*3 Date Night Outfits

Just because Valentines Day is over it doesn't mean that date night is out of the picture. You can go on a date night any day of the week and it doesn't have to be with your significant other. What about your friend,  parent, or grandparent? I thought that today I would give you three date night outfit ideas.

Have you ever had that moment when you've tried everything on in your wardrobe but you still can't find anything to wear? Well, I'm hoping that my post today gives you some inspiration for your next date night. I never spend ages putting outfits together as I always tend to keep them quite simple. 

If I have chosen to wear one bold item then I would keep the rest simple but staple items. A few of the items in today's outfits are from Tobi who now ship to the U.K which is super exciting as their items are very similar to H&M which has always been one of my favourite shops. 

Outfit 1 - Night Out With Friends
Top - NA-KD

This outfit is perfect for a night out with your close pals. Whether you are going out to eat, to a bar or even bowling. You can easily style out a pair of bowling shoes with this outfit. I love how the top and skirt are subtle but each has their own uniqueness and make the outfit as a whole a bit different to your usual top and skirt combo. 

Outfit 2 - Date Night With Your Significant Other
Bag - Louis Vuitton
Shoes - Kurt Geiger (I have linked similar ones)

A red dress is always a statement piece of clothing that you can always rock for a night out with your significant other. The colour red makes us think about love and romance which is why it's a perfect colour to wear for a date night. I like to keep my accessories plain so that the boldly coloured dress is the one that sticks out the most. 

Outfit 3 - First Date 
Shoes - Kurt Geiger (I have linked similar ones)

My last outfit is a great one to wear on a first date. Maybe you are going out to eat or just for drinks whatever, it is you are doing this combo is a foolproof outfit. The dress is subtle but has a lot of character in the back. However, if you are uncomfortable you can wear a leather jacket with it or even a cardigan. You can always change the shoes to black pumps or even converse if you're feeling a bit punk rock! 

*I was kindly sent a few items from Tobi


Things I've Learnt Since Owning My First Car

Hey guys, I thought that in today's blog post I would share some of the things I have learned over the past 8 months since owning my first car (wow has it really been that long). I know that a lot of you who read my blog are either learning to drive or have just started driving so hopefully these tips will help you out. 

Filling Your Tires Up With Air
When you are putting air in your tires at the petrol station make sure to remember where you put the tire valve cap. I put air in my tires the other day and I accidentally dropped the valve cap INSIDE the wheel. Seriously, though this would only happen to me. I was freaking out because I was like erm what if the air comes out? 

Luckily a few people told me that it would be safe for a few days and that they're only really there to stop any dirt or dust going inside. A few days later I went to Halfords (my second home at the moment) to pick up some new valve caps. They were around £3 for about 5 of them so I have put a new one on the tire without one and then keep the others in my car for when I lose one again (It will happen). 

Don't Leave Your Lights On
Now, this may seem like an obvious one but here's why I'm including it. So you only really need your lights when it gets dark. The fog lights you only use when you can't see 100m in front of you. So when it's snowing or raining heavy etc...The normal lights you have low beam so when you are using them during the day and then high beam for the night time. 

My car is a 2014 Kia Picanto which means that it's technical but not very. Therefore my lights can only be turned on by a switch which means that they don't turn off automatically when I switch the car off. My car doesn't beep either when they are still on which some of my friend's cars do. This means that I often forget to switch them off. I learned my lesson the other week when I left them on and it killed my battery. I had to pay £86 for a new battery through my break down cover (Which wasn't the worst thing but it was £86 that I could have saved on). 

You Will Ruin Your Hubcaps And It's Okay
If you have a less expensive car like me which was only worth about £14,000 I'd say in 2014 and is now worth around £4,000-£5,000 depending on the version. Then you will most likely have hubcaps on your wheels. If you don't know what a hubcap is then it's a plastic frame as such that goes over the metal on your wheel to protect them. You may see that other cars such as an Audi or Mercedes don't have hubcaps but just the metal bit instead. 

