Video | Current Favourites (Uncut Version)

Hey guys today's video is a favourites video. I haven't done one of these in a little while and I love making them so I thought that it would be a good video to put up today. Like I mentioned in today's video I've been super busy these past few weeks and haven't had a chance to film much. I'm hoping to film more over these next coming weeks. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos I try to upload videos weekly. 

Things I mentioned:
Jumper - Primark 
Dungaree Dress - Primark 
CNCO, Little Mix - Reggaetón Lento (Remix) 
Greys Anatomy - TV show
Hidden Figures - movie 

Review | Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

Hey guys today I thought that I would do another review as I really enjoy writing them and you guys seem to love reading them. Soap and Glory have been in my life for a long time now I think I started using them when I was around 14/15 as their products are super affordable, smell great and last a long time. 

I tend to get a lot of their products around Christmas time as their gift sets are always full of great goodies. I always find that at Christmas time I get tons of bath and body stuff that usually lasts me the whole year because I get so much of it and spend ages using them up. 

Soap & Glory's body scrubs are one of my favourites as they are quite harsh which is what I like in a body scrub. Don't get me wrong I have used body scrubs in the past which are a little more softer on the skin but I always feel like the harsh ones do a bit more. Maybe they do the opposite and ruin your skin I'm not quite sure. 

You can get a scrub from S&G for around £8 unless they have any offers on or you get it in a gift. They come in these big round tubs that will last you a long time unless you use them every day. I tend to use them every other day as I don't want to use harsh products on my skin all the time. I have found that a little bit of it goes a long way. 

The smell is amazing and luckily the smell lasts after your shower or bath so you smell amazing for the rest of the day. The only way that I can describe the smell is that it smells of a light cleaning product with a strong scent of lime. That does sound horrible but I promise it smells great! I mainly use it on my arms as my skin in that area gets quite bumpy. 

I always find that when I use this afterwards my skin is so so smooth. All I do then is use a bit of moisturiser and then I'm ready to go for the day or the evening. If you are looking for a body scrub that is really reasonable but will also last you a long time then I highly recommend the Soap & Glory ones. If you are a bit short on money then maybe you can ask for one for Christmas as we are fast approaching it. 


Wishlist | Forever 21

Hey guys I hope you are all doing well and have had a good hump day. I had a different kind of day today as I was working out of the office all day which was different and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm back today with another fashion wishlist as I'm really into fashion at the moment. 


*Video | Bianco Smile Charcoal Whitening Powder

Hey guys today's video is me trying out the Bianco Smile Charcole Whitening Powder. I was really lucky to be sent one of their whitening powders to test out. I really hope you like the video as I filmed it a little differently than normal. Use my code ASIA15 to get 15% off your first purchase. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos I try to upload videos weekly. 


My Tips For Using Online Dating Apps

I thought that I would do another dating blog post as my previous one "My Experience: Why Tinder Shouldn't Be A Taboo Subject" turned out to be rather popular among my readers. I haven't really spoken much about my dating life here on my blog but I have vowed to do it more this year.

I have used dating apps for quite a while now. I started using them when I was 19 which I thought was an acceptable age to start using them. My main reason for using them is that I'm not really a club, pub or bar kind of person. Don't get me wrong I'd go to bar or pub but to eat or catch up with friends. 

I find that dating apps for me are the best way to find possible guys to date. I can choose who I want to talk to and things like how far away they live. What I like most is that if you don't connect you can simply unmatch without all of that awkwardness you get if you were to decline someone in person. 

I thought that I would put together a few tips for using online dating apps in case you have never used them before. Think of it as a guide of how to use dating apps as such but not from an expert more like a friend. 

1. Be Safe
Now this one is pretty self-explanatory but sometimes we forget that even though online dating is a modern thing it can still be dangerous. I always begin by telling at least one friend that I'm going on a date and where it will be taking place just in case something were to happen. 

If you are open with your parents then there's no problem in telling them as well. I tell my mum when I have a date, who it's with and what time she should expect me home. Obviously, sometimes I don't come home when I said I would but I always text her to tell her I'll be home later. It may sound a little OTT but if anything were to happen at least someone would know I was missing. 

2. Have Fun 

3. Stalk, Stalk, Stalk!
This is pretty obvious because nowadays it's so easy to find out a lot about a person before you meet them in real life. I always start with using their name and where they work because it's easy to find someone that way. If I can't find them on Facebook then I will use Linkedin (sort of like FB but for business). 

99.9% of the time I will find them and I can immediately tell if they are who they say they are. I'll then dig a little deeper and check out their Instagram if I can find one from their online dating app profile or their Facebook. This is just so that I know I'm going on a date with the person who is in the photos. 

I can safely say that by following these tips I have never been catfished yet....I also find that I feel a little less nervous meeting the person because I feel like I know them a bit already. You can find out a lot about someone from their social media accounts such as what they like and dislike, how they dress and what they like to do on the weekends. 

The way I find this socially acceptable is that any person can look me up on Google and find my blog, YouTube channel, Instagram and so on so a little stalking on my behalf wouldn't hurt anyone now would it. 

