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If you have been on social media this week and you are a blogger or a YouTuber, read blogs or watch YouTube videos then I'm sure you would have heard of these two stories. One being where a blogger asked to stay for free in a hotel in Ireland which evolved into something bigger. On the other hand, the other story is the changes that have been made to the YouTube partnership program. These changes were that if you had under 1,000 subscribers and less than 4,000 views over the past month then you could no longer monetize your videos if you were already apart of the program. This blog post isn't about either of them but it is in relation to them. 

This week I can't help but feel the love for the blogging community has grown exceptionally. The feedback from both of these stories has mainly been positive which is why I want to continue that positivity by sharing some of my current favourite bloggers & YouTubers. I'm really into YouTube at the moment so there will be more channels listed compared to blogs. I've always followed a mixture of larger bloggers/YouTubers as well as smaller ones. Due to these changes this week it won't stop me from following anyone because of the size of their following. Therefore, my favourites does include a mixture of larger and smaller content creators. 



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