My Top 5 Blog Posts (September Edition)

Hey, guys happy Sunday today is the 1st of October which is just crazy because I feel like this year has really flown by in comparison to last year. September has been a bit of a strange month I seem to have found my love again for filming videos and writing blog posts but I just don't seem to have the time or energy to. 

I work five days a week from 9-6 and by the time I get home at around 7pm I really don't feel like writing a blog post or filming a video. I would rather just get cosy and binge watch Greys Anatomy.....This is where my whole ethos of not pushing myself to blog or film videos comes in. If I pushed myself then I would feel like I'm just putting content out just for the sake of it and not because I want to. 

I haven't put a blog post out since a week ago and I'm okay with that. I know I would have a busy week ahead of me last weekend so I didn't want to add more pressure by making myself write a blog post or video. I'm back today with a new little series that I would to carry on. I thought that each month it would be fun to see what are my top 5 blog posts. 


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  1. Must agree this year seems to have gone so quick!
    Loved this post, I did a post similar a while ago, I love the idea of sharing what post YOU love most with readers x


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