Wishlist | H&M Beauty

Hey guys happy Wednesday as you guys will know most weeks on Wednesdays I post a wishlist. Today's one is H&M beauty as I have never tried any of their beauty products before. The packaging of the products is so sleek and clean which I love. I am definitely going to try out their brush cleaner as it's so cheap so I want to see if it actually works.



NYX Lip Products | First Impressions

Hey guys so as it turns out blogging with a full time job is pretty tough. I'm managing to get up around 2-3 blog posts a week depending on what I'm doing on the weekend. I usually spend my weekend blogging/filming videos so if I'm particularly busy that weekend I may only manage to get one blog post & one video up. 

Today's blog post as you may have guessed is a first impressions blog post on a few NYX lip products that I picked up. I have to admit since NYX came to the UK I didn't jump on the bandwagon straight away I wanted to see what other people thought before I bought anything. I'm trying not to impulse buy as I used to do that a lot. I am getting there and now I only buy a few things for myself a month. 

Even when I went into Boots to have a look at the stand I made sure to swatch everything and I mean EVERYTHING. So that I was 100% sure about the colours that I picked out. Although NYX is a drugstore based make-up brand the prices of their products does make me question whether I really need that product at that moment in time.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss 01 Napoleon £3.70 was £5.50
The first lip product I picked up was one of NYX's intense butter glosses. I think I swatched around ten different colours of this product as I just couldn't pick one I wanted them all haha. I finally ended up with a colour I wouldn't normally go for but I thought that I should give it a go. 

I have to admit out of all the products I picked up this is the hardest one to apply as the colours are so pigmented. I always try to apply it slowly so I don't have loads of it around my mouth. It's a pretty sticky lipstick so wearing it on a windy day is probably not the best idea. Don't you hate it when your hair gets stuck on your mouth because you're wearing lipgloss & it's windy. It really irritates me. 

NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick 4 Soft-Spoken £6.50
I have never worn a suede lip product before but they are so satisfying to apply. If you have one then you will know what I mean they feel so soft and smooth. Again this is a colour I would have never have gone for before but I thought why not. I'm still warming up to it as it is quite a dark browny nude colour. I love nude colours but I mostly go for ones with hints of pink in them. 

They're supposed to be "waterproof" & " long lasting" so I will see how I get on with it and report back to you on social media. My favourite part of this product is the application wand as it's so long and flat. This makes it so easy to apply which is so satisfying in my opinion haha.

This is my favourite one out of the four. I just love the consistency of the product it glides on so easily and can easily be touched up around the edges. You don't have to worry about it staining your skin like some lipsticks which take lots of wipes to clean it off. 

Although I may have felt like I was in the Autumn/Winter months when I bought this as it's a dark colour. I'd happily wear it during the evening if I go out as it's such a gorgeous colour. I'm definitely going to pick more of the matte ones up as they are just the best. If you haven't tried these ones then definitely try them but swatch them before buying!!

The last one I go is another glossy one. This one is probably my least favourite in terms of the product itself. The colour is my favourite as it's the type I would usually go for. However the application is hard as I always end up using my finger to smooth it over so that it's even. 

I find that some parts are covered in the product more than others which makes the colour uneven. As you can see in the left photo my upper lip isn't quite covered and that was with one swipe of the product. I may have to use a separate brush to see if that works instead of using the applicator provided. 

Have you tried any of the NYX products yet?


My Travel Plans 2017

Seeing as we're six months away from Christmas/New Year I thought it would be a good time to share with you my travelling plans for 2017. I turn 21 next year and I want that to be the start of my travelling journey. I have already been too so many places which I should really write down so I know which ones I have ticked off. 

