Bank Holidays Are For Pancakes

Hey guys today is Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK. If you don't know what that is it's when we have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off from work. We have these a few times a year and anyone who works a 9-5 job Monday-Friday appreciates these greatly. I thought that I would share with you how I make my pancakes as it's usually what I would eat on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday. 

You will need:
2 Eggs *you may need more if you're making more
Any milk
1 Cup any size *depending on how many pancakes you want to make
Lemon juice & sugar *or any topping you want
Plain flour
Baking powder

Step 1: Gather all of the ingredients that you will need

Step 2: First of all take the cup and fill it up with flour

Step 3: Use the same cup and fill it up with milk

Step 4: Add the eggs

Step 5: Add a tablespoon of baking powder (This makes the pancakes all fluffy and light)

Step 6: Mix all the ingredients together you can use a wisk, fork or like me cheat and use an electric wisk. 

Step 7: Mix it until the mixture has no more lumps and is consistant

Step 8: Pour the finished mix in to a resealable container (You can use it the next day if you keep it in the fridge)

Step 9: Pour some oil in to the pan (Not loads though) and wait for the pan to get hot

Step 10: Pour the mixture in to the pan however much is up to you

Step 11: Wait until small holes appear before you flip the pancake

Step 12: When it's crispy and golden you can put it on your plate and add the toppings that you want

I enjoy making pancakes as they're so diverse you can make them sweet or savory. They can be topped with lemon and sugar, Nutella, berries, yogurt, vedgetables, cheese or meat. The start to finish process of making pancakes is so easy that even my younger brother is a pro at making them. I hope you enjoyed me talking through with you how to make these simple but easy pancakes.

What's your pancake topping of choice?



Video | Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation First Impressions

Today's blog post is about my latest video which is a first impressions of the new Rimmel foundation which is called Fresher Skin. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.


Why I Appreciate Bank Holidays So Much More Now

Hey guys as you can probably tell I have been super busy these past few months trying to juggle my full time job, blogging and filming videos. Now when a bank holiday comes around it's basically like Christmas for me. When you first start a full time job 9-6 Monday-Friday it is really tough on you and you're always tired. 

If you aren't from the UK and you don't know what a bank holiday is it's when you get Saturday, Sunday and Monday off from work. It's the best. It's come at the right time for me as I really needed this to sort a lot of things out. I have lots of planning to do for my online clothing store as well as plan blog posts and videos.

It's so important for you to look after yourself both mentally and physically. You can have everything you want and still not feel like yourself. I'm so comfortable with everything at the moment my job, my blog, my channel etc..but you can still not feel like you. I have been so busy recently I haven't had any time to do anything. I have many posts planned for my blog so keep an eye out as I'm really loving blogging at the moment. 

Things I need to do this weekend:
- Music
- Passwords
- Tidy my room
- Coursework
- Go to the post office
- Plan videos
- Write up blog posts
- Clean my bathroom



Wishlist | Coconut Lane

Hey guys happy hump day! Today's wishlist is from a lovely online homeware and fashion accessories website. I only recently stumbled upon this website whilst scrolling through Instagram somehow. I'm so glad I did because their products are right up my street and I will definitely be purchasing some things. I'm also trying to change my room around at the moment so cute accessories like these will really make a difference to my room.



8 Bloggers/YouTubers You Should Check Out | Part 2

This is my second post within this series where I introduce 8 new bloggers or YouTubers every other week to my readers. There is a twist though which is you will never know when you will be featured as each time the 8 people will be picked at random! If you like the idea of this and would love to be featured simply DM me on Twitter with your link to your blog or channel explaining you would like to be featured. 

Mischevious Mal 
Mallory is a women of many talents having studied at the University of New York in Media Studies Mallory has many skills in digital marketing and creativity. The content of her blog covers anything from DIY's to pop culture and anything in between. I think Mallory's DIY's are my favourite as they are so easy to follow. There's nothing worse then finding a DIY project you like and not being able to understand the instructions!!

