4 Destinations You Need To Visit

Travel has always been one of my favourite things to do. Who doesn't love to explore new places, meet new people and try new foods? Ever since I was a young child I have traveled to many places such as Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Florida, France & Spain among many other places. There are still so many places I want to visit and I can't wait to tick each destination off my list. 

I thought that for today's blog post I would share with you four places that I have visited in my life so far and why you should visit them as well. Travelling is amazing and most of the time we visit places based upon recommendations from family, friends and even people on the internet. If you do visit any of these places then let me know what you thought of them. 

I was only in Cannes for a short amount of time as it was one of the stops on the cruise I went on in 2017. I have visited France many times before but never the South of France. Of course, Cannes is known for the film festival that happens every year. It's also known for the luxury lifestyle as well. When we visited the film festival had just finished so we didn't get to see any of it. 

The town itself was beautiful every inch of it and incredibly clean as well. The harbor is where you will find all of the luxury shops. However, if you go a few roads further into the town you will find the more reasonable shops like Zara, Mango etc...It's such a lovely town to wander around as you feel quite safe. 

It definitely lives up to its name as the restaurants are quite expensive which is why we just had a drink at one and then ate back on the ship. The price of the things isn't that different to the prices here in London as I bought a Longchamp bag over there which was only about £20 different to the prices here in London. 

This was another place we visited whilst on the cruise we went on last year. Naples was our first stop on our cruise and our first real taste of Italy. The only other place I had been in Italy before the cruise was Sorrento but that was years ago. I was seven when I visited Sorrento so I can't really remember it that much but one thing I do remember was the ice cream. 

For me when we first got to Naples it was quite overwhelming as the port is very busy and everything around you is happening at 100 miles per hour. Our plan was to visit Pompeii as we all wanted to see the ruins. Once we had visited Pompeii we took a tour around the city before we stopped for lunch. If you plan on visiting Naples there are three things that you must do these are to visit Pompeii, have some pizza and have some ice cream. 

The last two are a must obviously because who doesn't go to Italy and try the pizza and ice cream. It is a very busy city so getting around on foot might be quite hard which is why I recommend taking a taxi as some of them offer tours of the city. Everyone we met there made us feel so welcome.

New York City
Whenever I thought of the Big Apple before I went I thought of Home Alone, Sex In The City, The Devil Wears Prada etc...The thought of yellow cabs, snowy scenes, and big plates food filled my thoughts. We were in New York for 4 or 5 days after we had been on a cruise for 7 days. You can see my cruise blog posts and videos here. 

I found the city quite overwhelming and I only truly appreciated the beauty of it once I arrived home and looked back on everything that I had done. I was also quite sick for the most of it which is why I probably found it more challenging than if I were to visit if I wasn't sick. 

I did get to visit some of the iconic places such as Central Park, Times Square, Ground Zero and Fifth Avenue. My favourite thing was when we went ice skating in Central Park however, obviously you can only do this during the winter time. The streets are pretty amazing to walk down as everything is on a larger scale. However, I would say be careful as there are a lot of pickpocketers who specifically target tourists. 

I have been to a few places in France such as Lille & Bordeaux but never Paris before. When I think of Paris I think of romance, amazing food, and good looking Parisians. I first visited Paris in 2016 with my mum, it was on one of those tour type holidays. In many ways, I wish we went by ourselves. But overall I'm glad we went on a tour as it was a good taster experience of Paris. Paris to me was full of magic. Everywhere I went I just felt so happy and that there was magic in the air. 

It was such an easy city to navigate around which rates highly in my books. When you visit a new place getting around easily is so important. We took the tube a lot of the time which was cheap and easy to understand even though it was in French. I did many of the touristy things that you do such as visit the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur, Versailles & Notre-Dame. We also did a lot of shopping which is a must in Paris. 

I would love to visit Paris again as there is so much more to see. I would also like to shop some more there and possibly even save up to buy a luxury bag there as I always think it's a lot more special buying something luxury abroad as you have the memory of saving up for it and buying it somewhere you might not usually buy it from. 


Wishlist | Tobi

Today's wishlist is all from Tobi who are a US based company but they do ship to the UK and they pay for your VAT and Shipping. Which means that you don't have to pay any customs. I have a few bits from Tobi already and the quality of the clothes is always amazing. I think the prices of them are similar to places like Pretty Little Thing, Boo Hoo & Miss Guided.  



Review | Il Tetto Restaurant & Bar Selfridges

Yesterday was one of my closest friends 22nd birthday. So to celebrate we headed to the top of Selfridges to Il Tetto. Every year Selfridges changes the restaurant that is at the top. I went two years ago for my 20th birthday when it was Forest On The Roof you can see my review about it here. As you can probably tell from the name of the restaurant this years theme is Italian. 

The aesthetic of the restaurant is always super cute and totally Instagram worthy. Last time when I came it was the Summertime so the roof was all open and you could look out onto London much more clearly. However, I still had a great time and we were super lucky to get a table as it was quite busy when we went. 

