Video | New Zealand Part 3 - Queenstown, New Zealand

Hey everyone, today's video is my third and final video from my New Zealand series. If you don't already know then I recently came back from 2 weeks in NZ for a work trip. This next video is of when I visited Queenstown and also the last few moments of my trip to New Zealand. If you're not subscribed to my channel then make sure you are as there will be lots of new videos in 2019! 

New Zealand 2018 | Part 2 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Part two of my New Zealand blog post actually continues from the afternoon that I landed in NZ. I landed about 2pm and headed straight to the hotel which was the Distinction hotel in Cathedral Square, which meant that it was a really central hotel close to everything within the city centre. However, when I got there my room wasn't ready which was a bit annoying having just got off a 30+ hour flight. 

Luckily one of my marketing colleagues from Singapore had landed a few hours before me and was waiting in the hotel as her room wasn't ready either. I was quite hungry by this time so we headed to Wendy's where I got some chips and a fizzy drink to wake me up as my body had no idea what time it was or what day. 

We then looked around the area close to our hotel as our rooms wouldn't be ready for another hour or so. Of course, we headed to the local supermarket to pick up some snacks for our hotel rooms as you always need snacks for while you are getting ready in the evening before dinner. 

When we were finally let into our rooms I was shocked as it was so big just for one person. The beds were absolutely huge and I filled about 1/4 of it. I really loved the hotel as it had such a good vibe about it and also it felt safe as I was technically staying there all by myself. A few of my other colleagues were staying in the same hotel but were on different floors. 

I then got ready for dinner as we were having a team meal with everyone who worked in New Zealand within the marketing & sales teams but also the people who had flown over from other countries. I have to admit by this point I was exhausted and I barely made it through dinner as I was so jetlagged. We went to a restaurant called Chillingworth Road which was about a 10-minute ride outside of town. 

We went to this particular restaurant as it served our lamb as well as our hand-picked beef. As I have mentioned before I currently work for a New Zealand Lamb company, however, we also sell beef and venison too. The restaurant was a high-end one and we had a meal where there were lots of courses but small tasting plates. 

By the end of it I was too tired to stay for dessert I think as the restaurant was quite dark as well this didn't help with my jet-lag. We got back to the hotel really early it was only about 9pm but I just had a bath and went straight to bed hoping that I would wake up at a normal time. 

The following two days were a bit different as they were mainly work based. The whole trip revolved around a global sales & marketing meeting that we had. The idea was to get everyone in the sales & marketing teams from around the world in the same room so that we can all share ideas and learn from each other. Therefore, this meant that I couldn't vlog on those two days as I was working. 

On the last day, we finished slightly earlier so we decided to go and find some food in the evening. We walked around Christchurch and stumbled upon a food hall type venue where there were lots of food vendors. I decided to go for a pizza as I really fancied that whereas my colleague went for a burger. After dinner, we both went back to our hotel rooms and relaxed as the two work days were full on and my jet-lag had kicked in by then so I was exhausted. 

The next day we had a full free day to explore Christchurch which also meant that we didn't have to get up too early. I think we met up around 10.30am which was nice as the previous two days we had to get up really early for our meetings. We had decided the night before to go out to eat for breakfast as we had had breakfast in the hotel the past two days. 

I found a cute little cafe called "The Caffeine Laboratory" that was based on New Regent street which is a street that has an old-fashioned design to it. I decided to go for the French toast which was $21 NZD which is about £11. I fancied something sweet but also so that it can give me a bit of a sugar rush for the day. The dish was huge and I didn't finish it all as it was quite filling. 

After breakfast, we explored New Regent Street a bit more as there were loads of small boutique shops. I managed to pick up a lot of gifts for friends and family as there was a New Zealand souvenir shop. I always like to pick up small gifts whenever I go away things like coasters, keyrings or sweets from that country. 

Christchurch has a tram that goes all around the city centre. It was $25 for a ticket for the day which is around £13. We both thought that this was a great price as we could hop on and off the tram once we had finished exploring each location. There were about 10 trams which all run every 10-20 minutes. We got off at one stop where there was an art gallery which we both enjoyed as it was really unique art. 

There was also like a craft building where independent businesses had opened up small shops of things that they had created themselves. I really enjoyed the tram ride as it went at a good pace which meant that you could see all of the sights as you rode around the city. The conductors were also really cool as they were very knowledgeable about the city and they were telling us all of the information as we drove around which I really enjoyed. 