Mallory's links:
Twitter - @mischievousmal

Ella Catherine
Ella first started her blog around 4 years a go which is a long time in the blogging world! The first thing I noticed when I clicked on Ella's blog was her photography background which looks gorgeous. It's like a wooden floor but complements her product & photography so well. If you love make up then definitely check out Ella's blog as her posts are mainly beauty based. I love the mixture of high-end and high-street make up it makes it easy to relate for everyone. 

Ella's links:
Twitter - @ellacatherine95

Chanels Beauty Bible
As soon as you land on Chanels's blog you see colour everywhere from her amazing make up to her reviews. As you may have guessed from the name of her blog Chanel's blog is about beauty as well as hair and fashion. The OOTD posts are my favourite as I'm really in to fashion at the moment. Chanel has a great fashion sense and some of the outfits she wears I could see myself wearing also.

Chanel's links:
Twitter - @CBeautyBible

E Is For Emma
Emma is a fellow Harry Potter fan who writes about lifestyle & theater on her blog. When Emma is not writing up posts for her blog or visiting the theater you can find her doing her day job in arts marketing. I think I can relate to Emma's food and travel blog posts the most as I love the both. Travelling is in my blood and Emma has already visited some of the places I'd love to visit myself.

Emma's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @_EisforEmma

Jodie writes about many things including beauty, life, fashion, books and subscription boxes. Jodie's subscription box posts are my favourite. I have seen many bloggers get subscription boxes every so often but Jodie gets one every single month. It's always nice to see what's inside of a subscription box before you buy it as you can really decide if you want to get it or not. Not only does Jodie explain what is in each box she also includes a mini review as well which is even better.

Jodie's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @Jodetopia

Although a little confusing to navigate at first Madison's blog is a little different to everyone else. Blogging Monday-Thursday she uploads a different themed post every day. For example on Monday's it's candid moment day whereas on Wednesdays it's a weekly blog. I really like this idea as it sounds like it would be a lot easier to organise when it came to blogging. Madison's dream job is to be an author. Blogging is a great start on her journey to achieving this.

Madison's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @madisongale05

I love the clean cut look of Lauren's blog it's very similar to my own. There is one thing I would suggest to Lauren and that is having an about us page. Lauren talks about many different things from culture to beauty. I really like the way her photography is taken as they're sometimes similar but different. I really enjoyed reading her review on Zoella's Sweet Inspirations collection especially. 

Lauren's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @loulabxlle

Yours Chloe
I have known Chloe for a while now as I was invited to one of her meet ups that she hosted a while back. I can still remember the day like it was yesterday we all had so much fun. Chloe has always taken pride in her blog and I can remember from the first time I discovered it her photography was always and still is of a high quality. If you're looking for a blog with detail then Chloe's is the one to read as her posts are always so detailed. 

Chloe's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @Chloe_Bellamy

Thank you to all the lovely bloggers/youtubers who wanted to take part in this series. I really enjoyed writing it up and I can't wait to see who else I write about. I'm all about giving back to the blogging/YouTube community as it's such a big part of my life now.


My Top 5 Blog Posts Of All Time

Hey everyone happy Friday I have a three day weekend this week as I worked on Saturday last weekend. I plan on getting lots of blog posts written whether this will actually happen or not we will see. I thought I would share with you my top 5 most popular blog posts as it's something different and I always like reading these posts.

I can't remember how I came up with this blog post but it's been super popular with 489 views making it my top blog post.  I thought that sometimes when you start out as a new YouTuber you often don't know where to begin. I always remember researching tons before I started my channel. These five video ideas are ideal for really kick-starting your channel as they're ones that everyone loves to watch.

I absolutely love Fleur her blog is amazing and her videos are so enjoyable she is such a down to earth person. I think I enjoy her vlogs the most because it's an insight to her life. I knew as soon as she was releasing a book I had to get it. I think it's a very similar format to Lauren Conrad's books which I adore also. I have yet to get her new book but it is on my list haha.

I started this series to support other bloggers/YouTubers. Every so often I will upload a new post with 8 new people to introduce. It went down really well with the 8 lovely people who I introduced in this particular blog post. I hope to continue this series as I loved writing it you find out so much about a person by simply reading a few of their blog posts. If you want to be featured in the next one please inbox me on Twitter @asiajade4.

