My Reading List: February 2017

Hey guys and happy Sunday I always think that Sundays are for housework, movie marathons, roast dinners and reading. If you don't already know I absolutely love reading. I try and read something every day whether it's part of a book or a newspaper. 

Of course I'm always reading a blog post or tweets but in this blog post we're talking about reading books. I am the type of person who prefers reading paper books or hardbacks I'm not that big of a fan or reading books on a Kindle for example. I thought that I would share with you books that are on my to-read list as some of you may be looking for new books to read.


Video | Weekly Vlog #2 | Amazon Haul, Food & The Black Mask

Hey so today I uploaded my second weekly vlog. It features lots of food, an Amazon haul and a mask that everyone has been trying. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos. I upload weekly on Sunday's at 9am. 


My Experience: Why Tinder Shouldn't Be A Taboo Subject

I have never really gone into depth about my dating life here on my blog. But in 2017 I have vowed to be more open and raw on the blog. So here goes...I have used Tinder for almost two years now. It's something that I always come back to. I feel that with Tinder comes a taboo cloud that follows it around. 

I'm not a drinker so I don't really go to clubs, bars or pubs that much. So to me, Tinder seemed like an easy option. It was something I could do straight from my iPhone and meant that I didn't physically have to go out to places to meet a potential date. 

If you don't understand what Tinder is then where have you been?Under a rock maybe? It's basically a dating app where you swipe left if you don't like them and then right if you do. If you match with someone then you both have the option to talk to the other person. 

I have always felt like Tinder is a no go subject whether it's with my family or friends. Whenever you mention it to family they immediately think "sex" and whenever you mention it to friends they always think "Netflix & Chill" so either way you can't really win. 

I'm going to share a few of my experiences with you without naming and shaming people or going into great depth. That's not why I'm writing this blog post. I'm writing it so that people who see Tinder as a bad thing may look at it a little differently after. Tinder has been a great experience for me it's been full of ups and downs and here's why.....

My first ever date
I was 19 and we had decided to meet outside my work he came to pick me up and we walked through the park near Buckingham Palace. He was doing a cookery apprentice. We got on well despite the fact that I was super nervous. There was no second date as I lost interest after a while. For my first date from Tinder it was really relaxed & I didn't have any hesitation about going on another with someone else. 

The one that got away
When I first started using Tinder I started talking to this guy who was a few years older than me. He had a really good job and we got on really well. We didn't meet up for a while as we were both busy but when we did it felt so natural. We got on really well but he was due to move abroad for work for a few years.

Although I knew this my feelings got in the way and it took me a while to get over him. I'm still not 100% over him. He was the type of guy I could see myself dating for a while. We both felt the same way about each other and I hope that I do see him again in the future. 

Right guy wrong time
I recently met this really nice guy we got on really well and dated for a few months. There was no pressure when it came to us we were simply two people dating. He didn't want a relationship and I didn't want one either. However, we became really busy and I didn't see him for a while. 

There wasn't much of effort in the relationship anymore and I didn't feel like I felt in the beginning. I'm a believer in if you aren't happy in a relationship then you shouldn't be in that one. Whether you make changes for the better or cut all ties together. If I had met him when he wanted a relationship then things may have turned out differently. 

The one who thought I was an idiot
I dated this guy for a few weeks he was nice said all the right things. He then asked me to be his girlfriend and then he decided to "visit" his cousin at his university in Wales for the week. Which was fine by me but I later found out that he had actually joined the university and was talking to other girls. He never returned my calls or texts and in the end I just gave up and cut all ties. 

I later recieved a text on Valentines Day from him which I didn't respond to because it summed him up completely. He wanted all the cake he could have both at home and at university. I wasn't going to be that girl that he saw when he came home. 

The one with the good job
Every girl has a thing for a guy in a uniform right? Well this one guy I dated was in the army. He was a real gentleman and I had a really lovely time getting to know him. We went for drinks and then he drove me home. Another time we watched a film at his and chatted for ages. 

He was such a nice guy but his job was a big factor in why I decided not to see him again. I'm the type of person that doesn't need to see someone all the time but his job meant that he would be away at least six weeks at a time. That was a little too long for me and I ended it soon after our second date. I hope he finds a nice girl to settle down with as he deserves someone equally as kind and caring as he was. 

If someone asked me whether I used Tinder or not I would now happily say yes. Before in the beginning, only a few people knew that I used it as I felt like I would be judged if I said I did. I still don't feel like it's 100% accepted but it's definitely more common than it was two years ago. 