One of our last stops was the botanical gardens which were absolutely beautiful. We both really enjoyed walking around them as they were so peaceful and a great break away from the busyness of the past few days. I love flowers especially smelling them as each one smells so sweet. 

We then headed to the supermarket again as I wanted to pick up some snacks for family and friends to bring home in case I didn't have time over the next few days. For dinner, that night I just picked up a salad and snacks from the supermarket as I was too tired to go to a restaurant. 

I ran a nice warm bath and then just chilled in my room and watched loads of YouTube videos. I also slept early that night as we were heading to Queenstown the next day very early. I was really glad to have rested that night as the past few days were so full on so I really made sure to rest up before the following days a they were going to be busy as well. 


Video | New Zealand Part 2 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Hey everyone, today's video is my second video from my New Zealand series. If you don't already know then I recently came back from 2 weeks in NZ for a work trip. This next video is when we had a free day to explore Christchurch which has many wonderful gems that we had a great time exploring. If you're not subscribed to my channel then make sure you are as I plan on uploading lots of new videos in 2019! 


New Zealand 2018 | Part 1 - Travelling To The Other-side Of The World

Hey everyone, first of all, I just want to say a big thank you for sticking by me these past few weeks when I haven't been very active on my blog or channel. I have just been super busy with life in general and haven't had a chance to sit down and focus on my blog or channel. I was also out of the country for 2 weeks which meant that I didn't have time to write anything up as I was away for work. 

I'm sure that most of you already know that I recently visited New Zealand. I was given this once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a global marketing meeting as part of the UK marketing team. The company I work for is a New Zealand company which is why I went there as our head office is out there. 

It was all a bit of a whirlwind as I was only told that I was going about a month before I actually flew out. As New Zealand is so far away I was out of the country for about 2 weeks including travel which took up a lot of time. I tried to document as much of it as I could but as it was a work trip I couldn't document everything. 

My adventure started on Monday 19th November which was the day that I was flying out of London. As my flight wasn't until 8pm at night I went into the office until 2pm as I had things to finish off before I left. I got home about 3pm and finished off packing before being picked up by an Emirates chauffeur which is a free service that is available to any business or first class passengers. 

As this trip was a business trip I was able to fly business class but also because I would be going on three flights in total which would come to a total of around 30 hours flying not including the time you have waiting around at airports for your next flight. 

I managed to get myself all checked in on time and got through security by myself before I realised that I had left all of my chargers at home. This was my laptop charger, my phone charger and my work laptop charger. Before I had even left England I had to spend money on a new Apple charger which costs quite a lot. Luckily they had a Dixons in the airport which had all of the chargers that I needed. 

I then headed to the Emirates lounge which was an area only for business or first class passengers. If you have never been to an airline lounge before then it's a place where you can go and rest, charge up your phone, use free wifi, eat and drink in comfort before your flight. 

My first leg of the journey was from London Gatwick to Dubai which was due to be around 8 hours. The plane that I flew on was a double-decker plane which I had never been on before. As I was flying business this meant that I was on the top floor with the first class passengers. 

I was amazed from the moment I stepped onto the plane as it was like entering a different world. In all my life I had never experienced anything business or first class so this was a real treat for me. The seats were amazing as you had so much room as well as a tv, bed & mini bar. You can see a full tour of my travel vlog which I uploaded onto my YouTube channel. One thing I really loved was the amount of storage that there was for all of your belongings. 

The seat turned into a bed as it could fully lay down by using some buttons located near your mini bar. You also had a mini iPad type device that you could use to control your screen. There were hundreds of movies and TV shows to choose from which is always my favourite part of a long-haul flight. 

The best part of the whole aircraft was the bar at the end of the plane which offered drinks for the whole length of the flight. You can also go to the bar if you are hungry as they serve snacks like noodles & salads as well as having smaller snacks such as M&M's and sandwiches that you can take back to your seat. 

One of my colleagues Tomas actually went to New Zealand a week before me so he gave me the lowdown of what flying business class was like. The first thing Tomas said was that you will not need to eat anything as you will be constantly fed. Tomas was not wrong. As the flight from London to Dubai was 8 hours long this meant that a meal was included in the flight. 

