Winter Wonderblog 2013 #1 | Christmas Party Outfits

November 25, 2013

Winter Wonderblog 2013

Welcome to this years Winter Wonderblog 2013 I hope you enjoy it there’s going to be lots of different posts relating to beauty, lifestyle and fashion over the next month. I will be uploading a new post every other day so keep an eye out.

So today’s post is going to be about party outfits I hope to give you some ideas for what to wear to your office party or just a normal Christmas party I hope you like them……remember these are just ideas!!

Winter Wonderblog 2013

The first outfit that I chose is a different take on your normal princess look. I decided to go for a gorgeous black dress which you could team up with a brightly coloured pair of shoes or just some nude ones. I’d preferably go for a clutch instead of a normal bag as it gives off an elegant look. 

As this is a princess look you’ll defiantly need some beautiful jewellery to go with it. I’d suggest simple but elegant jewellery. You don’t have to shop at Tiffany’s to find that perfect necklace as you can see this whole outfit is from New Look.This look would go well with bright red lips and a up-do!! 

The Look:

1) Chi Chi Black Rose Embroidered Strapless Prom Dress £59.99

2) Stone Embellished Court Shoes £29.99

3) Silver Crystal Twist Necklace £3.99

4) Silver Diamante Twist Drop Earrings £4.99

5) Crystal Diamante Cross Over Bracelet £5.99

6) Black and Gold Envelope Clutch £7.99

Winter Wonderblog 2013

For this look I’ve gone for a casual but smart look with a rock chick edge. I love these sort of looks as I often see them on Tumblr. They’re great for someone who doesn’t like to properly dress up but wants to look nice or for someone who’s just going out for dinner. The court shoes add a sense of glamour to the look because they’re defiantly not too tall and not too small they’re just right for this sort of look.

The whole look together looks great well I think so I added little elements to bring the whole outfit together. For example the skull tee-shirt brings a more edgy look than if it was just a normal tee and the triangle earrings and big ring make a statement. I didn’t add a necklace because I don’t think that you necessary need one however you can if you want. This look would go great with smokey eyes and straight hair!!  

The Look:

1) Court shoes £24.99

2) Stretch trousers £19.99

3) Top with a burnout pattern £9.99

4) Dinner jacket £29.99

5) Earrings £2.99

6) Ring £5.99

7) Handbag £34.99

Winter Wonderblog 2013

So for this look I decided to go for a statement look which is why I chose the red jumpsuit!! What I love about jumpsuits is that you can either dress them up or down depending on what you’re doing. You can also pair them with either heels or court shoes and you’d still look fantastic!!

Because this jumpsuit is pretty plain with just the belt some statement jewellery is needed. This is why I chose the chain necklace and bracelet because they’re chunky pieces which brings the whole outfit together. I chose these particular shoes because the peep toe and cross at the front make them more glamorous and elegant. I think that this look will look great with curly hair and simple make-up!!

The Look:

1) Dark Red Wrap Front Belted Jumpsuit £45

2) Black Cross Strap Peep Toe Stilettos £70
3) Black Metal Trim Cross Body Bag £25

4) Gold Tone Chunky Curb Chain Necklace £8
5) Gold Tone Curb Chain Bracelet £8

6) Gold Tone Triple Chevron Finger Top Ring £5

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