Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

So it seems to be a tradition that over the past two years I would upload a post on the 1st January titled Goodbye "the old year" Hello "the new year". I don't plan on stopping this as I have enjoyed putting this particular blog post together each year. 

I am currently sitting in bed with a big cup of tea, some Kettle chips and catching up on YouTube videos. On the 23rd December I had over 300 videos to catch up on now I only have 207 which isn't bad. I only have a few more days off before I go back to work so I'm trying to watch as many as I can. Most of them are Vlogmas videos which is why I have so many to catch up on.

2016 has been a good year for me as 2015 was a really hard one. I have spent a lot of the year working on myself. Sometimes when you work on yourself you can benefit others even more. I have done so many amazing things this year. 

Just a few things from this year:
- I went to my first ever YouTube event which was in Manchester by myself 
- I started an apprenticeship in digital marketing
- I have worked hard on my anxiety 
- I turned twenty no more "teen" in my age
- I have learnt to budget more with money (I'm still working on that)
- I went glamping again

I'm going to be including my favourite blog post from the past year for each month so that you can go and have a look at them if you would like to. As well as this I will be including some goals that I would like to achieve in 2017.

2016 Goals Review:
- Have over 100,000 views on both my blog & channel (I'm 8,539 views away on my blog & 36,618 away on my channel)
- Reach 5k subscribers (I currently have 2,306 which is still amazing!)
- Remember to update my facebook page (This happens every so often haha)
- Meet up with more bloggers/youtubers (I'm still working on this but I have met a few more)
- Try and vlog once a week (This was a firm fail)
- Be more creative with my blog posts/videos (I'm working on this daily. I think I have improved since 2015)

2017 Goals:
Blog/YouTube related
Reach 150,000 views on my blog 
Have 90,000 views & 4,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel
Plan to visit a YouTube convention in 2018 i.e Vidcon or Summer In The City
Upload at least 3-4 times a week on my blog
Work hard on my photography skills
Take more fashion photos for blog posts and Instagram photos

Work on my eating issues (I will upload a blog post about this soon)
Pass my driving test 
Go to a music festival
Date someone
Spend less money on stupid things that I don't actually need
Keep having a good balance between good and bad foods
Learn to speak French again
Continue to work on a good balance between work & blogging/YouTube


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