Review | Lacoste Touch Of Pink Shower Gel

November 15, 2013

Lacoste shower gel review

Lacoste shower gel review

Lacoste shower gel review

Lacoste Touch Of Pink Shower Gel £7.99

Hey guys this is my fourth review of the week how exciting. I bet you guys are wondering why I keep posting reviews well one reason is because I enjoy writing about them. However the main reason is because I don’t like having odd amounts of posts for different categories. For example I don’t like having 12 posts about beauty then 3 posts about lifestyle I’d rather have 12 posts about beauty and 12 posts about lifestyle. 

So today’s review is the Lacoste Touch Of Pink Shower Gel I’ve chosen this one because I’ve only had it a few weeks and I have to say it’s a really good shower gel!! I love the smell of it because it leans towards the scent of a male shower gel it’s quite a strong scent and lasts on your body for a long time leaving it smelling gorgeous!!

This particular shower gel lathers up brilliantly therefore you only have to use a little bit because it lasts a long time. I really like using this in the morning because it leaves my skin smooth and smelling great. I love the packaging because it’s bright and attracts attention it’s also pretty portable because it’s not too big to transport to and from a location. 

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