How to keep fit and healthy over Winter

November 3, 2013

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013

So considering that Winter has finally arrived here in the UK I decided to write a post on keeping fit and healthy throughout winter. I know how hard it can be especially around Christmas time to stay on track with the whole healthy thing. So I hope this post will give you inspiration and excitement about staying healthy and fit this Winter. 

Lets start with keeping fit over Winter there are many ways that you can keep fit. For example by going to your local gym, training out with friends in the park or even using Youtube as your source of training. I love to work out at home because it’s convenient, you can do it in your own time and your own pace. I love to use Youtube as my source of training because I like the fact that there’s someone there (not physically) to help you along the way. My favourite Youtubers that I like to use are:


Is a great way to work out because there are soo many different workouts for you to do from beginners to experts. The best part is that all of these work outs can be done at home in your living room!! Another great thing about Blogilates is that each month Cassey creates a workout calender for the whole month all you have to do is follow it. An example of this is down below this is the POP Pilates for beginners… 

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013

Annie Jaffrey

Annie Jaffrey is a beautiful Youtuber who posts videos about beauty but also about staying healthy and fit. I love watching her videos because she’s so down to earth and really lovely. You should also go and check out her blog because I love reading all her posts.

I also love to train by myself using workouts that I’ve found on the internet. I usually find some great work out ideas on twitter because there are loads of accounts which have been set up specifically for fitness. Here’s an example of a work out that I’ve found..

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013


Apart from actually eating right and exercising having a good lifestyle is probably the most important thing to being and staying healthy!! Getting enough sleep is really important because sleep helps the body heal after a workout it also helps the body to re-energise. 

Another good way to make changes to your lifestyle is by finding someone who is also interested in becoming fitter and healthier because you can both motivate each other. It’s also a great idea because when you’re both having a bad day you can reassure each other that it’s great idea and that you two should keep going.

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013


It’s important to eat healthy food in order to use this healthy food for energy to exercise. It’s also important otherwise you’ll put on weight. I like to eat healthy during the week for example lots of greens and meat then on the weekend I’ll treat myself with chocolates and sweets. Because if you think about it 5 days out of 7 eating healthy is pretty good just don’t overload yourself with lots of bad foods on the weekend try to balance it. 

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013

Here are some links to healthy food recipes..

1) Low Carb Low Cal Peanut Miso Kelp Noodles

2) Healthy Banana Berry Crepes Recipe

3) Healthiest Quesadilla Ever 

4) Chunky Cinamon Apple Muffins 

5) Sweet Savory Cranberry Spinach Salad

6) Healthy Doritos 


Drinking healthy drinks is also a good contribution to becoming healthier. I always love a good cup of tea however I do have milk and sugar in my tea’s which isn’t as healthy than tea on it’s own. I love to try new teas and smoothies from local supermarkets. Some good examples of smoothies that I love are Naked smoothies, Innocent smoothies and Coldpress smoothies. Here are some links for you if you want to make your own smoothies…

1) Pumpkin Pie Protine Smoothie

2) Metabolic Supercharge Smoothie

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013


Having motivation towards keeping fit and healthy is rather important because otherwise you’ll lose your will power to train or eat healthy. Being able to carry on with keeping fit and healthy for a long time is all about mentality and being able to keep this going for a long time. Here are some great motivation quotes that I’ve found from tumblr..

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013

Reaching your goal 

It’s important to set a goal when you’re aiming to keep fit and healthy. These goals can be small or big by setting them they give you motivation but they also help by guiding you. For example a goal could be as small as drinking 2 pints of water a day or doing 50 push ups every day before bed time. Simple things like this contribute to a healthy you and a healthy body in the future. 

How To Keep Fit and Healthy Over Winter 2013

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