Review | Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter

November 10, 2013

Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter review

The Righteous Butter Body Butter £10.50

Today’s review is going to be The Righteous Butter from Soap and Glory. As you all probably know by now I absolutely love Soap and Gory I think that their products are reasonable and of high quality. This specific butter has shea butter and aloe vera which makes it smell amazing. I love using this butter because it leaves that smell on your body all day long. This butter lasts a long time as you can see it comes in a big round tub. I’ve had this one since Christmas and it hasn’t been used up yet which is great because it means you only have to buy a new one once or twice a year. 

I love using this body butter after showering or bathing because it leaves my skin smooth and silky. It’s a great thing to use before you’re going out or going to bed as it sinks into your skin leaving it smooth and smelling great for the whole day. Overall I think that this is a great product because it smells great and does the job. I also love this product because It’s a soap and glory one which is one of my favourite brands. They even have travel size products which is brilliant for when you want to go on holiday and take them with you without adding too much extra weight in your bag.  

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