4. Don't Be A Catfish
What is the point? Because you will get caught out eventually. Just be who you are and if they don't like it then it's their loss. 

5. Stay Close To Home 
If it's your first time online dating then I would recommend choosing somewhere to meet up on your way home. That way if things go south you haven't got far to go home and you know the area that you are in. I usually pick somewhere central like Leciester Square which is on the same tube line as where I live. 

6. Do Different Dates 

7. Date A Lot Of People
Within reason...what I'm trying to say is go on a few dates before you make any decisions. Don't keep all your eggs in one basket. The first person you date may seem amazing but turn out not to be whereas the second person you may get on better with. Testing the water with dating is important before you fully comitt with someone I find. 

So those are most of my dating tips I have a few more up my sleeve so I may keep them for another blog post if this one is successful. I hope you guys like it as you seemed to really like the other one. I think that dating is a lot of fun and can be such a learning curve for yourself good or bad. 


*3 Ways To Style A White Top In Autumn/Winter

A little while ago I was approached by the lovely team at Eimi Boutique who are a UK based online boutique for women. They are quite a new boutique as they only launched this year. They were very kind to reach out to me as they wanted to send me an item of clothing from their range as they loved my Instagram profile.

I was able to pick from any of their products so I chose this really cute white top. The Bailey Top is currently on sale for £12.50 at the time that this blog post goes live. I decided to choose this one as it can be styled all year round and the small details on the top are my favourite. You can also get 20% off your order by using my code ASIA20

1. Work Wear
The first outfit that I have chosen is a work outfit as I work full-time Monday to Friday. I have paired the top with some fitted trousers from H&M. I can wear whatever I want to work as long as it's smart and not provocative. I always tend to wear something that is quite simple but also looks like I made an effort.

Black and white are always a go to outfit for me as I just love the combination. I would probably put a cardigan on over the top as during the colder months just wearing this top won't be enough. If you work in a place where you have to wear professional clothing then a black blazer over the top would work just as well. 

2. Day Out With Friends
The second outfit I have put together is one that I would wear for a day out with friends. Unless I'm going out during the evening I tend to keep my day outfits very casual. I have teamed the top up with a pair of Primark jeans which are the only place where I can find jeans that fit me well. 

I then chose a light bomber jacket from H&M that would be easy take on and off if the weather decided to change. I love this outfit because the jeans and bomber combination gives a masculine feel but the top adds that feminine touch. It's definitely one of my go-to outfits as you can wear it to almost anything. 

3. A Day At Home With Family or Friends
The last outfit I have chosen is a comfy outfit. Leggings are always my go-to bottoms during the colder months. But I only tend to wear them at home as I don't feel that comfortable wearing them out unless I'm wearing a long top or thick leggings. The top I would probably only wear if we had family or friends over otherwise I would be in a hoodie and leggings. 

Again the top just adds that feminity to this outfit which makes it acceptable to wear around the house if you are having a family lunch or you have a BBQ with family and friends. As the evening gets colder I would throw on a hoodie or a jacket to keep my arms warm. 

Thank you so much to the team at Eimi Boutique for sending me this top I love it a lot and I know that I will wear it for many years. If you are looking for a few Autumn/Winter staples then definitely check out their website as they are always launching new items. You can also get 20% off your order by using my code ASIA20

Eimi Boutique Links:

Video | My Make-Up Collection 2017

Hey guys today's new video is my make up haul 2017. I thought that I would do a make up collection as I do love watching these and seeing what everyone has in their collection as they are all different. I think that I have a pretty reasonable make-up collection as it's not too big or too small it's just right for me. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos I try to upload videos weekly. 


5 Lip Products Perfect For Autumn/Winter 2017

Hey guys so as we are officially in September we are well on the way to Autumn & Winter (my favourite time of the year). I probably own around 50 lip products in total as a lip product along side some mascara is my favourite thing. I thought that I would share with you 5 lip products that you might like to add to your lip collection. 

The lip product is a lipstick from Collection's Deluxe collection. I would say that the colour is a classic dark red. It's quite an easy lipstick to apply as it goes on really easily. I have had this for quite a long time now (probably too long) but I always like wearing it to parties as it's a perfect shade of red. 

NYX have been in the UK for quite a while now and their lip products are probably one of my holy grail products especially their soft matte lip creams. They are super easy to put on, leave a perfect matte finish and come in a wide range of colours. They are the perfect size to pop in your handbag to have if you need them when you are out and about. 

First of all the Huda beauty liquid matte lipsticks smell like vanilla which makes me love them that much more. The packaging is super cute as well and looks great on display. The one I have is "Icon" which is a pinky red colour, they do have one which is a classic red that I would love to get my hands on. The only downside to these is that they can be quite hard to put on which is why I always put them on super slowly. 

The last lip product I recommend for this A/W is a Rimmel lip gloss. I probably own about 3 or 4 of these but in different shades. They are the perfect thing to wear to give you a bit of coverage but they are also buildable and can give you a medium coverage as well. The colour Rebel Red is a great colour for these upcoming months as it gives you that Autumn/Winter colour but it's also quite sheer and lightweight.