This part of the journey was a night flight so I had dinner which consisted of a starter, main and dessert! Each course was beautifully presented and it was like sitting in a fine dining restaurant. If you are an alcohol drinker then you won't be disappointed as they are always bringing around alcoholic beverages as well as non-alcoholic drinks. 

On this flight for my starter, I had shrimp and pineapple with a side salad and a warm bread roll. For my main, I had like a beef dinner with another warm bread roll. I was really full by then so for pudding I just had some fresh fruit which was delicious. They also give you a cute box of chocolates. 

8 hours later I landed in Dubai which I have actually been to once before back in 2007 when it was less built up. Because I was changing flights I had to go through security again to get to the gates. However, this was really easy and not as stressful as I had anticipated it to be. 

I think I slept about an hour on the flight which totally foiled my plan of trying to stay awake for the whole flight so that I could sleep on my second flight. As soon as I had passed through security I headed straight to the business lounge as in Dubai to access your gate if you are in business class or first class you have to go via the business lounge. This particular business lounge was huge as Emirates are an airline based in Dubai. 

I was really impressed with the lounge as it wasn't claustrophobic at all and there was plenty of space for everyone. There was a lot of food and drink on offer, however, I didn't eat any of it as I knew I would be eating a lot on the next flight. 

The next leg of my journey was from Dubai to Sydney which was around 18 hours of flying. I left Dubai at around 10am and I didn't land in Sydney until the next day. As this flight was so long it meant that I had dinner & breakfast. For my dinner, I had shrimp again and then a chicken dinner dish. I decided not to have a dessert as I was really full and I didn't want to order it and then waste it. 

During the two flights, I managed to watch the second season of The Handmaids Tale which was amazing I highly recommend it! I also watched The Greatest Showman again as that is one of my favourite movies at the moment so I just had to watch it. I think I managed to get about four hours sleep on the whole flight as it's so noisy and I can only really sleep in complete silence. I also kept needing to go to the toilet as I was drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated. I think also the excitement of it all meant that I found it hard to sleep as I just wanted to get there. 

My last and final leg of the journey was a 3-hour flight from Sydney to Christchurch, New Zealand. I had about a 2-hour layover in Sydney which I wasn't really a fan of as I was so exhausted by then I just wanted to get to my hotel and crash out. I eventually boarded my final flight and managed to watch a film or two on the final flight. I landed in Christchurch, at around 2pm on Wednesday 20th November which still blows my mind as it took me a day and a half to travel there. 

I absolutely loved the whole flying experience as all of the Emirates staff were amazing and really looked after me as it was such a long way to travel all by myself. I think I'm going to leave this blog post here as it's already soo long and I will start my next blog post from when I land in Christchurch as there are still some things I did once I had landed before the day ended. 




Hey everyone, today's video is my first video from my New Zealand series. If you don't already know then I recently came back from 2 weeks in NZ for a work trip where I spent most my time doing work stuff but I also had the chance to visit some parts of the south island. I think there will be 2 more videos but I am unsure until I edit them. If you're not subscribed to my channel then make sure you are as now I am back from my travels and I have fully settled into my work I will be uploading a lot more.


5 Years Of Blogging

First of all, I don't apologise for not uploading any content for the past 4 weeks as I have been so busy with work and life in general. I was also in New Zealand for 2 weeks for work but we will come back to that soon.  I am slowly getting back to normal as I only landed last Thursday but my jetlag has still not gone (It's mainly my fault because I came home and slept instead of staying awake all day). 

I have so much content to put up including videos so expect a lot more activity on my blog and channel over the next few weeks. But this blog post is all about how I have done this whole blogging thing for five years! I know I can't believe it myself either. It all started back in October 2013 when I decided to start this little blog of mine. As some of you may know if you have been following me for a while then you will know that this blog isn't my first one. 

I actually had a blog before this that I closed down as I wasn't putting much effort into it. I told myself that if I was to start again that I would really need to make it work and put all of my time and energy in it which is what I did. Fast forward 5 years and I have written a fair few blog posts and also filmed a vast amount of YouTube videos. I never knew that this whole hobby of mine would last this long as there have been a few times where I have wanted to give up due to being "too busy". 

