm going to be doing a second blog post on my birthday where I'll share with you what I did today and how it all went. That will probably be up tomorrow as well as my birthday vlog. I am so excited for you to see it as it's already a good one!!

Things I would like to achieve over the next year:
- Travel somewhere I've never been to before
- Explore 10 new places in London
- Add more colour to my wardrobe
- Learn how to do my eyebrows properly
- Make 4 new blogger/YouTuber friends
- Learn to finally drive
- Exercise at least twice a week
- See my Nan more 
- Take more photos


Review | Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks

Hey everyone happy Sunday I have had a pretty productive day pre-filming two videos for my June series (keep an eye out for that). Anyways if you haven't seen my recent video which is a first impressions of these then check it out here. I thought that I would sit down and type out an actual review on them seeing as there has been quite a hype about them.

I am sure by now you know who Soap and Glory are they are a British based skincare, bath & body and make up brand. Their prices are incredibly reasonable for the product that you get. I remember receiving their Christmas gift sets for multiple years before I bought anything from them myself.  

Their latest products are a new collection of lipsticks which have been split up into three categories which are satin, matte and shine. I only managed to pick up two of the matte lipsticks however I am going to be picking up some from the other categories. The first one that I picked up is from the pinks collection which is Pommie Girl. This one is between a light berry colour and a dark berry colour. 

I have absolutely been loving it and I have worn it many times since I first bought it. The second one is called Fired Up and it's from the reds collection. This one definitely comes off as more of an orange colour rather than a red making it perfect for the Summer months. The only downside to this one is that because it's such a strong colour it's quite hard to apply correctly. I often have a tissue at hand to wipe around the edges.

So first of all the packaging of the lipsticks screams Instagramable. They are so eye capturing, bright and fun I just love them. I love how there are three different colours for the three different colour collections. They are well made lipsticks as the lids stay on which can be a problem if they come off in your handbag. 

The price of them is something that made me think about whether buying them was worth it or not. They are £9 which is quite expensive for a drugstore lipstick which is why I hesitated a bit. I'm sure there will be an offer on them in the future so I recommend picking up multiple ones when there is.

The product itself is great I haven't really been into matte lipsticks however these feel so amazing on my lips. Although you get the look of a matte lipstick the feeling is moisturising and I only have to top it up a few times throughout the day. The pigmentation of these two colours in particular is amazing. I have seen a few videos of people trying on the other ones where they end up being quite sheer which isn't my type of lipstick. 

Overall opinion
I really like them as I have never tried any of the Soap & Glory lipsticks before. I do own one of their Sexy Mother Pucker lip crayons which I have used to death. I would definitely pick up a few more however probably not from the nude collection as I can never really pull a nude colour off. The price of them still hurts me a bit so I will be sure to carefully pick my next colours before I get them.

Have you tried any of the Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks?


Video | First Impressions - Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick

Hey everyone in today's blog post I'm going to be sharing with you my latest video. This one is a first impressions video of the new Soap & Glory sexy mother pucker lipsticks. I really love themand I have been wearing them all week!! If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.


Review | Porky's London

Heyyyy! I am back today with another (Yes another!) food related blog post. No I am not sorry because I just love food! So it all begins like this I have decided to go and eat at a new restaurant every weekend. So last weekend me and my friends wanted to go out to eat somewhere new. However we were not too sure where so I used one of the apps that I have called "Dojo".

Dojo is a London based app that picks the best places to go. These may be restaurants, rooftop bars, exhibitions, cafes, markets, pop up places etc...Whilst scrolling through the restaurants I then came across Porkys. They have four restaurants based in Camden, Bankside, Boxpark & Crouch End. We decided to go to the Bankside one which is obviously near the river. 

Porky's London which was once called Foggs is a BBQ based restaurant chain. Owners Joy & Simon decided that London needed a BBQ themed restaurant after having traveled around America. They wanted to focus on the style of BBQ's from Memphis which consists of a smokey but sweet theme.  

Let's focus on the interior of the restaurant first before we get onto the best bit the FOOD. Okay so as you would have probably guessed by now the feel of the restaurant is fairly relaxed and fun. They even have beer pong tables. Yes. That American drinking game we have all heard of but never gotten the chance to actually play. 

Well now you can at Porky's because there's nothing better than food, drink, friends and now the added beer pong. I have to admit we didn't actually play beer pong but we will be back and we shall play it next time! I loved the lighting for "Porky's Bbq" it was probably one of my favourite things about the restaurant. They also have the same lighting above the bar (which I forgot to take a photo of oops..).