Birthday cruise 2017
I'm already going on a cruise on my birthday with my mum and nan which I am super excited for as it's around the Mediterranean. I have been having cruise sickness ever since my last one finished. I just really enjoy them apart from the sea sickness!!In this cruise next year I will be going to places such as:

- Barcelona 
- Naples/Pompeii (Italy)
- Civitavecchia (Rome)
- Livorno (Florence/Pisa)
- Cannes (France)
- Marseille (France)

I have been to Marseille before I believe when I was younger. I have also been to Barcelona before a few years ago before going on a cruise and I loved it. I cannot wait to vlog the whole experience as I haven't been on this cruise ship before. We're going with NCL again (Norwegian cruise line) who are a great cruise company I highly recommend them. Last time we went on the Norwegian Spirit but this time we're going on the Norwegian Epic.

My own travelling
As I work full time now I only get 22 days holiday + bank holidays which equates to like 25 days total. Anyways with my remaining available holiday days I would love to join a tour group. If you don't know what I mean by tour group it's basically where a group of people aged between a certain age travel somewhere together with a tour guide.

I'm either thinking of going to Laos or Cambodia I haven't decided where to go but I'll probably book it early next year. I'm so excited to visit places I have never been before and especially without family or friends with with new people. I think it will really help me develop as a person and I know that I will face challenges but I also know I will overcome them and learn about myself so much more.

Travelling is something everyone should enjoy I've been lucky enough to visit such amazing places already. Places such as South Africa, Dubai, New York etc...So I can tick them off my list. I'd love to make my way around the world one year at a time ticking a few places off each year. I have to admit cruises are a great way to do this as you visit so many places on one holiday.

What are your travel plans for 2017?


Wishlist | Miss Pap The Bardot Edit

Hey everyone happy Wednesday I am back with another wishlist this time it's for the website Miss Pap. If you have never heard of them before they are a clothing website. They have really affordable clothing which is always on trend. Clothing websites which are similar to them are Pretty Little Thing & In The Style. I haven't actually bought anything from them yet but I am definitely going to next pay day. 



Videos | June Lovin Series Round Up | Week 3

Hey everyone in today's blog post I am going to be rounding up week 3 of my June Lovin series. If you don't already know then during this month I will be uploading a new video every other day. I decided to do a round up blog post at the end of each week instead of uploading single blog posts for each video. 

I'm a little bit late uploading this but I have been super busy this week. Yay I made it through another week and next week means that we're almost at the finish line with this series. I still can't quite believe I have made it this far considering how busy I actually am.

1. The first video of the week was my Summer day make-up routine. I decided to do a glowy look as everyone loves looking healthier and more glowing in the Summer. I haven't done a make-up look in ages so I thought that I would do one for the Summer.

2. The second video is a Primark haul as I can never resist browsing in there. I usually go in for one thing and come out with ten. Some of the items I got this time I know will be staples in my wardrobe this Summer as they are just so lovely and can be styled many different ways. 

3. The third video I uploaded was my two year anniversary giveaway. I have been loving these past two years on YouTube and I thought I would give something back as you guys always give me something. Whether it's by subscribing to me or leaving me a lovely comment. I really enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea and replying to them. 

4. The fourth video was a similar to the first one I uploaded however it was a night time make-up routine for the Summer. I really enjoyed filming both as they are a different type of video. However I completely forgot how long they take to film. I think I prefer my night time look to my day time although I do like them both haha.

5. The fifth video I uploaded last week was my lip collection. This took 10x longer to film than the actual length of the video. My lips were also red raw after and hurt a lot but I am so pleased with the outcome of the video so it was all worth it in the end. 

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Review | Zoella Sweet Inspirations Body Shimmer

Hey guys it's been a while since I have done a review on a beauty product so I thought I would sit down and type one out. As most of you will know Zoella recently released her Summer collection "Sweet Inspirations". This is her third beauty collection following on from her classic & tutti fruity ones. I have managed to pick up two of her products from the latest collection however I am only going to be reviewing one today. I may review the other one at a later date. 

We all know that there was a delay in shipping at the beginning as Zoe mentioned it in her video. Hence why I have only just bought this the first thing that I picked up was the double créme body lotion which was priced at £5. A quick thought on the body lotion would be that it's incredibly moisturing and smells amazing. 

I'm sure everyone will agree with me when I say that the packaging for the Sweet Inspirations collection is their favourite. I just love the whole theme of pastel colours but also ones that capture your attention. The detail on each product still astounds me from the colour choice to the little details of the placement of the text. This particular product is very light considering what it actually is. 

