The Sunshine Award

November 7, 2013

I’m a little shocked but so thankful for being nominated by Hannah & Joanne for the Sunshine Award!! This award in particular goes to people who are “positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. I can’t believe that I’ve managed to inspire some of you guys out there that’s pretty amazing. It’s something that I love to do and continue to aim to do throughout my blog life!!

Here are the rules: 

– Share 11 facts about yourself

– Answer the 11 questions set by your nominating blogger

– Nominate 11 bloggers yourself 

– Post 11 questions for your nominees to answer

– Go and let them know that you’ve nominated them!!

11 Facts About Me

1. I’m from London, UK

2. I’m Adopted 

3. I could be addicted to Tumblr?

4. I adore chocolate

5. I like to eat healthy in the week and treat myself at the weekend!

6. I’d love to travel the world

7. I’m undecided about if I want to go to University

8. I love CSI NY, Desperate Housewives and Hawaii Five-0  

9. I love to shop at H&M, New Look, River Island, Primark etc..

10. Food is my boyfriend..

11. I love to cook

Questions asked by Hannah: 

1. What is your favourite song at the moment? – I’m loving Show Me Love (America) by The Wanted

2. Do you go to a lot of gigs? – Not really sometimes maybe once a year.

3. Do you prefer Topshop or River Island? – River Island!!

4. Where is your favourite holiday destination and why? – I really love Italy because it’s such a beautiful place. The pace of life is so much slower there which makes the holiday really relaxing.

5. What colour is your bedroom? – My bedroom is a cream colour

6. Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever been? – It would probably have to be South Africa it’s just beautiful there.

7. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? – I’d probably change it to Jade because I think that it’s a pretty name. 

8. What is a beauty product that you couldn’t live without? – I don’t think I could live without shampoo otherwise your hair will get all horrible and disgusting. 

9. Do you have a mad obsession? – Does one with Tumblr count?? haha

10. To-may-to or To-mah-to? – Probably to-mah-to (: 

11. What are/did you studying? – I’m studying Btec Business, Btec ICT and A-Level Sociology

Questions asked by Joanne:

1. What is your favourite animal? – Probably a panda because they’re just so cute!

2. What is your favourite bath/shower product? – I’m in love with anything from lush!

3. It would have to either be Skyfall or Fast 6

4. What is your “go to” item of clothing? – Probably my check shirt from Hollister

5. What is your bargain of the year? – I actually have no idea?

6. What is your favourite item for the winter? – My Parka!

7. Can you say the alphabet backwards? – Maybe if i had it written down?

8. Where in the world do you live? – UK, London

9. What is your favourite word? – I have no idea I have loads…

10. Who was your inspiration to start a blog? – Zoella or Sprinkle Of Glitter

11. What phone case do you have on your phone at the moment? – A sparkly silver one.

I nominate the following lovely people: 

1. Ellie 

2. Holly 

3. Grace 

4. Charolivia

5. Amalia 

6. Amy

7. Anna

8. Demi-Rae

9. Lisa

10. Eleanor

11. Dani


13. Katy

14. Danielle

15. Lauren

16. Charlotte

17. Shannon

18. Melissa

19. Emily

20. Laura 

21. Linda

22. Hannah

My 11 questions for you are:

1. Who is your Celebrity inspiration and why?

2. Favourite food?

3. Current beauty obsession?

4. Favourite high street store?

5. Do you prefer to go out or stay in?

6. Showers or baths?

7. Favourite takeaway??

8. Celebrity crush?

9. What is an inspirational quote that means something to you?

10. What kinds of movies do you like?

11. Where is your favourite place to go on holiday?

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