Something I learned the other day is that we overuse the phrase "I'm too busy". When in fact yes everyone is busy but also everyone has time to. It's just a matter of making time for certain things. I joined the gym in October which I love going to but I find that unless I pack my gym stuff and take it to work then I probably won't go. It's the same thing with my blog if I don't allocate a day to sit down and write blog posts then nothing would ever get written. 

I usually allocate Sunday's to my blog and my YouTube channel as I know I actually have the time to sit down and write blog posts or film a video. Depending on what I have planned on the weekend sometimes I will go to a nice coffee shop and work there or I'll just stay at home. I often find that I get a little more inspired when I am writing a blog post away from home but I also like the comfort of being at home so both options work for me. 

A few things I have learnt over the past 5 years: 
- Don't rush into growing your blog instead let it grow naturally 
- Believe it or not blogging can become quite lonely at times 
- Take every opportunity that you get given as it helps you grow as a blogger even if you don't feel comfortable doing it 
- Make as many blogging friends as you can whether it's in person or online
- Be as open as you can I have always found that my most open blog posts really do well because I am showing my readers who I really am and not just creating fluffy blog posts 

The one thing I have learnt the most is that if you want to do something then give it a go because you lose more if you don't try. You can't really fail at blogging you can only learn and grow as a blogger along the way. If you are thinking of starting a blog then DO IT because it's something everyone can do in their own way. Enjoy every part of your blogging journey because even the lows teach you something and make the highs of blogging all worthwhile. 

I'm not too sure how much longer I will do this for who knows maybe one day everything will be erased from the internet and everyone will have to start from scratch. But for now I'm happy with how everything is going and I will continue to take content my passion for it is no longer. 


Review | Sketch, London

Hey everyone, I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while I have been really busy at work these past few weeks. I'm also heading out to New Zealand next week for work but I have a few free days which I will definitely fill you in on. I also have a new laptop which makes blogging a lot easier now as my old one is useless and quite slow. Today's blog post is a long overdue one as I actually went to Sketch at the beginning of October. 

If you haven't heard of Sketch then you probably aren't into Instagram at all. I probably see it on my homepage at least once a day as everyone I follow tends to go there. It seems to be the go-to place at the moment apart from Élan of course which is also pretty big at the moment. 

Sketch is a French restaurant in the heart of London very close to Oxford Circus & Piccadilly. It was my first time going so I was very excited but also a little nervous as sometimes when I go to fancier restaurants my anxiety can kick in. However, as soon as I got there I felt at ease as the staff were all so lovely and welcoming. 

I had been wanting to go to Sketch for quite a long time as it has always looked so picturesque and a lot of fun. I actually decided that for my Mums birthday I would treat her to dinner here as it was on my bucket list of restaurants to visit but it also was a place you would most likely go to on a special occasion. 

I knew even before I had booked it that I wanted to dine in the all pink room as it looked spectacular in photos. The Gallery is where the main dining room is however, there are a few others so make sure to check which one you are booking before you actually book it. 

Like most high-end restaurants you get a 2-hour slot for your table before it needs to be handed back for the next customers. Also, something to be aware of is that certainly with Sketch & Hutong which I went to last year take your card details in case you cancel. For Sketch it was a £30 cancellation fee per person I can't quite remember how much it was for Hutong but I'm pretty sure it's a similar amount. 

We both decided to go for a steak for our main course and got some sides to share as it was a cheaper way of doing things. For our sides, we got chips and macaroni cheese which was absolutely delicious. The steak was top quality as it melted in your mouth when you ate it. The steaks were £32 each and the sides were £6 each. I also got a mocktail which was around £10 and it was worth the price for the photos for the gram as well haha. 

You could tell that the steak was high-quality as it melted in your mouth. The macaroni cheese was delicious as it had a really rich taste and a bit of truffle in it as well I think. I managed to eat it all because it was delicious but also because I knew that it was a lot of money so I didn't want to waste any of it. 

My mum really enjoyed her meal as well as she is a big meat eater so the steak went down well. We didn't order a dessert as we were both full. However, as it was my Mum's birthday our waiter very kindly organised for a small dessert to be brought over to our table. The amount of effort that went into it was obvious as it was presented so beautifully. 

The decor of the place was my favourite as it was just so magnificent and wonderful. You really felt like you could be anywhere in the world. I knew that it was beautiful from the photos but seeing it in real life is so much better. I'm not really a girlie girl so pink isn't one of my go to colours however, the way they have decorated the main room with different shades of pink made me love it a bit more! 