Of course, you do get a lot of people just wanting sex. So the rumors are slightly true. But you also get to meet a lot of wonderful people. I have met people that I didn't go on second dates with but I have also met people that I will remember for a long time. Each person has taught me something valuable that has made me a better person. 

I know everyone says that but it's true. Dating whether it's good or bad really does change you as a person. I don't believe that Tinder should be a taboo subject it's just a modern way of dating. Yes people go on there to have sex but everyone has needs right? If you are thinking about joining Tinder then go for it because I know many people who have found the one from it. 


How I Told Family & Friends That I Blogged

Hey guys I thought that today I would do something different and tell you all how I told my family and friends that I had a blog. In 2017 I really want my blog to be a bit more raw which is why I wrote the blog post "What Blogging Means To Me"

Blogging is a huge part of my life I still remember sitting down on the 24th October 2013 as  a 17 year old girl wondering what to write for my first blog post. I always knew that I wanted to keep it a secret to begin with. At this point in the whole blogging world it was still quite an unusual thing to do compared to now where so many people do it. 

I wanted to keep it to myself as I was still in school/college at this time so I didn't want to tell people. My anxiety played a huge part in this as I always thought "What would people think if they found out. Would it be spread around the whole school?". 

I didn't tell anyone for a good year and a bit unless you read my blog or watched my videos you would never have known what I was doing in my spare time. I then thought to myself I can't keep this to myself for however long it's going to last. By telling my friends and family I could gain so many more views & support. 

I started telling people one by one and I think one of my first people that I told was one of my closest friends at that time. She was so supportive of it and was a person who watched YouTubers as well so she understood. 

As time moved on I told more friends but still no family. I found it easier to tell friends rather than family as I thought in my head that my family would judge me more. I remember sitting down to tell my mum and I was so nervous inside. When I told her she was so surprised that I had actually kept it a secret and didn't understand why I did as I always told her anything.

I then took the big plunge and posted about my blog on Facebook which was a HUGE thing for me. I remember writing it out and then deleting it all to then write it out again. Everyone knows that when you post something on Facebook it all gets a little too real.

The response that I got from it was amazing and I knew then that I could have told people earlier as it wasn't as bad as I thought that it was going to be. Everyone was so supportive and proud of what I had done as it's a little different to your usual hobby. 

I now use my personal Facebook at various times to share blog posts or videos that I really love. However, I still don't post much about my blog or channel on there as I genuinely don't use Facebook that much anymore I only use it for work. 

I am so different now to how I was back in 2013 I tell everyone about it. Whenever I meet new people or go on dates it's always a topic I like to talk about. I use it a lot when I go for job interviews as I find that it's a great topic to talk about in terms of time management etc...

If you are planning on telling your family or friends about your blog I hope that this blog post helped you a little bit even if it does seem a bit jumbled and all over the place. I have left a few tips down below for you to use if you are considering doing this.

My top tips for telling friends & family:
1. Wait until you feel most comfortable 
2. Tell the people you feel it will be easiest to tell first
3. Spend as much time as you want planning on what to say
4. You won't regret it as everyone is always so supportive

Last of all if you are planning on doing this then don't worry because nothing is as bad as it seems. Your family & friends will always be supportive of you and proud because doing what we do is hard. To people who don't do what we do it may seem a little weird but as you explain what it is you actually do and why you do it I always find they begin to understand more. 


Video | Weekly Vlog #1 | Meet My Dogs

Hey so today I uploaded my first weekly vlog. Which sort of failed because 1. I broke my camera 2. I only properly vlogged 2 days and 3. I didn't upload it on a Saturday. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos. I upload weekly on Sunday's at 9am. 


Review | Holborn Grind

Last Saturday when I was sat writing my blog post "What Blogging Means To Me" I was sat in the Holborn Grind. The Holborn Grind is "an espresso bar & cocktail bar" it's located right next to The Hoxton Hotel, Holborn which I have seen many bloggers stay at. 

I was actually there for a bloggers meet up with Bloggers Who Brunch which was meant to start at 2.30pm. However, I got the dates mixed up and it was actually being held on the Sunday and not the Saturday. 

Before I had planned on joining in on the meet up I had never actually been to any of the Grind locations. Grind are a company who have espresso bars, cocktail bars, restaurants and even recording studios across London. You can probably tell by now the one I went to was in Holborn however, they have them all over London. 

