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Hey guys, today's blog post I thought that I would share with you a restaurant that I visited recently in Soho, London. I was out with my Greek friend when we came across this Greek restaurant in Soho. I had never been to a Greek restaurant before visiting Suvlaki

You can find Suvlaki on Bateman Street just off Greek Street. The closest tube stations are Tottenham Court Road & Leicester Square. The restaurant itself is very small but has a warm and inviting feel to it. As soon as I walked inside I fell in love with the interior of it as it has real Greek feel to it. 

We didn't actually end up eating a lot as we only wanted something small so we got a few dishes to share. For starters, we got some Tzatziki which is a dip made up of yogurt mixed with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil & sometimes lemon. The Tzatziki was really yummy and tasted a lot better than the one I usually buy from Tesco. We also went for some olives as we are both a fan of them. Both starters were served with warm bread which you could tell was fresh as it tasted delicious. 

For our mains, we both got one of the Suvlaki wraps which the restaurant specialises in. We both decided to get the pulled pork wrap which came with cucumber, tomatoes, and feta cheese. The wraps were probably my favourite part as they came warm and for me the size was just right. You can order a large one for around £2/£3 extra however, I wasn't hungry enough to eat a bigger one and I knew I would leave a lot otherwise.

The food itself was very reasonably priced as you can find dishes from £2.50 - £12.00. When we went there were lots of customers who did what we did and got a few different dishes to share. Overall, I loved the experience and the food was really yummy so I would definitely go back as I would love to try the other dishes. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat and something a little different then definitely check out Suvlaki. They also have a restaurant in Shoreditch as well as Soho. 


#MentalHealthAwarnessWeek | My Journey So Far

If you have been reading my blog for a long time then you will know that I have suffered from mental health for a few years now. It's something that I am not ashamed of at all and something that I talk about openly. I suffer from anxiety which can be social anxiety or panic attacks. I thought that I would do a timeline of my mental health over the past few years. Sometimes all it takes is time. I must make it clear that I am in no way shape or form a mental health expert these are just my own thoughts and little ways that I deal with my own mental health. 

Before 2014
Growing up I didn't show any signs of having any mental health issues until around 2012. This was the time when I was starting my A-Levels which I found a lot harder than my GCSE's. I also had a lot going on in my personal life which made a huge impact on my mental health. It was from then on that I knew I was suffering from something but I wasn't quite sure what it was at the time. Back then mental health was just starting to be spoken about a lot more. 

This year was when my anxiety really kicked in and I started to realise that I would begin to overthink the simplest things. Things such as speaking to someone new & ordering something at a restaurant. They were the easiest things to do for others but for me, I hated the thought of doing them and would often get my friends to order things for me. 

2014 was also the year that I started therapy I was 17 which meant that I was eligible for CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) through the NHS. CBT is when you talk to a therapist who helps you manage how you feel and think. They help you to change the way you think and behave. CBT is often used to treat anxiety and depression as well as other mental and physical health problems. At this time none of my friends or family members had any sort of mental health issues and not many people spoke about it online which made me think a lot of the time "Why me?". 

I would say 2015 was one of my worst years in terms of my mental health. I had a lot going on in both my college and personal life which made my anxiety a 10/10 most days. I started to find that my anxiety would spike whenever I had anything major going on in my life. It would appear for about 4 or 5 months and then it would ease off until something big happened again. 

I had one of my worst panic attacks in 2015 which meant that I had to swap shifts with someone at my work because I got onto a packed tube which is never a good idea when you are feeling that anxious. One thing I learned was that the tube is one of my biggest triggers when it is busy. Luckily London has many other transport options that I was able to use. 

In a way, I had to convince myself that it would be absolutely fine if I went on the same line again as this was the most direct route to my work. For a few of the journeys I began to feel just as sick and thought to myself "I can't do this" once you have that thought in your head it's hard to ignore it. I found out that an ice-cold water bottle is something I always needed to have. If I feel like I'm going to have a panic attack I usually hold it against my face to cool me down. 

During 2015 I also started to learn how to take care of myself after a panic attack. I would make sure that I did all of the things I loved like watching my favourite TV show or eating my favourite food. I also made sure to reduce the amount of stuff I was doing such as putting blogging and filming videos as my last priority until I felt myself again. 

I would say that 2016 was also another year where my anxiety was not good at all. Towards the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 I started to rate my anxiety on a daily basis. If I was feeling below a 5 then I knew I would be fine for the day but if I was above 5 I would make sure that I had things in my bag to make my mind at ease. Things such as a water bottle, chewing gum, taking deep breaths and using the Calm app. 

On days where my anxiety was sky high, I would try and reduce what I had planned on that day. I would also avoid the tube at all costs as I knew that it would make me feel even worse. Having a panic attack on the tube makes you feel so vulnerable and helpless as you can't really do anything until it passes. Of course, I get off the tube and sit on the platform but you still feel all alone even though you are surrounded by tons of people. 

In 2016 I had also finished my therapy which meant that it was down to me to work on my mental health unless I paid for private therapy sessions. I often forget that anxiety is a mental thing and that I can reduce it by telling myself that everything will be okay, you are not in any physical danger or there is no need to be anxious.