Overall, the experience was amazing and we both really enjoyed it. I cannot wait to go back as it was a lot of fun and something I will remember for a long time. All of the staff were very attentive and really worked hard to add to the experience. I would definitely say try and go at least once as it is a lot of fun and somewhere I would now tell all my friends and family to go to. 

It isn't a cheap place but it's also not a rip off either so I would say that if you don't have a lot of money then it's a place to go on a special occasion which makes the whole experience better in my opinion. I know that my mum will remember this birthday for a while as she really enjoyed it and is going to take her friends here one day too. 

Video | McDonalds Breakfast MUKBANG! (New Job, Crazy Rich Asians & more...)

Hey everyone, today's video is one that I posted a few weeks ago but one that I haven't shared on my blog yet. I decided to do a Mukbang as everyone was doing them and it seemed like a lot of fun to do but also something different. It was slightly weird eating in front of people. I really enjoyed sharing my life updates with you all as I love to watch these sorts of videos myself. If you're not subscribed to my channel then please do as I'm going to start uploading more now that the busy part of my new job has finally started to settle. 


Wishlist | Missy Empire Autumn Pieces

Hey everyone, today's blog post is another wishlist but this time it's from Missy Empire. I've never bought anything from there before but I believe it's just like Pretty Little Thing or Miss Guided. They all have very similar styles so I would like to try a few pieces from them to see what the quality is like. I'm really getting into Autumn which you can probably see from what I have picked for this wishlist. 



My Experience With: Freelance Work

Over the past few months, I have been doing some freelance work for a family friend which some of you may remember me talking about. I was mainly doing a mixture of marketing and graphic design for this family friend. The lady that I was working for actually lives in Brighton which meant that over the past few months I have been travelling back and forth quite a lot. Luckily the freelance job I did was with a family friend which meant that it was a lot more relaxed than a real freelance job would be. I thought that I would share my experiences with you all as some of you may be thinking about doing some freelance stuff yourself.

When I first started the job I went down to Brighton a lot as a lot of the stuff I was doing I needed to be with the lady to do. This was quite tiring as I was travelling down nearly every day and doing a full days work before I travelled home. I would leave my house at 7am to catch a train at 8am to make sure that I arrived in Brighton for around 9am. I would then work until around 5/6pm before I travelled home meaning I didn't get home until 7/8pm most nights before doing it all the next day.

I quickly learnt that this was both tiring and expensive as the travel each day was around £25 for a return. Even though the lady I was working with did pay for my travel it was more cost effective for both of us if I stayed with her. As the person, I was working with was a good family friend this was absolutely fine. If I hadn't known the person that well I may have opted to stay in a cheap hotel or B&B as it would have been better overall. 

I was quite flexible in terms of payments as I knew the lady I was working with. I would send an invoice over every two weeks for example. I would say that set a payment term that you feel comfortable with some freelancers require payment straight away whereas others are more flexible and give 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days for the person to pay. I would suggest writing down your finances and working out how quickly you would need the money to pay for bills etc.... 

Finding the right balance
Freelance work can be really tough at times especially if you do it all of the time as your free time and working time can all blur into one. I often forget to stop doing my freelance work and to go and do something else that wasn't related to it. Make sure that you set yourself a time to finish work every day so that you can have a life outside of the freelance work as well. Once you get into a routine you feel a lot more relaxed as it feels like a normal job with working hours but also hours where you aren't working. 

Setting out guidelines
In any job that you do it's important for both parties to understand what each person wants from the other. I have a few friends who do freelance work full time and have often spent hours on a piece of work for their client to turn around and say that they don't like it. As I knew that this could happen I made sure to double check everything before I started it so that I didn't waste both of our times. 

I also made sure to get most things in writing as the lady I was working for would send me things to do via email. I would then go back and forth via emails until we both knew what needed to be done. I found that this reduced the number of things that I had to change as overall I only had to edit them two or three times. 

My overall opinion
Overall, I loved doing freelance work as it gave me an insight into how hard it actually is. You tend to work harder because at the end of the day how much work means how much you make. For me, it was important that I kept doing the work as it was paying for the recurring bills that I have every month. Luckily what I made also left me with a little extra to spend on myself. 

