Review | Rimmel Scandal’eyes Extreme VS Show Off Fibre

November 9, 2013

So as you can probably tell Rimmel is one of my go to brands for mascara. I absolutely love Rimmel as a whole because their products are reasonable and of high quality. I can always rely on a good quality mascara from Rimmel!! 

Rimmel mascara review

Rimmel Scandal’eyes Extreme Mascara Black £6.99

I love this particular mascara from Rimmel because it adds lots of volume to my lashes. It’s a great mascara to use last minute once you’ve applied another one before because it adds that extra thickness to your lashes. Therefore leaving your lashes looking fabulous!! However it can clump up your eyelashes if you’re not careful. Therefore I always like to swipe my brush across the top of the packaging to erase any of the extra mascara on the brush.

Rimmel mascara review

Rimmel Scandal’eyes Show Off Fibre Mascara Black £6.99

This particular mascara from Rimmel is great for applying mascara to individual lashes. The ball end allows you to apply mascara to your bottom lashes easily and also to the inner lash. Therefore leaving you with a fuller eyelash as a whole. I love this one as well because it uses a combination of two types of brushes without having to actually buy two brushes. The only downside to this mascara for me is that it’s hard to get even coverage on your eyelashes because the ball bit at the end always gets in the way. 

Overall I actually can’t pick my favorite one out of these two particular mascara’s from Rimmel. I like to use both of them together because they compliment each other perfectly. 

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