My Mediterranean Holiday 2017 | Day 1: London To Barcelona

Hey everyone and Happy Monday I hope that you have had a good weekend. This past week has been a pretty tough week for me but it's time to get back on track and upload some blog posts. I am finally getting around to writing up my holiday blog posts. 

As some of you will know I went on holiday recently for nine days around the Mediterranean on a cruise. I had an amazing time and although I did film it and upload videos I wanted to type up my thoughts as well, as I didn't include all of my thoughts in the videos.

It all began on Friday 26th May at 10.45 am when we left London to drive to Gatwick. We were going from London to Barcelona, Spain. We flew with Vueling airline who I had never heard of before. As we were flying with them we flew from Gatwick South which is my favourite terminal of the two. 

It is so easy to go through and a lot less stressful than the north terminal. We were through security in about 5 minutes which is pretty good for an airport. What I like about it is that all of the restaurants are upstairs with a few shops and then the rest of the shops are downstairs. 

When we got to the airport it was about midday and as we hadn't eaten breakfast we decided to get some brunch. There are so many places to eat like Costa, Starbucks, Pret A Manger, Giraffe, Nandos, Wetherspoons, Wagamama etc...However, the place we chose is called Grain Store which is a cafe and bar. 

The interior was so cute I just loved it. The whole atmosphere was so relaxed and I'm so glad that we went there. The prices were pretty good for the food but the alcohol was quite expensive. We all got an English breakfast but with different eggs. I then went to WhSmiths and got a few bits for the plane such as magazines, sweets, and drinks. 

Like I mentioned above we flew with Vueling who are a Spanish low-cost airline. I guess you could compare them to Easy-Jet. However, I much prefer Easy-Jet and I'll tell you why. The overall experience was pretty similar to what you would get on an Easy-Jet flight. 

The food was pretty rubbish, the drinks were pricey and the leg room was small. But that is what you get for a low-cost airline. The customer service was pretty poor. The attention to detail on the flight was rubbish they took forever to give out drinks and the whole thing felt very unorganised. 

We were already running late as the plane was late arriving at Gatwick. However, we did not get one apology from the captain. Throughout the flight, there were no updates to say how long we will be or if we are on time. I feel like with Easy-Jet even though they are the same price and quality their attention to detail is a lot better. I would not fly with them again even if they are cheap. 

We arrived in Barcelona at around 6pm when we were due to arrive at 5pm. After catching a taxi from the airport to our hotel which took around 45 minutes we arrived in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. We stayed at the Hotel Gargallo Rialto which we stayed at the last time we went on a cruise from Barcelona in 2012. 

I think the hotel is a three star one but I'm not sure. It is a great hotel for staying there for a few days. The rooms are quite basic but have everything that you need. Our room was really nice as it had three single beds, a bathroom with a shower, a TV and an amazing balcony overlooking the streets below. You can see a full room tour on the vlog. 

Once we had unpacked things in the room and changed we went out and looked for a place to eat some dinner. We didn't want to stray far from the hotel as we were all quite tired from the travelling. 

We found this cute restaurant about 5 minutes away from the hotel. It was quite busy as it had three floors and each floor was packed. Luckily the floor that we were put on only got busy towards the end of our dinner. The food was really good and we got a variety of things to share such as mussels, bread and a chicken salad. 

I didn't take photos of these but you can go over and see it on the vlog again. The food was really tasty and we all ate loads as we were hungry. Again the service was rubbish as the waiters mixed up our order and then got our bill wrong. Once we had finished dinner we headed back to the hotel and then got ready for bed as we were exhausted by that time.

I am going to be uploading day 2 soon probably on Wednesday but I hope you liked this one and make sure to check out the vlogs if you haven't already they are going down really well. 



Norwegian Epic Western Mediterranean Cruise 2017 VLOGS Day 5 - 9

Hey guys I have been so busy this week as usual but I am finally getting myself back into a normal routine. I hope to upload more blog posts over the next few weeks starting with my holiday blog posts first. In this blog post I have decided to add the last of my holiday vlogs. Like I mentioned in my last holiday vlog blog post I wanted to put them all together so that they are easier to watch. 

