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October 24, 2013

Introduction to Asia Jade

So I couldn’t keep myself away from the world of blogging which made me decide to start up a new blog again. I kind of wish that I kept my old blog because it was becoming better and better each time that I spent on it. However I’m glad that I am starting a new blog because it means that I can change some of the things that I’ve wanted to and begin with a fresh start. 

Say Hello to Asia Jade (Jade coming from my middle name) I’ve decided to base this blog on Beauty and Lifestyle because they’re the things that I like to talk about most. I’d love to add Fashion into the mix later on in the year when I hopefully get my new camera. However I’m not too sure on that because I see my sense of fashion being quite normal…let me know what you think guys

If you’re interested in Beauty and Lifestyle then follow me for upcoming posts!! I’ll be posting every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday that’s FIVE times a week however this may change depending on how busy my schedule becomes. 

In the future I’d also love to start filming Youtube videos again once I get a new camera and make a dedicated place within my room to film. I’d also like to purchase a video editing software package as it would help me more to create the type of videos that I see myself creating. I’ve done Youtube videos in the past and they’ve gone down very well however I’ve always filmed them on my iPhone which isn’t of a very good quality so I hope to use a proper camera in the future. 

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