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November 2, 2013

The Halloween Tag 2013

So for this post I’m going to be doing the Halloween Tag.Yes I know Halloween has ended however it only ended a couple of days ago so here goes…

1. Do you still Trick or Treat?

Nope not anymore I’m 17 and in Britain after you’re 15/16 Halloween gets boring unless you go to a party or a club.

2. Do you like going to haunted attractions?

Not really I get scared easily so I prefer not to go to haunted attractions like Fright Night at Thorpe Park.

3. Favourite Halloween movie?

I personally prefer all the old Halloween Movies one of my favourtie ones is A Nightmare On Elm Street. Find out my other favourite scary movies here.

4. Favorite costume you wore as a child?

I was one of those children who always wore the same outfit every year. So I was always a witch partially because my hair was rather long and also because it was just easy to be a witch. 

5. A costume you would like to dress up as if you could go back to your childhood?

I would have love to be a Pumpkin simply because I think they’re adorable.

6. Do you decorate your house for Halloween?


7. What are your plans for this years Halloween?

Well this year I went to a party and ended up getting home at 20 to 4 in the morning it was a pretty good night though..

8. Do you ever dress up your pet?

I don’t think my dad dressed up my two dogs haha 

9. What was the worst thing you were given when Trick or Treating?

I don’t actually think I’ve ever been given something bad. I remember always coming home with like a sack of sweets that would last me forever..

10. Favorite thing about Halloween?

I love the whole feeling of it the excitement when little kids ring your doorbell but also the whole atmosphere out on the streets. It’s a night that adults/teenagers and kids can all have fun it’s great!!

So that’s the end of my Halloween series this year I hope you all liked it because I certainly loved writing them. Here are the links to all the other Halloween related posts…

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