The videos are going down so well which I am really pleased about. If you have not watched them then I think you would love them as they are full of adventure. I cannot believe that I have uploaded all of my holiday vlogs I really wish that there were more to upload. I am starting to work on my holiday blog posts so make sure to keep an eye out for them.


Norwegian Epic Western Mediterranean Cruise 2017 VLOGS Day 1 - 4

Hey guys I'm sorry about the delay here on my blog I have had such a busy week back at work after my holidays I just haven't had the time to sit down and type anything up. If you have been following me on my Twitter, Instagram or YouTube channel then you will have seen that I have been uploading holiday vlogs all week. 

I thought that I would put the ones that I have uploaded into a blog post so that it's easier for you guys to watch them all. I have a few more to upload and then that will be the end of the vlogs. I am going to be writing up blog posts for each day as well so keep an eye out for them.


Tech I'm Taking On Holiday With Me | 2017

This weekend was a pretty hectic one as I had a work launch party which took up the whole of last week and Saturday. Hence why I haven't uploaded anything since Wednesday. It actually went really well and I had such a great time meeting new people as well as reconnecting with those who I had met before. I think I'm going to write a blog post about putting a big event on as I've learnt a lot in the process. 

I thought that today I would share with you all of the tech that I am taking away with me on holiday. I really want to document this whole trip as it's going to be a lot of fun and I know I will want to look back on it in the future. 

I am going to be vlogging & writing up blog posts about the whole trip so you have a lot to look forward to. I won't be uploading vlogs whilst I'm out there unless I can find FREE WI-FI. I won't pay for WI-FI as I don't really see the point so I'll either upload bits whilst I'm on holiday or when I am back.

- LENOVO ideapad 510S
- Sony A6000
- 2x SD cards
- iPhone 6s 
- iPhone charger 
- Camera charger
- Laptop charger
Anker Power Bank Astro E1
Joby GorillaPod Original Tripod
- Adapter
- Laptop & camera cases


Wishlist | 6 H&M Staples You Need This Summer

What with Summer fast approaching and me going on holiday next week I am looking for some Summer staples that I can grab before I go on holiday. I have always found that H&M do great basic items that will last you a while and are at incredible prices. I know that these six pieces will last me for a few years to come as they are so basic and can be worn over and over again.



3 Blog Posts From 2016 That I Love

I've finally gotten around to sitting down and writing a blog post. I just can't seem to find the time to and when I do have time I'm too tired to. I thought that today I would sit down and find 3 blog posts from last year that I really enjoyed writing. 

As a blogger it's always good to look back on previous blog posts as it shows how far you have come and the amazing memories that you have managed to document. It also brings lots of traffic back to those blog posts that may not get that many views anymore. 

Everyone loves food and spending time with friends right? Well Dinerama is the perfect place to do this. They are actually part of the Street Feast business which has various locations throughout London where they have lots of street food stalls in one place. 

I've actually been to Dinerama twice now and I always really enjoy it every time that I go. There is so much different food to choose from burgers to pizzas and even doughnuts with ice cream. It's free entry before 7pm and then after that it's only £3! I usually take £40 with me as this is always enough to get a few different dishes. 

I bet a lot of you who read my blog also work full time like myself. There's no point in sugar coating it because it is bloody hard to run a blog sometimes when you do have a 9-6 job. If you get that one busy week it can throw your whole blogging game off course.

I know this because this has happened to me. For the past two months I have been pretty wrapped up with work & coursework. Meaning less time for blog posts or videos. Now I feel like getting myself back to my old blogging routine is going to take a little while. I really need to sit down one day and plan everything out but I just haven't had the chance. I hope this blog post does give you some sort of motivation that you can balance a blog & a job but it's hard. 

Another food blog post yes I know you will be seeing a lot more of those in the future. As someone who suffers with going to restaurants sometimes I like to document those that I have had good experiences at. 