Review | Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves
Everyone loves to read a good old review and in fact I haven't done one in ages. I will try and do a few soon I've been super busy. A review can be so powerful for the brand or person who's product or service is being reviewed. 

One review can generate so many more sales look at Zoella for example the minute she says something good about a product everyone of her subscribers wants to try it out. I love writing reviews as it's all about your opinion no one can say if you're wrong or right because it's how you feel and not how others feel. 

Again this is a review I did on a book by Louise aka "Sprinkle Of Glitter" this book is so cute and is a great plane read as it can easily fit in your bag. The design of it inside is amazing as each page has it's own theme. I haven't read it all yet but the chapters I have read are so well put together. Not only are they informative they're also enjoyable to read and easy to comprehend. 



Video | Weekend Vlog #2 Finding Dory, Ice Cream & Saying Goodbye

Today's blog post is about my latest video which is a weekend vlog. I went to see Finding Dory which was amazing and I also spent the day with one of my close friends who is leaving soon to go back to Hong Kong. If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE.


Wishlist | Sabo Skirt

Hey I thought today I would post a wishlist for one of the most gorgeous boutiques which I love browsing all the time haha. All of the items of clothing are from Sabo Skirt which is an online Australian brand who sell beautiful clothes. They may seem a higher price because it's in Australian Dollar however they're quite reasonable considering the quality of them. I would love to purchase something from here one day. 



Top 5 Lip Products Summer Edition

Hey guys so this week has been super busy I haven't had time to do anything. As I worked on Saturday as well which I don't usually do I have only had time to write a small blog post. I thought that I would share with you my favourite lip products at the moment. 

I wear these all quite a lot and they are usually my go to products. I would say the one I use the most is the one by Fleur De Force. It's just a really glossy nude but one that I can pull off as nude colours don't usually suit me. I will be doing more blog posts next week I promise I just haven't had any time at all this week. 



Wishlist| Charlotte Tilbury

Hey guys today's wishlist is a Charlotte Tilbury one as I popped in to one of their stores in Covent Garden yesterday. I picked up one of the Hot Lips lipsticks in Super Cindy. I also picked one up for my friend as part of her leaving present in Miranda May. I am loving the formula of it so far and I will be doing a review soon so keep an eye out for that. 



A Day In London With Holiday Friends

Hey everyone happy Sunday I hope it's a good one as I always find that a good Sunday starts the week off on a positive note. I am currently sitting in bed with a cup of tea, Greys Anatomy playing in the background and typing up this blog post. 

Yesterday morning I was at my Nans on the other side of London so I had to rush home to get changed as I wasn't expecting the weather to be so hot. Once I was ready to go I headed in to central London to meet everyone in Piccadilly. I am wearing:

Top: H&M
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Louis Vuitton

As the others were travelling from outside of London we had to wait for some of them as they got stuck in traffic. I suggested that we went to my old work and got a drink as it was close by and we could sit down. So we did indeed head on over to my old work and grabbed a drink before the boys came. 

They arrived about half an hour later and we all headed to Tesco to grab some food before going to the park. As it was so hot I had suggested a picnic in the park because it's a low cost thing and the weather was nice. I had decided that we should go to Green Park as it's a much nicer park than Hyde Park which is always crowded. 

We sat in the park and ate our lunch whilst playing cards. Irish snap was our chosen game as it's become our signature one. Once we had been in the park for a while we went on a walk down to southbank by Embankment. I knew southbank would be packed which indeed it was as every tourist in London goes there literally haha. 

We decided to take a look insidethe Wonderground festival there which has food stalls, rides and pretty lanterns in trees. I was in awe as the lanterns looked so cute making me want them in my garden when I have my own one. I bet at night-time they looked even better. Most of us got ice creams as we were all really hot and needed something to cool us down. 

We then played some more cards on the southbank and then headed towards Victoria station where some of my friends needed to catch the train from. Now I think about it it we actually walked a lot but as it was such a nice day there was no point in catching the tube. 

It was so lovely to see everyone again as we hadn't seen each other since our holiday at Christmas where we all met. Unfortunately we were missing two people as they are on another cruise. It's always the case that when you meet people on holiday the likeliness of you seeing them again is probably not. 