When I first got my car I hadn't parked for ages and every time I parked badly I would effectively ruin my hubcap. One of them is completely ruined and almost coming off but won't come off as they are bolted on to your wheels. Your hubcaps are there to be ruined and you don't actually need them so if one falls off don't worry. If you do want to replace them then they are quite reasonable to ranging from £12-£30 for a set of four. 

I'm sure that there are many other lessons I have learned over the past few months but I can't remember any more now. I will probably do a few more blog posts like this when I can remember them. I always find blog posts like this so helpful as they usually give me more information that I never knew before.


*Review | Benefit BADgal BANG

Hey, guys today's blog post is on the new mascara from Benefit. I don't think there has ever been such a big hype around a new mascara before and I'm not complaining at all. I absolutely loved seeing the Benebabes go to the Maldives to see what the new product was. As well as all of the other content creators celebrate this massive launch with Benefit product launch parties. 

If you haven't picked up the BADgal Bang yet then you can always get yours at Debenhams where they have the new mascara on sale as well as all the other Benefit mascaras. Just click here to see their full Benefit mascara range on their website.

Let's start with the packaging which is mainly black along with  Benefits brand colour. The combination of the two colours gives off this galactic feel which is quite cool considering it's a mascara and not a space rocket. The mascara tube itself has a geometric feel to the lid as there are 3D pyramid sort of shapes. Whereas the rest of the tube is black apart from the name printed on the side. The BADgal BANG mascara definitely has a space-themed feel to it. 

The mascara wand is quite thin compared to other mascara wands. I love how the structure of the wand is short but more spaced out. You find that with many other wands the brush is a lot thicker and closer together to create a thicker look. I think this one is shorter and further apart to create a volumlised look instead. 

"The gravity-defying formula contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials, derived from space technology." - Benefit 

As a woman of Chinese descent, my eyelashes aren't long or thick at all so they need all the help they can get. Mascara is always my go-to product as it makes me feel confident for some reason. When I was younger I loved to pile it on until my lashes were coated with about 10x worth of mascara. Now I can't think of anything worse. I would say I love to use about 2-3 coats of mascara just to add enough volume and depth so that you know I am wearing it.  

You can certainly notice a difference to your eyelashes from the first stroke. I applied about 3 strokes on each eye I would say which gave me a natural but defined eyelash look. It's so easy to apply and you don't need to keep putting your brush inside. One of my tips is to twist the brush so that you are applying the mascara from a different edge of the brush. Therefore, you are using up all of the mascara on the brush before you dip it in again. 

I found that it was really easy to apply mascara to my inner eyelashes at the wand was so thin. I applied the mascara to these areas by tilting the wand at an angle so that it reached the inner corners of my eyes. Once I had finished applying my mascara I just used my finger to brush them upwards to create a slight curl as I didn't have an eyelash curler with me. This is probably not the right thing to do but I found that they dried with a natural curl which I loved. 

Overall I really like the product and I can't wait to test it out some more. I can't wait to see how my eyelashes look after I have used an eyelash curler I can just see them looking amazing. I can tell it's going to be up there as one of my favourites and could easily compete aginst the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara  which is my current go-to mascara. 

I was kindly gifted this by Debenhams. This post also contains affiliate links. 


*Video | Testing Out Aliza Cleanser

Today's video is me testing out some cleansing pads from Aliza Naturals. They have Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Witch Hazel Extract,  Rose Flower Oil & Citric Acid.  They can send their products to the UK you just need to ask customer services before you purchase it. 

You can get yours here they are $24.95 reduced from $55 which is equivalent to £18.06 reduced to £39.81. If you're not subscribed to my channel then please do as I try to upload new videos every Sunday. 

All you have to do is:
1. Place 1-3 cleansing sheets in the palm of your hand.
2. Moisten with water.
3. Gently rub together until melted into a silky foam.
4. Gently apply the foam to your face in circular motions.
5. Rinse with water and pat skin dry.