I really like this as it makes it easy to transport with you if you want to take it on holiday. I did notice that a bit on the side of the packaging had a bit of discoloration I wasn't sure whether this was from the product itself or the packing. However it wouldn't make me take it back as it's only a small issue. I'm pretty sure that other people had experienced it like myself.   

As I have said before the price of the products is so reasonable considering the quality of them. I have never had an issue with the pricing of the products as they have always been a price I am happy to pay. I think if each product was £10 then I would probably only pick one or two up. However seeing as the majority of them are under £10 I normally pick a few of Zoe's products up at a time.

I have to say the product itself I was a little disappointed with let me tell you why. First of all when you are trying to use the sponge applicator to get the product onto it you really have to press hard for any product to transfer onto the sponge. Even then when you do you need to use at least two layers before you can see any sort of shine on your skin. 

I applied two swipes of the product on my hand and as you can see you can hardly see it. I don't know if this was what it's supposed to be like but I would have liked it to be a bit more visible. I think the sponge is really cute and I'm glad that there was a sponge to apply it with instead of using your fingers. But I can't quiet wonder whether it's actually better to use your fingers as you can really get the amount of product that you wish to have. 

I completely understand that the product is a balm and doesn't have the consistency of a fake tan or moisturiser. I can't help but think that it may have worked better if the consistency was different as it is quite hard to use. 

Overall thoughts
I really liked the product and will continue to use it as I am not the kind of person to stop using something after one go. But I am a little disappointed with the outcome of it after the hype surrounding it. I do wish that it was easier to use and that the consistency of the product was more of a liquid. I have found that with it being a balm you really have to work hard to get the right amount onto the sponge. 

If you are thinking of getting it I would search around for different reviews before buying it as it could easily be one of those items that sits on your shelf. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Zoe or her beauty range I just found that this particular product didn't meet up to the standard that I was expecting. 

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Two Year YouTube Anniversary *INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY*

Hey guys today is a very special day as it's my two year anniversary on YouTube. This whole thing has been amazing and I am going to do a blog post over the weekend on things that I have picked up during these two years. I thought I would hold a giveaway for you guys as a thank you!! 

1) You must be subscribed to my channel
2) You must follow me on Instagram @asiajade04 & Twitter @asiajade4
3) Choose which prize you would like to win & Re-post that photo with a link to my video or my profile on your own profile (P.s you can enter all three)
4) Answer the question "What are you most looking forward to this Summer?" write your answer on the photo of the prize you would like to win or my video :)

Giveaway ends 16th July 2016 9pm GMT 

*This give away is international/worldwide*

If you have any further questions please ask me!

Good luck and thank you for entering :)


June Catch Up

It's the beginning of the week which is always a good time for a catch up. So I thought today I would just have a catch up with you and tell you some things that have been happening. I always like typing out posts like this because I love remembering what I was feeling a month ago, a year ago or two year ago for example.  

My health
So a few weeks ago I was off work with a viral infection which made me feel awful. I spent my days napping, watching films and generally feeling crap. I recovered from that thankfully and I was able to return to work. However recently I have been finding it really hard to breath as I'm finding myself breathless most of the time. 

I have to cough quite a lot especially when I'm in a conversation with someone as I just can't seem to find enough air to speak with. I went to the doctors on Saturday and they reassured me that it wasn't life threatening. They think it's to do with my hay fever and I could be suffering from asthma linked to it. It's a horrible feeling when you can't breath properly especially when you also suffer with anxiety the two together are a horrible mix!

As you will know for the month of June I have been uploading a video to my channel every other day. So far it is going very well and I haven't managed to miss any videos. I am actually quite surprised with myself as during May I felt really unmotivated towards my blog/channel. I can't wait to see your reactions to my future videos as I have good ones lined up for the rest of the month.

My anxiety has been up and down recently especially with this muggy weather in London. I hate it so much because it makes travelling on the tube 10x worse. I find travelling on the tube difficult sometimes anyways so adding humidity and sweaty people to the mix is not a good thing for me. It's beginning to be a lot more manageable so hopefully I'll feel back to normal soon. 