The drink that I chose was one of their non-alcoholic drinks called "Virgin Bramble" which was £6.50 and had apple juice, lemon juice & berries inside. How pretty does the cocktail look? It was delicious as well. The only issue I have with these types of cocktails is that they have loads of ice in them so you have to wait a while to drink it or drink one and order another one. When it comes to eating out I have found that as I got older my friends and I would tend to order loads and share it. We would then split the bill between how many of us there are and it would often work out the same amount as if we had paid for what would have chosen just for ourselves.

One of the first things we ordered straight away was the Pizza Romana in Carloforte which had San Marzano tomato, tuna, red onion, capers, black olives & cost £16. It was one of the most delicous pizzas I have had. I love a pizza that is thick but light and fluffy at the same time, you know those pizzas that have air bubbles in them. I've always loved olives on pizzas especially black ones as they add a lot of flavor to it. 

We also got some DOP Burrata which came with Modena balsamic vinegar, pickled radicchio & hazelnuts which was £12. Of course, we had to get some pasta with mushrooms and creamy sauce, however, this was not on the menu so we asked them to make it for us.  One of my friends got the Roasted pumpkin soup with chestnuts & sage which was £6.50.

All of the food was really good and the prices were really reasonable for a restaurant on top of something like Selfridges. I have to say my favourite was the pizza as it was just so yummy and fresh. I am a sucker for pizza but you can really tell the difference between these pizzas and ones from Dominos for example. 

We got a couple of sides such as the Parmesan truffled chips which were £5 & the tenderstem broccoli that came with garlic & chilli which was £4. I'd say broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables and I can never get enough of it. Overall the quality of the food was really good however, it did take a long time to arrive. 

I had such a lovely time there as I did last time and I can't wait to go again as it's such a great place to take family or friends who want to eat great food for reasonable prices at a lovely restaurant. If you read my blog post last time then you will remember the walk way was decorated with flowers. This time it was decorated with a forest theme with fairy lights which was super cute. 

You can book a table online or you can walk in, however, it does get very busy so you may have to wait for a bit if it is busy. I recommend going there even if it is just for drinks as the bar area is super cute as well. It's a perfect place to take photos if you are into Instagram but you may wait a while if it's busy to grab that perfect photo. 


Wishlist | Urban Outfitters

Hey guys today's blog post is a Urban Outfitters wishlist. I'm really into interior design at the moment and I'm always looking for new things to add to my room. I would say that my favourite item from this wishlist would be the metal storage as it's industrial but also has a lot of storage space. 



Videos | Vlog Catch Up 3rd March - 5th March

Today's videos are vlogs from the past few days where I have been vlogging since I have been at home. If you don't already know I'm going to be at home for a while until I find a new job. I thought that I would vlog on and off so that I can document my time off and the thoughts and feelings I have been having. If you're not subscribed to my channel then please do as I'm uploading regularly at the moment. 


Where Have I Been? Life Catch Up...

Hey guys, you probably have noticed that I have been quite absent on my blog and YouTube channel over the past week or so. I've been super busy with work stuff and just general life hence the lack of uploads on both of these platforms. I thought that today's blog post would be a good time to do a life update post to get you guys up to date with what's going on in my life at the moment. 

This week was my last week at my current job as my contract had ended. I decided not to carry on as two years in a business is a good time to spread your wings and try something new. As this was my last week it was a very hectic one trying to get everything wrapped up before my last day on Friday. 

I haven't got another job lined up as I wanted to take a break in between because I have been working full on for the past two years. When you are working full-time you don't get holidays like you do in school. You get a certain number of holiday days you can take off during the year but that's around 20 days. 

I'm quite excited to see what the future holds as there are so many amazing companies that I could work for. I am looking more towards the media or retail industry but to do the marketing for their business. I have been applying and I did go to an interview last week but it wasn't the right job for me. I'm going to be vlogging every day over on my channel until I start my new job. 

If you live in the UK then you probably know all about #thebeastfromtheeast which took over the country last week. It was a pain in the butt. In all my 9 years living in London, I have never seen this much snow here. My road was literally covered in snow and hardly anyone used their car when usually the road is full of traffic from commuters getting to work. 

Of course, I still had work so that meant getting to work which was a challenge in itself. One day which I think was the day after it had really snowed and the snow had turned into ice. I was wearing the wrong shoes and I slipped over in the middle of the road. I was so lucky a car wasn't coming because it could have been really dangerous. I was sat there laughing at myself when this guy asked me if I was okay and then I just continued to laugh. I'm so happy that the snow is gone because I've had enough of it for one year. 

Saving money
As I have no immediate income at the moment it's a really good time for me to focus on saving money. For example, instead of buying new beauty products I'm going to use mine up and when they are all gone I will purchase new ones. I don't need to buy any new clothes as I have loads of them that I can wear. 

I'm going to cut down on spending money on food as that's where most of my money goes. If you cut down you overheads you will be surprised at how much you can live on. My main outgoings are my car payments which I make sure I can pay every month. I'm going to do a blog post on some money saving tips that I have learnt as I find these so handy. 
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