Review | Simple Rich Moisturiser

November 11, 2013

Simple Moisturiser review

Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser £3.89

Another day another review this time I thought I’d do a review on the Simple Rich Moisturiser. Seeing as everyone’s doing reviews or haul’s on the Simple range at the moment I thought that I would join in too. Simple is another one of my favourtie brands much like Soap and Glory. It’s reasonable and they have a wide range of different products that are used on the skin. You could practically buy your whole skin care routine from simple because they have almost everything!!

All of Simple’s skin care range is fragrance free and non of their products have any harsh chemicals. This is great because that means that almost anyone can use these products even people who have sensitive skin. Each product is good for your skin with added vitamins within the product. This particular moisturiser has Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E in it which helps to replenish the skin. I love this moisturiser because it’s for dry skin which means it leaves your skin smooth and silky. It leaves your skin smooth for 12 hours after you apply it. 

This moisturiser is easy to apply because it’s not a thick moisturiser although it’s a rich one. You also don’t have to use a lot of it because it has great coverage. A whole bottle will last me around a month – two months depending on how much I use it. 

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