My February Bucket List 2018

Although February is a short month and we're already quite a few days into the month I wanted to share with you a few things I would love to do this month. Think of it as a small bucket list for the month I think I may do this at the beginning of each month to inspire myself to actually do different things. 

- Read two books 
- Try a new restaurant 
- Go to the cinema
- Write up 10 blog posts (Excluding, wishlists or video posts)
- Go through everything in my room and either sell it or give it to charity
- Shoot some outfit photos outside 
- Get an early night at least twice a week
- Use a face mask once a week
- Paint my nails 
- Try the new L'oreal face scrub

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  1. Love this, definitely agree with the spring cleaning. I need to sell/donate some stuff I own - I have too much, lol. Hope you have a wonderful February lovely!

    Tx. // MusicGeekOnline.


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