I would recommend doing freelance work if you are thinking of it but I would also suggest researching it before diving right in as it's a lot more work than people think it is. There are also various rules when it comes to invoicing as if you are doing it full-time you will need to pay tax etc...so don't forget to check that out. 


A Weekend In St Ives, Cornwall

Hey everyone, it's been a little while since I have uploaded a blog post. If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that I started a new job about two months ago. Ever since I started my new job I have been less active on my blog and YouTube channel. I really wanted to spend the first two months of my new job getting the hang of it and learning about the business as much as I can. I finally feel like I am in a good place where I can start to post regularly now on both my blog and YouTube channel. 

Last weekend, Mum and I went down to St Ives in Cornwall for a wedding. I took Friday and Monday off work as the wedding was on Saturday. We took the train down as I wasn't too keen on driving all the way down there. The train journey was around five and a half hours long which was quite boring at parts. I took my laptop so that I could watch something and luckily there were plugs by every seat. 

We left about midday on Friday and arrived in St Ives around 6pm. We were supposed to stay at a hotel in the centre of St Ives however, unfortunately, that hotel shut down so instead, we stayed in a B&B about 10 minutes outside of town. The B&B was fine for what we needed it for which was a place to sleep and wash. 

On Friday night we went for dinner at The Gannet Inn which was a five-minute walk from our B&B. I got a pork casserole dish which was absolutely delicious and really got me in the mood for Autumn. After dinner, we sat and had a few drinks as it was still quite early. We then walked back to our B&B and got an early night as we had to be up at 7.30am the next morning to get ready for the wedding. 

At 7.30am I got up to do my hair and makeup as we had to meet everyone at 10.00am. I made a rookie move as I had brought all of my makeup with me but I had left my brushes at home. This meant that I had to do my make up with my hands which thankfully turned out okay. We took a taxi to the hotel where we were meeting everyone at 10am to catch shuttle buses to the church. 

The bus to and from the church was around an hour long as the buses were really old and could only go at a certain pace. The transportation was really cool as it felt like we went back in time. The ceremony started at around 11.30am and lasted for about 45 minutes. It was a lovely experience to be invited to watch two people marry each other. I hadn't been to a wedding in about 7 years which meant that I had almost forgotten how they went. 

After the main ceremony, we headed back to St Ives where the reception was being held. The driver took us back along a more scenic route which meant that we got to see a lot of the amazing countryside and beaches that Cornwall is known for. Before the reception, we had some canapes and drinks. We also had lots of group photos taken by the photographer who was amazing. 

The reception was really beautiful and I really loved the speeches as they were so sincere and full of love. We sat down for a three-course meal which consisted of a crab starter, lamb main and an Eaton mess pudding. The food was okay although I preferred the Cornish pasties that were served later on in the evening. 

After the reception, we had a bit of a rest before the evening event started which was nice. Mum and I both danced the night away until around 11pm when we headed back to the B&B as we were super tired from the day's events. We both went straight to sleep as we had been up for several hours and were exhausted. 

The next morning, we had breakfast at the B&B and then we ventured into St Ives itself as we were meeting up with the wedding party again to have lunch. There was about 22 of us having a roast dinner in this tiny pub which was absolutely packed. It was nice to see everyone again after the night before as we all got to recap on what happened. 

After lunch, Mum & I wandered around St Ives as they have a few little lanes filled with shops. It's very similar to the lanes in Brighton as they are tiny and filled with independent shops. I bought a few things as I just couldn't resist the place was so cute. I then picked up a custard tart from a cute little bakery and went to eat it by the harbor which was very peaceful. The view was amazing as the sun was shining but it was also grey and cloudy as well. 

We then headed back to the hotel where we started to pack as we were leaving in the morning. We both needed a quiet night in as we were worn out from the long day the day before and the travel as well. I spent a bit of time on my laptop playing the Sims 4 and browsing the web while Mum watched TV. We slept early as our train was at 10am the next day which meant that we were up early again. 

The train journey was again around five and a half hours but luckily we arrived home at around 4pm which meant that I had lots of time to sort myself out before I needed to sleep before work the next day. I really enjoyed my time in Cornwall as it was so beautiful experiencing the wedding as I have known the bride for a very long time but also because the location was breathtaking. I would love to visit St Ives again soon and possibly do a road trip around Cornwall.