I think this is the first time I've seen people I have met on holiday after leaving holiday. We're hoping to make it a yearly thing to see each other as we all get on so well. Next year I think the beach is on the cards or a BBQ at mine seeing as London is quite easy to get to. 

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Wishlist | River Island

Hey everyone today's blog post is another wishlist but this time it's River Island based. I think I can speak for us all when I say we're always wanting to buy something. I'm really in to clothes at the moment so I wanted to do a fashion themed wishlist this week. 



8 Bloggers/YouTubers You Should Check Out | Part 1

If you haven't seen on my Twitter I posted about starting a new blog post series a few weeks ago. My aim was to introduce new bloggers or YouTubers to my readers but there would be a twist to it. The twist is that you never know when you will be featured as each week 8 people will be picked at random to be featured. 

If you like the idea of this and would love to be featured simply DM me on Twitter with your link to your blog or channel explaining you would like to be featured. 

Lucy Loves Beauty XO
First up is Lucy who is from the South East of England. Lucy is engaged and has a three year old son. Lucy blogs about three main things beauty, motherhood & life in general. Lucy Loves Beauty XO was created on the 14th May 2016. I'm definitely going to be reading more of Lucy's skincare posts as I think I could really benefit from learning some new tips.

Lucy's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter @lucyluvsbeautyx

Steph's World
Steph is also from the UK she writes about a wide variety of topics such as theatre reviews, baking recipes & days out ideas just to name a few. As Steph writes about a lot of different topics I found it useful that there was a category menu so I could choose which topic I wanted to read most about. My favourite was the "Days out" category especially the Harry Potter post!

Steph's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @StephsWorld_x

Roll Necks & Runways
Lucie is a 20 year old fashion journalism student from Hartlepool. Her favourite seasons are Autumn & Winter which I also happen to quite like. Lucie likes to change her hair colour regularly as well as her wardrobe. Lucie also writes for Fashion North which is a fashion information network at her uni. I am impressed with how much blogging Lucie gets done considering all of the other things she is doing as well.

Lucie's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @L00SE_C

Half Girl Half Teacup
Jess's blog is about feminism which I think is brilliant. It's not a serious feminist blog which can sometimes be a bit in your face. Nope this is a humorous feminist blog which I think is why it's a little unique. Being a feminist doesn't have to be serious. Jess talks about all different topics which all relate back to being a female. The way her blog posts are written are lighthearted and interesting. 

Jess's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @Brittnix

Bella Momento
Francesca is a 21 year old fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger from Essex. Her blog name means beautiful moments. One thing that stood out immediately was her photos which are really well taken with a marble background *drools slightly*. I'm going to be reading lots of Francesca's reviews as they are so in depth which means you can really get a feel for a product. 

Francesca's Links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @bellamomentoX

Tania is also a mummy to a one year old and lives in the East of England. She blogs about beauty, plus size fashion and lifestyle. Tania also suffers with anxiety like myself which I find comforting as such because it means I'm not alone. I'm so glad that she talks about it on her blog because I do believe it should be spoken about more. Tania is a new blogger as she only started in May. 

Tania's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @tanicici

Bisous, Holly Olivia
Holly is planning on being a digital marketing apprentice just like me. She is from the north east of England and loves nothing more than finding deals on Ebay or Depop. Holly is gluten free and has been for a few years which she often documents on her blog. I love her Spotify feature on her blog which has her current playlist. 

Holly's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @hollyyolivia 

Miss Beauty Emily
Emily and I have been blogging friends for a while now I can't remember if I came across her blog or channel first. Emily's blog is mainly beauty related hence the name and her photography is always really well done. She is a very consistent blogger & also posts videos on her channel a few times a week. She is a really down to earth girl and I enjoy her blog/videos a lot. 

Emily's links:
Most recent blog post
Twitter - @MissBeautyEmily

Thank you to all the lovely bloggers/youtubers who wanted to take part in this series. I really enjoyed writing it up and I can't wait to see who else I write about. I'm all about giving back to the blogging/YouTube community as it's such a big part of my life now.