I actually went to this restaurant for my 20th birthday with a friend it was one of those restaurants that we had seen on Instagram and we just had to go because it looked so cool and amazing. Both my friend and I had such a great time there and I am so glad that I took loads of photos and wrote down how I felt about it at the time. 



I'm Finally Ready

Hey guys so you are probably wondering where I have been these past few weeks. If you follow me on Twitter then you will know that I have been working so hard on completing my coursework. I've also been so busy at work recently so all my spare time has gone towards my coursework. 

As I am an apprentice I have to go to college for two evenings a week. This is so that I can learn content to then put into my coursework to gain my qualification for my apprenticeship. I have finished around 99.9% of it so I just have things like paperwork to complete. 

It's so important to me to get a good grade in my coursework as I have been doing it for a year so to get a rubbish grade will be kind of disheartening. However, now I have almost finished it I can finally start to focus on my blog & YouTube channel. 

There are so many things that I want to focus on from creating content weekly to going back and checking each blog post. These next few months for my blog & channel are going to be so much fun as I get back into the swing of things. 

Things to look forward to:
- My 10 day holiday in the Mediterranean at the end of May. I will be both blogging & vlogging about my trip!
- July video series on my channel 
- June blogging series 
- Exploring more of London


Wishlist | In The Style

Hey guys today's blog post is a very short one as I have just enough time on my lunch break to rustle something up. As some of you may know I am going on holiday at end of May for my 21st Birthday. I am hunting for new clothes to take on holiday with me at the moment. 



Please Bare With Me.

It's gone 10pm on a Monday evening and I'm just getting around to writing a blog post up. I have been so busy recently and I know I keep saying this but I really have. Now my driving test is over my main focus is finishing off my coursework for my apprenticeship in time and getting the best grade I can get. 

Anyone who has done a subject where there is coursework involved will know how tough the last few weeks are. You are so close to finishing yet so far. You always find out that you have tons of things left to do. Until I get my coursework out the way my blog & YouTube channel will come second. 

I am trying so hard to get content up but whenever I try something always seems to come up. Once my coursework is all done and has been signed off I can finally spend a lot more time working on my blog and channel. I have a big holiday coming up for my 21st that I will be documenting so keep an eye out for that because it will be a lot of fun. 

So for now please bare with me while I sort things out I will try and get some things up but I know it won't be as much as it would be if I didn't have this much going on. Like always thank you for all your continuous support I really appreciate it. 


Video | My Current Favourites

Hey so today I wanted to share with you my latest video which is a favourites video. I haven't done one of these in a while and I wanted to share a few things that I have been loving recently with you. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos I upload weekly on Sunday's at 9am. 


Wishlist | Bershka

Hey guys today is a Sunday and I'm sitting at my old work with my laptop and a drink getting some coursework done as well as some blog posts pre-written. I thought that as today it's so sunny here in London I would share with you a wishlist for Bershka as they have so many lovely things in at the moment for SS/17. 


Video | I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST + My Driving Experience

Hey so today I wanted to share with you some good news. I PASSED my driving practical test third time lucky. My driving has been a long road but I got there in the end. If you want to see how my driving experience went then check out the video. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos I upload weekly on Sunday's at 9am. 


21 Things Before I Turn 21

Hey guys so today is the 1st April....I know right how fast has this year gone! So this week has been pretty manic and I have some exciting news to share with you tomorrow. However, today I thought that I would put together a mini bucket list of things I want to do before I turn 21. 

So on May 28th I will turn 21 which I can't quite believe as I still remember turning 13. I'm going to set myself a challenge to complete these 21 things. They're going to be a combination of big and small things. 

1. Pass my practical driving test
2. Read 2 books 
3. Finally watch all the videos in my YouTube Watch Later playlist I currently have over 250 videos to watch 
4. Possibly dye my hair 
5. Go to the cinema again 
6. Go out to eat twice
7. Take a walk in the park on a sunny day
8. Visit somewhere new in London
9. Post 6 new videos over on my channel 
10. Finish my college course with a good grade
11. Write up 10 new blog posts
12. Discover a new cute cafe to work in 
13. Have 3 film nights
14. Get all my vlogging gear ready for my holiday
15. Cook a three course meal 
16. Discover 5 new YouTubers to watch
17. Re-decorate parts of my room for filming
18. Have one black out night a week where I just read and don't use any technology
19. Learn a new recipe 
20. Make some new friends 
21. Focus on my blog & channel more 


Why I'm Changing Up My Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed that I am changing it slightly from Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle based to just Fashion and a little bit of Lifestyle. I am so in love with fashion at the moment all I do is spend time looking at fashion profiles on Instagram and scrolling through clothing websites. 