Now the bit you are all waiting for the FOOD. Which was yummy and no I am not just saying that. So the menu is fairly self explanatory as you would expect 99% of it is BBQ based. They had the classic burger and hot dogs available but also their special pulled pork, smoked turkey and baby back ribs. 

We all ordered from the section "from the smoker" which are all served with slaw, beans and pickles. I went for the half bbq chicken which was £12 I think that is such a reasonable price for the amount of chicken I got. I even had to share it with one of my friends because it was too much. 

I then got a side of sweet potato fries and their house salad. The dressing on their house salad was so delicious and made the whole salad delicious. We all ate a lot but of course we couldn't skip dessert. Although we couldn't stomach one each we got their brownie sundae to share. I haven't had a sundae in ages and it took me back to my childhood. 

Overall we all had a great time and I think that going back is definitely on the cards. However we'll make sure to bring reinforcements with us to play beer pong (Well in our case non-alcoholic pong haha!). All of the staff were extremely welcoming and they felt more like friends rather than staff.  

The atmosphere was relaxed and fun with the added good music. It wasn't too loud which is sometimes a problem in restaurants as you can't always hear the person who is sitting right next to you. The food came quickly which is always good when you are hungry which in this case we were. Sometimes when you see a restaurant like this on social media you expect the price to be quite high. 

Porky's is really reasonably priced in my opinion and for what I got I was more than happy to pay the price it was worth. Especially as the food was of such a high quality meaning it looked and tasted good! I highly recommend Porky's for a night out it's a great place to go with friends as you could easily spend the whole evening there. 

Have you ever been to Porky's?


May Day Catch Up

Hey everyone happy bank holiday this is probably my first bank holiday off work as my old job was in hospitality. Therefore bank holidays never applied to us which is why today is a first for me. One of my favourite things to do when I'm a bit stressed out is to type out a blog post. So I thought that it would be the perfect day to sit down and have a catch up with you. 

New Job
As most of you will know I started my new job around a month ago now it has gone super quick and I have learnt so much since starting it. I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about things I have picked up whilst starting this new chapter in my life which you can read here. It's definitely the right path for me as I do it on a daily basis for my blog/channel. If you don't already know what I do then I am a digital marketing apprentice. 

Although a new job can be pretty daunting I'm still getting used to various things whereas other aspects of my job I feel comfortable with already. Learning whilst working is something so valuable as you learn so much more rather than sitting in a classroom not really putting what you learnt into practice. 

A boyfriend?
As I'm someone who puts a lot of my life online I always get questions whether I have a boyfriend or not. The answer is no. I've always known if it ever did happen that would be one aspect I wouldn't put online so openly. I'm quite private when it comes to things like that. I also respect the other person's opinion towards what I do. 

Someone said to me the other day that I put everything online which to a person who isn't a blogger or YouTuber may in fact seem like the case. I actually keep a lot of things private I'd say I put about 80% of my life in a video or blog post but that other 20% counts for a lot. 

Going on adventures
Recently I have loved just exploring London whether it's by myself or with friends. The other day one of my best friends and I went to go and eat then we went on a lovely walk and just caught up which is something we don't get to do often now I work a lot. The day after that I was waiting for her to finish so I went on a walk by myself to Carnaby street which was so peaceful as I could take my time and wonder the shops. 

I cannot wait for the Summer so that I can go and explore London with my camera whether it's with friends or by myself I just love it. Keep an eye out for many food blog related posts on here I will be doing lots of them over the next few months as I have really loved typing them up recently. 

I love to read books I'm currently reading Destination: Thailand by Katy Colins it's hilarious and similar to Bridget Jones. As you will know I mostly read on the tube as that's the place where I get most anxious. However I have been reading recently before bed I really want to get into a routine of not using any electrical device before I sleep (I doubt this will last long). 

Reading is something I have always loved I love the thought of immersing yourself in a book, song, TV show or film and forgetting the outside world for a moment. I have lots of books lined up to read over the Summer so I will keep you up to date with any of the good ones!

Things I have been loving recently:
Once in a While - Time Flies
Cheap Thrills - Sia ft.Sean Paul
Hair - Little Mix ft.Sean Paul
Curling my hair
H&M's Coachella Range
Game of Thrones
First Dates

Things to look forward to:
My birthday (28th May) 
Going on more adventures
Taking more photos
Going to new restaurants
Re-decorating my filming background 
Going to the beach