I'll start off by saying that this particular location isn't that big. It's a very long but narrow building that has a lot of character and warmth about it. If you are planning on going there with a big group of people then it's probably best to book ahead. For smaller meetings with two or three people then it's a perfect place to go. 

Inside you can either sit down at a table or on a bar stool. I chose to sit on a bar stool looking out onto the street as I love people watching. There are plenty of plugs around if you are thinking of getting some work done. I will say that if you are planning on sitting higher up the ledge isn't that wide so you can only have a certain amount of things out at the same time. 

Now you can't go to a coffee shop and not get any food or drink. I got an English breakfast tea which came in this cute red teapot. Then I got some toast and jam as I was hungry but not hungry enough to eat a whole meal. The toast was a sourdough bread which is one of my favourites. 

The tea was £2.75 and the toast and jam was £2.50 which was £5.25 in total which is not bad at all for a coffee shop in the center of London. The whole atmosphere of the place had a really good vibe and I got a lot done. There was music playing but I could also easily tune out and listen to my own music. 

They have wifi which is obviously a must if you are going there to work. I definitely want to visit the other locations as I felt like I really got some work done during the few hours that I spent there. The decor was probably my favourite part as it's modern but with aspects of history also. 

I will definitely be going to one of the Grind locations again as I found it so relaxing but productive at the same time. I thought that the prices of the food and drink were really reasonable and most of all they had wifi and plugs which is a must for any blogger/YouTuber haha.

Holborn Grind links:

Grind links:


Video | January Favourites 2017

Hey so today I thought I would share with you my latest video which is my January Favourites 2017. I'm planning on doing one each month so let's hope I can keep it up haha. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos. I upload weekly on Sunday's at 9am. 


What Blogging Means To Me

It's a Saturday afternoon 1:14pm to be precise and I'm sat here at the Holborn Grind looking out the window as the snow softly falls upon a very cold London. I have been thinking to myself why am I doing this. Why do I blog? What does it mean to me? I wanted to sit down and really put what blogging means to me in a blog post. 

Blogging has never been about the numbers for me. Yes it feels good when the amount of people who read your blog increases or a brand starts to send you PR samples. There's no doubt that this plays a huge part in the blogging world but for me it's not about that and I'm hoping that I will never get wrapped up in needing PR samples.

I was lucky enough to receive a PR sample around month 3 of Asia Jade (My old blog name) being live. Being a "newish" blogger at that time I of course jumped at the chance. Looking back on it I probably wouldn't have taken upon the opportunity. I have done a few blog posts with companies now and I often turn loads down. I never want to work with a company just for the sake of it. If it doesn't fit in with my blog then I'll turn it down. 

Blogging is a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that I never imagined I would do. There's no filter that I can put on my blog. Yes of course I can write complete rubbish but I don't want to do that. I want it to be as raw as it can be. Of course there are a lot of things that I keep to myself for privacy reasons. 

Over the years I have slowly transformed my blog to represent who I am at that point in time. I'm all about spreading positivity but I'm also about being raw and honest on my blog. If I'm feeling crap one day then I want to write about that because my life is far from perfect. 

Blogging is a great escape for me I spend hours watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts. While it's a hobby for me and I hope it always will be it also helps to keep me grounded. I'm lucky because all of the hard work that I have put in has pulled off. You don't need fancy equipment or a flash computer to start a blog. I started with my run down computer & my iPhone 4s. 

I'm so happy with where my blog is now I can't wait to see what happens next with it. If it says in this position for the rest of it's life then I'll be happy because I know deep down how hard I have worked to get here. You don't need awards that you can put on top of your fireplace to feel proud of your blog. At the end of the day if you are happy with your blog then that's all that matters. 

I'm not sure if this blog post makes complete sense or not but either way I'm glad I took the time to sit down and write this blog post. I know in a few months time I'll look back on it and I'll remember how I was feeling at the time that I sat down to write it. 


25 Things To Do On Valentines Day If You Have Nothing To Do

Hey guys so Valentines Day is always a bit of a weird one you either have someone to spend it with or you don't. I thought that I would share some ideas of things that you can do if you don't have that special someone to spend it with. 

- Start a blog
- Have a sleepover with your girlfriends
- Start a YouTube channel 
- Have a movie marathon
- Bake something
- Start a new TV series
- Go to the cinema
- Start a new book 
- Make a chocolate fondue
- Have breakfast for dinner

- Plan a holiday
- Have a dance party
- Do some karaoke
- Play a board game
- Work out
- Plan & carry out a scavenger hunt 
- Build a fort
- Make a bucketlist
- Deep condition your hair & wear a face mask
- Have a digital detox for the evening

- Learn a new skill
- Paint your nails
- Have a lush bath
- Paint a picture
- Make a list of places where you live to visit


Wishlist | NA-KD

So on Monday I was not having the best day. Bad days usually end in me purchasing something and I actually bought a few things from NA-KD. I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw someone wearing one of their pieces. I looked on their website and BOOM I was sold. 

