Video | Rosie For Autograph First Impressions

Hey, guys so today's video is a first impressions video of a makeup set from Rosie For Autograph. My Nan got me this gift set for Christmas and I've been dying to open it but I also wanted to film a first impressions video first. It's also my last video of 2017 so I hope you like it. In 2018 I hope to upload more as I didn't upload much last year. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos I try to upload videos weekly. 


My Blog & YouTube Plans In 2018

Hey guys seeing as we're only 2 days away from 2018 I thought that I would sit down and list out some things that I would like to accomplish in 2018 for my blog and YouTube channel. I always love reading these as it's great to see the different goals that people set themselves. I already have a lot planned for next year for my blog and channel which I'm sure you guys will love as much as I already do. 

- Upload a blog post 3 times a week 
- Try vlogging every day for a week
- Include more fashion into my blog & channel 
- Upload a video at least once a week 
- Try vlogging every day for a month
- Do more first impressions videos 
- Review more products and things on my blog 
- Up my Instagram game
- Continue to talk more openly on my blog & channel
- Test out a new style of YouTube videos 
- Do a first impressions week on my YouTube 
- Pre-write more of my blog posts



Video | Winter Wonderland London 2017

Hey, guys so today's video is a vlog from when I went to Winter Wonderland by myself. It's the second time in a row I have been by myself which seems to be a recurring theme. Although my friends couldn't make it in I still had a fun time but I do wish they could have come inside as well as it would have been a lot more fun with them. Please make sure to subscribe for more videos I try to upload videos weekly. 


Wishlist | 5 Trousers You Need From NA-KD

Hey guys happy Wednesday! I hope your day is going well I'm back today with another wishlist as I tend to upload these on Wednesdays. I didn't plan for there to be loads of wishlists uploaded on my blog recently it's just the way that things have happened. I am planning on writing up other blog posts to even it out a bit. 

In today's blog post I have picked 5 trousers from the brand NA-KD as in the new year I would love to widen my style a bit by adding some coloured trousers into the mix. I really love the idea of pairing a pair of trousers with a tee-shirt it looks casual but smart as well. You can check out all of the trousers mentioned in this blog post on NA-KD’s website where you can find more culottes as well.

Flared Shiny Pants Hannalicious x £49
Raw Hem Pants £32.95
Gallia Pants Moves £53.95
Shiny Suit Pants £32.95
Flared Culotte Pants £28.95


My Favourite Blog Posts Of 2017

Hey, guys so for today's blog post I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite blog posts from 2017. It's safe to say that this year I haven't posted nearly as much as I could have. Last year I managed to post 157 blog posts compared to the 96 that I have gotten up so far this year. It may be me being lazy but I have been super busy with work this year that when I'm not working all I want to do is lay in bed and binge watch YouTube or The Crown. 

Next year I hope to post a bit more than this year although I can't promise anything as who knows how busy next year will be it may be 10x busier than this year. I am going to be writing up a blog post with my goals for my blog and YouTube channel for 2018 so that will be uploaded before NYE....



Gifts For The Kids 2017

The last gift guide I'm going to do this year is gifts for the kids. I have to admit shopping for my nephews is one of my favourite things to do. Mainly because I'm still a big kid myself and I always will be but also because buying for kids is always so much more fun. Also when you buy a present for a kid there's always less pressure because the chances of them not liking it are pretty slim.




Gifts For Her 2017

Hey, guys so today's blog post is Christmas gift sets for her. I thought that I would put together some of my favourite gifts to buy your mum, nan or girlfriends for Christmas. I always find girls a lot easier to buy for maybe it's because I am one myself or maybe because I'm useless at buying guys presents for Christmas. Luckily I only have about 4 or 5 Christmas gifts that I need to get which puts me in quite a relaxed mood. 

Soap & Glory Hello Super Spa £15.00

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post 


Why I'm Not Doing Blogmas or Vlogmas

Hey, so today is a Sunday which is possibly one of if not my favourite day of the week. I absolutely love Sundays as they're always full of homely things like spending time with the family, doing some housework, writing a blog post, filming a video, eating lots and movie marathons. 

I wanted to sit down with you and let you know my thoughts on Blogmass & Vlogmas this year. As you may or may not know I am not doing either of them this year. I think if I was able to fully commit to one or both of them I would need to plan things out in November. I obviously haven't had time to do that this year which is why I'm not doing them. 

If I was to do both I would really want to commit as I know for the past few years I have attempted them but failed spectacularly. Instead, I'm just going to try and upload as much as I can on either platform as I'm just super busy in the run up to Christmas. I am going to my cousins this year for Christmas so I'm sure that I will vlog parts for you guys. 

I have been asked numerous times if I am going to Winter Wonderland London this year. I am. I will be vlogging it as I'm going with my friends in a few weeks time. I cannot wait for it as I have already been but I only went for a little bit so I didn't film it. You can expect to see that over on my channel soon. 

In 2018 I am going to really try hard to upload something consistently on both platforms each week. I am going to write a blog post on my plans for my blog and channel in 2018 so if you are wondering what to expect from them stay tuned...