Music is something that will always be there for everyone and recently it has helped me a lot since I've been sick and my anxiety levels have been quite high. I thought I would share with you some of the songs I have been loving. 

Wildfire - Seafret
If It Ain't Love - Jason Derulo
Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes
Hair - Little Mix


Videos | June Lovin Series Round Up | Week 2

Hey everyone in today's blog post I am going to be rounding up week 2 of my June Lovin series. If you don't already know then during this month I will be uploading a new video every other day. I decided to do a round up blog post at the end of each week instead of uploading single blog posts for each video. 

Wow I cannot believe I have made it through week two. I mean usually I can't even manage to get blog posts up more than once a week let alone upload a video every other day. I am pretty impressed with myself as it is a challenge. 

1. The first video of the week was a tag which I haven't done in a while so I thought it would be fun to do a Summer related one. Although it was quite a long video I really enjoyed sitting down and talking to the camera for a while. 

2. Next I decided to try out one of the Juicy Shakers from Lancôme which my Nan kindly bought for me as a birthday gift. I actually ended up really liking it and I hope to use it loads in the future because it's a perfect size to pop in your handbag.

3. The last video of this week was another unboxing video *sorry if you don't like them* it was for Soap & Glory's Sweet Ten-Tation gift box. I have always loved Soap & Glory their products are so reasonable and smell amazing so anything from them is always in my good books. 

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Wishlist | MUA (Make Up Academy) Summer Edit

Hey! Today's blog post is a long over due wishlist the last time I uploaded one was all the way back in April. I am LOVING and I mean googly eyes loving MUA's (Make up academy) newest Summer make-up releases. I am definitely going to be picking some of these up and I will be doing reviews on them or first impressions either on my blog or channel.



Haul | Saturday Treats

Hey everyone happy Monday I'm going to be kicking off this week on my blog with a haul. Last week I was at home from about Wednesday with a viral infection. I could hardly speak or anything and I generally felt crap basically. On Saturday I decided to pop to my local shops because I felt I needed fresh air and I felt much better than I did earlier on in the week. I picked up a few things for a giveaway I'm hosting soon but also some things I liked for myself.

The first thing I didn't actually pick up myself but it arrived on Saturday was the second book in The Lonely Hearts Travel Club series. As you will already know if you have been reading my blog or watching my videos for the past few weeks I have already finished the first book and loved it. So I ordered the second one as soon as it was available to and I started reading it last night (update to come...).

Primark black ballet pumps £4
The next thing I picked up are these black ballet pumps from Primark they are super comfy and they will be perfect for work. I don't feel quite comfortable wearing sandals to work but these will be equally as good. I'm getting a little bored of wearing my converse to work every day they're comfortable but they are also quite hot when it's hot outside. I think the detailing is super cute and I know I will wear these until they need to be chucked away.

The next thing I picked up was one of make up academy's newest blushes which come in six different shades. First of all I thought they looked super pretty and I knew I had to pick one up when I saw them on Instagram. I also picked the same one up for my giveaway as I thought it would be a lovely thing to receive also. 

Zoella Double Créme Body Lotion £5
I had to refrain myself from picking up the whole set because I really wanted to. I did manage to pick up a few more things for my giveaway but for myself I only got this to begin with. I'm trying to do this thing where I don't spend a lot on thing I won't use. So when I'm running low on body products then I will buy new ones. I'm so pleased with it so far the consistency is thick but not too thick and it smells amazing.

OGX Coconut Shampoo Travel Size £2.50
I actually picked up two of these for my giveaways and it was on offer 3 for 2 so the last one is for me. It's such a handy travel size and I'm not sure if I'm going to use it up yet or save it for when I go camping in July. I will be talking more about that nearer the time by the way....

Primark candles £3 each
Candles candles candles I love them and I need them especially the ones from Primark they are just so reasonable, last a long time and make me happy so I thought I would stock up. There's nothing better then laying in bed on a Sunday evening with a cup of tea, a book and a candle burning. They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!