Their sale is pretty good considering the starting prices can be quite high. I picked up four pieces and I cannot wait for them to arrive. I think that this website may be my new favourite place to buy clothes. The best thing of all is that the shipping is FREE I mean what?! I highly recommend that you go and check their website out because they have some amazing pieces for both the day and night.



My Travel Plans For 2017

Hey guys so I thought that I would share with you my travel plans for this year. Every year we always want to travel the world. I'm not in a position to do that but I can tick off many places each year. I have lots of exciting plans this year and you will all be coming along with me. I definitely want to record as much of my travels whether this is through Instagram, my blog or my YouTube channel.

Mediterranean Cruise
So last year my Mum booked a cruise for my 21st Birthday. It's around the Mediterranean and it will be Mum, Nan & I going. We don't go until the end of May but I'm super excited. We are going to be visiting Barcelona (Spain); Naples (Italy); Rome (Civitavecchia) (Italy); Florence/Pisa (Livorno) (Italy); Cannes (France) & Palma, Majorca (Spain). 

This will be my third cruise that I have been on and I'm telling you now it won't be my last! Cruises are such an easy way to visit many places in one go. If you like one of the places that you stopped off at then you can always go back another time.

I'm also planning on going to Ibiza with my family at the end of June/beginning of July. We want to go there because both of my cousins will be there for the party season. We all want to spend my Nan's birthday together as a family hence why we'll be going out to see my cousins. 

At the moment we're planning on staying in an Air bnb as there will be five of us so it'll work out cheaper that way. We can then make our own food and cut down on the costs. 

My friend & I really want to go for a long weekend away to Budapest which is just breathtaking. I would love to go just for the photography as it's so amazing. We are planning on going late June/early August. 

A long weekend would be the perfect amount of time to spend there. We just want to go to explore the city as well as eat all of the food that we can haha. Of course we want to go to take amazing photos and videos of the beautiful city. 

Hong Kong
I would love to visit my friend who lives in HK towards the end of the year as she moved back home last Summer. I really miss her and I would love to see her again soon. I keep saying that I will come and see her but it will cost quite a lot as the flights are quite expensive. 

I am going to sit down and plan it all so I know how much I need to save up for it. I know once I get there I won't be spending loads as I'm quite good at setting myself a daily budget. The main things that I will be spending money on are attractions such as visiting temples etc..

I'm so excited for my travel plans for 2017 as I have loads that I want to do and the majority of them can actually happen. As I'm in a position to save up for them and make them happen. 

What are your travel plans for 2017?


Video | MUA Luxe 5 Piece Lip Lacquer Set FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Hey so today I thought I would share with you my latest video which is me opening the MUA 5 Piece Lip Lacquer Set for the first time. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos. I upload weekly on Sunday's at 9am. 


Review | Blogosphere Magazine

Hey guys I thought that I would do another review today as you all seem to love them. This one is going to be about the Blogosphere Magazine. If you are a blogger or a YouTuber then you will already probably have heard of it. Blogosphere is a magazine "written for bloggers by bloggers".  There are four magazines released a year and it's for both bloggers and YouTubers which is amazing. 

Each magazine is filled with beauty, fashion, fitness, food & many lifestyle topics. On top of this there are various interviews from many top bloggers/YouTubers as well as smaller ones also. They always include tweets from their #BlogosphereChat which I love as they really include everyone in their magazine. 

The way it works is that you buy a subscription instead of buying the individual magazine. There are five different subscription packages that you can choose from which means that there is one for everyone. I'm going to give you a brief overview of each one. You can find out more here if you are interested in purchasing the magazine.

Copper subscription £15 a Year:
- Four issues of the digital magazine 
- Free 32-page events supplement

Bronze subscription £25 a Year (The one I have):
– Four issues of the print magazine
– The magazine before it hits the shelves
– A free 32-page events supplement
– A 10% discount on all Blogosphere ticketed events

Silver subscription £50 a Year
– Four issues of the print magazine 
– Four issues of the digital magazine
– The magazine before it hits the shelves
– A free 32-page events supplement
– A 20% discount on all Blogosphere ticketed events

+ Exclusive cover star poster
The Silver Ticket entitles you to one FREE Blogosphere workshop and one FREE Blogosphere meetup during the year-long subscription.

