21 Things Before I Turn 21

Hey guys so today is the 1st April....I know right how fast has this year gone! So this week has been pretty manic and I have some exciting news to share with you tomorrow. However, today I thought that I would put together a mini bucket list of things I want to do before I turn 21. 

So on May 28th I will turn 21 which I can't quite believe as I still remember turning 13. I'm going to set myself a challenge to complete these 21 things. They're going to be a combination of big and small things. 

1. Pass my practical driving test
2. Read 2 books 
3. Finally watch all the videos in my YouTube Watch Later playlist I currently have over 250 videos to watch 
4. Possibly dye my hair 
5. Go to the cinema again 
6. Go out to eat twice
7. Take a walk in the park on a sunny day
8. Visit somewhere new in London
9. Post 6 new videos over on my channel 
10. Finish my college course with a good grade
11. Write up 10 new blog posts
12. Discover a new cute cafe to work in 
13. Have 3 film nights
14. Get all my vlogging gear ready for my holiday
15. Cook a three course meal 
16. Discover 5 new YouTubers to watch
17. Re-decorate parts of my room for filming
18. Have one black out night a week where I just read and don't use any technology
19. Learn a new recipe 
20. Make some new friends 
21. Focus on my blog & channel more 

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