Primark Bikini £2 Top £2 Bottoms
Last of all I picked up this rather bright bikini now I have to admit I didn't actually want it at first I wanted another one which was all floral and girly but we all know Primark on a Saturday afternoon. So yeah they didn't have my size for that one but they did for this one and it was only £4 for the whole set I mean WOAH. I tried it on as soon as I got home and I fell in love it fits me in all the right places and the colour suits my skin tone. 


Videos | June Lovin Series Round Up | Week 1

Hey everyone in today's blog post I am going to be rounding up week 1 of my June Lovin series. If you don't already know then during this month I will be uploading a new video every other day. I decided to do a round up blog post at the end of each week instead of uploading single blog posts for each video. 

1. The first video is a Summer morning routine as I know how much all of you like a routine video. I am very pleased with the outcome of it fyi.

2. I decided to do a current favourites rather than a June favourites as I haven't done one in a while. So I thought it would be better to do a current one rather than a monthly one.

3. The last video of this week is an unboxing video of Birchbox's May edition. As you will probably already know I haven't actually ever picked up a subscription box before so I thought it would be fun to un-box on camera.

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Review | Forest On The Roof, Selfridges London

Another food blog post ooops....I just love food a lot and I have to share the places I go with you. In all fairness I did warn you that I would be eating out a lot over the next few months. So for my 20th birthday if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or have me on my personal Facebook then you will know I went out for lunch as well as in the evening. 

I went to Forest On The Roof which is at the top of Selfridges, London. One of my best friends & I had decided to go there as we had discovered it recently. We always love going to new restaurants as we both love food equally as much. This one we chose mainly because of how pretty it looks and we knew we could take good photos there (guilty).

Okay so lets begin with the location of the restaurant it's actually at the top of Selfridges. If you don't know what Selfridges is then it's a big department store on Oxford Street. It looks pretty grand from the outside and the inside reminds of of an airport. My favourite part of Selfridges is the high street place as they have all of the best clothes from H&M as well as Primark for the same prices!!

The decoration of the restaurant is super super cute. It reminds me of a pinterest garden except it's in the middle of London at the top of a massive department store.There's flowers everywhere I think they're fake as trying to keep that amount of flowers alive would be a challenge. The fairy lights are super cute especially when it gets a little darker.

One thing you can't see as I didn't take a photo but you can see it on my vlog here is that the roof was open air so when it's sunny and warm they open it and as it gets colder they close it. They also provide blankets which I always like as it can get a bit windy even when it is light out. 

For dinner we both went for a very adventurous burger...yes I know how different. We can never resist a good burger and indeed this burger was good. Along side the burger we had some spicy fries which were really yummy. After the burger we had to have pudding of course I went for a chocolate based pudding which was yummy but one sauce I didn't quite like so I didn't finish it all. 

However I was jealous of Karyen because she went for a strawberry and something cheese cake which looked a-mazing! The presentation of both desserts was a solid 10/10 we didn't want to eat them in the first place because they looked so pretty. I also love the plates they were on and I would love to pick up similar ones they would look great in an Instagram photo.

Of course after we had dinner we had to take loads of photos. I mean there was tons of different photo opportunities so make sure to take a ton when you are there. Both of one of our favourite bits was the cute flower arch. It's actually quite dark so remember to use your flash. 

Overall we loved our time at the Forest On The Roof restaurant and I know we will go back some time whether it's with other people or together again. The staff there were very attentive and always asked if we were okay or if we needed anything. The food was of a high quality like most of the restaurants we have chosen to go to (we've been quite lucky on that front!!). We didn't have to wait long for our food which I hate especially when you are really hungry.


I'd like to say a special thank you to Karyen who paid for everything seeing as it was my birthday. Although I did offer to pay my half she said no haha. We had such a lovely time catching up as we both have busy schedules now (especially me) so we don't get to see each other as much as we  used to. We have many things planned for the Summer so I'm sure you will see her around on my blog/channel a lot. 

Have you been to Forest On The Roof???