8 Bloggers/YouTubers You Should Check Out | Part 3

Happy New Years Eve! I thought I would go out with a bang on my blog and spread some last minute love. This is my third post within this series where I introduce 8 new bloggers or YouTubers every other week to my readers. There is a twist though which is you will never know when you will be featured as each time the 8 people will be picked at random! 

If you like the idea of this and would love to be featured simply DM me on Twitter with your link to your blog or channel explaining you would like to be featured. 

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Lexi Life
Lexi who's real name is actually Katy currently studies at the University of Portsmouth. In her spare time Lexi works on both her blog and YouTube channel. Her blog is about beauty, lifestyle and fitness. I love the photography the most as they're so clean cut and they look like they have been done professionally. 

Not only does Lexi have a blog she also has a YouTube channel where her vlogs are the main star. A little while back Lexi went to Cuba and vlogged everyday there which went down really well with her audience and me!

Lexi's links:
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YouTube channel

Lauren Catherine
Lauren is an Irish blogger who also works full time and blogs like me. Lauren's blog is about beauty, books, film/tv, lifestyle, mental health and recommendations. Lauren only started blogging earlier on this year so every new follower/reader will help. Lauren loves Zoella just as much as me and even dedicated a whole blog post to her which you can read here. Lauren only uploads a blogpost twice a week on Wednesday's and Sunday's at 6pm.

Lauren's links:
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Absolutely Aliyah
Aliyah's blog has many different topics such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle, make-up, Monday must have, music & Wednesday wants. Absolutely Aliyah was first launched back in September 2014. From then on Aliyah uploads blog posts every so often. I especially love her blog post called "It's okay not to be okay". Sometimes we need small reminders in life and this blog post is one of them. 

Aliyah's links:
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Milenka is a recent university graduate who studied English Language and Linguistics. Millieonhearts has been live since September 2015 and features blog posts about lifestyle, travel, beauty & style and Christmas. My favourite aspect of the blog are the travel posts because I love travelling myself. Milenka has visited many places such as Iceland, Mallorca, Poland & Montenegro.

Milenka's links:
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Naomi Rowan
Naomi loves Game of Thrones and nutella but also likes to write about beauty, lifestyle and anything else. Naomi offers a whole host of blogging tips which you can take a look at here. I always think it's really lovely when bloggers share their tips and tricks with others. Blogging can actually be quite a hard thing to do so any advice is always helpful. 

Naomi's links:
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Little Life Of Rachel
Rachel is 21 years old and lives in Wales. Rachel loves acting, musical theatre, beauty, baking and photography. If you love blogs with pretty photography then Rachel's blog is right up your street. I have loved reading through some of Rachel's Blogmas posts which she has just taken part in. Rachel has achieved some amazing things such as working in America, going to University and acting. 

Rachel's links:
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Hannah Drilon - Blog
Hannah currently lives in Dubai but is from the Philippines. Hannah enjoys writing, reading and learning new things. She decided to create her blog as a personal diary which others can read as well as something for Hannah to look back on. Hannah started her blog back in January of 2015 so when this blog post is uploaded her blog will almost be a year old! 

Hannah's links:
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Skinny Girl With Style
If you are looking for a blog to give you some fashion advice then this is the one to go to. As you can tell by the name the blog is mostly about fashion although there are some lifestyle and beauty posts. The lovely lady who owns this blog also has a YouTube channel where she posts similar topics to those on her blog. Watch out for more videos in 2017 as one of her resolutions is to upload more videos.

Social media links:
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YouTube channel

Thank you to all the lovely bloggers/youtubers who wanted to take part in this series. I really enjoyed writing it up and I can't wait to see who else I write about. I'm all about giving back to the blogging/YouTube community as it's such a big part of my life now.


#Blogmas 2016 | Happy Christmas & The End Of Blogmas

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. I was going to write this up yesterday but I spent time with family instead. As you can probably tell I'm clinging on to the last bit of Christmas before it's completely finished. I thought that I would share with you what I did yesterday as I know everyone's Christmas day is always a little different. 

06:00 am 
I woke up and had a scroll through Twitter & Instagram as it was too early to get up. I then eventually fell back asleep as I had only had about six hours sleep. 

The time I actually got up and made a cup of tea before taking my two dogs outside for a bit. I then gave them their breakfast and played with them for a bit. (P.s do you like my Santa socks).