Gold subscription £75 a Year
Gold subscription package includes:
– Four issues of the print magazine 
– Four issues of the digital magazine
– The magazine before it hits the shelves
– A free 32-page events supplement
– A 35% discount on all Blogosphere ticketed events

+ Exclusive cover star poster
The Golden Ticket entitles you to two FREE Blogosphere workshops and two FREE Blogosphere meetups during the year-long subscription.

Platinum subscription £100 a Year
– Four issues of the print magazine 
– Four issues of the digital magazine
– The magazine as soon as it’s printed! (Before any other subscribers)
– A free 32-page events supplement
– A shout-out on our Platinum subscriber page in the magazine (if you want)
– A coffee with the editor
– A 50% discount on all Blogosphere ticketed events

+ Exclusive cover star poster
The Platinum Ticket entitles you to two FREE Blogosphere workshops, two FREE blogger meetups and one invitation to a cover reveal party during the year-long subscription.

No matter what subscription you get you are essentially getting two magazines for one. This is because you get the magazine itself and the events magazine also. The main magazine is where you will find the main topics and interviews from the bloggers/YouTubers for that chosen issue. 

On the other hand the events book is all about past events that have taken place as well as upcoming ones. Some examples of ones that are coming up are the Issue 12 cover reveal in March, a coffee morning in April and a pamper evening in May. You can buy tickets for these events on their website here and they are usually really reasonably priced. For example, the Valentines tea party which is happening today is £15 per ticket. 

I would love to go to the pamper evening in May, the Summer party in July and the Christmas market in November. Whether or not I will be going we will see. I recommend keeping an eye out on their Twitter @BlogosphereM where they always keep you up to date on ticket releases etc..

Now let's talk about the magazine itself well I say magazine it's more like a coffee table book it's that well put together. The quality of this magazine is so high the cover is so thick and it really makes a huge difference. Like most magazines it begins with a short note from the editor which I always love reading. 

You then come across the contents page which I usually skip in magazines as it's usually just text. However, this one has images so you can see which topic is on each page. The interviews are a mixture of text and images but the balance is just right. 

There's nothing worse then trying to read a piece of text but there's so much to read. I always prefer reading more but in smaller portions. In each magazine there is always a few main interviews that take up several pages as well as several other mini interviews. 

Not only do they talk about the main topics such as lifestyle, beauty, fashion, fitness and food. The magazine also includes important topics for bloggers such as paying your taxes the right way. 

Now this blog post would be never ending if I spoke about the whole magazine as there is just SO much in it (I'm not kidding). As I said the magazine is split up into topics but there is so much more content as well. Each topic has a number of different bloggers who are top of that particular topic as well as a mini interview. 

My favourite bit is that at the top it has that person's "statistics" as such which includes things such as when they started blogging, monthly views, the camera they use and their social media handles. 

This is such a lovely thing to add as it provides useful information for us all as we can improve our own blogs/channels based upon this information. For example, if I wanted to buy a new camera I can take a look and see what camera is used the most and then make a decision based upon that.

As I said before this magazine is "written by bloggers for bloggers" which brings a whole new meaning. Each piece of text is written by the blogger or YouTuber themselves as in first person. This makes the magazine so much more personal and special. 

Lastly one of the special things that Blogosphere do is something called "in the spotlight" which is when people can enter via Twitter to be interviewed and featured in the magazine. For example, for this issue there were 180 entries and 11 were shortlisted to be picked for the top 3. All you have to do is keep an eye on their Twitter @BlogosphereM for the hashtag #InTheSpotlight and then enter from there.

Overall I am so pleased that I subscribed to this magazine! I cannot wait for the next issue and I have my eye on purchasing some of their previous issues which feature some of my favourite people on the internet you can purchase old magazines here. 

I would love to attend at least one of their events this year as that is one of my things to tick off for 2017 in terms of my blogging/YouTube. I have yet to finish the whole magazine as there is just so much to read. I like to read it when I have a spare half an hour with a cup of tea. 

If you haven't gotten your hands on it then GET IT because it will help you in so many ways. There are hundreds of useful tips in here for any blogger/YouTuber at any stage. It truly is a magazine that you will keep for years and collect as it's just so special. When you own one you will see exactly what I mean. Thank You Blogosphere for giving me the motivation to blog/make videos again!

Blogosphere Magazine links: