My Mediterranean Holiday 2017 | Day 6: Civitavecchia (Italy)

Hey guys today's blog post is the sixth day of my Mediterranean holiday. Our next stop on our cruise was another place in Italy however, this time it was Civitavecchia. This day was actually the day for Rome which was about two hours from the port. In the end we chose not to go to Rome as it was about a two hour drive from the port and my Nan who is 82 had just been a few months before. 

My mum had also been before and I can always go another time. So instead we decided to explore the port itself instead of spending loads of money getting to Rome, not spending much time there due to the travel and then coming back exhausted. Civitavecchia itself was quite small we managed to get on one of the free shuttle buses provided by the ship from the port to the town centre.

Once we got to the town centre we wandered around for a while taking in the town as well as looking in a few shops. It was quite busy around as it was a small town and there were a few ships in the port that day so there were lots of tourists wandering around. My nan got a pair of shorts from one of the shops and then I picked up a postcard and a magnet. 

It's a really lovely town and I'm sure that there was lots more to do but we just decided to go for a few hours look around and then come back onto the ship. When we got back on the ship we grabbed some lunch and then went to sunbathe some more before heading back to the cabin to get ready for dinner.

During our cruise we wanted to try all of the complementary restaurants available. So we decided to go to  Shanghai's Chinese Restaurant this evening which is a Chinese restaurant alongside a noodle bar which is also complimentary. We were given a set menu where you could choose a few dishes to share or to have on your own. We decided to get a few dishes and to share them between the three of us. 

We all got soup and then we shared some vegetable spring rolls. For our main, we shared some noodles, rice, sweet and spicy pork and some seafood fried rice. The food was really delicious and we all enjoyed it. It didn't taste greasy at all like some takeaway foods can. All of us enjoyed it a lot and it was really nice to sit by the window where we could see the boat leaving Civitavecchia. 

After dinner we went to The Cavern Club where they were playing some live music. The musicians were so talented and we stayed there for a good while before we went to watch the show that was on that evening. We then headed to the Epic theatre where "Priscilla Queen Of The Desert" was on.

Before we went on the cruise one of our friends had told us to watch the show because it was amazing. It definitely exceeded my expectations all of the actors and actresses were so incredibly talented and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There's also many great songs that they sing during the show which I happily sang along to. 

If you are going on the Norwegian Epic anytime soon then definitely go and see it if it's still on. Even now almost three months later I can remember all of it because I enjoyed it that much. Once it was finished we then headed back to our cabin for bed as we had a busy day ahead of us the next day.



My Mediterranean Holiday 2017 | Day 5: Naples & Pompeii (Italy)

Hey guys I finally feel like I might be getting my blogging spark back....but let's not place a bet on it just yet. Today's blog post is the fifth edition to my holiday blog posts. If you're sick of them then there's only four more blog posts to go before I go back to normal blog posts. The first place that we visitied on our cruise was Naples (Italy). This was also very close to Pompeii which meant that we technically visited two places in one go haha. 

We docked at about 7am in the morning but we weren't allowed off the boat until around 8am. We didn't actually leave the boat until about 11am after we had breakfast and gotten ready for the day. I really loved Naples as the docks over look the city. I knew as soon as I saw it from our balcony that I was going to love this place and I did. 

Once we left the ship we entered a carpark which was just outside of the port. Here is where you will find every tourist seller there ever is. It's a bit overwhelming at first as you get all of these people coming up to you trying to sell you tours etc...I recommend unless you have booked a tour with the ship taking it as it comes. 

We decided to look around first before deciding which tour we were going to go on. There were many different options such as going in a taxi, taking a coach tour or the local bus. In the end we decided to hire a taxi driver for a few hours. He said he would drive us to Pompeii, around naples & back to the ship. 

Our tour was 4 hours long and it was €50 each. I must add that tickets for Pompeii was not included in the €50 I think they were like €10. Just be careful with the prices as you are a tourist and they can easily rip you off. We found that if we stuck with the same person and bargained with them in the end we got a good deal. This is up to you as we bargained with the taxi driver as originally it was €79 per person.

As we were on a budget this was the best decision for us. Just to give you a bit of comparison our tour was 4 hours long it included an hour at the Pompeii ruins, a tour of Naples, a stop off for lunch and being dropped back off at the port as well as all of the traveling in between. It was €50 each excluding the Pompeii tickets so it came to €150 for the three of us. 