I thought that as I am so into fashion at the moment that I want my Instagram to reflect how I am feeling currently. Increasing your following on Instagram is so hard. Trying to beat the algorithm is a tough one but a combination of a few things helps. 

The "9 tips for growing your Instagram" blog post by Robowecop really helped me. I highly recommend checking it out as I learnt so much. All of these 9 tips you can do yourself and they will guarantee that your following increases. The one that I've started using the most at the moment is posting 3 times a day. I have learnt to pre-take photos during the night for the next day. 

I have always had a Facebook page for my blog/YouTube channel however I only learnt a few months ago that I could connect it to my Instagram account. This gives you so many benefits because you can actually see how your Instagram profile is growing. 

I can now see insights such as my top posts, what time my followers are most active on each day and the ratio of women to men that follow me. I love finding out how much my Instagram grows each week. 



Life Update March 2017

Apart from doing some coursework, playing on The Sims 3 and calling my Nan my to-do list this evening isn't that long. I thought that I would update you guys on what's going on in my life at the moment.

You may have realised that since the end of February I have been rather absent on both my blog and YouTube channel. I cannot even begin to explain to you how busy I have been with work and preparing for my driving test. The list of things that I need to do is probably as long as my arm and just keeps growing day by day. 

I'm hoping that by the beginning of April things will calm down and I can get back on track with blogging & making videos. Trying to get blog posts written & uploaded as well as filming videos, editing and uploading them with a full-time job is hard. 

By the time my working day has ended I'm exhausted and I have no energy to sit down and write up a blog post. All I want to do at the moment in the evening is put a film on and play The Sims 3. 

New Laptop
You may have noticed that I got a new laptop which is super exciting. I have the Lenovo ideapad 510S which is so light and I absolutely love it. I got it off Very which means that I can pay for it monthly. This is such a great way for people who don't earn that much to buy things as you can manage how much you pay back each month. 

My new laptop has given me so much more inspiration to blog as it's a lot easier to carry around with me but I just don't have the time at the moment. It's such a perfect laptop for me as it's easy to carry around, easy to use & set up as well as having all the functions that I need it to have.

Driving update
If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that I have already attempted my practical driving test twice. I failed both one with five majors and one with only one major. However, I have my third driving test coming up very soon. 

To say I am scared is an understatement but I feel so much more positive about this one as the car I am driving now I feel much more comfortable in. I have had driving lessons twice a week for two hours and a half for about the past two months which has really made me determined to pass. I'm thinking about writing a blog post about my driving experience which may help some of you. 

Most of you will know that in 2016 I got my first real job where I get paid a set amount each month. I started that job in April and each month I have several things to pay for such as rent, my phone bill etc...But it's only been since the beginning of 2017 that I have learnt how to budget. I'm usually pretty good with money but I am the worst at saving it up. 

I am hoping that once I pass my driving test that this will help a lot as most of my money at the moment goes towards driving lessons. A block of 10 hours costs me £220 which is usually gone within 4 driving lessons as at the moment each lesson is 2 hours and a half for me. 

However, I manage my budgeting by how much I have left the day before payday. If I haven't had to borrow any money from my Mum then I have budgeted well for the month. I always like to put a bit of "safety" money into my savings account on the day I get paid. This is just so I can have some money if I ever get into trouble. 


Video | The Country 2 Country Festival London | Dan + Shay & Hunter Hayes

Hey so today I thought that I would share with you the Country 2 Country festival that I went to last Saturday at the O2 Arena. It was a really fun evening as we went to eat first of all and then went to see the two acts we went there for. I'm so glad that I filmed it as I can look back on this night and remember how amazing it was. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos I upload weekly on Sunday's at 9am. 


Wishlist | Oliver Bonas Homeware

Hey guys so I know I haven't posted anything in a few days but I have been seriously busy this week at work. We're setting up a new office at the moment and there is a lot of things to do. I thought that I would put up a wishlist as I'm really into homeware at the moment. I've always been a huge fan of Oliver Bonas and I know I will decorate my future home with lots of their items. 



Review | L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

Hey guys I haven't been active much these past few weeks because I had a cold but also because I've been so so busy. Anyways I thought that today I would do a review on one of the L'Oreal Pure Masks. I have already done a review on the Purity mask from L'Oreal which you can go back and read here. 

You can pick the face masks up from most places such as Boots or Superdrug. They retail at around £7.99 although sometimes they're on offer for around £5 something. This mask is slightly different to the other one that I used as this one is a detox mask and the other one was a purity mask. 

As you can probably tell by the colour of the mask there are extracts of charcoal inside. This is supposed to "act like a magnet to draw out impurities. The creamy texture detoxifies the skin's surface by cleansing deep into the pores, leaving the skin looking clarified and beautified without drying it out".

I really like using it as like the other mask I have used I can really feel it working away. Unlike most masks you only have to put a thin layer on for it to work. As there are three different types of the masks you're supposed to use all three together but I have been using each one as a separate mask. 

For a drugstore mask they are actually really good and I recommend that anyone who hasn't already tried them does. I think that they are a great combination between a drugstore and a high end. They leave your skin feeling so smooth and soft afterwards which I love. The pot usually lasts me at least a whole month as I only use it once to twice a week and I don't use a lot of it. 


Why Do We Feel Pressured To Upload Content

Last week I was unwell for the whole week I had a cold. I struggled to breath and hear not to mention my sleep went from average to all over the place. I managed to get one blog post up over the whole week. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that I never pressure myself to blog. 

But the question that I want to ask is even though I never pressure myself to blog or to upload a video I still feel slightly pressured to upload something. Maybe it's because I scroll through Twitter and see all the amazing content that everyone is putting up. 

When I first started blogging it never used to be this much pressure. I never let it get to me as I don't want it to affect my content. However, sometimes I can feel myself feeling down because I haven't posted a blog post or uploaded a video in a while. 

I guess I don't really know why I feel pressured as I have no real need to. No one has ever told me off for not uploading something. So do we feel pressured to upload content? Is it because we are expected to upload it regularly? 

I feel that the pressure to upload will grow more and more as the whole blogging world becomes bigger. I really don't want it to get to me because at the end of the day blogging is my hobby for now and I will continue to upload content on my terms. I've always believed that blogging should be fun and something you want to do not something you feel you need to do. 

What Do You Think? Why Do We Feel Pressured To Upload Content?


Wishlist | River Island

Hey guys of course as it's a Wednesday I have a wishlist for you. Again it's another fashion related one but this time it's River Island based. I haven't shopped at RI in years but some of these pieces are gorgeous so I may have to pick a few things up!



My Reading List: February 2017

Hey guys and happy Sunday I always think that Sundays are for housework, movie marathons, roast dinners and reading. If you don't already know I absolutely love reading. I try and read something every day whether it's part of a book or a newspaper. 

Of course I'm always reading a blog post or tweets but in this blog post we're talking about reading books. I am the type of person who prefers reading paper books or hardbacks I'm not that big of a fan or reading books on a Kindle for example. I thought that I would share with you books that are on my to-read list as some of you may be looking for new books to read.


Video | Weekly Vlog #2 | Amazon Haul, Food & The Black Mask

Hey so today I uploaded my second weekly vlog. It features lots of food, an Amazon haul and a mask that everyone has been trying. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos. I upload weekly on Sunday's at 9am. 


My Experience: Why Tinder Shouldn't Be A Taboo Subject

I have never really gone into depth about my dating life here on my blog. But in 2017 I have vowed to be more open and raw on the blog. So here goes...I have used Tinder for almost two years now. It's something that I always come back to. I feel that with Tinder comes a taboo cloud that follows it around. 

I'm not a drinker so I don't really go to clubs, bars or pubs that much. So to me, Tinder seemed like an easy option. It was something I could do straight from my iPhone and meant that I didn't physically have to go out to places to meet a potential date. 

If you don't understand what Tinder is then where have you been?Under a rock maybe? It's basically a dating app where you swipe left if you don't like them and then right if you do. If you match with someone then you both have the option to talk to the other person. 

I have always felt like Tinder is a no go subject whether it's with my family or friends. Whenever you mention it to family they immediately think "sex" and whenever you mention it to friends they always think "Netflix & Chill" so either way you can't really win. 

I'm going to share a few of my experiences with you without naming and shaming people or going into great depth. That's not why I'm writing this blog post. I'm writing it so that people who see Tinder as a bad thing may look at it a little differently after. Tinder has been a great experience for me it's been full of ups and downs and here's why.....

My first ever date
I was 19 and we had decided to meet outside my work he came to pick me up and we walked through the park near Buckingham Palace. He was doing a cookery apprentice. We got on well despite the fact that I was super nervous. There was no second date as I lost interest after a while. For my first date from Tinder it was really relaxed & I didn't have any hesitation about going on another with someone else. 

The one that got away
When I first started using Tinder I started talking to this guy who was a few years older than me. He had a really good job and we got on really well. We didn't meet up for a while as we were both busy but when we did it felt so natural. We got on really well but he was due to move abroad for work for a few years.

Although I knew this my feelings got in the way and it took me a while to get over him. I'm still not 100% over him. He was the type of guy I could see myself dating for a while. We both felt the same way about each other and I hope that I do see him again in the future. 

Right guy wrong time
I recently met this really nice guy we got on really well and dated for a few months. There was no pressure when it came to us we were simply two people dating. He didn't want a relationship and I didn't want one either. However, we became really busy and I didn't see him for a while. 

There wasn't much of effort in the relationship anymore and I didn't feel like I felt in the beginning. I'm a believer in if you aren't happy in a relationship then you shouldn't be in that one. Whether you make changes for the better or cut all ties together. If I had met him when he wanted a relationship then things may have turned out differently. 

The one who thought I was an idiot
I dated this guy for a few weeks he was nice said all the right things. He then asked me to be his girlfriend and then he decided to "visit" his cousin at his university in Wales for the week. Which was fine by me but I later found out that he had actually joined the university and was talking to other girls. He never returned my calls or texts and in the end I just gave up and cut all ties. 

I later recieved a text on Valentines Day from him which I didn't respond to because it summed him up completely. He wanted all the cake he could have both at home and at university. I wasn't going to be that girl that he saw when he came home. 

The one with the good job
Every girl has a thing for a guy in a uniform right? Well this one guy I dated was in the army. He was a real gentleman and I had a really lovely time getting to know him. We went for drinks and then he drove me home. Another time we watched a film at his and chatted for ages. 

He was such a nice guy but his job was a big factor in why I decided not to see him again. I'm the type of person that doesn't need to see someone all the time but his job meant that he would be away at least six weeks at a time. That was a little too long for me and I ended it soon after our second date. I hope he finds a nice girl to settle down with as he deserves someone equally as kind and caring as he was. 

If someone asked me whether I used Tinder or not I would now happily say yes. Before in the beginning, only a few people knew that I used it as I felt like I would be judged if I said I did. I still don't feel like it's 100% accepted but it's definitely more common than it was two years ago. 

Of course, you do get a lot of people just wanting sex. So the rumors are slightly true. But you also get to meet a lot of wonderful people. I have met people that I didn't go on second dates with but I have also met people that I will remember for a long time. Each person has taught me something valuable that has made me a better person. 

I know everyone says that but it's true. Dating whether it's good or bad really does change you as a person. I don't believe that Tinder should be a taboo subject it's just a modern way of dating. Yes people go on there to have sex but everyone has needs right? If you are thinking about joining Tinder then go for it because I know many people who have found the one from it.