I was kindly gifted this product from Aliza Naturals


Wishlist | Valentines Day Lingerie Edition

Valentines Day is not only a day for going out to dinner or to the cinema with your loved one but also to feel special both on the inside and outside. I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite lingerie items for this years special day. I know you are supposed to show the person you love how much you love and appreciate them every day but it's also nice to make an extra effort on this one day. 



My February Bucket List 2018

Although February is a short month and we're already quite a few days into the month I wanted to share with you a few things I would love to do this month. Think of it as a small bucket list for the month I think I may do this at the beginning of each month to inspire myself to actually do different things. 

- Read two books 
- Try a new restaurant 
- Go to the cinema
- Write up 10 blog posts (Excluding, wishlists or video posts)
- Go through everything in my room and either sell it or give it to charity
- Shoot some outfit photos outside 
- Get an early night at least twice a week
- Use a face mask once a week
- Paint my nails 
- Try the new L'oreal face scrub


Video | Cosy Weekend Vlog (Food, filming and cleaning)

Today's video is a weekend vlog from last weekend where I spent Saturday and Sunday just having a cosy weekend. I ate a lot, watched a lot of YouTube, filmed a video and cleaned a lot as well. I really enjoyed filming the vlog and I know I will love watching it back. If you're not subscribed to my channel then please do as I try to upload new videos every Sunday. 


Let's Talk About Being 21

Here in the UK, we have a saying that when you turn 21 you get given the key to the door. This is because an open door can open many other doors for someone that can lead to positive things. These things could be responsibility, adulthood, moving out, getting a real job etc...Although this is an old-fashioned phrase as when you turn 18 here you are considered an adult. 

When I turned 18 I didn't really feel this big sense of becoming an adult as I was still at college and I still relied on my parents a lot. Fast forward three years to me turning 21 and the tables have turned a lot. Turning 21 for me was a big step as I knew I had a lot ahead of me. I knew that I was getting a car sooner or later so the thought of how I was going to finance that scared me. I knew that I was leaving the safety net of my apprenticeship and that if I did anything wrong in my job I could lose it easily. 

Things like rent increased although not by much and not nearly as much as people pay in London it was still daunting. Although my rent wasn't massive to pay it's still bills I have to pay. I didn't go to university which I'm quite glad for as I have learned to manage money by myself without the safety net of student finance or student overdrafts. 

I now have my own overdraft with my bank account but it means that if I go into it I have to pay back the money as well as interest. It's a lot different to having a student overdraft where you don't have interest. Although, I never really go into it as I would rather not the thought of having it gives me a sense of relief as I know I have some money if I am ever in trouble. However, it also scares me because I worry that I won't be able to pay it back. 

My own car
Having my own car is great because it definitely gives you that sense of freedom. Being able to go anywhere I want and with whoever that people always told me about is very real and makes life a lot more exciting. I could leave my house now and take a road trip somewhere that's the possibilities of owning a car gives you. 

The downside of having a car is payments because if I don't pay them then the reality is that my car will be taken off me and I will be in debt for nothing. I have never not paid my finances for my car yet and I hope I always do. The thought of having one where I'm financing it myself is scary af. 

I have found that as the years go on my friendship group grows smaller. Although to some this may seem bad as I don't necessarily have lots of friends. But to me, it's the best thing that could ever happen as the friends you are left with are the ones who truly care about you and who you truly care about. You learn that when times get tough a lot of those "friends" you thought will be there for you aren't actually and instead you learn who you can rely on the most. 

Turning 21 has been wonderful and I have loved every minute of it. It's also been tough in the sense that I'm a real adult now with lots of adult things that I have to deal with. I know many other people have to grow up incredibly quickly at a much younger age than me. But turning 21 was the year I had to grow up and become responsible for many more things. 

If you are turning 21 soon don't let it scare you. Turning a year older is an exciting thing as it means there are many more things we get to experience. Some of these we may not be able to experience if we were younger. Age can be a wonderful thing in many ways so embrace each year of your life as much as you can.