The ships excursion on the other hand was about £150 on average per person for a 3 hour minimum tour around Naples & Pompeii. We were not prepared to pay this as my nan is 82 and having the flexibility to come back to the ship when we wanted to was better for us instead of being out for six hours minimum. 

The first stop on our taxi tour was Pompeii which I have never really read about. The only knowledge that I had of it before was from the Doctor Who episode "The Fires of Pompeii" from 2008. It was about a 20 minute drive from Naples. When we arrived our taxi driver dropped us off at the exit that was least crowded. 

We waited about half an hour to get tickets to go inside as it was quite busy on the day that we went. As we only had an hour to spend there we didn't have much time when we finally got our tickets. We decided to plan a route that we could take which would eventually lead us back to where we started. 

It still gave us an incredible gimpse into the archaeological site which was just so amazing to see. You just can't imagine how the people felt when they saw the volcano erupt and all of the ash coming towards them it must have been terrifying. 

I did learn that the volcano which is called Mount Vesuvius is still active although it hasn't erupted for many years and always gives warning before it does. We all really enjoyed visiting Pompeii and I would like to go back one day and be able to walk around the whole thing as I feel like we only scratched the surface this time. 

Our next stop was lunch in Naples, of course, we had to have pizza because we were in Italy duh! The pizza was amazing and it definitely lived up to my expectations. We were taken to a lovely restaurant that overlooked the sea and it was actually the sister of our taxi driver who owned it. He said that he would take us to the best pizza place in town which I think he did because we all ate it all. 

We then went on a tour of Naples from the comfort of the taxi. I learnt so many things about the city and all the battles that they have faced over the years. It is really a lovely place and I would go back to Italy just to visit it. It was particularly hot on that day which was nice as it was hotter than Barcelona. 

On our way back to the ship we had to stop off for some gelato before we got back to the port. All three of us were dying to try the Italian ice cream. Because it was so hot it melted so quickly luckily the taxi driver had tissues to give us as it got rather messy. 

We then headed back to the port where we said goodbye to our Italian taxi driver Oscar who turned out to be great fun. The €50 that we paid was well worth it as we got a real insight to Naples & Pompeii not to mention a free history lesson as well!

Once we had got back on the ship Mum & I headed up to the top deck to get a bit of tanning in before dinner. Nanny went back to the cabin to relax out of the sun as we had been in it for most of the day. It was so nice to sunbathe and look out onto Naples as we went to the adult section again at the back of the ship. 

Our dinner choice for the evening was Le Bistro which is a speciality restaurant meaning that you do have to pay extra for it. We actually got a complimentary voucher for it as I had mentioned before that our cabin had a flooding problem so they had to move us to another one. I have to say the crew on the Norwegian Epic were very accommodating and really apologised for the flooding as it wasn't our fault. 

Le Bistro was really nice but quite posh I struggled to find food that I liked the only dish that I really liked was the desserts as they were delicious. We then looked around the art gallary onboard as both my Nan & Mum love looking at artwork. 

There were some amazing pieces especially the Disney ones I really wanted to get one but I bet they were super expensive as they were on auction so they had no price tag on. We then all headed back to the cabin for an earlyish night as we were worn out from our first full day. 



My Mediterranean Holiday 2017 | Day 4: A Day At Sea

Hey guys so today's blog post is the fourth day of my Mediterranean holiday. This was our first day on the ship and it was actually a sea day. If you have never been on a cruise before then a sea day is when you spend all day sailing to the next destination. As we were sailing from Spain to Italy we definitely needed a sea day to get there. 

If you don't have a sea day then you might dock at a destination at 7am and then leave at 6pm to begin travelling to the next place. I especially love sea days as they're great for tanning, exploring the ship, eating loads & making new friends. 

Of course the first thing we did was go and get some breakfast which was really nice actually as we had the open sea as our view from the table. I decided to go for a bit of both and have a waffle as well as some fruit. My Nan & I then went to play some bingo which was more for my Nan but I just accompanied her. Unfortunately we didn't win anything but it was worth a try my nan was quite close to winning a few times. 

We then went up to the top deck and sunbathed for a few hours as the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was just the right temperature to sunbathe in as I'm not a fan of tanning when it's super hot. We actually went to the adults only section at the back of the boat which was a lot quieter and a nicer place to sunbathe and relax.