Everyone else was awake by now and we had some hot croissants and a cup of tea. We now had to wait for my sister, her fiance and my two nephews to arrive to open our presents.

We all started to open our presents with the radio on in the background which was playing great tunes I must say.

I came upstairs to bring all my presents up as well as tidy my room up because it was super messy.

Obviously I had to take a photo in front of the Christmas tree. I also didn't have any photos to post on Instagram so I needed one haha.

I played with my two nephews for a long time. We played with their new toys as well as on their iPads. Some of the kids toys they got are pretty weird one of them is a monkey robot who shakes his bum at you....but they enjoyed them.

We all sat down for the first course of our dinner. I went for Paté with toast and salad. I did have a glass of prosecco but I gave up as I'm just not really a drinker.

We had a break before having our main course as we were all too full from our starters. In our family we all put the food in the middle and then choose what we want to eat. I much prefer this as I can have as little or as much as I wan't. It's like having your own carvery at home.

After finishing my roast dinner I went and watched Frozen to let it all go down. You can't go without at least one movie on Christmas day it's a tradition.

We then had puddings I opted for hot mince pies and cream which were delicious. Although I was given three which was a little too much.

I came upstairs where I watched some TV and caught up on YouTube videos. I still have so many to watch there are currently 293 videos that I have let to watch.

I decided to sleep around this time as I was so exhausted from the day. I had been up since 6am and it had been quite a busy day even though we stayed at home most of it. 

So that's my Christmas day it was a fairly quiet one this year which was nice. Last year I was stuck in bed all day sick and I was in New York City which made it even worse. It sucked! You can see a few of the bits I got in the short video below. 

It's also the last blog post in my Blogmas 2016 series. Yes I know I failed again I just always get so busy with other things that I run out of time to sit down and type up posts. I commend those who managed to write 25 posts because I managed to write 15. One year I will be able to write all 25 I will make sure of it. 



Blogmas | This Time Last Year

So yes let's state the obvious I failed to blog every day during December. But I will have managed to get up 15 blog posts by the end of tomorrow. So I would have only missed 10 blog posts all together. I have just been too busy with work and other stuff so it was quite a struggle to get a blog post up some days. 

I am also sick I have a cold which sucks and that has meant that this previous week I really haven't felt like sitting at a computer and typing up a blog post. I really need to kick this cold over the next week that I have off. 

Okay back to today's blog post if you are a new reader then this time last year I was actually in New York City. I went on a cruise for 7 days from Southampton, England to New York City and then I spent 4 days in the city.

I got to do so much on that holiday like go ice skating in Central Park and go shopping down 5th Avenue. It was such a great holiday as I made some amazing friends who I have already seen since that holiday. 

It's so crazy how time goes so fast it literally feels like I just left New York City yesterday. What's ironic is that last year on Christmas Day I was sick and spent the whole day in bed and this year I am also sick! Although I don't think I'll be spending it in bed but I will need lots of tissues and lemsips. 

I would love to revisit New York City at Christmas again but when it's snowing as that's so much more exciting. Tomorrow is going to be lovely as it's going to be full of food, family and films which I am really looking forward to.

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#Blogmas2016| Why I Love "The Grinch" Movie So Much

Hey guys sorry I haven't uploaded a blog post over the past few days I've been super busy with work! Anyways I'm back today with the next blogmas blog post I'm not going to try and catch all of the days that I have missed back up. It would stress me out too much and I don't believe that blogging should be stressful.

I thought that today I would like to do an original blog post. I haven't seen this around much but I'm sure it has been done before. So I thought I would do a Why I Love "The Grinch" Movie So Much blog post. If you haven't seen The Grinch film then you are missing out. It's such a classic Christmas movie and I watch it all year round (I'm not kidding). 

It will fill you with warmth and maybe even bring a tear to your eyes. The movie is an onscreen adaption of the book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss. It was produced in 2000 and features some amazing actors/actresses such as Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen and Jeffrey Tambor.