This was one of my best years so far when it came to my mental health. I can't remember having any major panic attacks. Of course, there were days where I felt really anxious but not as much as before. I had worked so hard on my mental health for the past 3 years which meant that I finally knew what triggered it and how I can reduce this. But most importantly how to deal with it when I do feel really anxious. 

2017 was a big year for mental health as it was widely spoken about. Even the London Marathon was renamed "The Mental Health Marathon" as that was the big focus for that year. I also spoke to a lot of other bloggers and YouTubers who suffered from mental health as well which really helped. When you know that you are not alone you feel a lot better instantly because others are going through what you are going through.

If someone had told me in 2014 that in 3 years time I would feel like myself again I don't think I would have believed them. The difference between my mental health in 2014 and in 2017 is incredible.

This year has been good so far there have been times where I have felt really anxious and I have had a few panic attacks on tubes which I know could always happen. However, in terms of my anxiety, I am in a really good place at the moment and I am having more good days than bad. I know that this can change at any moment which is why I'm taking my anxiety day by day. 

My biggest challenge this year is when I go away on holiday for a week. That is when I will really see how far my mental health has come. It could go either way really but I am positive that it will be okay and that I will have an amazing time in Hong Kong. 

Why I Wrote This Blog Post
I think it is so important to talk about your mental health. It doesn't matter if you have never had any mental health issues before it can happen to anyone. The slightest change in your life can affect your mental health. It's so important that we talk about it now more than ever. Mental health has become a huge thing from the pressures of everyday life but also the impact that social media has. 

A lot of people still don't understand what it is and how it affects people. There are so many different mental health issues such as depression, suicide, phobias, eating problems, Schizophrenia, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Personality disorders & Bipolar disorder. Anxiety is just one of many mental health problems that people face. Just because someone looks fine on the outside or they smile a lot does not mean that they are not suffering on the inside. If you are suffering then you are not alone as there are many people who are facing the same problems. There are so many people that are willing to help you with your mental health. 

If you have never suffered from mental health but you know people who do think about how you can help them. Sometimes the smallest thing like going around for a cup of tea can make a huge difference. If this blog post helps at least one person then it was worth it. I can really say that this is one of the most important blog posts that I have written so far and one of the most important ones I will probably ever write. 

I would love to know your thoughts on mental health. I'm always available to talk to anyone who just needs that someone to talk to. You can contact me through Instagram (asiajade04) or through Twitter (asiajade4).

"Mental Health Is Just As Important As Physical Health. Remember That." - Unknown

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Wishlist | Boohoo Festival Vibes

Festival season is just around the corner but are you festival ready? If you are nowhere near ready then have no fear because Boohoo are here to save the day. They have tons of festival items for you to choose from. I would say one of my favourite items they have is their Mac's because they look fab as well as keeping you dry if it rains (Which it probably will let's be honest guys we live in the UK). You can check out all of their festival range on their website.



Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

Bank holiday weekends are always a lot of fun especially when the weather was as amazing as it was. Yesterday it hit 28 degrees in London which was higher than Havana and Los Angles! I couldn't quite believe it as you can experience all four seasons in one day here in London. Although I wasn't actually in London to experience it myself where I was reached 25 degrees it felt a lot hotter though. 

The beginning of last week I felt so unwell and just not myself so I rested a lot at the beginning of the week. However, towards the end of the week things picked up and I actually had about three interviews in the space of a few days which was quite hectic. On Saturday morning I went to watch my eldest nephew play football which was a lot of fun and then stayed over at my Dads for the weekend.

On Sunday we had a BBQ with family and friends and made the most of the sunshine. I was going to come back on Monday but the thought of driving home on a Bank Holiday really put me off. I finally feel like I am getting back to my normal self as the last couple of weeks I really haven't been feeling well. 

It was really nice to have the sunny weather as I think we could have all done with brightening up considering the weather we have had recently here in the UK. I definitely mad the most of it as I managed to read some of the book that I am currently reading and had many cups of tea outside while taking in my surroundings. 

I also feel like I am getting my YouTube mojo back and I really want to sit down this weekend and film some videos. I am of course going to film when I go to Hong Kong. I cannot wait to go there as it's only about two weeks away now which means that my excitement is growing by the day. 

Every week I want to try and do the things that I used to do whether it is reading a part of my book every day or to watch a new film once a week. When you are working full-time sometimes you don't have time to do the things that you would like to do so now I would like to incorporate them into my weekly routine. 


Wishlist | Holiday

Today's wishlist is a holiday one I thought that I would list a few bits that I would love to pick up before I go to Hong Kong. I can't believe I'll be on a plane to Hong Kong in about three weeks time. I would love to pick up some of the clothing items however, I have loads of clothes already and I don't really need them. The other things I do need as most of the body and face products that I have are quite large and would take up a lot of space in my suitcase. 

Khaki Utility Shirt Dress £25.00
Lemon Ruched Cut Out Bardot Shift Dress £25.00
Red Shell Print Dip Hem Swing Dress £20.00
Chicago Navy Oversized T-Shirt Dress £18.00
Green Palm Print High Leg Bikini Bottom £12.00
Green Palm Print Low Scoop Neck Bkini Top £15.00

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