At around 2pm we went to this clearance sale that they had going on in the shopping part of the ship. My Mum, Nan & I all went just to see what they had. My Mum & Nan actually got something as it was all $10 but I didn't see anything that I liked.

Nan & I then went back to the cabin and just relaxed for a bit before getting ready for dinner. Whilst my Mum was getting ready we decided to play a few games of rummy. If you don't know what rummy is then I'd definitely look into it as it's a great card game to know. 

For dinner we went to Taste which is one of the complementary restaurants. I did take photos of the food but they looked awful where it was so dark and I had used my flashlight. You can see what I ate over on the vlog as I had sushi and then pasta which was okay but I much prefer homemade spaghetti bolognese. 

After dinner we went up to the top deck again where we sunbathed earlier to go and party as they were having an Epic party. The music wasn't really my sort of thing as it was a throwback night but the songs were more for my Mum. We stayed a little bit but then we ended going back to the room and got ready for bed. 



Video | ROMWE Haul Fail July 2017

Hey so today I wanted to share with you my latest video which is a haul video. I decided to purchase a few things from ROMWE which is a cheap online website. I wanted to see what the quality of their clothes was actually like. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos I upload weekly on Sunday's at 9am. 

My Mediterranean Holiday 2017 | Day 3: Getting On The Norwegian Epic

Hey guys today's blog post is my third blog post on my recent holiday which is going down so well with you guys. On this day we spent half of the day in Barcelona and then we headed to the ship which was super exciting. We actually got on the ship on my birthday which made it even more exciting than it already was. 

Before we got onto the ship we had the morning to explore Barcelona some more. We decided just to stay local to our hotel. As it was a Sunday there was something going on like a local holiday. We all stood on our balcony and watched this big parade go by which was really interesting to see. 

At around 2pm we headed to the ship where we had to go through the port security before actually getting on the ship. Going through security in a cruise ship port is so easy and I really like it as it doesn't make me anxious at all. Going through airport security is a different story I always feel a little apprehensive when I go through them. 

Once we made it safely onboard we headed to our room to drop our bags off. We then went to look for food because we were hungry by that time and there's always food available when you get on board. It's usually only the buffet section that is open but there's always so much to offer so that's good enough for me. 

The food is probably one of the best parts of the ship there's always tons to eat. Whatever time you are hungry you can always get food even if it's ordering from the complimentary room service. There is over 15 restaurants onboard (No I'm not joking!) so you can basically eat from around the world on your trip.

- Taste Restaurant (Main Dining Room)
- The Manhattan Room Restaurant (Main Dining Room)
- Le Bistro (French)
- Pizza 24/7 (Italian)
- La Cucina (Italian)
- Shanghai's Chinese Restaurant
- Noodle Bar (Chinese)
- Teppanyaki (Japanese)
- Cagney's Steakhouse (Seafood, Steak House)
- Wasabi Sushi Bar
- Complimentary 24 Hour Room Service
O'Sheehan's Bar & Grill
- Spice H2O Bar & Grill
- Garden Cafe (Self Service)

A lot of them are free however, some are speciality restaurants and my charge $25 per person. We went to Le Bistro which was really good I would recommend it as the food was delicious. That was a specialty restaurant but we were really happy with it and glad that we chose it. 

After food we went by the pool and relaxed for a bit before the sailing away party. The sailing away party is basically when all the entertainment staff get you ready to leave the port. They put on all of the latest tunes and get everyone to dance. It's great fun as everyone is in a really good mood because it's the start of their holiday.

We then went back to the room to get ready for dinner which we were all excited for as it was our first night onboard. We actually had a bit of a hectic first day as our room got flooded so we were moved to another cabin. The other cabin was the same as ours but just a bit further down the ship. We ended up staying there just for the night while they dried out our room.

For dinner we went to one of the main restaurants called "The Manhatten Room". This restaurant was located at the back of the boat which meant that it was a huge dining room. What is nice about this restaurant is that on certain evenings the band plays while you are eating. 

We all had a really nice meal and chose pretty standard meals. As it was my birthday the restaurant gave me a cake which was really nice. The waiters all came around and sang to me which I always find so embarrassing. After dinner we wondered around for a bit to see what entertainment was on. We were all so tired so we just went back to our cabin and had an early night.