Review | Nivea Body In-Shower Moisturiser

November 17, 2013

Nivea in-shower moisturiser review

Nivea Body In-Shower Moisturiser £3.55

I first came across this when I saw the advert on TV and I just knew I had to get my hands on it. I then purchased it for my most recent holiday because I wanted to test it out. I always like products that are quick to apply but have the same effect so this seemed a perfect purchase for holiday. 

I’m one of those girls that hates to put on moisturiser after I shower or bathe it’s just too much effort. So finding this was great for me because it’s very convenient and a quick and easy way to moisturise yourself before you go out. I love Nivea because their products suite my skin type perfectly. I don’t get any blemishes or reactions to any of their products. This particular product is great for when you’re in a rush or if you’re like me and putting on normal moisturiser is a pain. 

I hate the fact that normal moisturisers take forever to dry and if you’re in a rush they make your skin stick to your clothes. Where as this moisturiser you apply in the shower then pat yourself down with a towel and you’re done!! It doesn’t leave you with sticky skin only smooth great smelling skin. Nivea products are known for being reasonably priced so for the price of £3.55 you get this great sized bottle that will last you ages. You can also get a much larger bottle for only £5.09 which will last you ages because you don’t really have to apply that much. 

I reccomend this product for all you beautiful people who don’t like to spend ages putting on moisturiser like me. It’s such a great way to keep your body hydrated and smooth. 

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