- It's so relatable. I mean these two quotes from The Grinch himself are literally me
- The relationship between The Grinch & Cindy Lou Who is so cute
- It teaches you that friendships can come in all forms 
- It's a great Christmas classic that all the family can watch together
- If I'm having a bad day even when it's not Christmas time I always put it on because it cheers me up
-  The whole movie is so magical even though there's not really any magic involved
- It teaches you matter what you have done Christmas is a time for forgiving and forgetting things
- Christmas isn't always about the presents it's about family and friendship
- The sets and costumes were just amazing 


#Blogmas 2016 Day 11 | My Winter Perfumes

Hey guys today is day eleven of blogmas I thought that today I would share with you my go-to Winter perfumes. Like my make up I change up the perfumes that I wear during the colder months. I usually go for stronger fragrances during these months. These are my go-to six perfumes that I usually alternate between in the Winter.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Gold
Burberry Weekend £27.75
Zoella Blissful Mistful £8
Lola Marc Jacobs
Moschino £19.99

Video | Going By MYSELF To Winter Wonderland 2016

In today's video I go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London by myself. It was so much fun and I had a really great day. Watch the video to see my little adventure.  If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos.


#Blogmas 2016 Day 10 | Loreal Face Mask Review

Hey guys today is day 10 of blogmas woo I have made it ten days! I thought today I would do a review as I haven't done one in ages. I have had this L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Mask for a couple of months now. It costs around £6-£7 depending on if there are any offers on.  

It was definitely one of those products which was everywhere in the blogging world. I kept seeing blog posts, tweets and Instagram photos about it. I didn't get it straight away as I wasn't sure about paying that price for a face mask. I usually go for the £1 ones from Superdrug but I decided to try the L'Oreal ones out. 

There are three masks within the collection which are clay charcoal detox mask, clay glow mask and clay purity mask which is the one I have. I think you are supposed to use all three but on different areas of your face. I obviously haven't done that and just use the one mask all over my face. 

You only have to put a small layer on your face for it to be really effective. I like to use this once a week as I don't have time to do it twice. I always feel so refreshed after taking it off and I feel like it's a really effective face mask.

I'm not a fan of the glass packaging as I'm quite clumsy and drop a lot of things. Apart from that I don't really have anything bad to say about the facemask. I would like to pick up the other two as I think they will be really good also. So I think in the new year I will treat myself to them both and maybe the third one if I have run out of it.

I'd highly recommend you getting one of the L'Oreal face masks as they work wonders. They're great stocking fillers for someone as everyone likes a face mask even guys do! It's not a harsh face mask you won't feel like your face is burning but you will feel like it's doing something. My skin is always so smooth afterwards which makes me feel so good. 




#Blogmas 2016 Day4 | Paris Day 4

Hey guys welcome to day 4 of blogmas which is going to be my last day in Paris. I can't believe it's my last one which I'm quite sad about as it means that the holiday is officially over.  The last day was a really relaxed day as it was more of a half day. 

We got up slightly later as we didn't have to check out until 12am. We ate some breakfast and then checked out before heading into the center of Paris. We wanted to see the whole of Paris but I didn't want to go up the Eiffel Tower as I'm not a big fan of heights.  

We went up the Montparnasse Tower which is like a big business building that has an observation area at the top. As it wasn't the Eiffel Tower we could see the Eiffel Tower from the top which was nice. We spent around half an hour there just looking at the sights and taking tons of photos. 

We then headed to the Av. des Champs-Élysées which is very similar to Oxford Street in London. I wanted to pop into Sephora again as I still had money left and I didn't want to bring any euroes home.

I got some gifts for my friends & my mum as well as a few things for myself. I picked up two of the Huda beauty lip products which are amazing they are also in my November favourites as I have been loving them so much recently. We then headed back to the hotel to pick up our cases and get back on the coach to head to the train station. 

Once we had gotten on the coach we made our way to the train station. On the way there we passed the Moulin Rouge which I had to take a photo of as I love that film so much. We then got to the station where we got onto the Euro Star and made our way home. 

We got to London around 6pm and then got some food so we could eat when we got home. We took the tube home and then got home and crashed out as travelling is quite tiresome even though you're sitting around a lot. 

Video | November Favourites 2016

Today's blog post is about my latest video which is my November favourites. There's a variety of lifestyle, beauty and fashion products.  If you liked this video please give it a THUMBS UP and make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos.


#Blogmas 2016 Day3 | How I Use Up Bath & Body Products

Hey guys seeing as Christmas is only 23 days away I thought that I would put up a blog post which is going to help a lot of you out. I always get tons of bath/body products for Christmas and then try and spend the next year using them all up but fail miserably. Then the next Christmas comes around and I still have products from three years ago that I haven't used up. So here's how I tackle this issue:

How are you supposed to use them all up if you keep on buying new products? I always start this process by telling myself that I'm not allowed to buy anything new. However, there is one rule I tell myself if I have used up essentials such as my shampoo or toothpaste for example then I am allowed to buy a new one. 

Step 2: Get out all of your bath/body products
The best thing to do is to get them all out so you can see how much you actually have. This is usually the moment I say to myself "Wow I'm actually a bath & body product hoarder" or "That's where that is I've been meaning to try that out". Search high and low for all of the products as I often have some of them in boxes tucked away. 

Step 3: Separate them in to categories
Once I have got all of my products out I will then separate them into three categories which are:

Never been opened - This category I usually put back in to a separate draw or box as you don't want to open them up or you'll have more products to use up at one time.

Half full - Keep this category close by maybe in a basket by your bath or shower. As once you have used up a product you can pick one from here to use up next.

Almost empty - This is the category you want to be using first. So keep these products in your shower or by your bath. Go through and use the ones with the least amount of product left first. 

Step 4: Use up the products
This is pretty self explanatory now all I do is make sure to use up the products from the almost empty category. Once that category is almost empty I move on to the half full before opening any products that haven't been opened yet.

Step 5: Make room for your new Christmas bath & body presents
I usually get one or two bath & body products for Christmas which usually last me ages. I have to make room for them so I usually put them in to a box which would be my "never been opened box" and then the process starts again. 

I thought that this may help some of you as you may like me struggle to use your products up. This is just a simple routine I now do in order to make sure that I actually use products up and that they don't sit on my shelf for years.


#Blogmas2016 Day2 | Victoria Secret/PINK Wishlist

Hey everyone and welcome to day 2 of Blogmas 2016. You're probably wondering why do you have a Victoria Secret/PINK blog post going up during Blogmas. Well I've always seen VS/PINK as a bit of a luxury brand. The prices are quite high and I haven't got anything from them except two tank tops which I got on offer one time.

I would love to purchase a few things from VS or PINK during the new year as a treat to myself. These are just a few things I would like to pick up there's so many more things I love but I can't justify spending that much on them.



#Blogmas2016 Day 1 | A YouTube Event In Manchester

Hey guys today is the first blog post of #Blogmas2016 I have decided to attempt it this year whether or not I can put up a blog post every day for 25 days who knows. If you don't follow me on social media then you may not know that I went to Manchester last Saturday for a YouTube event. 

I was invited to it about a month ago and although it was in Manchester I thought why not. I did decide whether to go by myself or bring someone with me but I went by myself which was a lot of fun. The event was from 12.30-6.15pm so I had to leave mine at 6.45am to catch a train at 8am which would get to Manchester at around 10am.

I took a Virgin train which was amazing the whole experience was great. I had pre-booked a seat with a plug so that I could charge my phone etc...I then received an email a few days before letting me know that Virgin trains had their own entertainment app which could be used on board. They had around 10 different films to choose from and several TV shows. I chose to watch Despicable Me 2 as it's one of my favourite films. I was so so happy when I saw that they had it.

I got to Manchester Piccadilly around 10am and then walked in to town to find myself a nice cup of tea. I'm not the best traveler at times and the train journey was a bit bumpy which made me feel a little sick. After having sat down for a while and had a cup of tea I headed off to window shop as I had lots of spare time.

Manchester is very like London if it wasn't for the difference in accent I would think I was in London. I just looked around the shops as I had no money to buy anything but it was still nice to wonder around. They also had their Christmas market which was fun to look at. It was super busy as it was the day after Black Friday so everyone was out grabbing what they could before the sales ended. 

I headed on over to the event around 12 and got there around 12.15 where I met people in the line and started to discuss what we did on our channels etc..I was quite nervous as I was doing it all by myself and I was in an unfamiliar city which made it even more nerve wrecking. 

It was a mixture of talks and getting to know each other by chatting individually to people. I learnt so much from the whole day and it was super useful. If you are a Youtuber then check out the video I made below it may help you. I was very pleased with how the day went as it was very organised and as you can see from the image above we talked about a lot of different things.

They even provided lunch for us which I didn't know so I had already brought my own haha. I met some really lovely people and I hope to stay friends with them for a long time. I can't wait to continue to support them and watch their channels grow. 

I had to slip out at around 6.10pm as I didn't want to miss my train home. It took me around three hours to get home as my train got held up near Milton Keynes. So when I eventually got home I was knackered and couldn't wait to go to sleep. I had such a wonderful day and I would definitely go to another one although this time probably in London.